98 Amazing Tree Tattoo For Leg With Life Long Adaptation

Leg become an excellent option for getting a tree tattoo because you get a lot of area for the kind of art you want.

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The fleshy thigh is suitable for more extensive artwork and is easy to hide. Then the calf is ideal for smaller designs, and the common thing between these two placements of tattoos is that you can choose the occasion to flaunt your tattoo.

98 Amazing Tree Tattoo For Leg With Life Long Adaptation

The thigh tattoo can be hidden much more easily than the calf tattoo. If you want to flaunt your tattoo and wear short dresses, you can get your tattoo on the calf.

Legs have become a popular choice for tattoos for both men and women, and after going through this fantastic collection of tattoos, you will know why.

Here we have tree tattoo ideas for growth, wisdom, knowledge, spirituality, nourishment, freedom, fertility, and immortality.

Cool Tattoo Ideas For Leg 

1. Trees With Moon Tattoo

Here is a scenery tattoo that shows the bearer’s love for nature. The dense forest may be a favorite memory of the tattoo owner as a child, or he may be just communicating his passion for forests in the dark. Some people love these kinds of tall trees.

tree tattoos for leg


2. Tree Of Life Tattoo

The tree is the symbol of life and also the provider of life to us. So to show its importance, this is a wise idea to blend in a lady with the tree’s shape.

The whole tattoo significantly indicates the love for mother nature with some of its beautiful elements like the butterfly and flowers. If you like colorful tattoos, you can add colors to your tattoo like this one. 

tree tattoos for leg


3. Oak Tree Tattoo

The Oaktree is a popular choice among tree tattoos because it is used to show family trees.

There are specific ways in which you can get an Oak tree tattoo; here is done with pure creativity; you can also go to your tattoo artist with some ideas if you have in mind for your tattoo. 

tree tattoos for leg


4. Small Trees Tattoo

The cute tiny tattoo will take the lowest part of your body but has a deep meaning behind it. If you like these kinds of tattoos, you can explore all your options with your tattoo artist.

For example, the stars and the moon may denote that the bearer has a fondness for the night sky; moreover, the star is the symbol of honor and glory, and the crescent moon in tattoos stands for fertility.

tree tattoos for leg


5. Treebeard Tattoo

If you are looking for a one-of-kind tattoo idea, you can draw inspiration from the tattoo below. This tattoo looks like the tattoo has come to life and is an old carving done of a man’s face in wood.

You can even use this idea to get a tattoo of your favorite person’s face on you. The shading done in grey makes the tattoo look attractive, and the leaves around it create a pleasant aura to the whole tattoo.

tree tattoos for leg


6. Olive Tree Tattoo

If you like a realistic tattoo to others, then you can show your tattoo artist this tattoo so that he can create an authentic one for you. This one is an elegant-looking tattoo with good color and apt shading.

tree tattoos for leg


7. Scenic Trees Tattoo

The tattoo done here is a big one and has various elements, which tells about the love for the outdoors of the tattoo owner. A combination of trees can also be used in your tattoo to show love for different kinds of trees.

And the whole tattoo looks like perfect scenery. To make the entire tattoo in a circle is a pretty creative style for doing this tattoo.

tree tattoos for leg


8. Tree With Books Tattoo

The book’s tattoos stand for religion, wisdom, and learning. So it is an excellent element to get with the tree tattoo as it compliments it well.

The way this tattoo is made is a great way to show that knowledge is the foundation of great things and grows things from a seed to a big tree someday. So you can also use such a tattoo to show how knowledge plays the role of a building block in everybody’s life.

tree tattoos for leg


9. Palm Tree Tattoo

Here is a minimalistic tattoo for those who are looking for a smaller or a simple tattoo. Tattoos hurt is no secret, so think before getting a tattoo; if this is your first tattoo, you can get a smaller one.

The palm tree is the symbol of eternity and immortality. The palm tree is also known as the tree of life.

tree tattoos for leg


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10. Black And Grey Tree Tattoo

Here is one pretty creative idea: one half of the tattoo is made with the minimum usage of design and color, and the other half contains a lot of shading.

Also, to give the tattoo a modern look, geometric elements are added to the tattoo as well. Finally, a name at one end of the circle directs to a memory of the bearer, or it can be a dedication to someone.

tree tattoos for leg


11. Tree With Words Tattoo

Here is another way to get a palm tree tattoo which is the tattoo of life and represents eternity. You can also add wordings to add more meaning to your tattoo.

You can take an idea from this tattoo and can add a quote in a similar linear fashion.

tree tattoos for leg


12. Cherry Blossom Tree With Samurai Tattoo

In the Japanese Samurai culture, the cherry blossom flower holds due impotence as the flower’s petals were seen as drops of blood from a battlefield.

This also is the symbol of strength and perseverance. In Japan, there is a high sentimental value attached to the Cherry blossom.

There is a unique festival for it when the cherry blossom blooms; people around Japan travel to admire its beauty.

tree tattoos for leg


13. Trees With Tattoo

The trees in this tattoo are used as a secondary tattoo but are intelligently used with the wolf to tell about the wolf’s natural habitat to where it is usually found.

The moon is also a nice touch as a wolf usually howls looking up at the sky; it is the way they communicate with each other, and sometimes it is just a social call. The wolf is a sign of strength, loyalty, and spiritual protection.

It is also pretty famous as a choice when we talk about animal tattoos and is also known as the apex predator.

tree tattoos for leg


14. Spooky Tree Tattoo

If you are looking for an intimidating tattoo, the kind of like when you enter a room, and it draws all eyes to you, you can go for a scary tattoo like the one done below. The skull is the symbol of death and is beautifully blended in with the tree.

This is a substantial symbolic tattoo to show the opposite of the universe and the dichotomy of living. As the tree represents life and the skull is the symbol of death.

However, you can also depict other meanings for this tattoo but certainly can take inspiration into creating something unique from it.


tree tattoos for leg


15. Landscape With Trees Tattoo

Generally, two kinds of people like the mountains and others who prefer a beach more. If you are the first person, you can extend your love for the hills by telling the world to get a tattoo.

It can depict the happiest place for someone and also can serve as a sweet memory tattoo.

tree tattoos for leg


16. Ying Yang Tree Tattoo

Here is another perfect tattoo that fits the dichotomy of living categories entirely. As the Yin Yang is the sign of unity of the opposites.

These come to form the Chinese philosophy that dates back to ancient times. This tattoo is done in black and white with dots, but using the trees to do the same is a pretty creative idea.

And to create the contrast, you can use the skin tone color so that you will not need white ink like it is done here.

tree tattoos for leg


17. Tree With Wave Tattoo

Here is the original Yin Yang tattoo, but this one is done in quite a lighter shade, and also the phases of the moon are added to it to add more meaning to the prominent tattoo.

The moon’s phases symbolize eternity and mortality or can represent the dark side of nature.

The moon’s phases are also taken as the denotation for enlightenment in some references.

Also, the Yin Yang floating on the wave is pretty creative as the wave stands for the constant motion of life, and all these elements summed up together to form the shape of a tree is an impressive art. 

tree tattoos for leg


18. Magnificent Tree Tattoo

Here is a tree tattoo that is made somewhat excitingly with the apt use of negative spacing throughout the tattoo.

If you want to make your tattoo a rare-looking one, you can choose this kind of design. Take an idea from this tree tattoo and blend it with your personal elements.

tree tattoos for leg


19. Awesome Tree Tattoo

A good amount of analysis has been layed on the tree’s roots here, and the roots tattoo means a connection to the past. If you like realistic tattoos, adding green color to the tree will positively impact your tattoo.

The design and roots of this tattoo are done intricately and with precise detailing. Choose your tattoo artist wisely if you choose a plan that requires apt skill.

tree tattoos for leg


20. Banyan Tree Tattoo

A banyan tree tattoo is the symbol of longevity; it shows the ability to withhold pressure and suffering in life. Taking all of it and still leading a long life.

So you can get this tattoo as a constant reminder of this message or as a tattoo that will give you the strength to keep going in tough times.

tree tattoos for leg


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21. Small Pine Tree Tattoo

A pine tree is a symbol of long life, virtue, and immortality. Wear this tattoo and affirm all the things that it stands for.

This tattoo’s use of the negative space and the skin tone is done beautifully to create a mesmerizing effect.

tree tattoos for leg


22. Family Memorial Tree Tattoo

Tree tattoos even serve as good memorial tattoos. You can use it as a tribute to a person who has left for heaven’s abode and create your family tree simultaneously.

The reference from the tattoo that is done below with the name of blood relations and a heart and less ink is used for this tattoo which means lesser time under the needle.

tree tattoos for leg


23. Colorful Tree Tattoo

If you like things on the bright and colorful sides, you add colors to your tree tattoo. If the choice of your colors is apt, then just two colors will also do the job.

For example, look at the tattoo done here, but the bright blue color with the green tree creates a grasping impact.

It looks like a drawing done on paper. People even get tattoos of their child’s first drawing, so you can also go for such an idea and blend it with the tattoo of a tree.

tree tattoos for leg


24. Colorful Circle With Tree Tattoo

Using a circle to encompass the whole tattoo is an excellent idea to make it unique. Here the bearer has used a combination of favorite colors to fill the circle and use it as a background for the tattoo. A small tree in the center of it looks impressive.

tree tattoos for leg


25. Forest Ankle Wrap Tattoo

The way armband tattoos are done on the arm is a similar way; you can use a tree tattoo to do a wrap around the tattoo on the leg.

Using a tree tattoo to wrap around the calf is a pretty creative idea and one that looks pretty great. You can use your favorite tree to get such a tattoo, or you can get a similar one to this, like a landscape tattoo.

tree tattoos for leg


26. Rainbow Colored Tree Leaves Tattoo

Here is an all-time color combination that you can use for your tattoo; the rainbow color is not only a tattoo that looks appealing to the eye but stands for the new ups and downs of life that are about to come.

Moreover, these colors are taken as a symbol of support for the LGBTQ community in this modern age. So if you belong to it or support them, you can undoubtedly go for this unique tattoo. To define all the branches with different colors is just genius.

tree tattoos for leg


27. Multiple Trees Tattoo

Here is another kind of idea for a wrap of the tattoo-like we saw before. This tattoo even has a cloud and rays of the Sun on top of it, which makes the tattoo more meaningful as the Sun is the symbol for light and renewal.

tree tattoos for leg


28. Old Tree Tattoo

This may be a tattoo indicating some kind of pain or sadness that the bearer may have borne because the tree has shredded all its leaves and looks incomplete, old, and weak.

So this one may be a creative way to cope with pain.

tree tattoos for leg


29. Tree With Arrow Tattoo

You may be surprised to see the kind of creativity some tattoo artists show in their makings. Here is one great demonstration of the same: the arrow symbolizes struggle and triumph.

Using the arrow to make the stem makes the tattoo quite an antique one. The birds are the symbol of freedom, both physically and mentally. 

tree tattoos for leg


30. Beautiful Tree Tattoo

If you want an extensive tattoo covering a significant part of the leg, you can make such a tattoo on your leg.

Cover most of your with this kind of tattoo, and show this to your tattoo artist so that he can create an authentic piece of art for you. 

tree tattoos for leg


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31. Redwood Tree Tattoo

The redwood tree tattoo is also a popular choice for tree tattoos. The redwood is also the symbol of longevity, protection, and constant learning. It is also made like a realistic-looking tattoo. 

tree tattoos for leg


32. Big Pine Tree Tattoo

The pine tree stands for long life and immortality, but the uniqueness of this tattoo is that it is made using the dotwork art for tattoos. In which only small dots are used to make the whole shape of it. 

tree tattoos


33. Painted Style Tree Tattoo

The tattoo can also be done in the way a painting is done. If there is a favorite painting, you can get it done on you, or you can use the style used for that painting for your tattoo.  

tree tattoos for leg


34. Dark Forest Tattoo

A simple black band on the arm is done as a memorial tattoo; in a similar manner, you can use a tree tattoo like that similar black band. You can get one on your ankle like a band with dark black trees as if they are silhouettes of trees. 

tree tattoos for leg


35. Tree Tattoo On Upper Thigh

A negative space body artwork is a pretty creative way to give life to your tattoo. The upper thigh is a cool place to get this tattoo, and you can even hide your tattoo when you want to, like you can choose your occasion to flaunt your tattoo.

tree tattoos for leg


36. Tree Tattoo On Back Leg

Here is another tattoo with no leaves or flowers, which will make your tattoo a rare one.

A tattoo of this kind may tell us about some tragedy with the owner, as the leafless tree is the symbol of life and death.  

tree tattoos for leg


37. Trees With Crescent Moon Tattoo

Here is a classic illustration of how you can use the trees tattoos; you can get it with your favorite person, or a couple of friends can get it together.

For instance, here, three girls have an identical tattoo that tells us about their connection with each other. Also, the tree and the moon are good elements to combine together as they complement each other.

A tree is also a symbol of fertility, and the crescent moon is also associated with motherhood and fertility. So this may be the ideal tattoo for girls.

tree tattoos for leg


38. Tree With Birds Tattoo

Here is another dried-out tree tattoo; you can get it as a memorial tattoo or get it to show a circle of life. Because a leafless represents life and death and the birds on top of it is a nice touch. 

tree tattoos for leg


39. Majestic Tree Tattoo

You can make your tattoo a good-looking one by adding a boundary to it in an indifferent shape. Like here, the shape of the calf is used to give a boundary to the main tattoo, and a moon in the background and other kinds of trees look impressive.

tree tattoos for leg


40. Tree With Swing Tattoo

Adding a swing to the tree is a good touch to the prominent tattoo, and it may indicate a sweet memory of the owner.

The swing can represent innocence, dream, and freedom. It can be a symbolic way to connect the adult body to our child’s soul again. This tattoo is not just a good scenery but also a good idea for a poetic tattoo.  

tree tattoos for leg


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41. Tree With Guitar Tattoo

Look at this mesmerizing tattoo with a great contrast made with negative spacing and with a guitar.

It can be used as a great way to show love for music or be made as a memorial tattoo by adding dates to the tattoo. Initials and dates are a great way to offer the tattoo as a tribute.

tree tattoos for leg


42. Cute Tree Tattoo

Looking for a small yet attractive tattoo, you can try this one and add your favorite colors to it. For reference, looks at the tattoo below with the apt use of green and pink.

tree tattoos for leg


43. Mountain Thigh Piece Tattoo

The mountain tattoo is the symbol of travel and love for nature. And if you want a tattoo with a modern touch, you can go for such a geometric tattoo.

The mountain is made especially with the tree and a triangular boundary. Moreover, reflection tattoos are gorgeous, and if you get one in a way similar to this one, then it will make an impressive tattoo.

tree tattoos for leg


44. Trees With Axes Tattoo

An axe tattoo is the symbol of the representation of the wild world. So to blend them with a mountain tattoo is genius.

Give your mountain and forest tattoo a sense of outlining makes the tattoo look more attractive.

tree tattoos for leg


45. Tree Tattoo On Side Thigh 

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind tattoo? Well, we might have something just what you wanted.

This unique tattoo looks similar from the top and bottom, or one may say looks like one of the toffee wrappers.

Also, the tree is dried out, so it is the symbol of death. The bird is the symbol of freedom and flight.

tree tattoos for leg


46. Cute And Small Tree Tattoo

If this is your first tattoo in life and you do not want too much ink on your body, you can choose a smaller tattoo. For reference, have a look at this elegant tattoo done below.

tree tattoos for leg


47. Black Ink Tree Tattoo

The shape of this tree tattoo looks like it is taken from a real-life tree. If you have a memory with a tree of your childhood, then you can have that try etched on you.

Moreover, the black ink looks fabulous with this skin tone only because of the contrast it creates.

tree tattoos for leg


48. Cherry Blossom With Geometric Shapes Tattoo

The cherry blossom tree has to do with Japanese culture, and it has a lot of significance there. If you belong to the Japanese culture, you may go for this tattoo, or you can even have it if you like the visuals of this tattoo.

Other elements added to this cherry blossom tree make the tattoo even more interesting as three triangles interlinked like these ones represent the connection between earth, sea, and sky.

tree tattoos for leg


49. Colored And Sketched Tree Tattoo

 A perfect blend of the favorite kind of tattooing style used by tattoo artists and what people also prefer on them.

This is a brilliant idea to blend in this style to create an authentic piece of art. If you consider that you equally like some two body art forms, you can blend those in to create something like this.

The sketch relates to the abstract kind of art, and the other has a combination of favorite colors.

tree tattoos for leg


50. Realistic Tree Tattoo 

Here is another idea if you are looking for a big tattoo idea, also if you want a realistic-looking tattoo. The dried-out tree shows that sadness and lifelessness occur to everyone at some point in life, but new beginnings fill life with colors and happiness again.

Like the tree is filled with leaves or flowers every year after losing every single one of them. 

tree tattoos for leg


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51. Black And White Tree Tattoo

This is an amazing piece of art where the skin tone is used wonderfully to create a contrast in the tattoo; moreover, a woman is blended in perfectly with the tree.

This may be a brilliant way to show mother nature. One may take the branches going upwards as the hair of this lady. These creative pieces of art always manage to steal the show.

tree tattoos


52. Mangrove Tree Tattoo

 This one looks like some painting is inscribed on someone’s body but looks like an impressive tattoo. The weather color kind of tattoo style is used for a lot of tattoos, and you can also get this tree tattoo in that manner.

You can even choose your favorite tree painting or scenery painting and have that precisely made for you. The mangrove tree here used for the tattoo is the symbol of natural infrastructure and protection.

tree tattoos


53. Watercolored Willow Tree Tattoo

The willow tree tattoo is used as a symbol to commemorate the life and death of a loved one. The tattoo is made in a mysterious way, and the color combination looks great; you can also take your favorite kind of colors and then blend them into your tree tattoo.   

tree tattoos for leg


54. Mandala Tree Tattoo

A mandala tattoo is also a good element that you can use with the tree tattoo because it symbolizes balance, perfection, and purity. So using it as the ground on which it stands and then replacing the roots with it is pretty smart.

tree tattoos


55. Tribute Tree Tattoo

The tree tattoo is perfect for being used as a tribute tattoo, and the one made here perfectly denotes life and death.

This is because one half of the tree represents life, and the other half with no leaves is for death. So if you want to use a tattoo as a tribute to someone and celebrate their life, you may get such a tattoo with a name or date.

tree tattoos


56. Trees With Windmill Tattoo

A windmill is taken as an ability that one may have to sustain themself. So an indifferent tattoo with placing the windmill right in the middle of two trees and then connecting the roots of those trees is a fantastic idea.

Windmills have also been used as a symbol of poetry to represent deep meaning and have also been a part of art and literature, so they will largely add meaning to the whole tattoo.

tree tattoos


57. Trees With Mountain And Compass Tattoo

The compass is the universal sign for those who find fulfillment in constant travel. The mountain is also the symbol of travel, so both these tattoos are good to get together with.

The blue color used for the mountain is pretty cool, which gives it the look of a diamond tattoo. Also, other colors are used in the tattoo, which tells about the preference of the owner of the tattoo, and you can get an idea to create something familiar.

tree tattoos


58. Tree With Heart Tattoo

You will not generally see a tree tattoo made in this way; they are usually preferred in the doodle way, so if you go for this style, then it will already make your tattoo a unique one. Moreover, if you like realistic tattoos, this can also be your choice.

For example, a tree placed at the roots of a tree is a great way to show how a tree grows from a seed to its mighty form.

tree tattoos


59. Traditional Tree Tattoo

Here is a fabulous idea if you look for something traditional because a dreamcatcher is added to this tattoo.

The dreamcatcher has significance to ancient times and is linked with tribal people as they used to hang it outside their houses to keep the negative energy out of their homes and protect them.

Now the dreamcatcher is used as a symbol of luck and used while someone is sleeping, as the dreamcatcher is believed to ward off evil spirits and bad dreams to bring a night of sound sleep. So in a tree tattoo, this one is an excellent element.

tree tattoos


60. Tree Tattoo On Calf Of Leg

The tree tattoo compiled here looks like a fond memory the bearer had as a child. Or this may even indicate the favorite sport of the tattoo owner.

This tattoo has a combination of elements in it, with a constellation tattoo at the top. A constellation tattoo stands for assurance, good luck, and emblems of faith.

tree tattoos


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61. Black Ink Tree Tattoo Design

Black ink is the most popular ink that people choose for a tattoo. Also, if you do not want a big tattoo on your leg and just want it to cover some part around your ankle, you can use this idea.

The birds are made in a way like it is used in drawings and paintings. Also, the birds stand for a significant meaning like freedom of mind and also the body.

tree tattoos


62. Fabulous Tree Tattoo

If you have a favorite tree, then you get that tattooed on you. So, like, have a look at this realistic tattoo; it looks fantastic. The dot-art used for the branches area is a nice touch to the tattoo.

tree tattoos


63. Colored Pine Tree Tattoo

A pine tree tattoo is the symbol of wisdom, fertility, and longevity. The quote added to the tattoo states the love that the bearer has for forests, and the color combination is an exciting way to make your tattoo unique.

Or this can be a way to show different seasons of nature.

tree tattoos


64. Sweet Tree Tattoo

Here is another idea for a simple tattoo with a good design. Bold ink is not used for this one, but the tattoo looks like a catchy one.

tree tattoos


65. Tree With Big Leaves Tattoo

Here is one antique tattoo idea with the tree’s leaves made looking like flowers, and then another flower is added to the whole tattoo.

Which is an excellent choice because of the meaning it has associated with it. The Lotus flower is the symbol of rising above temptation. Hence it can even give you the motivation to do so.

So here is how you make a simple tree tattoo into an infrequent one.

tree tattoos


66. Dotwork Tree Tattoo

If you see this tattoo carefully, you will see an interesting take on the dot art used for tattooing. The dot work is done so that the leaves look like they are melting down or flowing from the tree.

This is how you can give a definite boundary plus an abstract look to your tattoo at the same time.

tree tattoos


67. Row Of Trees Tattoo

The tree is the symbol of knowledge, growth, and wisdom. So instead of getting a single tree, you can even go for a row of trees.

You can get one near the ankle or in linear form on the calf-like; the tattoo is done here. This kind of small black element looks fabulous on light skin tones because of the contrast it creates.

tree tattoos


68. Full Leg Tree Tattoo

Are you looking for an enormous tattoo? Identical to one like you must have seen done on arms covering the whole part.

If so, then have a glance at the tattoo here; you can use a big tree tattoo. The theme of this tattoo is a curious one where a big tattoo is used with two tree houses.

Have such a tattoo that covers the ankle, calf, and thigh. However, such a tattoo will take a considerable amount of seatings and a good chunk of your money.

tree tattoos


69.Tree With Balances Tattoo

The balance scale tattoo stands for balance and righteousness of justice and good. This is something that you can see in Indian courts because of the same reason that the courts are there to provide justice to people and serve them.

The tree is the symbol of wisdom and knowledge, so this is a great element to add here.

tree tattoos


70. Free Hand Tree Tattoo

Freehand tattooing is an extension of freehand drawing; if you like this kind of art form, then you can get a tattoo like this. Take reference from below as to how your final piece look.

tree tattoos


71. Tree With Eyes Tattoo

The eyes tattoo signifies clarity, knowledge, guidance, and protection. The prominent tattoo here is a tree tattoo, but eyes are skillfully added to the trunk, and stars in the background are a nice touch.

The star is the symbol of honor and hope. The Black and white combination on the branches of the tree looks impressive.

tree tattoos


72. Interesting Concept Tree Tattoo

If you like modern tattoos, here is a theme you can use; the geometric tattoo style comprises the contemporary techniques you can use for your tattoo.

The most common symbol used for such tattoos is the triangles. Like here, you can see that the background of triangles is used to create an attractive tattoo.

tree tattoos


73. Family Tree Tattoo

Here is a pretty creative idea for you if you are looking for a family tree tattoo. A lady in the center in place of a tree is a genius as mother nature is the provider of life; similarly, a woman is the provider of life.

So this is brilliant and adding the name to the tattoo is fabulous; sometimes, people use colors to show personalities so that you can add different colors to the terms of the people.

tree tattoos


74. Cartoonish Tree Tattoo

If you like things a little on the animated side, then you can have your tree tattoo made in that way. The trees are used in several cartoons, so you can pick up your favorite one and get it etched on you.

tree tattoos


75. Big Tree Tattoo

Here is a significant scheme for you in bold black ink if you want a tattoo that covers the whole calf. Birds flying around the tree and sitting on branches of the tree symbolize freedom. 

tree tattoos


76. Couple Of Palm Trees

The palm tree is the symbol of mortality, so you can get two of them. You can use the tree to represent you or your favorite person.

Then this tattoo may imply you want to spend the time with a person. So the tattoo can mean different things to other people. You can get on your ankle like it is done here; it can be your perfect accessory to flaunt this summer. 

tree tattoos


77. Trees With Crows Tattoo

The crow represents an omen for death and doom. In earlier times, the raven or the crow. Thunder is a nice element to add as a background in the tattoo with the crow as it brings more impact to the tattoo.

You can add such crows to your tattoo to add a mysterious look to your tattoo. The ending of this tattoo looks somewhat like a shoe. A shoe tattoo is associated with a profession of a person.

tree tattoos


78. Transition Of Tree Tattoo

Here is another excellent theme tattoo that shows the extremes in life, with one side being lush and green and the other side is all dried out and leafless. This one is a great way to show the phases of life with their ups and downs.

It can represent sadness and happiness and the seasons of life. This can be the motivation tattoo that uplifts you in a hard time and reminds you that sad times are only temporary.

tree tattoos


79. Tree With Planets Tattoo

Different planets stand for different meanings, and here we can again see that the tree’s two phrases that depict life have been shown in this tattoo. Getting a planet’s tattoo generally can mean that someone is inclined toward the wonders of outer space.

Making the Sun right at the roots is an excellent idea because the Sun is the symbol of light and renewal, and the roots are where the trees intake all their nutrients.

The planet’s tattoo even has associated meanings like ambition, communication, and relationships.

tree tattoos


80. Ancient Tree Tattoo

An old-looking retro look tree covering a good part of the leg can be the perfect tattoo you are looking for. Tree tattoos can also be your source to draw strength, so the leg is a great place to get this tattoo as we all mostly perform most of our actions using them.

tree tattoos


81. Witches In The Tree Tattoo

Here is a spooky and mysterious tattoo with a line of witches embedded in the tree trunk and a baby right at the top among the branches that are yet to be born.

This may be a theme carried forward from some favorite serial with all these supernatural things, or this tattoo may bring some personal meaning to the bearer.

tree tattoos


82. Geometric Tree Design Tattoo

If you are in search of a geometric design tattoo, then here is another sign that can be used for the same. Look at the tattoo done here, which is a rare one and an attractive design at the same time.

tree tattoos


83. Pretty Tree Tattoo

If you are a girl looking for a cute and graceful tattoo, you can consider something like the one done below. Show it to your tattoo artist so he can take an idea and create an authentic one for you.

tree tattoos


84. Tree With Globe Tattoo

The globe tattoo is the symbol of life and also a notion of a home. But here, it is used in a rather sage way at the roots of the tree.

This may depict that life on it is possible because of the trees. So it can be used as a great message to convey the importance of trees.

tree tattoos


85. 3D Tree Tattoo

3D tattoos look great for all kinds of designs. If you like the 3D style for tattoos, try the tree tattoo. It will make your tattoo an engaging one.

tree tattoos


86. Ponderosa Pine Tree Tattoo

Here is another variety of pine tree tattoos, and if you like flowers, you can have them made near the roots of the trees. The negative spacing has been worked up here perfectly for an impressive bodyart.

tree tattoos


87. Different Trees Tattoo

Different kinds of trees show love for different types of seasons or different places that exist in the world. For example, one tree is of the beach, and the other one is of the snowy area. 

tree tattoos


88. African Tree Tattoo

This is an African tree tattoo, so if you are from the place or love that place, you can get a tattoo of this tree to show it.

tree tattoos


89. Beautiful Colored Tree Tattoo

If you like to keep things on the bright side rather than dull and straightforward black and white, you can try a color scheme with your favorite colors. You can take reference from the below tattoo as to how your final tattoo will look. 

tree tattoos


90. Tree With Arabic Tattoo

You can even combine your tattoo with some foreign language tattoo. It can even be your native language, but if you choose a foreign language, then it will make your tattoo unique.

tree tattoos


91. Chilling Tree Man Tattoo

Earlier in this post, we saw a couple of tattoos where a woman replaced the branch and bark of the tree, but here is a creative idea that has a man clubbed to it.

In scorching heat, animals and humans rest beneath the shade of a tree so that this creative tattoo can depict that kind of message.

tree tattoos


92. Bonsai Tree Tattoo

The bonsai tree stands for a relaxed perspective on existence. You can get this tattoo as a reminder to you to exist peacefully and enjoy life. The shading on the tiny branches of the tree looks spectacular. 

tree tattoos


93. Symbolic Tree Tattoo

Here is another unique tattoo with a series of elements. The tree is made in a unique way with being made like two cloth tangled together that make these kinds of knots.

You can identify it as the end of some toffee wrappers, yet this is a sage way of designing the tree.

tree tattoos


Some More Tree Tattoos To Consider

94. Trees With Sun And Mountains Tattoo

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind tattoo, then here is a pretty exciting one for you. First, a giant tree is used as a boundary for the whole tattoo, and then various elements are added to it.

Then the Sun, which is the symbol for light and renewal, the mountains, which are for sturdiness, and then finally other smaller trees are added to it. This is a pretty tattoo and also has deep meaning to it.

tree tattoos


95. Tree With Ghost Tattoo

A ghost tattoo stands for a guide or a teacher. It is also taken as a spiritual healer that has come from some other dimension to protect you.

If you go through ghost tattoos, you will see that it is done in a pretty creative way here. A snail tattoo is also a good element with it as it stands for rebirth, death, and self-sufficiency. 

tree tattoos


96. Simple Tree Tattoo

Combining the DNA with the tree tattoo is a pretty creative idea as the DNA stands for someone taking pride in where they come from.

It is also a natural expression of these natural artistical expressions of humanity. So with this tattoo, you can show that you belong to nature. 

tree tattoos


97. Tree With Letter Embedded Tattoo

A mesmerizing tree tattoo without leaves and a clock are added to the end. The clock is the symbol of living life to the fullest, as we all are here for a limited time.

The letters around the tattoo or initials can be a dedication to someone. Or such initials can carry personal meaning to the bearer.

tree tattoos


98. Tree House Tattoo

This is a freehand tattoo that looks like a fond memory of the bearer. For example, some people have memories as a child that they may have shared with their dad, so they get a tattoo of it in remembrance.

Or some people even get a tattoo of drawings made by their children, so you can also get such a tattoo as your particular tattoo for your baby.

tree tattoos


Frequently Asked Question

What Does A Bare Tree Tattoo Mean?

The tree tattoo on people is usually for an ordinary meaning: they symbolize stages, cycles, and seasons of life, and the one with new buds represents youth.

On the other hand, a tree with flowers may be a sign of adolescence or a sexual awakening. Whereas if you see a fruit tattoo, it may be for maturity and bare branches for old age. 

Why Do Guys Get Tree Tattoos?

The tree tattoos for guys can mean that you have a solid personal connection with someone. The branches in a tree tattoo are essential as they stand for growth.

Hence, a tree tattoo can also stand for relationships or a bond with a loved one.

What Does A Tree Of Life Tattoo Mean?

The tree of life stands for things like strength, development, personal growth, and also inner & outer beauty.

However, the tree tattoo can mean different things to different people, but all in all, it looks like an attractive tattoo.

What Does A Forest Tattoo Symbolize?

A forest tattoo stands for life, rejuvenation, and serenity. But its meaning has become vast with time and carries varied implications for tattoos.

What Does A Tree Tattoo Mean?

If we look at the tree tattoo from a traditional perspective, it stands for knowledge growth and wisdom with some other things like immortality, spirituality, and nourishment.

Bottom Line

Legs tattoos have become a popular choice among folk now, but you will rarely see something quite like these tree tattoos.

So if you want a meaningful yet attractive tattoo on your leg, then you may go for the tree tattoo.

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