The Symbolism of an Infinity Tattoo: What Does it Mean?

The symbol for infinity has become an increasingly popular design for tattoos over the past couple of years, due to it being filled with so many personal meanings and forms of symbolism specific to the individual themselves.

The Symbolism of an Infinity Tattoo: What Does it Mean?
Credit: tattooist_namoo

The symbol itself comes with a vast variety of interpretations: some of which have been existing for centuries while others which have only recently emerged.

This tattoo idea is a terrific choice for those who desire an authentic emblem that can be placed almost anywhere on their body. It could also serve as a finishing touch to a bigger piece.

However, if you are considering getting yourself an infinity tattoo, you will need to be completely and utterly certain that it is the right fit for you by researching the different connotations that could be associated with it.

You may discover a handful of interpretations that make perfect sense to you, or you may discover that it is not the ideal suit for you and your personality after all.

It is so important to do your own research before you get anything permanently etched into your skin.

So, what is the true meaning – or, rather, meanings – of an infinity design? Continue reading this article to find out the facts that will, hopefully, aid you in making your decision whether to get one or not.

Let’s get into it.

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What is An Infinity Symbol?

The infinity sign itself always follows the same visual design: its appearance is similar to the figure number ‘8’ on its side, lying horizontally (∞). It generally represents a never ending, looping cycle. 

The infinity sign is believed to have descended from the Ouroboros, an ancient illustration depicting a dragon or a snake eating its own tail.

This symbol is linked to rebirth and reincarnation, signifying an infinite cycle of life.

It is also known to many people as being a mathematical symbol, used to represent an unlimited and incalculable quantity.

The figure is known as a ‘lemniscate’ in algebraic geometry: this word is derived from the Latin term ‘lēmniscātus’, which roughly translates to ‘decorated with ribbons’ in English, and the Greek term, ‘λημνίσκoς’, which means ‘ribbons’.

The Symbolism of an Infinity Tattoo: What Does it Mean?
Credit: tattooist_solar

What is the Symbolism of an Infinity Tattoo?

The general meaning associated with this simple design is exactly what it suggests: it represents infinity itself, the never ending cycle of life and the universe.

The design can also be adapted for specific meanings based on cultural connotations, as well as being used for personal symbolism. Keywords and phrases that are commonly associated with this symbol include:

  • rebirth/reincarnation.
  • unlimited possibilities.
  • endless love.
  • the Earth’s orbit around the sun.

The significance of the infinity symbol will vary based on the style used, plus the extra features included in the tattoo.

Matching versions of infinity tattoos are extremely popular amongst couples, as they signify an everlasting romantic bond.

It is common for these individuals to add heart shapes around the fundamental design, or even changing the circular, rounded ends into heart styled curves for a tattoo that represents endless love and devotion.

The Symbolism of an Infinity Tattoo: What Does it Mean?
Credit: krama_tt

Braver couples who do not fear superstitions will even add their partner’s name onto the piece.

For those who want to commemorate the bond of a friendship, a double infinity sign is a common alternative.

Traditional Celtic knots, which themselves carry profound meaning tied to the connection of two people, have also heavily influenced these illustrations. 

Where Should You Place an Infinity Tattoo on Your Body?

Just like any design of a tattoo, the only thing more important than deciding on the final design is the placement on your body.

Depending on where the tattoo is placed, it could make the difference between a beautiful design or a regrettable mistake in years to come.

Infinity tattoos are particularly popular among women, commonly choosing to place smaller versions of this design on their wrists, feet and ankles.

If the individual wishes to add extra features to the piece, such as hearts, another popular area for these designs are the person’s shoulders, hips, or forearm. 

The Symbolism of an Infinity Tattoo: What Does it Mean?
Credit: ss_tattooss

The infinity symbol is also a beautiful tattoo design for the upper arm, behind the ear, or on the back of the neck. Some have even gone as far to get it inked on the inside of their bottom lip.

To be fair, if you are considering getting a smaller version of an infinity tattoo, it can pretty much be placed anywhere you like: due to the size, it will not make much of a difference wherever you place it, and should look pretty cute and classy regardless.

Your best bet is to look up several placements and sizes so that you can decide which design you like the best.

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Final Thoughts: Why Should You Get an Infinity Tattoo?

There are so many reasons why you should get yourself an infinity tattoo, and a lot of these reasons can be personal to the person themselves. 

If you want to strengthen a relationship with another person in a way that is more meaningful than anything you could ever simply print on paper, get yourself an infinity tattoo to prove your affection. If you are feeling brave enough, add their name to the piece.

These tattoos are also a fantastic motivator to enjoy each moment to the fullest, whilst reminding you that you only have so much time to take advantage of.

An infinity tattoo can reinforce the idea that every day that you are alive is a fresh start for new life, representing a clean slate. This is your life, and you need to live it the way that you want to.

So, what are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Write On My Infinity Tattoo?

It is worthwhile contemplating putting a name next to or below the emblem, especially if that person that the name belongs to means a lot to you.

‘Hope’, ‘life’, and ‘love’ are also commonly used words that may be woven into the infinity symbol’s line in the same method as a name can: this way, the tattoo does not have to be linked to a specific person.

The Symbolism of an Infinity Tattoo: What Does it Mean?
Credit: jenn_inked_art

The infinity symbol is well-known because it represents infiniteness, endlessness, and limitlessness.

Because of their distinctive design, infinity tattoos have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Hearts, flowers, feathers, and other tattoos can be combined with infinity tattoos.

Where Is The Best Place To Get An Infinity Tattoo?

As long as the placement does not become warped by skin folds, you place an infinity tattoo wherever you want on your body.

If the design is tiny and modest, it would look beautiful placed behind the ear, on your wrist, on the side of your finger, along your inner arm, as well as many more delicate areas of your skin. The possibilities are truly endless.

Kai Falmer