60 Unique Kids Name Tattoo Design Ideas For Thoughtful Parents

Every parent and child share the most beautiful bond, and many parents like to mark this love by getting their kids’ names tattooed on their bodies. Now, this love mark has become a trend, and there are different designs and styles in which you can get your child’s name on your body. Tattoos with kids’ names for dad are not only marked for a lifetime but are a beautiful expression of love. Kids’ name tattoos are popular among meaningful tattoos.

An artist who has a creative mind can make a special tattoo with black, white, colorful ink, and some custom details. If you want to make a statement, a kid’s name tattoo is the most superlative way. Here, you can view the best kids’ names, tattoo ideas and the meanings you need to know behind them.

Meaning of a Kids Names Tattoo Ideas

One of the key reasons is to express their admiration and attachment for them. Getting a tattoo of a child’s name indicates how parents always think of their children as the most important persons in their lives.

This tattoo tells parents who struggle hard to keep their children and families happy and are on the edge of quitting this stressful job to stay going for their child, and their hard work will pay off. Some people get a tattoo of their child’s name as a memorial to their child who has passed away. The children’s name tattoos are more of a sentimental item than a fashion statement. These are some of the most valuable and significant tattoos available.

Kids Name Tattoo Design Ideas

1. Footprint with Kids Names Tattoo Ideas

The footprint with a kids’ names tattoo is the sweetest tattoo for you if you have recently welcomed a newborn into your life. It includes a small black inked baby’s footprint, with name and date of birth written in a unique style below the tattoo. It represents your undying love for your child and how your life has altered as a result of their arrival. This tattoo is often inked near the stomach or heart by parents, especially moms.

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2. Birthstone Kids Names Tattoo Ideas

This gemstone kids’ names tattoo is one of the most valuable tattoos you’ll ever see. The name and date of birth are tattooed in a curving font, and a birthstone is tatted nearby in colorful ink. You can select the gemstone that corresponds to their birth month- thus, if your child was born in July, the birthstone for July is a Ruby. You can add a little extra detail to the writing for a more dramatic effect. These kids’ names tattoos would be appropriate for your child’s name because they would be placed on your chest near your heart.

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3. Heart-Shaped Kids Name Tattoo Ideas

This heart-shaped kid’s name tattoo can help you stand out if you’re looking for something different. It includes a black and grey inked heart created by forming a heart with two hands. Inside the heart, a child’s name is inscribed in black ink in an artistic way.

This tattoo’s shading and contouring make it so unique and gorgeous; as a result, you’ll need to locate a tattoo artist with a lot of experience for this one. The hands are a representation of the wearer’s hand and how they would defend their child at all costs. Tattoo ideas with kids’ names would look fantastic on your arm or chest.

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4. Heartbeat Kids Name Tattoo Ideas

If you want to go for something discreet but strong, this particular heartbeat kid’s name tattoos are a great option. This tattoo features a cardiogram etched in two colors, as well as kids’ names inscribed in the middle. If you don’t want to use colors, try a pure black ink effect.

As it ties to your heart, this tattoo will appear lovely and profound on your breast, displaying your love for your child. A small red or plain heart in the corner might be added for a finishing touch.

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5. Watercolor Kids Portrait Name Tattoo Ideas

The portrait tattoo is the right choice for a person if you are looking for an over-the-top kid’s name tattoo. It has a depiction of your child’s face with the name and date of birth inked directly next to it. This tattoo uses a watercolor method and a variety of hues like red, blue, and green.

If you don’t want to use too many colors, stick to one. The portrait of your kid shines brightly in this tattoo, making it ideal for displaying your love and affection. Given the size of the tattoo, the optimum location for it is on your chest.

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6. Arrow Kids Name Tattoo Idea

You might even get a tattoo of this amazing arrow kid’s name. This tattoo features a black inked arrow and is basic yet appealing to the eye. The kid’s name is written in a curving style alongside the arrow. You might potentially obtain two arrows, one with your name and the other with the name of your other child if you have more than one.

The arrow in this tattoo symbolizes power, emphasizing the strong relationship between you and your child. To add a personal touch, include your child’s date of birth. If you decide to get this tattoo, the best area to get it is on your forearm or chest.

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7. Kids Drawing Tattoo Ideas

If you want a unique name tattoo for your child, this kid’s drawing tattoo is the way to go. Kids enjoy doodling with various colors and putting together family portraits. You can choose from a variety of cute illustrations of your children and have their names tattooed on your body. In color ink, this tattoo can feature a variety of objects like hearts, doodle figures, and much more. These kids’ names tattoo is one of a kind because it was created by your children. The upper chest area would be the ideal location for this tattoo.

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8. Tattoo Idea With Date Of Birth

This initial tattoo design for a kids’ name tattoo is the most basic, yet it is also the most unique and attractive. It simply entails getting your child’s name tattooed in a lovely typeface, followed by his or her date of birth. A simple tattoo with an interesting style is just beautiful art.

While this may appear to be standard, there are a plethora of custom options depending on the typeface, tattoo color, and optional extra features.

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9. Baby Handprint Tattoo Idea

Your child’s handprint is another vital symbol of his recollections. As a result, you should think about including this aspect in your kids’ names tattoo.

A handprint design like a baby footprint appears less subtle and graceful, which can be a drawback in some situations.

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10. Tree Of Life Tattoo Idea

The significance of the tree of life is both beautiful and intriguing. They are, in reality, a symbol of our growth and individuality. Indeed, as the branches develop and get stronger, you gain experience and understanding.

Including your kids’ names can help to connect him to that growth and strength, which is an excellent idea. Finally, it is a modest tattoo that can be worn with any attire and in any setting.

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Is it safe for me to get a tattoo while I’m pregnant?

Getting a tattoo while pregnant carries a high chance of negative outcomes that could harm your child. Because there is a low risk of your child contracting HIV or Hepatitis B, many doctors and tattoo artists advise against getting a tattoo while pregnant. It’ll just take nine months, and then you’ll be able to obtain one anyplace.

What is a rainbow baby name tattoo?

Rainbow babies are babies that were stillborn due to a miscarriage or other medical complications during pregnancy.

Parents often get a rainbow baby tattoo with the baby’s name to commemorate their dead child.

What does a name tattoo for a child cost?

The price of a kid’s names tattoo is determined by the tattoo’s design and location. If your kids’ names tattoo designs are simple and don’t have a lot of detail, they should cost between $70-$100. It will be much more expensive to have kids’ name tattoos with greater color and detail. It also depends on how your tattoo artist bills you, as some tattoo shops bill by the hour.

What are the different forms of children’s name tattoos?

There are numerous types of children’s name tattoos. The following list can assist you in deciding what type of tattoo you desire.

  • A curvy kids name tattoo
  • Cartoon kids name tattoo
  • Portrait Kids name tattoo
  • A colorful Kids name tattoo
  • Footprint kids name tattoo
  • Heartbeat kids name tattoo
  • Sleeve kids name tattoo

These are only a few of the most common forms of tattoo ideas for children’s names. If you keep scrolling down, you’ll see a lot of different designs.

Where should I get a tattoo of my child’s name?

The arm, chest, or wrist are the most common places for people to receive their child’s name tattooed. The chest is an excellent location for these tattoos since the name appears near your heart, implying that the person is close to you even if they are not physically there.

Many kids’ name tattoo are in the form of a band on the arm, giving them a distinct and respectable appearance. It is made on the collarbone or the hand of certain folks. The collar bone is a unique location that looks great once the tattoo is complete. A parent’s child’s name is very special to them- therefore, the kids’ name tattoo appears lovely and gorgeous no matter where they are tattooed.

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