20 Best Tattoo Shops In New Mexico For Best Inking

There are lots of people who are having a hard time trying to find the best tattoo shops and tattoo artists in their area of New Mexico. But don’t worry; we will help you choose a tattoo parlor with excellent tattoo artists who will make your ink last a lifetime and provide you with a tidy, welcoming, and professional environment to make your tattoo experience unforgettable.

Here, we’ve gathered information about the best tattoo parlors in New Mexico that will provide you with excellent tattoo care and the greatest tattoo art, making sure you’ll return for more and tell others to go there.

1. Archetype Tattoo Studio

You may get high-quality artwork at reasonable pricing at the renowned Archetype Tattoo Studio. In the tattooing business for over twenty years, their artist Ben Shaw continually aspires to advance the tattooing art.

Their qualified and experienced tattoo artists greatly appreciate their tattoo knowledge and abilities. They design all tattooing styles, from tiny, straightforward tattoos to intricate sleeves and bodysuits. The tattoo artists travel to conferences and seminars inside and outside their own state to continue their quest for tattoo expertise.

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They consistently use the best tattoo ink supplies to produce amazing and beautiful results. Additionally, clients at Archetype Tattoo Studio are given free consultations.

Image: @archetype.tattoo

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2. Por Vida Tattoo

The best tattoo parlor in Albuquerque is Por Vida Tattoo, situated in the center of Albuquerque, NM. They have skilled tattoo artists with combined years of expertise. All tattooing subcultures, including Photorealism, Black and Gray, Japanese, American Traditional, Biomechanics, and many more, are specialized by their tattoo artists.

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Additionally, they provide a huge selection of tattoo designs to fulfill your tattooing requirements. Walk-ins are also welcomed at Por Vida Tattoo.

Image: @porvidatattoo505

3. Aces Tattoo

Aces tattoo is a studio specializing in entirely customized body art and is happy to call Albuquerque home. They have designed distinctive tattoos with customers from different walks of life for more than ten years. They are proud to display who you are to the world. The store is spotless, welcoming, friendly, and professional.

Image: @oshun.rappa

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4. Lost Cowboy Tattoo & Gallery c/o “DAWN’S CUSTOM TATTOO”

The Lost Cowboy tattoo and gallery opened in 2013 and is one of the outstanding tattoo shops in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The shop provides a unique, neat, and welcoming environment for the tattoo and art communities. The vibe and spirit of the tattoo parlor are really friendly and soothing.

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At Lost Cowboy Tattoo and Gallery, high standards are maintained, and several guest artists are frequently present.

Image: @csplooftattoo


Albuquerque, New Mexico, has a tattoo parlor called ALL is ONE. Their teams of artists are skilled in all tattooing techniques, including traditional American, Japanese traditional, Fine Line Black and Gray, Portrait and Realistic work, Cover Ups and Reworks, and all varieties of Scripts and Lettering.

Additionally, a wide variety of house prints and apparel displaying the artwork of staff members and store friends is available. Each run is incredibly small and one-of-a-kind because all their prints, posters, and apparel are in-house. There is always something new to see, and the books, jewelry, clothes, and artwork they choose to display. 

Image: @allisonetattoo

6. 71 Tattoo

Marty Williams established 71 Tattoo in August 2006. For more than 17 years, Marty has been tattooing. In a welcoming, cutting-edge, sanitary setting, 71 Tattoo has offered Albuquerque’s residents the best quality custom tattoo work.

They provide customers the freedom to wear any design they like. They offer incredible, creative tattoo designs and pleasant artwork, done at a fair price and well. Moreover, they have four tattoo artists on staff who can execute whatever style a customer chooses.

To maintain a clean, sterile atmosphere, all of their equipment is single-use, and their sterilization is tested once a month. Their shop charges $150 per hour; they don’t just start the clock when customers arrive. Unless it’s a larger, unique job, they can often give customers a flat rate for a tattoo design.

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7. Stylistic Ink Tattoo Parlor

The Stylistic Ink tattoo parlor opened its doors in January 2008 and is made up of a talented group of award-winning artists who always work to improve their art. They are the only top-notch tattoo parlor in New Mexico.

The tattoo artists in this establishment are skilled in all tattooing techniques, including black and gray, portraiture, and full color. They provide years of experience, education, and understanding to assist customers in getting the precise tattoo they want.

Image: @stylistic_ink

8. Lokote Tattoos – Tattoo Shop, Piercing Studio, Local Tattoo Shop in Santa Fe, NM

Is it time to have your tattoos refreshed? Do you have a massive job that only a reputable tattoo parlor can complete? Your search for a tattoo artist is over because Lokote Tattoos is here to amaze you like no other local artist can!

The shop is still the neighborhood’s top choice for tattoo services. Not only because they are certified, licensed, bonded, and insured, but also because they consistently adhere to professional health and safety laws!

If you’re seeking a reputable tattoo service provider, then the Lakote tattoo shop is the correct place. Their professionals are quite skilled at both correcting current tattoos and starting from scratch with new ones!

Image: @mrs.garcia_est.13

9. Gallo Negro Tattoo

Joshua Bedo, the shop owner, started the Gall Negro tattoo parlor in 2010. The shop specializes in personalized tattoos. Bedo, born, educated, and traveled much in New Mexico, has a talent for color and pleasing the skin and eyes!

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10. Blacklist Tattoo Parlor

Ben Viamontes established Blacklist Tattoo Parlor in 2009 as a modest custom shop. Although Blacklist has undergone several geographical and aesthetic changes since then, its core remains the same. Their secret to designing a special, personalized tattoo, particularly for you, is that they learn what motivates you and study about it.

You’re guaranteed to find a custom artist within their staff who matches your own taste. The current location of Blacklist is in Albuquerque’s famed “EDO” neighborhood. The first step in their entire procedure is a free consultation.

Image: @blacklisttattooparlour

11. Divine Eye Tattoo

The Divine Eye is a cutting-edge tattoo parlor and art gallery focusing on giving modern Western tattooing its ritualistic and spiritual roots. This is the store that values ethics and family and recognizes the value of preserving this craft and its tradition. This brand-new, exquisite location is in the center of Albuquerque’s retail area and has over 25 years of community expertise.

Image: @thedivineeyetattoo

12. Route 66 Fine Line Tattoo

One of the finest tattoo parlors in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is Route 66 Fine Line tattoo shop, which specializes in fine line artwork and other tattoo styles. This shop offers three tattoo artists that are experts in their own tattoo styles.

Image: @rt66finelinetattoo

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13. Shadow of Comfort Tattoo

One of the best tattoo shops in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Shadow of Comfort Tattoo, has been tattooing for 23 years. Their tattoo artist, the owner of the tattoo shop, started tattooing after working as a professional illustrator for 27 years. He adapts to any tattoo style easily. The store employs a group of skilled tattoo artists specializing in various designs.

14. The Tattoo Shop

This tattoo parlor is dedicated to providing high-quality and extensive tattooing expertise. Their tattoo artist enjoys tattooing characters from fan fiction or original artwork and black and grey, color work, animals, native designs, and cover-ups. Body piercing services are also provided at this store.

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All tattoo appointments at the studio need a $100 non-refundable deposit. This deposit will be used for the tattoo’s total cost and will go toward the design negotiated when the appointment was made with the artist.

Image: @oakskaty

15. Tattoo Cadre

Step into one of the amazing tattoo shops in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the Tattoo Cadre shop. Their tattoo artists are experts in making final results satisfactory and according to the expectation of the clients. You can also give them your tattoo design to ink on your body.

Image: @tattoo_cadre

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16. Custom Tattoo Co

Visit the custom tattoo shop to meet the award-winning tattoo artist Manuel Vega. Their tattoo artist goes above what is expected in the field to provide his clients a spotless, polished experience. Clients are given the greatest attention and care from the initial consultation to the completed tattoo.

Image: @manuelvega13

17. Stay Gold Tattoo

Stay Gold is here to serve the requirements of the tattoo community, offering many internationally renowned guest artists and world-class heritage of in-house artists. Their tattoo artists provide each of their clients with the greatest custom-created tattoo possible, thanks to their specialization in a wide range of designs and backdrops.

Get everything from full-body suits to simple walk-in tattoos!

Image: @staygoldabq

18. Poison Apple Tattoo Company

Are you looking for stylish and unique tattoo design ideas and artists that can convert your dream into life by inking the art on your body? Then check out the Poison Apple Tattoo Company, where skilled tattoo artists make the finest and clean tattoos that impress everyone. They specialize in all kinds of tattoo styles.

Image: @poisonappletattooco

19. Albuquerque Ink Tattoo

Get a solid tattoo that will be memorable for your lifetime by entering the Albuquerque Ink Tattoo shop. Their tattoo artists specialize in black and gray, colorful, and lettering tattoo styles. Their tattoo artists have many years of experience and can also meet all kinds of demands.  

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Image: @tinacotton1

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20. Star Tattoo

Star Tattoo offers unique work by its talented artists in a secure setting. To make its clients feel at ease, the shop offers a tidy, welcoming, and professional atmosphere. The artists and team are incredibly trustworthy and competent.

 To satisfy the demands of their clients, their tattoo artists provide a wide variety of tattoo designs. They take your tattoo ideas into consideration and turn them into a beautiful design. At a very low cost, Star Tattoo offers tattooing of the greatest quality.

To protect your safety, they work to keep the area as sanitary and clean as possible. The store always accepts walk-in clients.

Image: @raven_del_rio

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring My Own Artwork Or Pictures To The Archetype Tattoo Parlor?

Yes! They want to ensure you’re happy because this tattoo will be on you permanently. Bring anything you believe would be useful in capturing the precise meaning you want your tattoo to convey.

They may use the materials you bring to create something unique you will like! They will work with you to create a stunning work of art that you will be happy to wear on your body, and they will always let you know how certain images will translate into your tattoo.

What Are The Timings Of The Divine Eye Tattoo Shop? 

The timings are Tuesday & Thursday: 12 PM – 6 PM, Wednesday & Friday: 12 PM – 4 PM, 5 PM – 8 PM, Saturday: 12 PM – 5 PM, Sunday & Monday are closed.

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