20 Popular Tattoo Shops In Nevada That You Must Visit

Tattoo Shops In Nevada. Everyone desires to ink a stunning tattoo that will last the rest of their life. You wish your first tattoo would be of high quality, but you’re unsure how to choose a reputable tattoo parlor without prior knowledge.

Searching online, visiting local shops, reading customer reviews, looking at their websites and social media presence, and asking your inked friends and family for suggestions are all smart ways to find a decent tattoo parlor.

Learn about the top tattoo parlors in Nevada that are both sanitary and secure below. You may pick the best tattoo artist to give you the desired tattoo by looking at information about them, such as their years of experience, tattoo specialties, and much more.

1. Evolution Tattoo

One of the best Nevada city tattoo shops is Evolution Tattoo. This store is proudly owned by Jon P. He treats each customer respectfully and provides exceptional service at a fair price.

Friendly and experienced tattoo artists at Evolution Tattoo are here to help you design any type of tattoo, including custom pieces and portraits. They provide a welcoming and spotless environment. Their sanitation is above average, and they utilize single-use needles.

All of their customers may also get their bodies pierced there. Bring them your tattoo notion, dream, or idea, and they’ll turn it into a reality.

Image: @mattecoletattoo

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2. Club Tattoo

Club Tattoo is a high-end tattoo and body piercing shop with more than 25 years of expertise. All artists use top-notch supplies to deliver the most relevant results to their prestigious clientele. Their internationally-traveled award-winning artists keep up with the most recent tattooing procedures and techniques.

The artists at the tattoo parlor work with you to create a beautiful tattoo from your thoughts. Their tattoo parlor is the industry leader for its creativity, aesthetic integrity, and safety. Their studio has all the tools needed to provide proper and secure services.

Image: @clubtattoo

3. Kilted Raven Studios

The place to go for tattoo enthusiasts is Kilted Raven Studios, situated on the square in the lovely, historic town of Nevada, Missouri. They specialize in custom work solely.

What you will discover is stunning and distinctive artwork produced by local artists. The business offers an enjoyable and soothing environment for its customers.

Image: @kiltedravenstudios

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4. Lunar Parlor

Lunar Parlor opens in 2020 to provide a welcoming environment and a pleasant place. They adhere to a concept of balance, balancing advanced technologies with traditional comforts, as well as old and new methods of doing things.

Private accommodations give you complete privacy as well as individual attention. The shop is new to this area, but they have artists who have worked in the tattoo industry for many years.

Image: @indaleciolantis

5. Ironhorse Tattoos & Piercings

Are you looking for a personalized tattoo or body piercing during your visit to Las Vegas? Visit Ironhorse Tattoos & Piercings.

This shop is one of the fantastic tattoo shops in Las Vegas, Nevada, that is known and respected as a supplier of the world’s finest tattoos and is ranked as one of the greatest tattoo parlors in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas.

They specialize in customized lettering, black and grey, realism, and cover-ups.

Image: @ironhorse_tattoos

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6. Black Spade Tattoo

Come and see the best tattoo shop in Downtown Las Vegas, NV, the Black Spade tattoo shop. They provide a distinctive tattooing experience.

A relaxed and soothing atmosphere surrounds the shop and a powerful current of creative energy. They strive to make your experience as pleasant as possible in their customized tattoo and permanent cosmetics workshop.

Image: @blackspadetattoo

7. Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery

Step into the award-winning tattoo parlor in Las Vegas, Nevada, Studio 21 tattoo gallery. They work together as a team wholly committed to their work and the arts. They have eight talented tattoo artists who can transform your ideas into one-of-a-kind works of art that you may cherish for the rest of your life.

Moreover, they have in-depth knowledge of several tattoo types and cutting-edge designs. For its high-quality tattoo design services, they are a tattoo studio that is well known both domestically and abroad. Custom and cover-up tattoo designs are their area of expertise.

Their group of multi-talented and certified tattoo artists calls their tattoo workshop and art gallery home.

Image: @studio21tattoo

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8. Skin Design Tattoo Las Vegas

Are you looking for the best tattoo shops near me in Nevada? Check out the Skin Design tattoo shop, which has a large group of experienced and talented tattoo artists.

They are home to some of the most sought-after tattoo artists worldwide and have been mentioned in hundreds of worldwide magazine articles. They specialize in personalized lettering, color realism, black and grey realism, portraits, script, cover-ups, and improvements.

Image: @skindesigntattoos

9. Downtown Tattoo

Downtown Tattoo opened its doors in 2008. They offer a welcoming and professional environment and have over 35 years of combined expertise. Since 2008, they have consistently won awards for being the finest tattoo shop ever.

Image: @downtowntattoolasvegas

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10. Tattoo Shops Las Vegas – TattooLV

One of the best tattoo parlors in Las Vegas is TATTOO LV. They begin in a calm, relaxed setting off the Las Vegas Strip. Whether they are designing your first tattoo or you are an experienced veteran, they give a safe and friendly environment.

You can be guaranteed that some of the best tattoo artists on the west coast will do your tattoo. They all have at least ten years of professional experience as artists.

Image: @tattedlv

11. Broken Dagger Tattoo

Broken Dagger features various creative styles, including Japanese, Black Work, Dot Work, Traditional and Neo-Traditional, Black and Gray, and Color Work. If you have a concept in mind, they take great satisfaction in creating a design just for you.

Image: @westerlund.tattoos

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12. Under Your Skin Tattoo & Body Piercing

Looking to express your style preferences and individuality through tattoos or piercings? Enter the Reno, Nevada, Under Your Skin tattoo and body piercing workshop. They are committed to creating a welcoming, clean, and peaceful environment in the studio.

Each of their artists has received official education and training. You may rely on them to uphold the highest sterilizing standards at all times. To safeguard the safety of each client, they only ever use single-use needles.

Image: @underyourskintattooreno

13. Reverent Tattoo

Joseph and Michelle Haefs, a husband and wife duo, are the owners and operators of Reverent Tattoo. Just a few short miles from the Las Vegas Strip and the downtown regions, this store is situated in Las Vegas on the east side of the city. They have a professional team of tattoo artists that can express your style or idea in body art.

Image: @reverenttattoo

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14. Revolution Tattoo Parlor

There are a lot of tattoo shops and artists in Las Vegas! Revolution Tattoo Parlor stands out for its commitment to unique artistry and the pride they have in every tattoo that enters its doors.

The atmosphere at Revolution is welcoming and open, and the tattoo artists there are warm and compassionate. They are a five-star rated tattoo parlor with excellent ink.

Image: @revolutiontattooparlor

15. Trip Ink Tattoo Company

The Trip Ink tattoo parlor is owned and run by artists who collaborate with the most well-known, expert, and powerful tattoo artists. They provide the finest experience from start to finish, leaving you wanting more!

Image: @tripinktattooco

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16. Reno Tattoo Company

The top-notch custom tattoo and art studio in Reno, Nevada, is called Reno Tattoo Company. The proprietor of this tattoo parlor is Jordan Isaacson. They have a team of skilled tattoo artists specializing in various tattoo styles.

Their tattoo artists are experienced in all facets of body alteration and are pleasant and skilled. The staff at Reno Tattoo works hard to be imaginative, cheerful, and customer-focused. They discuss the best size, location, and design while considering your ideas.

Image: @renotattooco

17. Studio Tattoo

The studio tattoo is one of the wonderful tattoo shops in Henderson, Nevada, devoted to producing the highest caliber of unique artwork utilizing the most cutting-edge tools. A joyful, comfortable tattoo experience is created through an open, light environment and appointment-only scheduling. Their goal is to spread their love for skin illustration and fun.

Image: @michellesherenow

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18. Basilica Tattoo

The world-famous tattoo artists at Basilica Tattoo have teamed up to create a personalized tattoo experience that is as bit as unforgettable as the tattoo that will be created on your skin. The greatest standards of hygienic practices, professionalism, and artistic ability are followed by their tattoo artists at all times.

Image: @basilicatattoo

19. Marked Studios

Marked Studios is a popular tattoo parlor in Reno, Nevada. Their team develops a unique style that is unexpected in the fashion industry. The classic forms of art are their favorite to create.

For a one-of-a-kind tattooing experience, Marked Studio provides a creative, spotlessly maintained, and hygienic setting. The tattoo parlor charges competitive prices for all of its services. They also provide their client’s complimentary drinks.

The best ink and design supplies are used by Marked Studio to provide its clients with high-quality tattoo results.

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20. Crown Electric Tattoo Co.

Crown Electric Tattoo is a family-operated tattoo parlor well-known for offering distinctive tattooing services in Las Vegas, Nevada. The tattoo and piercing studio’s properly educated artists and piercers work hard to meet all of your demands.

The artwork is outstanding, and the setting is friendly and inviting. Their tattoo artists are skilled in designing tattoos in any style, including classic, black-and-gray, and lettering. They have access to the most recent tattoo designs, allowing you to choose any style.

Image: @cbtattoo13

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Marked Studio Charge? Do You Charge Hourly Or By The Piece?

With a $150 minimum, the studio fee is $250 per hour. They have a book of custom drawings that are occasionally sold by the piece and created by Marked Studios Artists.

Why Should I Choose Reno Tattoo When There Are So Many Other Tattoo Studios Near Reno & Sparks?

The tattoo artists at Reno Tattoo take great care to provide each customer the greatest tattoo they can. They will discuss the ideal size, location, and design in addition to listening to your suggestions. You may be certain that you are in excellent hands because their amiable artists are incredibly skilled in all parts of tattoo design and execution.

What are the working hours of the Revolution tattoo parlor? 

​Monday -Saturday 12 PM – 9 PM, Sunday 12 PM – 8 PM

Does the Broken Dagger shop tattoo minors? 

While the South Nevada Health Department’s standards permit tattooing on minors between the ages of 14 and 18 with parental agreement, they do not tattoo anybody younger than 18.

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