17 Top Tattoo Shops In El Paso, Texas

Tattoo Shops In El Paso, Texas. Nowadays, every second youngster has body art. Getting tattooed has become a fashion statement and has gained more attractiveness. Tattoos have evolved into fashionable artwork in recent years ranging from personalized emblems to Celtic crosses. Furthermore, many people have created designs that exude a strong sense of self-expression.

Tattoos are a kind of ancient practice that is now more fashionable and widely accepted than ever before. Tools discovered in France, Portugal, and Scandinavia are at least 12,000 years old & are proof that prehistoric people knew and practiced tattooing. 

Tattoos have been viewed differently in different parts of the world. In Ancient Egypt and India, they used Tattoos for healing and religious worship. They were both a badge of Social prestige and a punishment.

In the Philippines, they use tattoos to show rank and accomplishments. However, many believe they have magical abilities—the rise and widespread embrace of Christianity in Europe during the Roman Empire. Suddenly, Tattoos were considered inhumane, and the practice faded away across the empire.

Here are the 17 Top Tattoo Shops In El Paso, Texas

 1) Pumping Ink Tattoo

Pumping Ink Tattoo, established in 2003, is the best and most trendy tattoo shop in El Paso, TX community that never feels too impressed. They believe in doing high-quality work, regardless of the tattoo’s size & design. The shop’s employees are all quite warm and pleasant, which will undoubtedly be of great assistance if you’re here for the first time. So, if you’re thinking about getting a tattoo, book an appointment. 

Contact: 4001 Dyer St Suite 1, El Paso, Texas 79930

Call: +1 915-565-8288

Social Media: Pumpinginktattoos, pumpinginktattoos.com

 Credits: pumpinginktattoos

Image  Credit: pumpinginktattoos

Credit: pumpinginktattoos

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2) 3 Tattoo

The 3 Tattoo studio, founded by Asian artist Tony, is the most extensive tattoo shop in El Paso, TX. The studio is housed deep within the Coronado Tower’s walls, famed for its professional and orderly ambiance. If you wish to book an appointment, you can contact him through email or phone. Consultations are also available on a walk-in basis. 

Contact: Coronado Tower, 6006 N Mesa St #900, El Paso, Texas 79912

Call: +1 915-261-6746

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, 3tattoo.com

 Credits: 3.tattoo

Image Credit: 3.tattoo

Credit: 3.tattoo

3) Wyze Guys Tattoo Parlor

Wyze Guys Tattoo Parlor is another standout tattoo parlor in El Paso. Wyze Guys Tattoo Parlor is famed for its tattoo artist’s sanitation, accuracy, and politeness. They’ll make the most intricate tattoo patterns look amazing on your skin. The experts are fully passionate about their job, so be calm and give them time to ensure that every detail is perfect.

You are invited to visit in person for a consultation or call them for any further details.

Contact: 3012 Lee Trevino Dr. B, El Paso, Texas 79936

Call: +1 915-231-6677

Social Media: Facebook

Website: wyze-guyz-tattoo

Credits: wyzeguyztattoo

Image Credit: wyzeguyztattoo

Credit: wyzeguyztattoo

4) Santa Rosa Tattoo Studio

Santa Rosa Tattoo Studio, also known as Ink Society Tattoo Studio, is one of the fantastic tattoo shops in the El Paso, TX community. They provide each artist with their room, allowing them to focus on their work and produce stunning outcomes. In addition, their artists are the most skilled and experienced in the city. So, if you’re seeking high-quality tattooing in a spacious tattoo studio, Santa Rosa Tattoo Studio should be on your list.

Contact: 4531 Montana Ave, El Paso, Texas

Call: +1 915-260-8331

Social Media:  Facebook /  Instagram 

Credit: santarosatattoostudio

 Credit: santarosatattoostudio

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5) Sun City Tattoo

Sun City Tattoo is the best tattoo parlor in El Paso if you want to get tattooed for a reasonable price. It is the most highly regarded tattoo shop in El Paso. Customers will find the staff attentive, making their walk-in visits warm and memorable. If you need to contact them, you can get the address and phone information below.

Contact: 6930 Gateway Blvd E, El Paso, Texas

Call: +1 915-779-7282

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook

Photo Credit: suncitytattooep

 Credits: suncitytattooep

Credit: suncitytattooep

6) Dreadful Things

Do you want a one-of-a-kind tattoo? Well, this shop in El Paso will do an excellent job. You’ll have many options because the tattoo experts here always come up with fresh concepts. Most importantly, the business is perfectly hygienic with all the safety precautions to make a customer feel at ease. It’s also a fantastic place to get gifts and decorations for your home and body. 

Contact: 4001 Dyer St Ste 4 El Paso, Texas 79930

Call: (915) 502-5530

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram

Credit: artbyfrancella

Credit: artbyfrancella

7) Dead Hamster Tattoo

This tattoo shop provides a variety of tattoos. If you have a good idea & the design, then share it with the tattoo professionals here. They will give you the exact design you want. The service in this shop is the best and friendly. The finest and warmest tattoo shop you’ll ever visit is Dead Hamster Tattoo. When you first walk in, they make you feel very welcome. The tattoo artist does a great job, leaving me feeling like a completely different person.

Contact: 3616 McRae Blvd Ste 6 El Paso, Texas 79925

Call: (915) 283-4400

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram

Image Credit: deadhamstertattoo

Credits: deadhamstertattoo

Credit: deadhamstertattoo

8) Blue Panda Tattoo

Blue Panda is also one of the leading tattoo shops in the El Paso, TX community. The stunning part about the tattoo business is that they customize tattoos to your specifications. Professionalism, cleanliness, best artistry, and good sanitation are just a few characteristics that distinguish them from the competition. So, if you’re thinking of having a tattoo, pay a visit to Blue Panda Tattoo.

Contact: 11675 Montwood Dr, El Paso, Texas

Call: (915) 855-7685

Social Media: Facebook

Image Credit: bluepandatattoo

Credits: bluepandatattoo

Credit: bluepandatattoo

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9) Mesa Street Tattoo

Are you looking for the perfect tattoo to reflect your true self? Check out this store. You will not regret it. Another feature worth highlighting is that this Contact also offers to pierce. The prices are fair, but certain tattoos that require attention to detail may cost a little more. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to visit this site. Many individuals come here to get tattooed and are pleased with the results. 

Contact: 6409 N Mesa St, El Paso, Texas

Call: +1 915-706-4588

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook

Photo Credit: mesa_st.tattoo

 Credit: mesa_st.tattoo

Credit: mesa_st.tattoo

10) Ghost House Tattoo

Ghost House Tattoo is a reputable and most popular tattoo & piercing shop in El Paso, TX, owned and operated by Ricky Perez. The talented tattoo artists are experts with extensive tattoo expertise and pride themselves on their ability to interact with customers. They specialize in different art forms, including traditional tattoos, black and grey tattoos, portrait tattoos, and delicate lettering tattoos. 

Contact: 7808 N Loop Dr. El Paso, Texas 79915

Call: (915) 493-4477

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram

Credit: ghosthousetattoos

Credit: ghosthousetattoos

11) West Texas Tattoo

West Texas Tattoo is a well-known tattoo studio in El Paso, Texas, with a large selection of tattoos. They are known for their traditional, neo-traditional, black-work, cover-ups, fix-ups, and Japanese tattoos. Providing helpful information to the customer on how to care for their tattoos after completion is also one of their essential advantages. Their tattoo artists turn your tattoo ideas into beautiful works of art.

Look no further if you want high-quality, elegant tattoos from expert artists. 

Contact: 820 N Mesa St El Paso, Texas 79902

Call: (915) 740-1604

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook

Image Credit: westtexastattoo

Credit: westtexastattoo

Credit: westtexastattoo

12) House of Pain Tattoo

House of Pain Tattoo is the best tattoo and body piercing shop in El Paso, TX. The tattoo parlor provides customers with a clean, safe and sound, and specialized environment to walk around and know the world of body art. House of Pain Tattoo offers high-quality, ground-breaking traditional tattoos and body piercing over and above original artwork. In addition, they offer custom designs, cover-ups, realism, fine line work, and traditional tattoos. 

Contact: 1550 Hawkins Blvd Ste 11 El Paso, Texas 79925

Call: (915) 590-8282

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook

 Credit: houseofpaintattooturkey

Credit: houseofpaintattooturkey

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13) Deviant Tattoo Studio

Deviant tattoo Studio is a tattoo and piercing shop created to create a safe and sterile Tattoo environment. Their consumers’ well-being is their priority. They guarantee quality art to ensure the ultimate care for their customers and their tattoos. Deviant Tattoo Studio should be on your radar if you want high-quality tattooing in a large tattoo studio.

Contact: 4700 Dyer El Paso, Texas 79930 

Call: +1 915-759-4195

Social Media: Instagram

Credit: _devianttattoostudio

Image Credit: _devianttattoostudio

Credit: _devianttattoostudio

14) Aspired Vision Tattoo Studio

Aspired Vision Tattoo Studio is a well-known tattoo studio that caters to both locals and visitors to Texas. They are committed to providing high-quality tattoos and exceptional customer service to all clients. The tattoo shop has a competent team of tattoo artists with different styles who constantly strive to learn and develop as expert artists. In addition, they offer a variety of jewelry to their customers other than tattooing and piercing.

Contact: 1580 George Dieter Ste 102 El Paso, Texas 79936

Call: (915) 921-6000

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram

Credit: aspiredvisionstudio

Photo Credit: aspiredvisionstudio

Credit: aspiredvisionstudio

15) Higher Level Ink

If affordability and variety are your priorities, the Higher Level Ink is the top tattoo shop to get inked in El Paso. This tattoo parlor is known for its professional and orderly ambiance, ensuring a safe tattooing experience. Different forms of tattoos, black, and grey, color, traditional, realism, all are their specialization. If you wish to book an appointment, you may send them an email or call them. 

Contact: 1160 Airway Blvd Ste B4 El Paso, Texas 79925

Call: (915) 307-6498

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook

website: https://higherleveltattoo.com/

  Image Credit: tat2eddiemcque

Credit: tat2eddiemcque

Credit: tat2eddiemcque

16) Ink Xpressions Tattoo Studio

Ink Xpression Tattoo Studio, located in El Paso, Texas, is a reputable tattoo and body piercing studio. The tattoo shop can bring your ideas to life; no matter how big or small the tattoo is or how complicated or straightforward it is, they will cover you completely. Size, detail, and design Contact are the primary basis for deciding the different tattoos. 

Contact: 7924 Gateway Blvd E #201, El Paso, Texas 79915

Call: +1 915-313-4553

Social Media: Instagram, Facebook

Credit: ink_xpressions

Credit: ink_xpressions

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17) Royal Child Tattoo Studio

Established in 2018, Royal Child Tattoo Studio is known for providing the highest quality permanent tattoos. Tattoos that are solid, bold, and have crisp lines. They offer body piercings by a highly skilled body piercer with many years of experience. In addition, they provide hygienic tattoos at a reasonable price. 

Contact: 4512 Montana Ave Ste 1 El Paso, Texas 79903

Call: (915) 873-8642

Social Media: Facebook 

Image Credit: royalchildtattoo

Credit: royalchildtattoo

Credit: royalchildtattoo


El Paso, TX, is an ideal destination for people wishing to acquire a new tattoo or add it to their collection. Every corner of this magnificent metropolis is home to a tattoo parlor. The tattoo parlors mentioned in this article provide unrivaled services. The benefits of these stores are that, as a customer, your options are limitless.  


Are all tattoos permanent?

Sun, Inappropriate healing, and poor health will affect the ultimate result. All tattoos become old with time. How acceptable they age will depend on the range and position.

Is a Tattoo safe?

Yes, having a tattoo is safe if you go to a reputable tattoo parlor or artist following all the precautions and instructions. 

How much should a tattoo cost?

The price of the tattoo depends on the designs. A simple and Small tattoo costs less than a large and complex tattoo, which costs thousands of dollars. Custom tattooing costs as per the time invested in making them. You can choose from thousands of tattoos as per your needs and wants. 

Why are tattoos so expensive?

The ability to produce a high-quality tattoo is a unique talent that only a dedicated artist can perfect. The complexity of the design, whether the work is bespoke or flash, the position on body areas that are more difficult to tattoo or sensitive, and the colors used all influence the price of a tattoo (the more colors a design requires, the higher the price tag).

Does it hurt to get a tattoo?

Yes, getting a tattoo is painful. Needles puncture your skin and inject ink at about 10-15 needle drops per second, fast enough to avoid piercing it and causing bleeding but slow enough to avoid ripping it.

However, certain body parts can bear tattoo pain better than others, and your tolerance level also plays a crucial role.

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