44 Unique Starburst Tattoo Designs That Will Make You Dazzle

Get star-struck! Although tattoos have been around since the beginning, they are becoming more popular today. Most individuals get tattoos because they find them aesthetically pleasing. Still, some do it to mark a significant event in their lives permanently. Check out these amazing and unique starburst tattoo designs.

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Starburst Tattoo Designs

A starburst is one of the most common tattoo designs, but there are many more symbols to choose from. The starburst tattoo is frequently overlooked when it comes to significance and symbolism. Yet, there are quite a few significant ones.

What is a starburst?

A starburst is a bright light with rays or a brightly colored patch with points emanating from it.

For unique starburst tattoos that signify accomplishment, consider the following:

Single starburst tattoo: A tattoo with a single star signifies being distinctive and unique.

Three-starburst tattoo: A tattoo that has three stars in a row represents the path to success. The stars in this pattern often transition from tiny to enormous (a small star followed by a larger one followed by the largest one). Again, this emphasizes the notion of modest beginnings and a regular route to enormous success.

Multiple Starburst Tattoo: There are a lot of tattoos that include several little stars placed in a variety of patterns and forms. Many individuals choose this style so they may add another star each time they succeed or finish a significant task or milestone. But this design could be for looks or have deeper meanings for each person, like where they are in the galaxy or a shared interest in astronomy. 

Starburst tattoo symbolism and significance

The starburst is often seen as signifying fresh beginnings.

By observing a single star, one can draw many different interpretations. For example, many people tattoo a star on their skin to show they have endured hard times.

Four or five lines radiating outward from its center achieve the starburst’s distinctive appearance. Those five or four lines might be a metaphor for cooperation in this scenario. The starburst motif often appears on the uniforms of basketball teams and other sports teams.

This tattoo could also be a source of inspiration for people who want to start something new in their personal or professional lives.

A starburst’s four or five lines may also be seen as a symbol of success against formidable odds. Although they may have had to battle for their lives, they emerged unscathed from whatever ordeal they overcame.

In many cases, this is a metaphor for conquering adversity, whether it be a physical one, such as drug or alcohol dependency, or an emotional one, such as a cancer diagnosis. In these situations, a golden circle is often behind the starburst, and light beams come down onto it.

We have collected 44 best and trendiest starburst tattoo designs to consider. Of course, you can select the one you want after looking at all the designs. So, keep on reading.

1. Little Starburst Tattoo

This is the tattoo for you if you want something discrete and fashionable. This little starburst tattoo design inked on the chest looks gorgeous without being flashy. This little star pattern is simple enough to replicate or adapt to your liking for your first tattoo.

Starburst Tattoo Designs

Image: @tattoos_by_zachariah

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2. Tiny Starburst Tattoo

It’s a lovely tattoo, and we love how subtly it is done. This starburst tattoo design is simple and beautiful and would look fantastic on everyone.

Starburst Tattoo Designs

Image: @uhhhhtaco

3. Stars And Starburst Tattoo

This picture shows a starburst tattoo on one forearm while three other stars are inked on the other. This tattoo is fun and fashionable, and it will look adorable on anyone.

Starburst Tattoo Designs

Image: @karl_velasco

4. Triangle And Dot Work Moon With Starburst Tattoo

This tattoo might be ideal for you if you have a passion for the stars, the night sky, space, or astronomy. A starburst tattoo, the moon, and a triangle with a dot on top are tattooed on this arm. It’s a modern take on a classic tattoo that suits anyone. 

Image: @trikona.tattoos

5. Hand Drawn Half Sun And Starburst Tattoo

This single-needle half-sun and starburst tattoo design inked above the elbow signifies concepts related to dawn, like new life, or ideas related to night, like finality. This is a hand-poked design and not a machine-made one. A hand-poked tattoo is inserted into the skin using a needle on a stick.

Starburst Tattoo Designs

Image: @poeticpokes

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6. A Simple Starburst Tattoo

Just above the wrist, on the forearm, is inked an elongated, dazzling starburst. It is a beautiful design, and the star seems to be flashing due to the shading. This is one of our favorite tattoo designs, which will look great on anyone.

Starburst Tattoo Designs

Image: @amazinkgraceartistry

7. Cute Little Starburst Tattoo

This cute little starburst tattoo design inked on the front bicep features three different starburst tattoo designs. It is a lovely tattoo design you can get anywhere on the body.

Image: @endlessheightstattoo

8. A Finger Starburst Tattoo

The next concept is another starburst-shaped outline tattoo design. Finger tattoos are fantastic, but when you add a star outline, you have one chic design. 

Starburst Tattoo Designs

Image: @trikona.tattoos

9. A Wonderful Starburst Tattoo Designs

This is a large starburst tattoo design inked on the inner forearm. It features lines of varying lengths with small stars inked and covers a large area below the inner elbow. 

Starburst Tattoo Designs

Image: @ibuprofane.tattoo

10. Behind The Ear Colorful Starburst Tattoo Designs

Behind-the-ear tattoos are pretty stylish and original. These two starburst tattoos, inked in red and blue ink, will get noticed. You may choose a similar pattern or pick one star.

Starburst Tattoo Designs

Image: @eat_my_pen

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11. Red Line Moon With Starburst Tattoo

This little red Sun and moon micro tattoo will look good anywhere on the body. The unique quality of this tattoo is that both are juxtaposed with one another.  

Image: @erika.tattoo.art

12. Line Work Starburst Tattoo Designs

Want some simple starburst design? This line and dot-work starburst tattoo design inked on the inner forearm look stunning. 

Image: @erika.tattoo.art

13. Butterfly With Starburst Tattoo

Butterfly tattoos have always been popular. Now, you can give this design a little twist by adding starburst tattoos with them, as shown in this design.

Image: @bohemycollective

14. Back Shoulder Starburst Tattoo

This picture features a back shoulder tattoo with a constellation of tiny starbursts of varying sizes. The stars begin at the neck, go the length of the back, and conclude at the shoulder, making this an attractive and unique pattern. This design is simple enough to use any color scheme to create a beautiful tattoo. 

Image: @delicataink

15. A Little Wave And Starburst Tattoo

This crisp, fine-line tattoo design features a small wave and a half starburst. It is a stick-and-poke design, and you can go for only the starburst if you don’t want the wave.

Starburst Tattoo Designs

Image: @fine.line.tattoos.melbourne

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16. Fine Line Starburst Tattoo

We can’t get enough of this tattoo! The three starburst tattoos in different sizes and concepts inked on the wrist and extending towards the arm are made of lines and dots. This tattoo is so delicate and feminine that anybody would look stunning with it.

Image: @tattooartbyhailey

17. Quote With Starburst Tattoo

This lettering tattoo has “Stand By Me” inked and is encompassed by beautiful starburst tattoos. 

Image: @faithjohnsentattoo\

18. Eiffel Tower With Aqua Constellation And Starburst Tattoo

This tattoo is for those who love astronomy. It features three starburst tattoos, a constellation, and the Eiffel Tower inked with a spider trying to climb it. This is a one-of-a-kind design that is rare.

Starburst Tattoo Designs

Image: @aligned.ink

19. Eye With Starburst Tattoo

Two beautiful teary female eyes with “ephemeral” lettering inked below, and starbursts are included in this tattoo inked on the front bicep. It will look fantastic on a female. 

Image: @casmetix

20. Small Starburst Tattoo

This pattern includes a red starburst tattoo inked on the upper arm. Even though the design is relatively simple, it is impactful and will never go out of style.

Image: @seed.sprout.tattoo

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21. Minimalist Starburst Tattoo

If you’re seeking something discreet and fashionable, this is the tattoo for you. Three little starbursts are tattooed in this motif close to the inner elbow. It is a lovely tattoo design that can be inked anywhere on the body. You may copy this pattern or experiment with a different number of starbursts. Still, a small design like this would be ideal for your first tattoo.

Starburst tattoo designs

Image: @fine.line.tattoos.melbourne

22. For Angle Starburst Tattoo

This cute and beautiful tattoo design features a starburst and moon inked on the ankles of both legs. Go for this minimalist design made with lines and dots.

Image: @vasia

23. Dot And Bold Line Starburst Tattoo

This bold line and dot starburst tattoo design inked above the elbow on the upper arm looks fantastic and will fetch many compliments. 

Image: @die_monde

24. DotWork Mandala Art Starburst Tattoo Designs

The name “mandala” comes from the Sanskrit word for “circle,” and a circular arrangement of forms and symbols characterizes a mandala tattoo. A mandala, like a circle, is said to represent harmony, infinity, and completeness. This clever twist is given to a starburst tattoo in mandala format.

Image: @hotpinkhotdog

25. S Letter In To A Starburst Tattoo Designs

Have a particular someone in your life? A relative, friend, or spouse? Then think about getting a starburst tattoo of their initials. Initial letter tattoos are a way to express your deep affection for someone. In addition, the tattoo might remind them of their unique place in the wearer’s heart and their status as a “star” in the eyes (and on the wearer’s body).

Image: @project.pickle

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26. For Chest Starburst Tattoo

This is a simple and beautiful starburst tattoo design on the chest. 

Starburst tattoo designs

Image: @sharp_pokes

27. Fingers Full Of Starburst Tattoo

If you want to get tats on your fingers, you can go for this sweet starburst design and combine it with moon or sun tattoos to give it a unique look

Starburst tattoo designs

Image: @liathetattooer

28. Upper Chest Starburst Tattoo Designs

This is a super cute ornamental, delicate line starburst tattoo design, inked on the upper chest area. It will look lovely and attention-grabbing. 

Image: @peachpokes

29. Rabbit And Starburst Tattoo

This tattoo design features a starry leafy leaping hare inked on the lower leg, just below the knee. Again a variation from the standard starburst design. 

Starburst tattoo designs

Image: @sharp_pokes

30. Cat And Moon With Starburst Tattoo

A crescent moon starburst cat, along with three starburst tattoos inked on the thigh, in black and gray, is a large tattoo design. This tattoo design is undoubtedly going to attract a lot of curious eyes. 

Image: @nosferobtu.tattoo

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31. Planet Sun And Moon With Starburst Tattoo Designs

This tattoo can be ideal if you sincerely appreciate the night sky, the cosmos, or the wonder of astronomy. Stars, starbursts, a moon, and a planet make up the design of this tattoo on the shoulder.

Image: @tattooevasion

32. Bear Shape Forest And Mountain With Starburst Tattoo

This tattoo design features a bear, mountains, and a smattering of starbursts atop.

Starburst tattoo designs

Image: @claudiagebauerink

33. Watercolor Bow With Starburst Tattoo

Tattoos done in watercolor are gorgeous. This method transforms tattoos into stunning body art. This tattoo features a colorful bow and colorful starburst tattoos surrounding it. 

Image: @kiran_ta2

34. Ornamental Moon And Starburst Tattoo

The next tattoo concept on our list is this stunning moon and starburst design. It has a mystical air to it and may be worn by anybody. Of course, you can get this inked in colors, also. 

Image: @odd_ptc

35. Sun Moon And Starburst Tattoo

This Sun, moon, and cute starburst tattoo design inked below the shoulder blade will look good on both sexes. 

Starburst tattoo designs

Image: @w_roz_ink

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36. Three Little Starburst Tattoo

These are perfect if you want a tasteful tattoo but avoid committing too much ink space to it. Three starbursts form the focus of this artwork, which is inked above the elbow. 

Image: @mikeyrand2

37. Collar Bone Tiny Starburst Tattoo

This sweet and cute starburst tattoo design is done in fine lines and dots on the collarbone. 

Image: @u.i.tattoo

38. Stairs Way To Moon And Starburst Tattoo

A stairway leading to the moon, and three starburst tattoos, along with dots, make this magnificent tattoo design. There is a mystical vibe to this tattoo.

Starburst tattoo designs

Image: @laurencoley_tattoo

39. A Beautiful Girl With Moon And Starburst Tattoo

This elaborate tattoo design has a beautiful girl holding a flower bouquet, a planet, a crescent moon, and starbursts.

Image: @okyokusen

40. Space Man With Planets And Starburst Tattoo

This tattoo is perfect for a space-crazy person, as it features an astronaut, planets, a crescent moon, and starbursts muttered all about. 

Starburst tattoo designs

Image: @artbycomet

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41. Black Dot And Line Work Starburst Tattoo

A black dot and line work tattoo with a starburst in the middle inked on the wrist looks edgy and fashionable. 

Starburst tattoo designs

Image: @liloohanacalifornia

42. Different Type Of Starburst Tattoo

This is a one-of-a-kind design with a red starburst tattoo in the middle, with lines extending and pretty dotwork over them. 

Starburst tattoo designs

Image: @jadejay.ink

43. DotWork Wolf With Starburst Tattoo

A wolf, a crescent moon, a planet, and starbursts complete this shaded tattoo design which is mystical and foreboding. 

Starburst tattoo designs

Image: @kiri.vrs

44. Line Work Leaf And Crystal With Starburst Tattoo

This tattoo is unique because of a crystal piece, two leaf branches, a crescent moon, and starbursts. 

Starburst tattoo designs

Image: @backtobasicstattoo

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Frequently Asked Questions About Starburst Tattoo Designs 

What is the similarity between star and starburst tattoos?

Stars may be drawn with any number of points or, if drawn in a starburst style, with any number of extending lines. If you want your ink to seem like an armband, try filling in the spaces in the center.

Which is the best location to get a starburst tattoo?

The best locations for a starburst tattoo on a woman are the wrist, ankle, shoulder, clavicle, chest, under the breast, hips, finger, ribs, behind the ear, foot, and shoulder.

The best location for a starburst tattoo on a man is the upper arm, forearm, back, shoulders, wrist, finger, and elbow.

What is the meaning behind starburst tattoo colors?

A pink star is a sign of a person’s struggle with an eventual victory over some illness.

The color purple is a symbol of harmony because it combines the ferocity of red with the coolness of blue. Establishing a middle ground might be represented by a purple starburst tattoo.

A gold starburst tattoo represents success. A red starburst tattoo denotes a strong desire to succeed or find one’s path in life, much as the color red represents passionate emotion.

When paired with the starburst design, the color green is said to bring the wearer good fortune on their quest.

To some, the color blue connotes a sea of tranquility. Seeing a blue starburst tattoo might signify that you are being led to or have already found peace.

The color black in starburst tattoos conveys a powerful statement.

What are the names of celebrities with starburst tattoos?

Zoe Kravitz has a tattoo of her sister’s name, Lola, on her wrist, and she just added a little starburst pattern below it.

Maya Ahmad’s middle finger on her left hand is tattooed with a starburst. Britney Spears’ tattoo on her side stomach is a kanji character enclosed by a starburst. Finally, Sarah Paulson’s right foot is covered with a colorful starburst tattoo.

What are the essential elements to consider when getting a starburst tattoo?

Many things make a starburst tattoo stand out and help people figure out what it means.

  • The origin and number of the starburst’s lines
  • The source of the circle or the beams of light in connection to the explosion of stars
Starburst tattoo designs

Final Words

Lastly, whenever you see a starburst tattoo design, remember that it may have more than one interpretation. But when paired with other symbols, like an anchor (which stands for hope) or angel wings (which stands for heaven), the meaning of this tattoo design may become more nuanced and complicated.

We recommend that you consult with your tattoo artist before deciding on the design and location of your starburst tattoo.