60 Sparkling Birds Tattoo Ideas And Design For Chest That Will Look Elegant

Last Updated on August 23, 2023

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You arrive at the correct place if you’re searching for a bird’s tattoo. Bird tattoos feature some of the most well-known tattoo designs. Bird tattoos are famous due to their versatility. Birds tattoo on chest.

They can be discovered in many cultures and complement a wide range of tattoo designs. Birds represent liberty, freedom, harmony, enthusiasm, and pleasure.

60 Sparkling Birds Tattoo Ideas And Design For Chest That Will Look Elegant

Bird tattoos were often seen on the arm of a sailor or fishermen, but things have surely altered. Now both men and women have bird tattoos in a variety of styles. They are gaining popularity due to their beautiful design.

If you’re searching for something religious or motivational, the bird tattoo is ideal because it has long been a powerful symbol of human existence and feelings. They represent the various stages of our existence.

Bird designs frequently mirror human emotions and feelings. A bird tattoo is frequently used to represent divinity, hope, dedication, and humanity.

Whether you want a bird tattoo for symbolic reasons or simply because it looks pretty good, it’s entirely up to you. There are numerous bird patterns to pick from in a variety of sizes and shapes.

For bird enthusiasts, here are some glittering and charming bird tattoo designs:

Flying birds represent that life should not be taken too seriously because nothing in the world is permanent; there will always be something to it.

They represent the fact that spirits are free thinkers who can travel.

1. Graceful Birds Tattoo

They are lovely manifestations of heavenly beauty and infinite hope. The bird pattern is used as a sign for many civilizations and religions.

Bird tattoo on chest

Credit: guto.tattoo23

2. Phoenix Chest Tattoo

The Phoenix bird symbolizes affluence, prominence, knowledge, and honor. Death, birth, resurrection, devastation, and creation are also related. This looks stunning when designed on the human flesh.

You can get a large phoenix tattooed on your shoulder if you wish. This phoenix breast tattoo simply has very few distinct colors, which makes it so fashionable.

The chest is an excellent location for such a tattoo design, especially for men.

Bird tattoo on chest

Credit: tattooculturemagazine 

3. Pretty Bird Tattoo

This tattoo is ideal for men and women who wish to soar above the heavens, forget their concerns, and live a tension-free life.

Because it has a broader connotation, suggesting immortality and divinity, this sort of tattoo allows you to perceive it the way you like.

This bird tattoo is stunning, with light pink flowers inked on the breast, making it a great area to show off to others.

Bird tattoo on chest

Credit: wolvesnanchors

4. Pretty Small Birds Tattoo

Birds fly through the skies and have long represented individual liberty and flight. Birds make excellent little tattoos because they can be positioned anywhere and create a unique meaning while being a widely identifiable symbol.

These birds symbolize something positive, such as prosperity, harmony, or liberation. If you’re looking for a little bird tattoo, this is a terrific one to get inked on your body.

Bird tattoo on chest

Credit: evild4n

5. Wording And Bird Tattoo

Birds flying represent the passage of life towards another location. This tattoo could have been in memory of a beloved one who has died. The customized message is a lovely touch as well.

Or, as in this gorgeous tattoo, you might incorporate some encouraging lines such as “sometimes you have to fall before you fly.” You might include a slogan that encourages you and others.

Bird tattoo on chest

Credit: dubaitattoo_ryansanchez

6. Realistic Black Crow Tattoo

Crow tattoos usually feature the bird in flight with its wings extended to reflect the bird’s skills. It seems magnificent and powerful because it is huge and black, a sign of elegance and authority.

Crow tattoo designs are popular among those who enjoy black ink, and tattoo symbolism represents freedom, safety, and strength. 

Bird tattoo on chest

Credit: fortworthtattooshop

7. Red Bird Tattoo

This crimson bird is frequently regarded as a symbol of compassion, enthusiasm, bravery, and love. It symbolizes qualities such as insight, affection, grace, and attention.

The red bird tattoo serves as a recall to reconfirm your faith and keep pushing forward in the face of troubles and challenges. Red bird tattoos are also associated with good health and wellness.

The hue of their feathers reflects blood, all living organisms’ life spirit. As a result, this bird represents both physical and mental wellness.

Bird tattoo on chest

Credit: jenningsalexander

8. Black Bird Tattoo

This black bird tattoo depicts the eagle bird, both bold and graceful. Eagles, dubbed “lords of the skies,” are bigger and more powerful than other soaring birds of prey, with greater head features.

The eagle tattoo denotes power, dominance, freedom, fortune, knowledge, focus, religion, the messengers of God, and the adversary of evil in many cultures, civilizations, and myths. 

Bird tattoo on chest

Credit: dolguldr

9. Bird Tattoo

This tattoo depicts a bluebird with a purple background, which adds to the overall attractiveness of the design. The bluebird’s bright colors help this feathery species stand out from the crowd.

This is the top reason why bluebird tattoos are so famous. It is among the most stunning birds on the planet. You should get this lovely bluebird tattoo on your body.

Bird tattoo on chest

Credit: katlinmalm_tattoo

10. Swallow Bird Tattoo

This little bird’s name swallows the ink in this tattoo really nicely. A swallow bird tattoo indicates the desire to be independent and free.

This is because swallows may migrate thousands of kilometers away from their homes with no apparent adverse consequences, making them icons of liberty and autonomy.

If you enjoy wearing little tattoo designs, you should consider this tattoo.

Bird tattoo on chest

Credit: traitsdunion_tattoo

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11. Small Birds Tattoo

This tattoo depicting three little flying birds is stunning and wonderful. A little bird tattoo symbolizes the encouragement to achieve what we may believe is unattainable daily; in simple words, it encourages us to overcome our shortcomings and worries to keep living a free and unobstructed life.

A flying bird frequently represents optimism, comfort, and family importance. Using black ink for small tattoos produces more satisfactory outcomes.

Bird tattoo on chest

Credit: mozestattoo

12. Stunning Crow Tattoo

This tattoo represents a crow with enormous wings. This Crow tattoo is a powerful symbol for strong-willed guys. Femininity is also linked to intelligence, a crucial attribute of the crow.

This tattoo depicts a crow in flight with its wings extended to symbolize the bird’s skills. It appears magnificent and powerful because it is huge and black, a sign of elegance and authority.

Bird tattoo on chest

Credit: 635__tattoo

13. Stylish Crow Tattoo

This tattoo features two crow images against a red sun that appears to be set. The crow with the sun in the background is also the heavenly and mythological symbol of the entire universe.

The tattoo of a crow commonly implies death, but it also depicts the spirit world.

Bird tattoo on chest

Credit: indelebletattoostudio

14. Angel And Crow Tattoo

This tattoo represents the wicked black crow, and an angel is standing guard to defend from those birds. Crows have long been connected with magic and the supernatural, serving as a sign of familiars among black magicians.

Crows were thought to take on the evil spirit of a witch and carry out her wishes. In this fashion, the bird causes havoc and trouble. You should get this tattoo if you believe in dark magic and angels.

Bird tattoo on chest

Credit: mariusz_wrucha_tattoos

15. Blue Bird Tattoo

The bluebird tattoo’s symbolism is associated with joy and pleasure. Based on the culture, this emblem dates back thousands of years, but the motif is fairly consistent in that the bluebird denotes happiness.

If you are going through a difficult moment, your bluebird tattoo might be seen as a sign of good fortune. The bluebird is considered to symbolize an angel watching over you.

Bird tattoo on chest

Credit: eunyutattoo

16. Superb Bird Tattoo

This tattoo depicts a huge bird with large wings. The tattoo is represented attractively by black ink, which looks good on all types of body skin.

This style of tattoo is appropriate for anyone, whether a girl or a boy. The birds all symbolize freedom and inspiration. Get this little tattoo inked on your body.

Bird tattoo on chest

Credit: smeg 1000

17. Swallow Bird Tattoo

This tattoo expresses the swallow bird tattoo with black ink. The Swallow bird symbolizes a return after a long departure, loyalty, success, rebirth, love, affection for family and friends, freedom, and so many.

You can pick any meaningful significance of this bird that suits your personality. In this tattoo, the swallow shows flying, which often represents the habit of swallows returning home even after a long journey.

Bird tattoo on chest

Credit: haethamaljameel

18. Sweet Birds Tattoo

The charming bird’s name in this tattoo is the kingfisher. Both are inked in black, but you can also get a colorful kingfisher tattoo, which is more appealing. Kingfishers represent freedom, bravery, adventure, and equilibrium.

They have strong personalities, and restlessness runs through their veins. These birds are also regarded with reproduction and good luck in many traditions. If you adore God’s creations, you must try this tattoo.

Bird tattoo on chest

Credit: sting.tattoo.ashdod

19. Bird Tattoo

A small piece of the artwork appears lovelier and draws the attention of other people’s eyes. These four little birds flying in formation are quite attractive, and the black ink enhances their beauty even more.

Whether you are a female or a boy, it looks good on both and provides a beautiful finish whether used or filled with black ink.             

Bird tattoo on chest

Credit: ajtattoopune

20. Tiny Bird Tattoo

Tiny bird tattoos are popular because they have the power to express tremendous symbolic meanings, but they are also simple and clean designs.

As this tattoo appeals, they are iconic and look bold, brilliant, and realistically reproduced nearly anywhere on the body to accentuate elegance and motion. If you enjoy wearing small tattoos on your body, this is your tattoo.

Bird tattoo on chest

Credit: calli_tattoo

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21. Crow And Eagle Tattoo

This tattoo features two birds, a crow, and an eagle. The right shoulder has a crow pattern, while the left shoulder has an eagle design.

Both colors are printed in black ink and look classy and adaptable. Eagles represent courage, strength, and the “true power” in every civilization that mythologizes creatures.

While the crow is supposed to bring messages from past spirits, the only animal known to be able to deliver letters back is the eagle.

Bird tattoo on chest

Credit: fatkasart

22. Traditional Bird With Banner Tattoo

This tattoo depicts a bluebird with a crown on his head and the wonderful statement “I will survive.” You can also use any unique phrase or phrase near your heart, reflect your personality, or follow your tastes and preferences.

The crown denotes grandeur, majesty, and enlightenment, and the bluebird with that crown appears to communicate the idea that he will soar until the end of his life on this planet, no matter how many problems he faces.

Bird tattoo on chest

Credit: pitchforktattoos

23. Tree And Bird Tattoo

The crow in this tattoo is holding the limbs of a dead tree. The fallen tree tattoo with the crow bird flying away represents the fact that there is life after death.

Birds symbolize vitality and liberty, whilst the dead tree represents the polar opposite. We see a symbol of one relying on the other since the birds need the trees to nest and feed. That is why this tattoo is tattooed in a dark black tone.

Bird tattoo on chest

Credit: linotattooo

24. Black Bird Tattoo

The crow in this tattoo is holding the limbs of a dead tree. The fallen tree tattoo with the crow bird flying away represents the fact that there is life after death.

Birds symbolize vitality and liberty, whilst the dead tree represents the polar opposite. We see a symbol of one relying on the other since the birds need the trees to nest and feed. That is why this tattoo is tattooed in a dark black tone.

Bird tattoo on chest

Credit: soullesstattoos

25. Beautiful Bird Tattoo

This tattoo features a kingfisher bird with a black outline. This kingfisher bird tattoo signifies nostalgia. It is frequently selected to honor a favorite era from the past.

A kingfisher tattoo may also represent a love of nature and fishing. A tattoo of this type may also serve as a message of the virtue of patience.

Bird tattoo on chest

Credit: modoink_joey

26. Colored Bird Tattoo

This tattoo depicts the branches of a tree with some leaves and a gorgeous and colorful bird sitting on the limb and attempting to devour the peach fruit.

To fill in the design on the bird, three types of ink are used: black, green, and yellow. If you want a beautiful tattoo with gorgeous creatures, the colored bird tattoo is for you.

Bird tattoo

Credit: kaplan.tattooing

27. Snake And Eagle Tattoo

This tattoo portrays an eagle and a serpent battling; it is typically used to represent two aspects of a single person in struggle. They are both powerful and aggressive animals, yet the eagle is frequently seen as majestic.

In comparison, the serpent may be perceived as a negative entity. The eagle frequently wins, indicating that a person has gone through adversities, but in the end, the good side triumphs.

Bird tattoo

Credit: wood.3312

28. Bird Wings Tattoo

Bird wing tattoos are also highly popular, particularly among the younger generation. It has various meanings to convey, such as whether you want to go past something that has been bothering you for a long time or if you just want to feel free to do what you’d like to do with your life.

It represents velocity, safety, flight, opportunities, and achievement. This is more appropriate for men and women alike. It looks great on both of them.

Bird tattoo

Credit: tattoo_studio_mano_lito

29. Skull And Crow Tattoo

This tattoo clearly depicts a crow sitting on the head of a skull. The raven on the skull represents the disease. All alternative interpretations are linked by their association with death or tragedy.

Dark tones are commonly chosen for such a tattoo, representing mourning. This is the type of tattoo most males opt to have on their bodies.

Bird tattoo

Credit: adr_nun

30. Amazing Crow Tattoo

This tattoo displays a fantastic crow tattoo that demonstrates the crow’s power and strength by breaking the arrow with his feet.

The crow is an elegant, jet-black, tough outer bird that is often regarded as one of the cleverest creatures.

They have been connected with the death, and black arts of the occult because of their black-hued feathers, legs, and claws.

Bird tattoo

Credit: donowalk

31. Ultimate Crow Tattoo

This tattoo shows one raven and one crow bird, with both eyes filled with rage. There is a blue anchor in the center of them, and the crows are outlined in black. Crows are connected with darkness, mortality, and magical abilities.

The raven is associated with wisdom, insight, and protection. It also signifies destruction.

Bird tattoo

Credit: kreen62tattoo

32. Ink Bird Tattoo

The design of this tattoo depicts a bird perched on a limb of a tree with many leaves.  A bird sitting on a branch is never concerned about the branch falling since it trusts its own feathers and wings instead of the branch.

Always have faith in yourself. So, if you love yourself, you should consider getting this tattoo inked on your body.

Bird tattoo

Credit: xtreizx

33. Unique Bird Tattoo

This one-of-a-kind bird tattoo is a bluebird, a highly beautiful, elegant, and appealing creature in birds that catches everyone’s attention.

The tattoo of a flying bluebird promotes a sense of joy and happiness.

The bird represents liberty and the absence of worry. When combined with the meaning of happiness, the soaring bluebird tattoo can be something you turn to whenever you are worried or unhappy.

Bird tattoo

Credit: abii_tattoo

34. Tribal Bird Tattoo

This tattoo depicts three birds inked in black for a bold and diverse aesthetic. Tribal bird tattoos can be of any variety and style and can be worn on any part of the body.

Not only is the bird a great symbol of freedom, but it also serves as a messenger between this world and the otherworldly.

If you like a little and distinctive tattoos, you should look into this tribal bird tattoo.

Bird tattoo

Credit: green__tattoo

35. Two Bird Tattoo

This tattoo depicts two swallow birds. Sailors used to wear swallow tattoos as a lucky charm and a symbol of how far they had sailed.

A tattoo of a bird swallow was a sign of good luck that would send the sailor home because the swallow inevitably comes home. Try out this two-bird good luck charm tattoo.

Bird tattoo

Credit: echo.tattoos

36. Owl Tattoo

An owl tattoo often represents wisdom, intelligence, and a desire for spiritual development. It could symbolize the spiritual or magical world.

It is associated with the night and is frequently represented sitting on a branch with a full moon behind. Similarly, this tattoo depicts a flying owl at night and covers the background with limb trees. This tattoo is enhanced by the use of black and gray ink.

Bird tattoo

Credit: murphbongo_tattoos

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37. Black and Gray Bird Tattoo

This design depicts the eagle bird in black and gray ink that looks beautiful and fits perfectly on the body.

This eagle and the entire tattoo are covered in full black and gray hue, with the wings extended wide in flight and a view of a mountain with towering trees showing in one wing, giving this tattoo a unique touch. While eagle tattoos for men are the most prevalent, they are equally suitable for ladies.

Bird tattoo

Credit: magnumtattoostudio

38. Tiny Bird Tattoo

This design depicts the eagle bird in black and gray ink that looks beautiful and fits perfectly on the body.

This eagle and the entire tattoo are covered in full black and gray hue, with the wings extended wide in flight and a view of a mountain with towering trees showing in one wing, giving this tattoo a unique touch.

While eagle tattoos for men are the most prevalent, they are equally suitable for ladies.

Bird tattoo

Credit: tattoo.tinaa

39. Colored Bird Tattoo

This tattoo represents an eagle bird ink with many hues, making it distinct and one-of-a-kind. This design incorporates the hues of orange, red, black, and blue.

If males wish to show off their muscular bodies, they can place this tattoo on their chest, as shown in the image below, or on their full sleeve arm.

Bird tattoo

Credit: weslytattoos

40. Watercolor Bird Tattoo

Many individuals are put off by dark black or gray tattoos. Those tattoos reveal a user’s dark side rather than their soft or sunny side. If you look at a person with a dark tattoo, you will undoubtedly form an opinion about his attitude.

However, looking at someone with a watercolor tattoo will make you feel good about that individual. Your shoulder is an ideal location for a bird tattoo.

Bird tattoo

Credit: mariano.giorgetti

41. Dark Black Bird Tattoo

Dark black bird tattoos, and dark colors in general, can symbolize mystery, the unexpected, mystery, pure potential, sight, and witchcraft.

Black birds are known to be particularly stealthy. This tattoo is placed above the chest, but you can choose a location that looks more appealing to you.

However, if you want to show your meaningful tattoo to others, this location is ideal for designing a dark black bird tattoo.

Bird tattoo

Credit: nikolabullet

42. Fly Bird Tattoo

A bird in flight symbolizes sovereignty and liberty. Many of us envy birds’ ability to fly wherever they like. The fly bird is also thought to symbolize the connection between earth and paradise.

A tattoo of a bird in flight also reflects the reality that nothing on the planet is eternal and that we are all free spirits. This tattoo flies bird inks with a bold black hue and looks great when placed on the chest.

Bird tattoo

Credit: paigeprenticetattoo

43. Bird With Flower Tattoo

This tattoo depicts a pigeon with an ax and a flower. The entire tattoo is inked in gray, which adds to the overall attractiveness of the artwork.

This tattoo is appropriate for both girls and boys. You can choose any location on your body for tattooing.

Bird tattoo

Credit: anne.de.angelis

44. Family Bird Tattoo

A flying bird, in general, represents optimism, comfort, and family value. The family bird tattoo sits on the black line in a series of three birds drawn from the numerological significance, which means to provide happiness.

The line where all three birds are seated ends with the formation of a heart, which represents love for family.

Bird tattoo

Credit: tattoo_art_sanaz

45. Tree And Birds Tattoo

Tree tattoo designs depict the earth as a symbol. It contributes to the display of growth, power, and attractiveness. This tattoo is paired with the flight of a large number of phrases.

This tattoo is on the boy’s chest, and it depicts some birds flying far away from the tree and others resting on its roots.

Bird tattoo

Credit: carlacabellatattoo

46. Watercolor Bird Tattoo

Because several birds have vibrant colors, celebrate them with a watercolor bird tattoo. This adaptable tattoo style can depict the flight of a small bird. It would give your design a very distinct look.

A bluebird is a colorful bird whose name expresses happiness.

Bird tattoo

Credit: hamitattoo

47. Adorable Bird Tattoo Design

Many individuals get a cage when they have a bird tattoo, yet birds are never tamed. They are always available for free. They have a powerful connotation associated with them.

A bird released from its cage has a lot to say. A cage represents limitations, whereas an open cage represents the polar opposite. 

Bird tattoo

Credit: rollinholyartnfab

48. Music Bird Tattoo

The Cuckoo bird is well-known for its lovely singing. This tattoo design features a cuckoo bird with musical notes and a background covered with a fallen tree and red dots of varying sizes.

If you enjoy music, you must have this tattoo on your body.

Bird tattoo

Credit: andrew.g.tattoo

49. Dove Bird Tattoo

The dove is one of the world’s most well-known emblems, globally expressing tolerance and harmony. These tattoos are famous all around the world due to the sign’s widespread awareness.

The dove is also associated with triumph, love, and peace. The dove signifies fresh start and beginning again in the narrative of Noah’s ark.

Bird tattoo

Credit: _theblackrosestudio_

50. Beautiful Dove Tattoo

The dove tattoo has a wide range of positive signifiers. Several stories of doves bearing communications, even from God, usually love notes. The dove is frequently understood as a symbol of compassion, triumph, harmony, or God’s intention.

The dove tattoo can also symbolize a new beginning. Many of us would like to erase the past and begin over; the dove tattoo can also signify this potential.

Bird tattoo

Credit: graceink_tattoobali

51. Nice Bird Tattoo

The color blue of the bluebird indicates the endless sky, and hence the tattoo symbolizes pleasure, wealth, and good health.

An olive branch with a bluebird tattoo is ideal for serene and religious people who wish to express such by inking on their skin. It represents triumph, serenity, contentment, and wisdom.

Bird tattoo

Credit: sarah_tavilla

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52. Lovely Bird Tattoo

The gorgeous bird is swallowed in this tattoo. Like any other classic bird tattoo, the swallow can vary in size and appearance. The flying swallow bird tattoo typically denotes freedom or triumph over adversity.

A bird in flight is frequently used in swallow tattoos to represent the behavior of swallows returning home after a long journey.

Bird tattoo

Credit: leannefate

53. Outline Birds Tattoo

The black outline makes the tattoo design simple, clear, but more attractive. This tattoo represents the three swallow birds. This tattoo depicts three swallow birds.

Historically, sailors utilized the swallow tattoo to symbolize their nautical experience. If you like small, basic, and straightforward graphics, this tattoo is for you.

Bird tattoo

Credit: ju__inker

54. Anchor And Birds Tattoo

This tattoo depicts an anchor with a shaded line and is accompanied by flying birds. Birds are beautiful creatures that are interesting to observe because of their free-flowing mobility.

Birds are seen to be the personification of freedom because all they seem to do is fly around and consume the food delivered by Mother Earth. An anchor tattoo with birds symbolizes hope, faith, strength, and durability.

Bird tattoo

Credit: tattoo_love

55. Colorful Bird Tattoo

This vibrant tattoo depicts a swallow bird carrying an olive branch in its beak. This tattoo just represents a comeback home safely and loyalty.

The olive branch represents peace. Check out the design of this tattoo if you want a colorful bird tattoo.

Bird tattoo

Credit: redrottenrabbits

56. Multicolor Bird Tattoo

This tattoo is nicely designed with a variety of hues such as purple, yellow, pink, blue, and an outline of black. The bird inserts its beak into the blossom, and one word, freedom, is put on the tattoo, which simply represents the bird’s personality and emblem.

You can also get inspiration from this tattoo design to incorporate some words with lovely creatures.

Bird tattoo

Credit: mrs.farbrausch.tattoo

57. Flower Bird Tattoo

Nature’s magnificent gifts include both flowers and birds. Both are well-known tattoo artists. Both signify nature and beauty. This lovely bird looks lovely among the flowers.

This is a brightly colored tattoo with a red flower and a multicolor bird. If you like the unique beauty of nature, you might consider having this bird with a flower tattoo.

Bird tattoo

Credit: juckreiztattoo

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58. Feather Bird Tattoo

Feather tattoos are a popular option for women to get tattooed, and they are both common and meaningful. The sign is frequently connected with liberty, bravery, power, and wisdom concepts.

There are also numerous versions based on the bird feather you choose. This feather tattoo with flying birds is beautiful and fantastic.



59. Wording And Bird Tattoo

This colorful tattoo with birds and a wonderful sentence inscribed on it looks fantastic and appealing. The saying “be yourself is precious” advises you to accept yourself or prioritize your desires.

It serves as a reminder to stay devoted to oneself and to believe that you are deserving of wonderful things.

Bird tattoo

Credit: alanchiam83

60. Rose And Dove Tattoo

Dove tattoos are usually memorials to someone who has died. A rose and dove tattoo design can be used to remember a beloved one who has passed away.

This tattoo depicts two flowers on the sides, right and left, with a dove in the background inked in black and gray. By inking this rose with a dove tattoo, you can pay tribute to a loved one who has recently died.  

Bird tattoo

Credit: antoxazarubin

Frequently Asked Question

What Is The Three Birds Flying Tattoo All About?

 A flying bird represents hope, ease, and family importance. Flying bird tattoos are most usually found in a series of three birds, which stem from the numerological significance of the three numbers, which signifies to spread happiness.

What Does Getting A Feather Tattoo Mean?

Although some bird tattoos are selected for their unique and brilliant feathers, a solitary dropped feather tattoo may represent grief, birth, or good fortune. Tattoos of luck and fortune can also pay homage to a family group or clan.

What Is the Meaning Of A Bluebird Tattoo?

Bluebirds indicate happiness and good fortune. More specifically represents a message that there will be success and pleasure in the coming years, along with health and good fortune. This bird tattoo is one of the few without a grim symbolism or connotation.

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