41 Latest Design Solar System Tattoos with Meaning

A Solar System tattoo is a design that depicts the Sun’s eight planets and other astronomical phenomena. It can be a lovely and meaningful tattoo for astronomy fans, space enthusiasts, or anyone who wants to remember their enthusiasm for the enormous universe.

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There are millions of ways to construct a Solar System on your skin, but you can always use any or all of the meanings that come with the Solar System. Below, we’ll go through some of the design options available with Solar System tattoos and some of the most popular meanings associated with them.

1. Watercolor Solar System Tattoo Design

Some people like to have their tattoos completely black, while others choose to add a splash of color. The watercolor tattoo stands out as an excellent choice for them. The tattoo is more common in females than in males. It represents serious ambitions in life. When combined, the collection of planets drenched in creative watercolor colors looks fantastic.

Watercolor tattoo designs with a splash of color are stunning and one-of-a-kind. If you prefer color to black tattoos, you will enjoy this work of art anyplace on your body.

Image: @seoul_hongdae_tattoo

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2. Geometric Solar System Tattoo Design

Geometric tattoo designs, like abstract tattoos, use various forms and lines to create an overall composition. This style concentrates on the Solar System’s linear ideology rather than the planets. While some realistic tattoos incorporate planets, the focus for geometric style tattoos is the lines and forms intentionally put throughout the piece to portray a particular meaning.

The combination of varied forms and styles makes these tattoos unique. It’s an intriguing work of art that adds a new dimension to your life.

Image: @ninagomezb

3. Fern Leaf With Solar System Tattoo Design

A tattoo of a fern leaf with a Solar System mixes the natural beauty of a fern leaf with the immensity of the Solar System. The fern leaf denotes growth, resilience, and rebirth, while the Solar System depicts the universe’s endless possibilities.

Overall, a fern leaf tattooed with a Solar System can indicate a link between nature and the cosmos. It can represent progress, discovery, and the awe of the universe. It is a unique and visually appealing tattoo that can express a person’s appreciation for the natural world and the secrets of space.

Image: @gabriela.staneva

4. Diamond Shape Solar System Tattoo Design

The artist created a diamond-shaped Solar System tattoo on the individual’s forearm. All the eight planets and other celestial objects are contained inside the diamond. The location of this tattoo is ideal because it can be easily seen in public. The diamond shape can represent various concepts, including strength, endurance, and resilience. It can represent the perseverance required to face life’s hardships.

Image: @goldkeystattoo

5. Insect With Solar System Tattoo Design

An insect with a Solar System is an unusual and intriguing tattoo design. The insect indicates change and growth. While the Solar System depicts the universe’s endless potential. Combining these aspects can represent a person’s drive for personal progress and discovery and their intrigue with cosmic mysteries.

Image: @lucyelizabethtattoo

6. Tiny Arm Solar System Tattoo Design

A tiny arm Solar System tattoo is an excellent alternative for ink minimalists searching for a simple but eye-catching design. The tattoo has a clear, simple outline, making it appear light and delicate. It would look great in any position, but your forearm is an excellent choice for making it more prominent.

Image: @broccoli_tattooer

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7. Meaningful Solar System Tattoo Design

The artist created an extremely realistic Solar System tattoo in the image above. A black hole, mountains, trees, a house, and planets are among the elements in this tattoo. You can see a certain date in digits if you look closely. The wearer may have a romantic relationship with the date. On the forearm, though, the tattoo looks vivid and gorgeous.

Image: @beckyharristattoo

8. Collarbone Moon Phases Solar System Tattoo Design

A moon phases Solar System tattoo is designed on the right side of a female collarbone. The planets of the Solar System are depicted on the left side. The positioning of the collarbone provides a distinctive and delicate touch to the design. The moon phases can signify growth, change, and transition cycles. The Solar System, on the other hand, represents the universe’s endless potential.

Image: @witch_of_the_north_tattoos

9. Back Shoulder Solar System Tattoo Design

The artist created a Saturn tattoo on the female’s back shoulder in the image above. This tattoo is designed with black ink. Saturn tattoo is ideal for those who believe in discipline, duty, and action. The rings of Saturn are an enigma that has captivated human attention and conjecture. As a result, Saturn is referred to in mythology as the timekeeper who cannot die. Saturn is recognized for imbuing things with immortality.

Image: @prophecyink

10. Fantasy Solar System Tattoo Design

A fantasy Solar System tattoo design represents a completely fictional or hypothetical Solar System. This tattoo can be inspired by science fiction, mythology, or the wearer’s imagination. The planets are stylized and colorfully depicted in the tattoo. A fantasy Solar System tattoo can express a person’s interest in the unknown and the universe’s potential.

Image: @eri.tattoos

11. Floral Style Solar System Tattoo Design

Suppose you want to create a visually appealing tattoo design. Then nothing beats obtaining flowery-style Solar System tattoo designs engraved on your forearm. Each planet is created in a floral manner by the artist. From the delicate beauty of flowers to the grandeur of the planets, the floral style Solar System tattoo can represent the interconnectivity of all things in the universe.

Image: @haileymariastudio

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12. Timer Solar System Tattoo Design

People who like planets, flowers, large tattoos, and black ink will enjoy this dot work. The artist designed a realistic timer Solar System tattoo on the individual’s right shoulder. The timer Solar System tattoo can symbolize a person’s desire to make the most of their time on Earth. It can also serve as a reminder to live in the present moment and to strive towards their goals.

Image: @sinkwell

13. Mandala Style Solar System Tattoo Design

The tattoo mixes a mandala’s intricate patterns and meaning with the planets of the Solar System in the artwork. The tattoo’s colors can also be changed to create a specific mood or to complement the person’s style. It is a unique and significant design that can express a person’s respect for the natural world’s beauty and intricacy.

Image: @emilytaylorink

14. Colorful Solar System Tattoo Design

Colorizing your tattoos is a revolutionary phenomenon. Unlike decades ago, you can now have them completed with fine inks. The planets with genuine hues are unique and provide some of the best emotions. When you combine different hues and superb artistry, you get incredibly fantastic results.

There are numerous colors available for Solar System tattoos. Even if you use many hues, a small touch makes them look beautiful and offers a distinct look. If you like to spice things up, a splash of color is a wonderful way to go.

Image: @_starla_21

15. Destiny Flower Game Based Solar System Tattoo Design

It is one of the most distinct and intricate Solar System tattoos. The destiny flower Solar System tattoo might represent a person’s affection for the video game. It is a unique and meaningful design that can reflect a person’s interests, personality, and fascination with gaming and space’s wonders.

Image: @sammyboi.co

16. Rib Solar System Tattoo Design

All eight planets are designed in a proper queue on the rib of the female. The tattoo looks maintained and well-organized. Yet, it is designed with black ink but looks attractive and stunning. Most people get Solar System tattoos to show their infinite love for the universe and other planets in the galaxy.

Image: @marcucho32

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17. Front Neck Solar System Tattoo Design

People may have a Solar System tattoo on their front neck to express their interest in astronomy and science. A Solar System tattoo on the front neck may also represent the individual’s curiosity and desire to explore and comprehend the world around them.

Image: @alygatortattoos

18. Beads Bracelet Style Solar System Tattoo Design

The Solar System tattoo is designed in the beads bracelet style on the individual’s forearm. People who enjoy wearing bracelets may be interested in this permanent tattoo design lifetime. This tattoo typically depicts miniature representations of the planets arranged in a circular pattern, resembling a beaded bracelet. It’s a beautiful tattoo design, and the Earth is shaped like a heart. The individual with this tattoo is proud of their home planet, Earth.

Image: @seon_tattoo

19. Atom And DNA Strand With Solar System Tattoo Design

Depending on the individual, a tattoo with an atom, a DNA strand, and the Solar System might have a variety of meanings. The atom represents the fundamental particles that comprise the universe. In contrast, the DNA strand represents the genetic information that defines life on Earth. The Solar System exemplifies the universe’s vastness and complexity with its planets, Moon, and other celestial objects. These elements express that everything in the cosmos is interconnected, from subatomic particles to celestial entities.

Image: @btn_tattoos

20. Behind The Ear Solar System Tattoo Design

Individuals who don’t like large tattoos always design these minimalistic tattoos on their bodies. Moreover, tattoos designed behind the ears should be noticed easily by the public. This Solar System tattoo behind the ear is designed with fine lines using black ink. However, the tattoo looks stunning.

Image: @allysha_1995

21. Angels In The Solar System Tattoo Design

Angels are normally connected with protection, direction, and spirituality. The Solar System, on the other hand, reflects the expanse and beauty of the cosmos. A tattoo depicting angels in the Solar System may signify a person’s belief in guardian angels or a higher power that watches over them. The tattoo can act as a reminder of their beliefs and spirituality and provide comfort and protection.

Image: @david.t.tattooist

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22. The Unique Solar System Tattoo Design

This design aims to capture the complexities and complexity of the Solar System, including realistic renditions of each planet and astronomical object.

Image: @kaptainkutthroat

23. Colored Solar System Tattoo Design

A colored Solar System tattoo can be a lovely and special way to express one’s passion for astronomy and the universe. Using multiple colors enhances the vibrancy and eye-catching nature of the tattoo design.

Image: @jennamarie455

24. Tiny Ankle Solar System Tattoo Design

Ankle tattoos are quite popular among ladies and look extremely fashionable when worn. The little emblem with very minimal elements will undoubtedly get your attention. You can have a colorful one or keep with the black-inked tattoo style, but either way, you will look fantastic with this tattoo.

Image: @hollytattoospeople

25. Simple Spine Solar System Tattoo Design

Have you ever considered tattooing a Solar System on your spine? Most likely, yes. You may get a back tattoo depicting the planets of the Solar System along your spine, which would be pretty inventive. Instead of sticking to black, you might experiment with other colors, such as red and blue.

Image: @margot.datura

26. Elephant Holding Solar System Tattoo Design

Elephants are recognized for their power and resilience. The Solar System reflects the cosmos’ stability and order. This tattoo design might reflect finding strength and stability in nature and the universe.

Image: @tattoosbyorliz

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27. The Delicate Dot Work Solar System Tattoo Design

Dot work is a tattooing method in which an image is created using little dots to create patterns and shading. The tattoo in the top image is an excellent example of delicate dot work. Furthermore, dot work tattoos have a distinct appearance and give a highly realistic appearance.

Image: @anvesh_gajengi

28. Mountain And Sea With Solar System Tattoo Design

The tattoo in the image below features a mountain, rising Sun, and a sea. This design is perfect for those who like exploring mountains, sea, and space. Moreover, this tattoo also shows one’s love for mountains, seas, and the universe.

Image: @oby__oby

29. Illusion Of Solar System Tattoo Design

It’s a unique and creative way of depicting the planets unconventionally. A Solar System illusion tattoo could be a terrific choice for someone searching for a fresh and creative spin on a traditional theme.

Image: @twardowski_ink

30. Five Planets Solar System Tattoo Design

The tattoo in the image below represents half of a Solar System. The only planets depicted are the Sun, Earth, Saturn, Mars, and Venus. A five-planet Solar System tattoo could be a terrific way to depict the beauty and mystery of our neighboring planets.

Image: @jbk_tattoo_art

31. Sun And Moon Solar System Tattoo Design

It is a lovely Solar System tattoo design depicting the Sun and Moon. The artist created exquisite lips, noses, eyes, and eyebrows for both. The Moon is asleep, and the Sun is observing it. This tattoo symbolizes the significance of the Sun and Moon in our lives. Our Solar System is nothing without these two objects.

Image: @laurenbrice_tattoos

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32. Realistic Solar System Tattoo Design

Tattoos on the legs are an excellent method to express yourself. People are more likely to notice when their posture is strategic. They are even more intriguing and enticing when you have planet tattoos. They look great whether you wear them in the back, side, or thigh and ankle.

Image: @cavagnaro_tattoos

33. Beautiful Solar System Tattoo Design

A lovely Solar System tattoo could be an excellent way to demonstrate your enthusiasm for space, science, and the wonders of the cosmos. The Sun and the eight planets are shown in their right relative sizes and positions in this tattoo, which is realistic or illustrative. Other elements, such as stars and galaxies, could be included to provide interest and depth to the design.

Image: @tattoodgunz

34. Black Work Shoulder Solar System Tattoo Design

The black work shoulder Solar System tattoo on the individual’s right shoulder looks realistic. Meteors falling on the planets are depicted in bright, dark colors. It is sure to leave an impact with its simple style and striking appeal.

Image: @tdosstattoos

35. Black And White Solar System Tattoo Design

A black and white Solar System tattoo can be basic yet effective. The black and white colors signify the universe’s balance and harmony. As a result, the ideal interpretation depends on the individual’s interpretation and unique symbolism.

Image: @blackspadetattoo

36. The Amazing Solar System Tattoo Design

The Amazing Solar System Tattoo on an individual’s forearm is amazing. Hats off to the tattoo artist for creating such a realistic Solar System tattoo. Moreover, an astronaut is also designed with this tattoo. The wearer wants to represent his desire to explore space one day.

Image: @snowwolftattoos

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37. Compass With Solar System Tattoo Design

The compass is a navigational instrument. On the other hand, the Solar System represents an expedition beyond our world. This tattoo might represent a desire to explore the unknown and the ability to find one’s way in life.

Image: @tattoosbyalexisw

38. Crab With Solar System Tattoo Design

Crabs are well-known for their capacity to regenerate new shells as they grow. Similarly, the Solar System is constantly moving and changing. The tattoo  symbolizes a personal journey of growth and transformation and a readiness to adapt and evolve with life’s changing tides.

Image: @_lizard_juice_

39. Astral Meditation Solar System Tattoo Design

An astral meditation Solar System tattoo represents the connection between the universe and inner peace.

Image: @muriel_elinoyah

40. Red Shade Solar System Tattoo Design

Tattoos in the color red produce a dramatic and eye-catching design. A red Solar System tattoo is a beautiful design that symbolizes the universe’s dynamic and fiery character.

Image: @gumbiesink

41. Hand Holding Solar System Tattoo Design

This tattoo is a beautiful and symbolic way to represent the connection between humanity and the universe.

Image: @mysjen777

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Solar System tattoo?

A Solar System tattoo is a design that features the planets, moons, and other celestial bodies in our Solar System, typically arranged in a circular pattern.

Where Is A Good Place To Get A Solar System Tattoo On My Body?

The location of your Solar System tattoo will be determined by your preferences as well as the size of the design. The upper arm, forearm, back, chest, and thigh are also frequent locations.

How Much Does A Solar System Tattoo Typically Cost?

The cost of a solar system tattoo might vary based on the size, complexity, and location of the design, as well as the tattoo artist’s expertise and skill. Before deciding, it is best to research and compare pricing from several tattoo artists.

Is A Solar System Tattoo Painful?

Like all tattoos, getting a Solar System tattoo can be painful, but the pain level will depend on the person’s pain tolerance and the location of the tattoo. Areas with more nerve endings, such as the ribs or the top of the foot, tend to be more painful than areas with thicker skin, such as the upper arm.

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