18 Terrifying and Cool Skeleton Hand Tattoos Design

Skeleton hand tattoos are amazingly awesome, and they look good as they sound- however they aren’t for those individuals who want to mix together into a group.

Getting this tattoo means you are making a strong representation because of its visibility, & the fascinating thing about these things is often their dreadful appearance.

18 Terrifying and Cool Skeleton Hand Tattoos Design

The skeleton of a human is often linked with death, however, it can represent bravery and impermanence depending on the design, so choose the one that relates to your personality.

There are good as well as bad interpretations, but you can choose from the enormous techniques available to make the piece look amazingly unique.

When you decide to get a tattoo on your hand, it can be a bolder choice – it shows your fearless attitude and your boldness to bear any pain.

Meaning for a Skeleton Tattoo

Among the most popular tattoo concepts are skeletons, skulls, and other elements to enhance the art, and although tattoos can be scary to some, they can look elegant if they hold a deeper meaning.

Surprisingly enough, there are different meanings and symbolism behind the tattoos, and some people even decide to get the whole skeleton as a tattoo, while others prefer to go with the skulls, animal skeletons, and even animal skulls.

The question is, what is the symbolism behind such illustrations, and what does it hold depending on the styles and designs.

When you see any tattoo of a skull or skeleton, you mainly think about why the person is getting that particular image for their tattoos, but little do you know that these are the perfect choices for horror elements fans.

Even people with a darker sense of humor find the beauty in death and the afterlife, so whatever the reason to get the tattoo, there is no denying that the classic tattoos always look cool, further adding the sense of character.

Different images of different people bring out a hidden strength within themselves, and usually, it hides the power that gives the individuals the needed confidence.

The look of the skeleton or the skull tattoos warns other people to proceed with caution and provides the tattoo holders something to admire but reminds them who they are and warns the onlookers that you are not the one to be messed up with.

Most ink enthusiasts will agree that tattoos have their own meanings, so whether it is the initials of your loved ones, a portrait of your favorite artist, or anything, an elegant design is going to make a statement.

You can cherish the symbolism as a proud wearer and the design owner but also for the beholders that you are portraying through your tattoo designs.

Skeleton Tattoo Origins

Tattoos have existed in different forms across human history, and the oldest but the most well-known proof of ancient tattooing is Europe, which you see on the body in the form of arts.

In Greece, the tattoo originated in the 5th Century BC, and at that time, the ancient Greeks and Romans used the tattoos to mark and punish slaves or criminals.

No doubt, skeletons are fairly new concepts, but their symbolism follows from these traditions as a way to mark your body with the emblem of the life you have lived.

Color and Placement for Skeleton Tattoos

Since Skeleton is usually illustrated, and people prefer to get them in black ink, it can really add creativity when you add a little color to your piece.

Sugar skulls are well-known for their wildly vibrant and colorful features, so it depends on you to decide the right placement for the tattoos.

Those who prefer to add black ink to their tattoo can think about adding a little bit of color mix that enhances the theme even better.

Skeleton tattoos are mostly done in the areas where you can add a lot of details, and any placement will work well when you prefer to get these tattoos.

1. Skeleton Hand Outline Tattoo 

When you go with inking an attractive yet more fantastic design, the hand tattoo can be a great option that one can consider – it is said that the skeleton outlines take things a level up while creating a dramatic representation.

Many people like these tattoos very much, and they prefer to go with skeletons or skulls – it is due to the fact that they serve as a memory of mortality, but the one thing that is sure about the tattoo is death.

Although it looks darker, it can leave a very good interpretation, so deciding on the design can work as a memory to live every day to its fullest without leaving any regrets behind.

Hand tattoo is often seen as resentful ones – it is because you can’t hide them, and it even hurts a lot to get this design, so they need to be restrained for the art pieces that mean much to you.

new hand tattoo

Image: @visionary_ink_tattoos

 2. Skeleton Hand Realistic Tattoo

A Hyper-realistic style of ink used is amazing and a bit creepy, so you can ask your tattoo artist to create a design that looks like the design came into existence, there are various advantages when you prefer to get this design.

The ink work is very intricate, so you need to choose a style that is worth it. So when determining the designs, make sure they are realistic ones. You can even go with a motif that looks as if you see through the translucent skin with comprehensive bone structure and muscles.

skeleton hand and snake

Image: @pongtattdiction

3. Face Skeleton Hand Tattoo

Hand tattoos are a location that needs to be restrained for the designs that means a lot to you, and no doubt they hurt – you can look at the spot every day, & your chosen ink will be seen.

People who are mesmerized by life and death can get the same tattoo with a skeleton face that looks gorgeous and extremely adorable.

It can portray how momentary your existence is – and it is the perfect symbol of balance between superior and evil, so there are different ways to understand it.

Regardless of the design you choose, a skeleton tattoo always looks significant and motivating, so go with the one you like.

back skeleton tattoo

Image: @inkedjonny30

4. Bone Skeleton Hand Tattoo

A skeleton is amazing because it comprises the two-hand and six bones, so choosing this design makes the tattoo look interesting and comprehensive inking.

A bone skeleton tattoo creates a representation, however, it is also overwhelmingly representative that signifies fearlessness, safeguard, death, and courageousness.

Each motif will have a varied meaning for the individuals who get it etched, however in general, these are compelling pieces of body art that one can prefer.

full hand tattoo

Image: @opergeist

5. Simple Skeleton Hand Tattoo

It can be a great option if you need a Hand Skeleton tattoo but don’t want any details to be the same because it is time-consuming or a simple approach.

The motif will still hold the same connotation as the detailed designs, but the only thing needed is the simple outline or slight shading.

black rose tattoo

Image: @vividinkwolverhampton

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6. Black Skeleton Hand Tattoo

Among the most famous design, the tattoo is the black skeleton, and the idea works great for the mouth & nose of the skeleton, when the tattoo wearer takes their hands close to the face, it makes a creepy delusion.

Well, it can be cool for starters, but it looks incredibly bold yet elegant for those who are wearing the same.

hand and foot tattoo

Image: @kimberlyfisher.cf

7. Hand Face Skeleton Tattoo 

There are varied designs to pick from, and a skeleton on a Hand is a powerful symbol that looks fantastic no matter where you are getting it.

The skull is associated with the power and focus that can show the tattoo wearer has to combat a hard period in life & wants to memorize their achievements.

It can be a method to show that they are not scared of death, so there is a different interpretation of what this masterpiece could mean, so you need to pick the choice that best shows your thoughts & feelings.

big hand tattoo

Image: @eazyface

8. Hand Skeleton Tattoo

Simple inking contains the outlines or the line arts, & it has its own appeal, so a Hand Skeleton tattoo does not need extra shading or detail – but although, it takes into consideration only the essential elements.

The result is that you get a cool tattoo effortlessly, so a skeleton design greatly signifies that you are fearless, have strength, and can you are not afraid of death.

Image: @1936greaser

9. Skeleton Hand Small Tattoo

Deciding on the right type of hand tattoo could act as dissent or defiance due to fact that the location is so visible that there is not any chance to cover it up – you can keep the design small that looks powerful.

Skeletons are a great symbol of death and mortality, no doubt, there are a lot of things related to the same, but depending on the meaning, you can choose the design that fits you better. You can even get a tiny design – it can inked on the finger or in the center of your hands.

small tattoo

Image: @kymi_tattoo

10. Skeleton Rock & Roll Hand Tattoo

This tattoo could say much about your musical taste- the sign marks the middle fingers down while the index & the pinky fingers face upward.

It is to be used by the rockers and the fans, so deciding to have it done in skeleton type in spite of the traditional one creates a bold appearance.

sunflower tattoo

Image: @tattoo.trish

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11. Skeleton Hand Tattoo

It literally resembles that of a rock & roll tattoo- these are known as the sign for the horns, which are a great gesture used by the people who love both music genres & are a perfect way to express their desire to play music.

The meaning of the artwork might vary somewhat depending on who is getting a particular tattoo – it can show a deeper connection with the music and the musicians.

For some, it can be a great way to express love towards a particular genre, and it is also a sign with different cultural meanings, so it can be considered as a symbol of protection to ward off evil.

skeleton hands and flowers

Image: @wildeblumetattoo

12. Snake and Flower with Skeleton Skull Tattoo

A skull is a universal symbol that one can consider, and it is an excellent representation of death, so if you are a person who examines mortality, then it can be an exciting choice that one can choose.

The tattoo can look more significant if you blend it with other elements – for instance, combining a skull with a snake or a flower tattoo represents the struggle between good and evil.

It showcases the perfect balance between purity and corruption, so if you think profoundly and want to remember not to give up, you can get this skeleton skull tattoo.

skull and snake tattoo

Image: @travstattoos

13. Day of the Dead Skeleton Tattoo on Hand

Day of the Dead is a Mexican celebration that honors those who are there anymore, and the design includes skeletons with skulls, so the sugar skull here will work great as a beautifully detailed yet symbolic tattoo.

They represent death and remembrance that once an ink to honor their loved ones, or it can be a way to celebrate Mexican heritage, so you can choose the brightly colored skulls to recreate your body art with bold shades.

transparent tattoo

Image: @besthennagatlinburg

14. Holding a Rose Hand Skeleton Tattoo

A holding a rose skeleton tattoo can look like an aged blend, but this shows two main thoughts – love & death – the blossom is often linked with the balance between happiness and tenderness and the obsession for new beginnings.

However, the hand of the skeleton symbolizes the hand of death, so getting this image can become a visually interesting design for the wearers.

red rose tattoo

Image: @cynfulpics

15. Skeleton Hands Making a Heart Tattoo

You can get this design for the remembrance of your loved ones that represents the loss of love, but it can make a powerful statement – it shows that you have overcome heartache.

Getting this tattoo means you can create an impression that you have become stronger after a period of darkness, or perhaps you are honoring your loved ones who are not there with you anymore.

There are different inking that one can use, and they hold different meanings as well, so you need to pick a design that suits you better.

skeleton hands

Image: @spooxartco

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16. Skeleton Skull & Hand Snake Tattoo

It is not uncommon to see the skull and snake tattoo together – these create an exciting yet meaningful option, so these often represent death and destruction no matter if you are getting the dark images.

There is also a more positive connection. For some individuals, they represent revitalization that relates to a new possibility of life – it works great for an individual who has conquered struggle and developed to be stronger.

When deciding on the right placement, you can get them anywhere at a spot visible to everyone that allows you to show off the same.

smiling skull tattoo

Image: @simonecovallero_tattoo

17. Skeleton Clock Hand Tattoo

If you are after a design that looks extremely cool and thoughtful, you can go with a skeleton clock hand tattoo that can be a great choice, and the blend of both looks compelling & has a strong meaning.

The skeleton hand tattoo is often related to death, so different ideas show the meaning behind a skeleton, but the most common ideas revolve around death.

A clock again has a similar meaning associated with the same, which is often seen as a symbol of life & death that reminds everyone about their fleeting existence.

clock tattoo

Image: @helen_tinc_etherington

18. Realistic Skeleton Hand & Snake 

You can ask your Tattoo artists about hyper-realistic techniques, and the artwork looks like a real object or image, so when getting a tattoo, you can go with the one that looks extremely good.

When you opt for the realistic skeleton & a snake, it can make people do the double-take, which is undoubtedly quite terrifying, but the serpents symbolize many things.

They can also represent pain and death, along with renewal, so getting this tattoo holds a deeper meaning.

skull tattoo

Image: @tritontattoosantacruz1

Frequently Asked Question for Skeleton Tattoos

What Does A Hand Skeleton Tattoo Mean?

A Hand Skeleton tattoo represents many things, so you can choose the one that illustrates your life depending on the designs and images available.

Skeletons are often associated with the afterlife, but they have a more positive meaning – to some individuals, they describe the desire to live their life to the best, renewable, and overcome challenges, while for some, they are a symbol of change.

Why Get A Skeleton Tattoo On Hand?

Skeleton hand tattoos are said to be the home for lost lives and loved ones, so the Hand Skeleton tattoo trend can be something meaningful.

Not every tattoo you get has something meaningful, but Hand Skeleton tattoos hold a deeper meaning for overcoming life’s obstacles.