31 Elegant Waves Tattoo Designs For Men and Women That Aren’t Shabby

Waves are gorgeous, and they are a popular tattoo design for those who adore the outdoors, prefer to feel peaceful, and want to be in one with nature. If you adore the water or the ocean, stay reading as we analyze some of the most attractive wave tattoo ideas below!

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A wave tattoo can depict your wavy and rocky path, both forward and backward. You’ll like this tattoo idea if you’re interested in obtaining something meaningful that will demonstrate to everyone how much you have changed, overcome your difficult route, or surmounted any challenges.

The wave tattoo can also represent a particular passion. The wave tattoo can be ideal for someone with a strong enthusiasm for their work, their family, or life in general. Since many observers won’t immediately understand this wave tattoo’s meaning, it is considered a unique tattoo design. Of course, the person with the wave tattoo can surround it with a few other patterns to further clarify its significance. Take a look at these tattoo ideas.

1. Single Wave Simple Wave Tattoo Design

If you are getting inked for the first time, this minimalist wave tattoo is the ideal option. This simple yet elegant tattoo is simple to conceal. The artist uses black ink to draw this wave tattoo which is a well-known minimalistic art style. You can add phrases to this design to give this tattoo a more appealing look.

Image: @tattoos_by_zachariah

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2. Little Blue Simple Wave Tattoo Design

If you’re sentimental, this tattoo will fit you. This wave tattoo will be appealing to you if you enjoy the vintage aesthetic and prefer minimalism in most aspects of your life. This tattoo design is perfect for individuals who like living life to the fullest.

Image: @jesabellelee.ink

3. Double Waves Simple Wave Tattoo Design

When it comes to style choices, wave tattoos are among the most adaptable kinds of art. The variety of techniques allows you to carve anything from a roaring ocean to a single line that represents a wave. Although it’s not a large, entire-arm tattoo, the artist did an excellent job incorporating small details well.

Image: @ghost_talons

4. Three Waves Simple Wave Tattoo Design

Show your stylish and elegant side to everyone with his three waves tattoo. You can use a blue color to give this tattoo a more realistic look. This tattoo will demonstrate your enthusiasm for trying new things.

Image: @hammybabysquee

5. Plunging Wave Simple Wave Tattoo Design

This little and adorable package is ideal for individuals who enjoy delicate concepts. This tattoo will look perfect on you if you want to flaunt your tattoos and prefer peaceful designs. Let the world know you’re a tough person who dislikes fighting.

Image: @lookingglasstattoos

6. Sunrise Simple Wave Tattoo Design

This type of wave tattoo is symbolic of spirituality and inner peace. This tattoo also signifies the beginning of a new adventure in life. This tattoo will appeal to you if you believe that life may be nice and clean and if you desire to dress elegantly.

Image: @hey_its_me_erfi

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7. Black And White Plunging Wave Simple Wave Tattoo Design

The ideal hue for attractive artwork is black, as shown in this solid-black wave pattern. Although greens and blues can come to mind when thinking about wave tattoos, black is also very common. For people who already have a wide variety of tattoos and are worried about conflicting color schemes, black is a fantastic alternative.

Image: @goodtriptattoo

8. Beach Wave Up Simple Wave Tattoo Design

You’ll appreciate this idea if you prefer to use tattoos to express your individuality and convey your story. This idea will appeal to both men and women who enjoy the ocean, water, or the sea. The subtle shades that appear in the midst of each wave are a nice effect.

Image: @whitedkelsey

9. Half Sun Two Wave Simple Wave Tattoo Design

Wave and sun patterns are among the ones that are universally recognized among all the motifs you can tattoo on your body. The combination of the sun and the wave in an uncomplicated design, like this tattoo, send the ideal message of stability, uplifting energy, and perseverance.

Image: @rutattoo77

10. Single Arm single Wave Simple Wave Tattoo Design

In most cases, it would be advised to restrict the wave within a border form for a little forearm tattoo of this kind. It is strategically positioned in the middle and is given a feeling of beauty and grace by cleverly positioned crisp lines at various intersections.

Image: @anna_chupryna

11. Blue Color Plunging Wave Simple Wave Tattoo Design

For those who enjoy a splash of color, this tattoo is ideal. Express your love for travel, desire to see the world, and eagerness for new experiences with this perfect tattoo. If you enjoy entertaining yourself, try this daring wave.

Image: @tattooplus__

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12. Small Grey Shaded Simple Wave Tattoo Design

That strong and empowering aspect can be seen in this arm tattoo. If you’re a creative person with a calm, profound personality, you can express it all through this masterpiece. The use of wave line work and the grey scale shading together is a truly innovative and interesting combo.

Image: @calla_tatoo

13. Geometric Simple Wave Tattoo Design

This wave tattoo will appeal to those who enjoy clearly defined symbols and geometrical patterns. This tattoo will reveal your dazzling side, as well as your appreciation for great abstract art and the joys of creation.

Image: @truetattoo_rethimno

14. Wave Under Tree Simple Wave Tattoo Design

Tattoos with bold waves and palm trees are eye-catching and fantastic for showcasing an artist’s ability and originality. Tattoos with waves are frequently connected with passion and power and have what it takes to accomplish your objectives, even if it takes a while.

Image: @karwirth17

15. Pulse Wave Simple Wave Tattoo Design

This tattoo depicts a wave in a heartbeat. This tattoo design is ideal for expressing the highs and lows, accomplishments, and failures in life. This tattoo serves as a symbolic image of letting go of concern and control or of “moving with the flow.” This tattoo design also appears fantastic on the wrist, ankle, or stomach.

Image: @minkdesign__

16. Single Line Wave With Sun Simple Wave Tattoo Design

This delicate wave and sun tattoo is a great way to remind oneself to let go of the past and look forward to a brighter future. It is both an essential and elegant tattoo design. This tattoo is a fantastic option for you if you’re a creative person who is willing to accept a feel-easy way of living.

Image: @tatooslim

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17. Double Line Blue Single Wave Simple Wave Tattoo Design

Perfect for individuals who enjoy delicate concepts, little and adorable. This tattoo isn’t very intricate, and it will appeal to anyone who values simplicity as well as to someone who likes calm waves that shape their personalities.

Image: @tintaygasolina_tattoo_studio

18. Finger Tiny Single Wave Simple Wave Tattoo Design

This tiny simple line tattoo is a great way to express your love of the waves and the ocean without having to go through the complexity of creating a fully formed wave tattoo. The one-liner may be brief, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t involve skilled artistic ability.

Image: @_jillian.joy_

19. Triangle Border Dot Work Simple Wave Tattoo Design

The huge, single-needle crashing wave looks best with this border design because the triangle with its tip down symbolizes water in elemental symbolism. People will definitely appreciate this tattoo design since the broad, strong triangle contrasts beautifully with the elegant, single-line needlework inside.

Image: @oaguilarcrafted

20. Single Big Bold Border Wave Simple Wave Tattoo Design

Look at this eye-catching, subtle wave tattoo that perfectly captures the essence of the surf’s up way of life. The subject’s solitary black line is big and written between the shoulder blades, as opposed to being a modest, personal work. It’s a badass tattoo and unquestionably the most original on this list.

Image: @we_adore_it_

21. Cloud Shape Wave On Wrist Simple Wave Tattoo Design

Show that you have a “wavy” personality and a lot to contribute to the world in your unique way with this tattoo design. Your ability to express yourself through tiny, charming black and white ink will be exhibited by this tattoo, which will also highlight your creativity.

Image: @luke_satoru

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22. Flower And Rock Simple Wave Tattoo Design

Make your design more feminine by including some adorable little flowers in your wave. With this adorable little design, you can express your passion for the world and the environment. It is ideal for women who enjoy creative concepts.

Image: @emilyxlynch

23. Wave With Circle Line Work Simple Wave Tattoo Design

The circular pattern is skillfully accomplished using short, weak lines rather than a standard circumference. It’s a stunning tattoo that effectively utilizes both the skin’s structure and available area.

Image: @benjansz

24. Heart Shape Plunging Two Wave Simple Wave Tattoo Design

A wave pattern in the shape of a heart will appear artistic! This tattoo represents someone who is genuinely kind and has a deeper significance. This tattoo will reveal any hardships or problems you’ve faced in the past and conquered.

Image: @siminamina

25. Wave with Birds And Half Moon Simple Wave Tattoo Design

This is an amazing single-wave tattoo design. This tattoo generally represents the wearer’s religious system, closeness with the past, and deep ties with nature. With this tattoo, let your true feelings shine through!

Image: @dadotatto

26. Storm Anchor Simple Wave Tattoo Design

 This tattoo’s ink-illustrated style is characterized by subtle shading and clean lines. The anchor tattoo is an excellent choice if you want to express your love of the sea via body art. You can apply other dark hues if you give this tattoo a more distinctive appearance.

Image: @gian__86

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27. Heart Frame Wave Simple Wave Tattoo Design

This circular pattern will appeal to anyone who enjoys blue ink and tattoos. This will look wonderful on you if you enjoy vibrant works and are fascinated by art. Make sure this design reflects your attractiveness as well as your actual ideals, which are honesty and optimism.

Image: @e.nal.tattoo

28. Wave As Sun Simple Wave Tattoo Design

Are you seeking a simplistic pattern to express your affection for the sun and the sea? Or perhaps you’re seeking something to signify the conclusion of a certain stage in your life. This tattoo of the wave sun is a fantastic choice to take into consideration in either scenario.

Image: @winterstone

29. Four Directional Tiny Art Simple Wave Tattoo Design

You will adore this wave tattoo if you love being on the water and you frequently travel. The full beauty of this wave pattern will be noticeable to anybody who appreciates grace and strength.

Image: @raebeat_ttt

30. Star Half Moon Light Wave Simple Wave Tattoo Design

The idea of a wave tattoo on the forearm will look wonderful. Try this pattern if you want a charming tattoo that isn’t too flashy while also enjoying the moon or star motifs. It will make you appear caring and compassionate while also displaying your good side.

Image: @tattooist_dori

31. Realism Dark-Shaded Simple Wave Tattoo Design

 The strength of this wave is apparent. It’s an incredible tattoo style that is produced with only gray hues and black ink. The picture is finished with awesome dark shading.

Image: @tyleratd

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Consider Getting a Wave Tattoo?

Anyone who likes spiritual tattoos and tattoos with deeper significance may obtain a wave tattoo. If you prefer to use tattoos to express your individuality and share your story, you’ll appreciate the idea of wave tattoos.

What Is the Average Cost of a Wave Tattoo?

For a very little, delicate black and white wave tattoo, budget about $70. Larger, more pronounced patterns, such as those spanning your entire chest or back done in height blue, can cost up to $200.

Where Should A Tattoo Be Placed That Won’t Hurt?

The parts of your body with the fewest nerve endings are the most minor painful spots to get a tattoo. Think about your outside arm, leg, hips, and outer shoulder. While most people concentrate on the position of pain in the body, many experts believe that pain is more related to size.

How Much Time Does A Minor Tattoo Need?

A simple, minor tattoo should take between 30 minutes and an hour. However, keep in mind that a tiny tattoo with a lot of colors, line work, intricacies, or a challenging location may need many hours to complete. Little tattoos are fantastic for those who don’t want to undergo a lengthy tattoo procedure but want some fantastic art.

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