81 Amazingly Beautiful Rugrats Tattoo Designs

The Rugrats cartoon series was popular in the 1990s and featured a group of adventurous babies. The show has since become a cultural phenomenon, with fans showing their love for the series in various ways, including getting tattoos.

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The Rugrats tattoo can represent a variety of things to different people. For some, it may express nostalgia for their childhood and the memories associated with watching the show. For others, it may represent a love for the characters and the values they represent, such as courage, friendship, and curiosity.

In some cases, the Rugrats tattoo may also be a symbol of rebellion or nonconformity. The show was known for its irreverent humor and quirky characters, and getting a Rugrats tattoo can be a way to express one’s unique personality and sense of humor.

1. Chuckie Rugrats Tattoo

The character is known for his unique appearance and personality, and getting a Chuckie tattoo can be a way for someone to express their unique traits and quirks.

Credit: yoseph_montenegro

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2. Cute Chuckie Rugrats Tattoo

This tattoo features the character Chuckie Finster in a more adorable and charming style. The cute design may also convey a sense of playfulness and joy, capturing the lighthearted spirit of the Rugrats show.

Credit: antclaytattoo

3. Reptar Rugrats Tattoo

Reptar is a fictional character from the popular animated TV series, Rugrats. It is a green, Godzilla-like dinosaur tattoo design.

Credit: carlospovartattoo

4. Kimi Rugrats Tattoo

Kimi is known for her adventurous spirit, and getting a tattoo of her can be a way to express those qualities within oneself.

Credit: alxbngala

5. Angelica Rugrats Tattoo

In this tattoo, the joyful look of Angelica is heightened, which looks alluring at one glance. It also suggests the wearer’s nature, who might be confident, bold, fun-loving, enthusiastic, and energetic.

Credit: littlerachtattoo

6. Angelica With Glass Rugrats Tattoo

In this tattoo, Angelica wears sunglasses and incorporates other elements, such as colorful flowers.

Credit: nikii_neko_tattoo

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7. Monster Rugrats Tattoo

This tattoo design represents a sense of rebellion or nonconformity. The addition of some ghastly elements gives this tattoo design a unique look.

Credit: stephentaylortattoos

8. Killer Rugrats Tattoo

Chuckie Finster is portrayed with a big knife and shocking facial expressions in this tattoo design.

Credit: santa_mascara_tattoo

9. Susie Tatt Rugrats Tattoo

This tattoo design depicts Susie as a confident and charismatic personality with a bunch of colorful flowers in her hand.

Credit: arnidez

10. Roaring Reptor Rugrats Tattoo

Reptar is shown roaring or in a fierce and powerful stance, making for a striking tattoo design.

Credit: kirrilystringer.tattoos

11. Crying Chuckie Rugrats Tattoo

The use of black color artwork in this tattoo design can astonish anyone because of the fine minute detailing.

Credit: luciditytattoos

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12. Cynthia Rugrats Tattoo

This design features a more cartoonish depiction of Cynthia, often with exaggerated features like large eyes and a big head.

Credit: karenawesom

13. Fashion Cynthia Rugrats Tattoo

This design features Cynthia in a stylish twist, incorporating black clothing, bright makeup, and nice backgrounds.

Credit: bakemonopich_armk

14. Hearted Cynthia Rugrats Tattoo

This design combines a more realistic depiction of Cynthia with more detail and shading to make the tattoo look lifelike.

Credit: marellehannatattoos

15. Sitting Angelica Rugrats Tattoo

This design features a more cartoonish depiction of Angelica. This is a simple tattoo that does not include any embellishments.

Credit: javink.tattoo

16. Happy Angelica Rugrats Tattoo

This design is popular among those who want to capture Angelica in a playful and mischievous pose.

Credit: beekachuu

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17. Angry Reptor Rugrats Tattoo

This tattoo design emphasizes the anger and ferocity of Reptar. Reptar is depicted as growling with his mouth open and teeth exposed.

Credit: costatattoo.mid

18. Red Reptor Rugrats Tattoo

This type of tattoo design captures Reptar’s fierce and powerful nature, as he often displays his strength and ferocity in the show.

Credit: cattstattz

19. Dancing Angelica Rugrats Tattoo

This type of design captures Angelica’s lively and energetic personality as she often danced around in the Rugrats series.

Credit: whitemorningtattoo

20. Eating Reptar Rugrats Tattoo

This tattoo design captures Reptar’s fun and playful nature as he enjoys his food.

Credit: dis21_tattoo

21. Destroying Reptar Rugrats Tattoo

This tattoo design illustrates the Reptar in a destructive mode. He is represented as a giant green monster thrashing the buildings under his feet.

Credit: corintattoos

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22. Thinking Chuckie Rugrats Tattoo

In this tattoo, Chuckie is inked in a thinking pose with the addition of hearts outlined with green color in the background.

Credit: sdeguiretattoos

23. Tommy Pickles Rugrats Tattoo

It represents the cartoon-style tattoo of Tommy Pickles, with his classic wide-eyed expression and mischievous grin.

Credit: sacred.needles

24. Sad Chuckie Rugrats Tattoo

The inking of Chuckie holding tightly to his toy with a gloomy expression is the main idea depicted in this tattoo.

Credit: ezequiel_almendramarquez

25. Ghost Tommy Pickles Rugrats Tattoo

The tattoo depicts Tommy Pickles as a translucent figure to bring out the characteristic of eerie elements.

Credit: houseofjudahtattoo

26. Tommy Pickles Ride on Reptar Rugrats Tattoo

The tattoo often depicts Tommy Pickles riding onto Reptar’s back with a big smile and Reptar with his mouth open and sharp teeth visible.

Credit: cloudiatattoo

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27. Dancing Tommy Pickles Rugrats Tattoo

The tattoo often depicts Tommy Pickles in a joyful and carefree stance, with his arms and legs outstretched and a big smile on his face.

Credit: southerndrawskinartstudio

28. Tommy Pickles with Reptar Mask Rugrats Tattoo

A tattoo of Tommy Pickles depicts Tommy wearing the iconic green mask of Raptor with his usual t-shirt and diaper.

Credit: saradactilo

29. Fluffy Rugrats Tattoo

In this tattoo, Angelica is holding her pet cat Fluffy who looks adorable with a pink bow on her head.

Credit: karenawesom

30. Chuckie with a Teddy Rugrats Tattoo

The use of striking colors in this tattoo can quickly grab anyone’s attention. This tattoo depicts Chuckie holding his beloved toy.

Credit: silkfoxtattoo

31. Modern Chuckie Rugrats Tattoo

This tattoo design represents Chuckie as a cool dude with stylish goggles, an ear piercing, a tattoo, and a Balenciaga t-shirt.

Credit: tattooprodigies

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32. Hungry Reptar Rugrats Tattoo

Reptar is depicted with a slice of pizza, showing him as hungry and searching for food.

Credit: cedartattoo

33. Bored Chuckie Rugrats Tattoo

Chuckie is presented as sitting with hands on his cheeks as if looking for something interesting to do.

Credit: micaxsaraceno

34. Dancing Susie Rugrats Tattoo

The Susie in a dancing pose tattoo depicts her energetic dance moves and positive attitude.

Credit: blackroom.coacalco

35. Spike Rugrats Tattoo

In this tattoo design, a big vehicle is inked as Raptar with a wide front, carrying Spike and Cynthia.

Credit: artbycj_

36. Dancing Reptar Rugrats Tattoo

Raptar in dancing pose represents playful and cheerful vibes. The additions of planetary elements add grace to the overall look of the tattoo design.

Credit: salemker 

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37. Scared Chuckie Rugrats Tattoo

The scared facial expression of Chuckie adds an eerie touch, whereas the use of different colors to shade the tattoo design is quite stunning.

Credit: ink

38. Raptar With Candy Rugrats Tattoo

The spoons full of colorful candies, the green color of the Raptor, and other colorful detailings are the most noticeable features of this tattoo design.

Credit: bglass_tattoo

39. Smoking Chuckie Rugrats Tattoo

This tattoo portrays the image of Chuckie with a cigarette. It can also be interpreted as a humorous take on the character’s timid and nervous personality. 

Credit: zoultattoo

40. Spike With Fluffy Rugrats Tattoo

Spike and Fluffy are the two pets from the popular animated TV series, Rugrats. The smiling expression of both pets is the main charm of this tattoo design.

Credit: sanae_kawaii

41. Family Of Rugrats Tattoo

This tattoo design incorporates a group of toddlers, including Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Angelica, and others. The way in which all these characters are positioned makes this tattoo quite stunning.

Credit: mrs.shotty

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42. Phil And Lil Rugrats Tattoo

This tattoo is perfect for those who want the matching tattoo pattern on both arms but with a different color scheme.

Credit: tudyart

43. Milk With Tommy Rugrats Tattoo

The splash of orange color in the background as well as the playful stance of Tommy, adds a vibrant touch to the overall pattern.

Credit: spirit.tattoo.rennes

44. Tommy With Reptar Dress Rugrats Tattoo

The artist has tattooed Tommy wearing the Reptar dress and holding a chocolate in one hand.

Credit: darlen_weenie_1985

45. Angelica with Biscuits Rugrats Tattoo

Angelica running with the jar of biscuits in her hand is the central theme of this tattoo design, portrayed with a vibrant color scheme.

Credit: edwingarcia_tattoo

46. Dressed Up Cynthia Rugrats Tattoo

The stylish pose of Cynthia with a bright yellow dress is the main highlighting feature of this tattoo design that can impress anyone.

Credit: thisaintnodisco

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47. Zombie Family Of Rugrats Tattoo

This type of tattoo design combines the nostalgia of the beloved children’s show with the popular horror trope of zombies, creating a unique and potentially striking visual image.

Credit: psych_ink

48. Dil Playing With Tommy Rugrats Tattoo

This tattoo depicts the innocence of toddlers in a very simplistic way with minimum use of color.

Credit: _moldybread_

49.Cynthia With a Phone Rugrats Tattoo

The combination of purple and yellow hues is eye-catching and makes this tattoo design distinctive.

Credit: kelseywashburnetattoos

50. Drunken Cynthia With a Phone Rugrats Tattoo

The use of grey and black ink to fill the small details in this tattoo design gives the whole pattern a striking look.

Credit: pig tattoo

51. Running Chuckie Rugrats Tattoo

The artist has engraved every detail of this tattoo design with great precision, making this design full of exciting attributes.

Credit: arkham_tattoo_studio

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52. Playfull Chuckie Rugrats Tattoo

These tattoos are the best designs for those who want to add exciting and playful elements, such as dice, into their tattoo design.

Credit: dh_tattooart

53. Killer Chuckie Rugrats Tattoo

The dangerous look of Chuckie with blood coated knife can grab anyone’s attention. Moreover, the overall color scheme is also quite compelling.

Credit: dominiquedarko

54. Smoking Cynthia Rugrats Tattoo

The depiction of smoke from the cigarette offers this tattoo design a different look.

Credit: ieshagoddentattoo

55. Reptar on Fire Rugrats Tattoo

The flames of fire in the background and the furious expression of the Reptar with the red eyes take the charm of this tattoo to a new level

Credit: chrmp77

56. Beauty Of Cynthia Rugrats Tattoo

The inking of sparkling eyes of Cynthia as well as other facial features, make up this beautiful tattoo design.

Credit: beelzemuu

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57. Dil Playing With Reptar Rugrats Tattoo

The use of vibrant shades and the addition of playful elements in this tattoo design can impress anyone easily.

Credit: dreamlandtattooing

58. Coffee With Cynthia Rugrats Tattoo

The blank ink tattoos are known for their versatility, giving the tattoo design and intricate detailing.

Credit: hannahcharlottecunningham

59. Angel Angelica Rugrats Tattoo

Angel tattoos look stunning and can provide a sense of guidance. The main elements of this tattoo include feathered wings and a circle of light over the head of Angelica.

Credit: alecanterville

60. Guarding Spike Rugrats Tattoo

The dog is known for their guarding nature, and this tattoo design signifies the same theme with the simplistic drawing of the dog.

Credit: vaetattoo_

61. Tomy With Spike Rugrats Tattoo

The love and special bond between the pet and the human are beautifully illustrated in this tattoo design, including a vibrant inverted triangular background.

Credit: zaratustra_satirica

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62. Cynthia With Reptar Rugrats Tattoo

The Raptor is featured holding Cynthia as his prey. The use of eye-catching green color gives this tattoo design a fantastic appeal.

Credit: niquoink

63. Infected Angelica Rugrats Tattoo

The bulging eyes and the blood stain on the face of Angelica are inked with the highest degree of tattooing skills to give this design a sinister look.

Credit: inkbytink

64.Fishing Tommy Rugrats Tattoo

The engraving of Tommy’s smiling face while fishing is this tattoo design’s central attraction.

Credit: theinkslingingslasher

65. Cynthia as a Rock Star Rugrats Tattoo

Want a tattoo that helps you to highlight your rockstar spirit? Get this tattoo to glam up your look.

Credit: nikocortesetattoo

66. Chuckie as a Killer Rugrats Tattoo

The inking of Chuckie with a knife on the one hand and the bleeding, wounded head, on the other hand gives this design a spooky look.

Credit: revolvertattoo

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67. Angelica as a Queen Rugrats Tattoo

The glittering gold crown over Angelica’s head represents this character’s authoritative nature in this tattoo design.

Credit: katyliquoricetattoo

68. Shocked Angelica Rugrats Tattoo

The tattoo artist beautifully exemplifies the expression of shock, and the mutilated Cynthia placed on the floor in this artwork.

Credit: aandreatattoo

69. Flowered Cynthia Rugrats Tattoo

The flowers add grace and beauty to tattoo designs. The Cynthia coming out of the rose’s center is this tattoo’s focal element.

Credit: polkahotness

70. Chuckie with Frog Rugrats Tattoo

The frogs are known for their mischievous nature. The green frog on the head of the Chuckie gives this tattoo a compelling appeal.

Credit: beckydoestattoos

71. Reptar on a SkateBoard Rugrats Tattoo

In the tattoo design, Reptar is depicted riding a skateboard, which is a popular image in skateboard culture.

Credit: tatgunmattie

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72. Freaky Chuckie Rugrats Tattoo

In this tattoo design, the cool dude side of Chuckie is amazingly portrayed with several elements, such as a stylish hairdo, goggles, front golden teeth, and heavy metal neck jewelry.

Credit: tessawrekt

73. Innocent Angelica Rugrats Tattoo

The joy and shine on the face of Angelica, along with the inking of beautiful yellow flowers, can amuse anyone.

Credit: reivaj_anatema

74. A Dead Reptar Head Rugrats Tattoo

The knife passing from the head of the Reptar and reaching to the neck gives this tattoo design a quite spooky look.

Credit: goldenrosetattoo.satx

75. Reptar On Fire Rugrats Tattoo

The flame of fire coming out of the mouth is the critical element of this tattoo design that can grab the attention of anyone.

Credit: handspuntattoos

76. Angelica With Cynthia Doll Rugrats Tattoo

Angelica and Cynthia, her favorite toy, are featured in the tattoo. It reflects the wearer’s potential affection for this Angelica figure and their interest in it.

Credit: tattoo_tom

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77. Reptar With A Balloon Rugrats Tattoo

Reptar’s playful nature with the red balloon’s engraving is beautifully shown in this tattoo design.

Credit: el_spot_ink

78. Alone Chuckie Rugrats Tattoo

The contrast between the real and shadow is the central theme described in the tattoo with the fantastic artwork of shadow.

Credit: into_the_skin_tattoo

79. Chuckie Drinking Rugrats Tattoo

The Chunkie is inked in a relaxing mood while enjoying a drink that looks something orange in color.

Credit: iambratwurst

80. Innocent Dil Rugrats Tattoo

The innocence of a toddler and the bright yellow clothing make this tattoo design the top choice to engrave on any body part.

Credit: jesse_b_tattooing_

81. Friendship of Rugrats Tattoo

The theme of friendship is the main idea behind this tattoo design. Look no further than this tattoo if you want to celebrate the bond of friendship.

Credit: brasitattoo

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Frequently Asked Questions

 What are Rugrats tattoo designs?

Rugrats tattoo designs feature characters or elements from the popular animated TV show “Rugrats.” They may include images of characters like Tommy Pickles, Chuckie Finster, Phil and Lil DeVille, Angelica Pickles, or other characters from the show.

Is it common to get a Rugrats tattoo?

Rugrats tattoos are not as common as other popular tattoo designs, but they do have a following among show fans.

 What are some popular Rugrats tattoo designs?

Some popular Rugrats tattoo designs include images of the individual characters, group shots of the babies together, quotes or catchphrases from the show, or symbols associated with the show, like the iconic Reptar toy.

 What should I consider before getting a Rugrats tattoo?

Before getting any tattoo, it’s essential to consider the design carefully and make sure it’s something you will want to live with for the rest of your life. You should also choose a reputable tattoo artist and ensure they use sterile equipment and follow proper safety protocols.