44 Great Modern Rose Tattoo Ideas For Neck

Rose tattoos have been a well-liked choice for individuals for many decades. But, amid a history going back to the ’30s, there’s a reason why it still stays behind one of the most preferred tattoo designs. These pieces are good-looking, delicate, and gallant at the same time.

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Furthermore, rose tattoos for neck can be an admirable choice at the same time as neck tattoos for men and women. The differing colors of a rose tattoo play a vital role in its significance. Another imperative thing to bear in mind is your neck rose tattoo might come out to be the coolest, but getting hold of them can be pretty excruciating.

Artists make sure that the designs are in a mode that flawlessly suits the person. Rose is also the queen of flowers and the personification of gorgeousness.

Tips to Remember

Feminine thing

A rose tattoo was well-thought-out to be a feminine thing. But at present, those getting on concepts and ideology have washed away. But still, many individuals don’t consider a rose tattoo as a manly tattoo. It’s your preference, your fondness. Rose tattoos, either petite or big, look excellent on top of men and women.

Flexible nature

In contrast to other tattoos, a rose tattoo is more flexible and looks excellent on top of all the body parts. Even a rose tattoo on the neck seems superb, great and wonderful. The best thing about rose tattoos is that one can ink them in scores of different colors, so you can select a color that describes your individuality or nature.

Striking beauty

Rose defines outstanding beauty and the cover of thorns to communicate to individuals of the world thinking earlier than doing a bit irresponsible or not carefully reaching out. In addition, the rose in Christianity stands for love and affection, memorializing your story with ink.

Types/styles/Design Ideas

1. Large Rose Neck Tattoo

This one is a very artistic rose tattoo design with a mixture of twists that standard rose designs do not have. You can also have related designs done to custom suit your beliefs and likes.

Credit: tattoosbyriley_

2. Large Pink Rose Tattoo on Back of Neck

If you are keen to have just one sizable floral tattoo pattern, many individuals choose to have it in this style. These encompass loads of shading effects. This one is a great rose tattoo design for you.

Credit: tattoosmadebysomeone

3. Elegant Black Rose Neck Tattoo Design

You can go for this elegant black rose-neck tattoo if you want some colorful drawings. These are very creative and can extend at whatever time you feel like to. 

Credit: sebastian_tattoo

4. Elegant Black Rose Tattoo On Neck

If you are keen to go fonts and have interrelated floral patterns, choose a little similar. Although this rose tattoo is done by and large in black ink, you can have it highlighted too.

Credit: sombra_tattooficial

5. Light Pink Rose Neck Tattoo

This light pink rose neck tattoo for females has a slight shading. These, on the other hand, are a choice that counts on an individual’s comfortability. These kinds of designs can be very creative.

Credit: celiacc_love

6. Traditional Rose Neck Tattoo

This one is a painting style; a very sensible-looking shaded striking rose neck tattoo. If you would like a similar manner, you can get it ready in a unique look and feel very relaxed and creative.


7. Lovely Rose Tattoo On Neck

This one is a painting style coloration completed with the lovely rose tattoo designs. You can try a bit similar or ask your model artist to make a traditional design for you.

Credit: tattoosbykaylin

8. Marvelous Rose Tattoo On Neck

If you want a design on your neck, seek a bit like this. This picture of a rose tattoo is multicolored and can be suitable for girls to a certain extent. It is one of the beautiful rose tattoos.             

Credit: todonadamadrid

9. Nice Rose Tattoo Design

These excellent rose tattoo designs are straightforwardly extensible, and you can come up with innovative styles or some other bits and pieces that you might feel like using along with these.

Credit: damouretdeaufraiche.ink

10. Small Black Rose Tattoo

Not one likes to have twigs and leaves and a floral pattern, so if you want, you can switch to a small black rose flower like this. Indeed, this is one of the best pragmatic-looking rose tattoos.

Credit: ms3.ink

11. Red Colored Rose Tattoo On Neck

This one is a very meticulous rose tattoo on the neck design. As a result, if you are at ease with sporting such accurate designs as this one, you can try out patterns similar to this.

Credit: tetrodontattoo

12. Red Rose Tattoo On Side of Neck

Undoubtedly, the rose is the most gorgeous breed of flower in the world. Some individuals will love this red rose tattoo on the side of the neck, seeing that it may have other symbolic meanings.

Credit: mandytattoohands

13. Outlined Rose Tattoo

Getting tattooed, this outlined rose tattoo on the neck will, without a doubt, look gorgeous. Having the roses tattoo designs with the initials of some individual will be distinctive and classy.

Credit: taytattedit

14. Red Rose with Leaves Tattoo

If you are trying to boast a rose tattoo design, consider having a red rose with leaves tattoo images. It is one of the greatest and, beyond doubt, more pretty traditional rose tattoo designs.

Credit: aw_tattoo

15. Red Rose Tattoo Design

Choosing the right tattoo images is significant to create the statement that you want to start with your tattoo. Earlier than inserting a rose picture, you should know the precise meaning. 

Credit: tatmand_inks_

16. Rose with Thorns Tattoo

Many women will have the yearning to choose the rose color tattoo with thorns, seeing that they will look very nice. Having these rose tattoos designs will certainly symbolize femininity.

Credit: pineinktattoos

17. Cute Little Rose Tattoo

Rose tattoo designs can also be tattooed as a cute little rose in commemoration of any such individual who stayed with us very near our heart and was loved very much by you.


18. Black Sketched Rose Tattoo

Even though roses are presented in various colors, having the black rose tattoos images will be damn striking and pleasing to the eye. A good number of individuals will at all times attract the black color. 


19. Multiple Colored Roses Tattoo on Neck

Bright red roses are at all times known universally for their imagery of love, and getting tattooed with the pictures of multiple colored rose designs will mean that there is a message for someone loving. 

Credit:  neckandthroat_tattoos

20. Inverted Rose Tattoo

If you feel like being the explorer of the fashion and modern world, try to go with inverted rose tattoo images. But be wary of picking the color. It is one of the superb rose tattoo designs for girls.

Credit: context_tattoo

21. Stylish Light Rose Tattoo

Rose tattoo with a stylish light on the neck has been becoming recognizable, seeing that this tattoo style insists on top of the favorite types. Getting the images of these rose tattoos for the neck will be romantic for sure. 

Credit: lululux_tattoo

22.  Black and White Rose Tattoo

This tattoo has been becoming well-known among lovers; but, at the same time as trying this category, try to have a black and white rose tattoo as this will be matchless and fashionable.

Credit: jeickflores

23. Red Rose Tattoo Design

Nonetheless, there are plenty of tattoos on hand; choosing the images of red rose tattoos will be more noticeable from the crowd. Persons having this tattoo will look distinctive and eye-catching.

Credit: vitaminaxxx

24. Rose with Skull Tattoo

To a certain extent, this one can be a show for your neck. But, in particular, if you want a little that is less clumsy and more outstanding, then try something like a rose with a skull tattoo.  

Credit: dimitattooo

25. Rose with Thorns and Leaves Tattoo

Not one likes to have twigs and leaves, so you can switch a specially made flower with thorns and leaves if you feel like it. Indeed, this is one of the best-looking rose tattoos for women.

Credit: eve.jade.666

26. Large Rose Tattoo

Getting tattooed, this large rose tattoo on the neck will certainly look elegant and modern. Having the rose tattoo designs with the initials of some character will be only one of its kind and stylish.

Credit: _kozzzmo_

27. Black and Grey Realistic Rose Tattoo

Even though there are plenty of tattoos available, choosing the images of rose tattoos with a black and grey color clock will, without a doubt, stand out from the crowd. 

Credit: luck24g

28. Adorable Pink Rose Tattoo

Of course, there’s much more to a rose tattoo than just being an icon of romance and affection. There are lots of colors that can be used, but an adorable pink rose tattoo holds a different meaning.

Credit: madameblacktattoo

29. Adorable Red Rose Tattoo

Red Rose tattoos are a great way to show somebody how much you feel affection for them. But, on the other hand, the rose can signify much more than enthusiasm and love.

Credit: blackravengallery

30. Rose and Praying Hands Tattoo

A rose and praying hands tattoo can indicate assurance, fresh beginnings, power and harmony. Moreover, colors can easily add to your tattoo design and transform the meaning of a rose tattoo.

Credit: jazzyphe.tatts

31. Simple Rose Tattoo

If you genuinely want to show your affection and romance for someone close to your heart, you can level things down, but the neck would be your best option, as a simple rose tattoo is closest to your heart.

Credit: owsleyink

32. Red and Orange Rose Tattoo

Orange color is a combination of two colors, i.e., red and yellow. Red and orange symbolize both affection and happiness for a particular individual. Therefore, these rose tattoos can represent  your love for somebody.

Credit:  tenaciousfi_

33. Multiple Roses Tattoo on Back of Neck

Remember that your design can make your rose tattoo uncomplicated or very complex, so make sure you carefully develop it through your plan. You can have this multiple roses tattoo design.  

Credit: ___alex.art___

34. Rose with Crescent Moon Tattoo

This rose tattoo with a crescent moon uses essential, clean lines to generate a brittle design. By not adding different lines or shade, the tattoo remains up-to-the-minute and modest.

Credit: ai_fukuyama_tattoo

35. Rose with Roman Numerals Tattoo

One way to punch up a rose tattoo is to design with roman numerals around the flower. Of course, the rose is the central point in this design, but the roman numerals add a more deliberate feel to the ink.

Credit: agung_joey_tattoist

36. Full Black Rose Tattoo

Play up the womanliness of roses by incorporating a full black rose tattoo. In this rose tattoo idea, it appears that the line is unbounded and that the rose turns into a unique design. 

Credit: inktwicetattoo

37. Rose with Shadow Tattoo

Who says rose tattoos can only take account of roses? Add a little of your other preferred flora to the design to create a rose with a shadow tattoo, rather than just a simple one.


38. Clear Outline Rose Tattoo

RRose tattoos are original to the individual who finds them, but many of them look like they’re real roses. Personalize your tattoo somewhat by taking motivation from this clear outline rose tattoo. 

Credit: sirmonkeytattooistsclubalginet

39. Rose Petals Falling Tattoo

These rose petals falling tattoos make an otherwise indispensable outline-only tattoo feel fascinating and unique. It also gives a waggle to the characteristic rose coloring.

Credit: cartha_curius

40. Rose with Text Tattoo

The rose with the next tattoo idea utilizes the fully connected design, but the wavy composition plays up the appeal of the rose. So rather than going for a simple one, get this one. 

Credit: ufuk.ink


If you are thinking about a rose tattoo and feel like a rose of some sort in it, you need to look into several kinds of rose tattoo designs out there. Just as the rose is unique, your rose tattoo is also distinctive to you alone. Neck tattoos are very on-trend at the moment, and the thin outline design adds a feminine feel to the rose.


What does a rose tattoo on your neck mean?

A rose tattoo signifying love won or lost has been all the rage through the ages as a symbol of the highest level of enthusiasm. Beauty is in equilibrium with passion with this flower, and no other can imitate its prettiness and historical impact.

Why should you not tattoo your neck?

The neck area has nerves and nerve endings. The thinness of the skin makes it easier to get to the nerves and causes possible far-fetched pain and skin exasperation. The walls of the neck might be the least susceptible when it comes to tattooing, but even then, you can look ahead to a bit of irritation and tenderness.

What does a neck tattoo symbolize?

A neck tattoo symbolizes that somebody is daring and not scared to take risks. The perceptible location, particularly on top of the front or side, shows that you are self-assured and not afraid to stand out.

What does a red rose tattoo stand for?

The long-established red rose tattoo symbolizes love and obsession. A pink rose simultaneously represents elegance, appreciation, and affection as purple roses symbolize attraction.

How fast do neck tattoos heal?

Later than getting a new tattoo, the external layer of skin will, by and large, come out healed within 2 or 3 weeks. On the other hand, the healing process may involve nearly six months.

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