Life-Affirming 225+ Amazing Rib Cage Tattoo Ideas of All Time

What can be the best way to express yourself other than getting a tattoo? Tattoos are the hottest trend in the town, expanding with the speed of steroids. Gone are the days when tattooing was the preserve of sailors, underworld figures and circus freaks.

Life-Affirming 225+ Amazing Rib Cage Tattoo Ideas of All Time

Today, nearly four million people in Britain have a permanent mark on their skin. And with the rise of new technology comes a wave of fashions. 

And when it comes to inking tattoo, there is no better space than your rib cage to put your hobbies, passions, and favourite things. Rib Cage Tattoos have always been in trend, and people love them just like hot cupcakes! But, no, more than that!

Celebrate your past and your future with a beautiful rib tattoo design. Whether you want a religious quote, family member name, inspirational word art or anything else, we have the most comprehensive collection of rib tattoos to choose from that are perfect for any occasion.

Rib Cage Tattoo

Credit: mico_isangbuhayisangpagibig

Why Are They So Desirable?

A rib cage tattoo is a type of tattoo that can be placed in the rib cage area of any part of your body; it is mainly done on the side of your body.

Since this tattoo cannot be visible to everyone, therefore, you can go for more creative designs than you could ever imagine and make sure that only the person who loves you will be able to see this unique and gorgeous part of your body.

Rib cage tattoos designs are very famous among women, and you can get any design made on it.

Rib cage tattoos are one of the most desired tattoo designs among women, and they have a great reason behind it; choosing a rib cage tattoo as a choice would be an excellent move for all women lovers.

The rib cage tattoo designs are not less than any other tattoo design. It’s just that a good tattooer can create magic on your skin, and the rest of the world will be amazed by its beauty. 

Best Scientific Health Benefits Of Tattoos

Multiple tattoos recover your immune system

Tattoos decrease stress

Tattoos facilitate athletics

Visible tattoos can help get a job

Tattoos provide self-reliance & confidence

Tattoos feel great

Do Rib Cage Tattoos Hurt?

Whether it‚Äôs healing wings, a halo, or angel rib tattoo designs, it will be drawn and permanently etched into your body no matter what your idea is‚ÄĒtattooing you with one of the most painful things a person can experience.

If you are a rib tattoo lover, you will be glad to know that this area can hold a pretty large tattoo. Larger tattoos can even cover the entire side of your rib cage. These tattoos are not exactly delicate, and there is room for a lot of detail.

This side of the body is pretty sensitive, though, so you will feel pain during and after the process.

Rib cage tattoos are among the hardest ‚Äď and most painful ‚Äď to get. They‚Äôre also the most decorative, often consisting of a single concept or idea.

Caring for your tattoos is essential after getting one. The rib cage bones can be an excellent area for tattoos. Rib tattoos have generally been appreciated as very powerful, masculine tattoo designs; and are often significant.

Rib cage tattoos are more painful to get than other tattoos, but make it worth it by getting one that is finely done, like that of butterfly tattoos.

Discomfort is the first word that comes to mind when people get a rib tattoo. What comes next are the actual steps in making your rib tattoo.

It is not as hot as any other part of the body, but it would still leave you a little uncomfortable. Let us face it: having a tattoo is painful enough, and we don’t want to go through pain dealing with a bone.

How Much Is A Rib Tattoo?

If you‚Äôre thinking about getting a rib tattoo, it will depend on the size and the linework. This quote includes the design of an angel with a ribbon wrapped around the wings that reads ‚ÄúIn Memory of My Angel.‚ÄĚ

It will take the artist 6-8 hours, and they expect to earn $700. In addition, the location of this tattoo will cost an extra $100.

A simple angel tattoo on the ribs takes 6-8 hours and costs around $700. These types of tattoos are typically made up of intricate lines and symbols. It is a mature tattoo choice suitable for people ages 18 and up. 

Rib Cage Tattoo Ideas For Male And Female

1. Flower Themed Rib Tattoos

The rose tattoo design is a typical example of an excellent rib tattoo. Several flower tattoos can be put on the rib, from a small fingerprint size rose to a large thigh size rose. The color of the tattoo is usually purple, red or green.

There are different sizes and shapes for the tattoo design. If you do not like the original format offered to you, you can always get your design made by an artist you trust.

Flowers are always lovely to watch, but when they are coming out on your body, well, that’s just wonderful. The way they stand out and look makes them even more beautiful. You want to look beautiful, don’t you?

2. Abstract Rib Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo rib designs are among the most popular tattoo art styles today. Artistically, they are no longer just symbols of faith but great standalone works of art that make a powerful statement.

What do orange sunset, an incredible winter sky, and abstract art have in common? They are three of the most popular choices for tattoo rib tattoos. The colour contrast is bold. Bold enough to grab the viewer’s attention and hold their interest.

If you enjoy the smooth lines and graceful swirls of this abstract tattoo design? Try it as a colorful and classic rib tattoo. Combining vibrant shades of yellow, orange and red, this design is equally beautiful in its simplicity in a beautifully detailed application.

3. Rose Side Tattoo

Getting a tattoo can be considered a commitment, and rose tattoos are no different. They symbolise love, beauty, or new beginnings. The choice often depends on the person who wants the tattoo.

Rose tattoos come in various colors, but the red rose represents love. These tattoos usually feature one or more full blooms and thorns. The green rose symbolizes healing or rebirth, while the white rose represents innocence and purity.

Of course, to get a tattoo with entirely different meanings, you can always choose a black, blue, or purple rose instead.

Rose tattoos can be sweet and feminine or tough and bold. The traditional red rose often represents love for a significant other or family.

White roses symbolise purity or innocence, pink represents friendship and gratitude, while yellow signifies admiration and respect. Green roses represent hope, which is a cool tattoo concept.

Red rose ‚Äď represents love, passion, sacrifice, or memorial

Pink rose ‚Äďtells gratitude, grace, innocence, and affection

Purple rose ‚Äď stands for enchantment and royalty

Blue rose ‚Äď depicts the unattainable or impossible

Yellow rose ‚Äď means joy, friendship, luck, and protection from envious lovers

Black rose ‚Äď refers to death, mourning, and grief

4. Elephant Rib Cage Tattoo

This vector elephant rib cage tattoo has excellent detail and is a very bright design. In addition, the placement of the tattoo works well for it to be seen from the side.

This tattoo works well, covering her entire rib cage. The placement is ideal because it takes advantage of the curve of a woman’s side and dips down along her waist to create a sinuous, sensual line. If a side piece is what you’re looking for, this design could be just what you need.

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5. Lion Rib Tattoo

If you are tired of being a mouse and want to be the king of your life, this may be an option for you. These tattoos express your individuality and let people know what is most important in your life.

There are many different styles of lion tattoos, but hyper-realistic ones are the most striking.

Say it boldly with this lion tattoo for your ribs, one of the most prominent placement areas available.   Use our creative editor controls to edit and adjust the artwork in your design to match your style.

Make it unique by adding text or changing the background of the design. The possibilities are endless!

Since life is too short to let your journey be ruled by fear, let this ferocious lion tattoo on your side represent your inner strength and bravery! Lions symbolize power, nobility, and courage. This skin-baring placement pairs well with a sleeve or halter top to soak up rays.

6. Cross Tattoo On Ribs

Tattooing has been a form of expression for thousands of years, and the cross is one of the more popular designs. This design often represents religious beliefs and can commemorate someone who has passed away.

For example, someone may include their loved one’s name or date of birth on a cross, never to forget them. The cross can also represent the love of Jesus Christ, a desire to remain sound and stay on a righteous path, or peace with God.

This piece can be used as a memorial tattoo honoring someone who has passed away, or you chose to add your favorite Bible verse or quote.

A cross tattoo is one of the most famous religious tattoos. A symbol of Christianity, this tattoo can represent your love of Jesus Christ or the sacrifices he made for humankind.

In addition, it can serve as a memorial piece and include the name and date of a loved one; if you choose, it’s a great way to keep that person close to your heart. Finally, add your favourite Bible verse to let the world know what you stand for.

7. Wolf Rib Tattoo

The wolf tattoo is timeless and has many meanings. Women will often choose it to represent independence and power, while men may view it as a symbol of strength and support.

A friend or family member who has passed away can be honored by immortalizing them with a wolf tattoo. If you are looking for something special to celebrate your heritage, the wolf may be the ideal choice.

An excellent tribal design gives you a unique look that shows your traits and values, while the lamb represents innocence and peace. You can let the wolf represent those qualities or have it add an element of danger or ferocity to your overall look.

The wolf can also symbolize a sense of spirituality and strong family values. A wolf tattoo is a sign of masculinity and courage. Wolves have spiritual powers, with some tribes believing that wolves can transform into humans.

8. Dream Catcher Rib Tattoo

Dreaming is a beautiful way for the mind to escape into another world. It can be wonderful, yet sometimes people find their dreams full of anxiety and stress. This is where the dream catcher comes in.

It is meant to filter out the bad dreams and negative thoughts, bringing peace once sleep takes over. The Native Americans believed it allows good dreams to pass through while sticky bad dreams are trapped in its webbing.

The dream catcher tattoo was created to give an individual touch of protection, spirituality, and beauty while they sleep.

As often as not, a dream catcher tattoo can hold meaning beyond what is expected. The most apparent purpose behind the dream catcher inking is that it symbolizes protection against bad dreams and negative thoughts.

However, this popular inking choice can also represent self-reflection and spirituality.

Flower Themed Rib Tattoos

Credit: charmth

Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 1

Credit: mendjeli_tattoo

Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 2

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 3

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 4

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 5

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 6

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9. Face Rib Tattoo Ideas

Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 7

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 Credit: luna_39278

Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 8


Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 9

Credit: ltorresartist

Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 10

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 11

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 12

   Credit: botanicalteepee

Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 13

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 14


Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 15

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 16

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 17

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 18

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 19


Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 20


Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 21

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 22

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 23

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 24

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 25

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 26

Credit: kaki_claratattoos        

Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 26

Credit: y_a_m_t_a_t_t_o_

Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 27

        Credit: the_viking_princess12

Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 28

 Credit: malditacabronita

Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 29

Credit: ink_vee        

Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 30

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 31

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 32

Credit: susannainks 

Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 33

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 34

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 35


Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 36

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 37

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 38

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 39


Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 40

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 41

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 42

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 43

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 44

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 45

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 46

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 47


Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 48

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 49

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 50

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 51

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 52

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 53

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 54


Flower Themed Rib Tattoos  55

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 56

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 57

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 58

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 Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 59

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 60

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 61

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 62

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 63

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 64

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos 65

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Flower Themed Rib Tattoos

Credit: mexicantattooartist


Rib tattoos are an excellent idea for anyone interested in getting tattooed. However, they are one of the most uncomfortable and painful places to get a tattoo, considering before you decide to get one.

Just like with any other tattoo, you can figure out how big or small of a rib tattoo you want, but it will always be placed in a part of your body where you will feel pain.

Whether you are looking to get your first tattoo or have been tattooed before, it is essential to choose something meaningful. Finding a design that speaks your language can make all the difference between ink and remorse.

Our selection of tattoos from around the world includes designs from Africa and Asia and images of animals and symbols. Of course, we also include the hyper-realistic lion tattoos for those who want to show off their inner strength or the person who has overcome hardship.


What Does A Rib Tattoo Symbolize?

We all know that the rib is one of the parts of our body associated with Eva and, therefore, symbolizes life.

Thus, the tattoo has become a popular option when deciding where to put it. It is commonly used in this area to give strength because, ultimately, it is where we find many symbols and ideas that accompany the ribs.

Rib cage tattoos look great on women and men. This body area is very versatile in design ideas, and you can easily combine it with other regions. There are many different possibilities here.

Can You Wear A Bra After A Rib Cage Tattoo?

So, will your bra ruin your tattoo? As many of you know, there has been some debate about whether or not one can wear a bra after getting inked. While most clinics will tell you it’s beautiful to wear a bra, other advice opposes this view.

If you get a rib cage tattoo, you should know the basics of aftercare, including what to avoid. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of assuming that tight clothing, including bras, is acceptable to wear for healing purposes. Sadly, this isn’t the case.

Tight clothing and bras could hinder the tattoo’s healing process, which, in turn, may mean that it ends up healing in a weird way. The trouble with some bras is that they can hold the skin too close to the body, which could cause the tattoo to heal weirdly.

However, there are those bras that let your skin breathe while still giving you the support you need. Below we have outlined some of the best brands that come highly recommended.

Are Rib Tattoos Attractive?

Both men and women, the tattoos on the ribs look so sexy. However, regardless of the chosen design, the most sensual factor will be seen above all things.

What Should I Wear To Get A Rib Tattoo?

You can wear a tank top to make it easy for you.

Do Tattoos On Ribs Stretch?

If you’re considering getting a tattoo on your tummy, keep the size of it consistent with your BMI.

While the skin that envelops the top-side of your ribcage (Fupa skin, as many call it) will remain taut when you gain weight, keep in mind that you get too fat and begin to lose strength in your core area, this may result in loose skin.

However, the rib cage area skin will remain taut even with a few extra pounds of fat, but still, it is always better to keep your weight in the optimal bar so you can attract loads of wow for your rib tattoo!