54 Favorite And Adorable Pinky Promise Tattoo Designs To Share

A pinky promise is a sacred gesture among children representing important commitment between the pair. It is so commonplace in childhood that the phrase often pops into our minds when we understand a promise in adulthood. 

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54 Favorite And Adorable Pinky Promise Tattoo Designs To Share

Representing unbreakable pledges with the pinky promise means a common symbol for tattoo designs depicting strong friendship or severe ties. Pinky promise or swearing is the locking of two people’s tiny fingers, indicating the commitment they made. The serious pledge of a pinky promise is intended as the means of promise between children extended to adults. 

People have been making pinky promises for generations, so, naturally, deep and meaningful friendships or relationships may have pinky promises too. Originated in Japan, this oath is regarded as the highest regard of all the promises. The concept became popular in the United States in the 1860s when mentioned in Bartlett’s Dictionary of Americanisms. 

It appears to be a terrible punishment for violating a promise. In Japan, it is more severe in society. The sentence seems to be a “finger cut off” utilized by the Japanese Mafia, known as Yakuza. It is also a much worse penalty than any one of us would choose to face. 

What is the meaning of the Pinky Promise tattoo?

While lighthearted in adulthood, the meaning that a pinky promise represents is strong. Children take these promises as everything, and their rupture can result in tears, headaches and the end of friendships. Making and keeping a tattoo is a good thing, yet not everyone is strong enough to uphold the commitment through thick and thin. 

Those who have pinky promise tattoo images on their bodies may interpret the idea differently. It can be a promise between two who both have the same tattoos. It comes as a terrific option for friends or partners who match their tattoos. To signify a person’s sense of honor or never hurt one another, it is a commitment to be honest to each other. 

Different tattoo ideas

There are different ways people get the pinky promise tattoo. Understanding there are probably hundreds of ways to get this tattoo with basic and great ideas you might like!

Flowers and Pinky promise tattoo 

1. Minimalist Outline Tattoo Of Pinky Swear Flower

The red, yellow, pink flower bouquets outline a pinky swear tattoo give a vast meaning. The design can be minimalist to celebrate the bond no matter your color. 

Credit: georgiemaeart

2. Simple flowers and pinky promise tattoo

Signifying a promise that cannot break, a popular tattoo design with a floral design holding up either a flower or a promise keeps the symbol of love. The pinky swears design with fine lines, or minimalist design looks great!

Credit: stolengypsy

3. Flower Bundle With Pinky Promise Tattoo

The delicate bundle of flowers with pinky promise is a flexible design element. However, with the noticeable change, whatever the relationship is, it is often left to the individual’s choice. 

Credit: samm.c.tattoo

4. Pretty Flowers Around Pinky Promise Tattoo

It is the most likely standard tattoo design you can do with your friends. You can also have hidden plans with flowers. The pretty flowers around the tattoo look great for matching tattoo designs. 

Credit: dantapleyartist

5. Magical Flower With Pinky Promise Hands tattoo

The unique perfect body tattoo comes with delicate flowers and a strong symbol. The fine line designs with magical flower designs are used as a decorative piece becoming more popular. 

Credit: mara.lunar_

6. Matching Sunflower Pinky Promise Tattoo Idea

Wearing the sunflower charm tattoo bracelet symbolizes loyalty and happiness, holding up a token or symbol of love that is usually done with flowers. It comes as a perfect matching piece with a minimal design. 

Credit: savytattoos

7. Daisy With Love You Always Tattoo

Depicting two hands with pinkies, extended out, either touching each other signifies different things you think. With an explanation of the promise with daisy flowers, you can also add initials of Love you. 

Credit: leviedwardstattoos

8. Pinky Promise Tattoo With Flowery Design

It seems to have pretty design work, and it shows the mental fortitude to keep the promise strong. It reinforces the idea as one of the complete packed meaningful art with the tattoo looking great on arms. 

Credit: claremacdonald1

Pinky Promise Tattoo Designs For Best Friends

9. Tiny Matching Pinky Promise Design

The trendy and minimalist tattoo matching design is popular, signifying couples’ promise. The tiny tattoo with fine lines symbolizes friendship or partnership with a creative art look. 

Credit: farkuma

10. Red-inked Pinky Promise Tattoo

Using color or central promise is another popular design element of a pinky promise red ink design. It represents romantic love, heart outline, infinity logos and more. 

Red ink pinky promise tattoo

Credit: creativebodyart

11. Blackheart matching pinky promise tattoo

The cutest tattoo in the tiny black heart is a concept of trust and friendship. You can also add various geometrical and floral designs as a perfect and unique pinky promise tattoo design. 

Credit: zgeeytattoos

12. Matching back of arm pinky tattoo

It is the creative way of getting a pinky promise tattoo. You can also add initials of promise tattooed on the inside of the tattoo design. A clever way to get a matching pinky promise tattoo design is the most popular and understandable matching tattoo design. 

Credit: egctattoo

13. Sketched matching pinky promise tattoo idea

With a wide variety of pinky promise tattoos, performing the unique gesture as a strong bond is also a symbol of love and mutual appreciation of the motion. The unique and elegant selection is majorly made in black ink. 

Credit: vicki_carpenter_tattoo

14. Small Pinky Promise Tattoo Idea

It is a perfect way to have a small pinky promise tattoo idea before any commitment. The tiny tattoo shows bold representation and a deal between you and your sibling, best friends or partner. 

Credit: lostworldtattoos

15. Temporary Pinky Promise Tattoo Design

The cute and delicate design makes it perfect and cost-effective. The new look for a bit of bit, quick and painless tattoo comes as a temporary design. 

Credit: laurahandstattoo

16. Pinky group tattoo

The galaxy best friend tattoo of pinky promise is for a group of three or even four and looks perfect and cute. These are the sweetest gestures that are relatively common amongst friends. 

Credit: titososa8896

17. Greenery With Pinky Promise Tattoo

A circular design with subtle black ink looks beautiful and is a fine, unique, and custom work. As a custom of interlocking little fingers, you can get glow green color ink to glow the bond when in the dark. 

Credit: ink_pot_tattoo

Words With Pinky Promise Tattoos

18. Where you lead I will follow tattoo

Rain or shine, I will always be here! These always and forever tattoos paired with sweet words and positive quotes for your best friend or your partner looks great. 

Credit: sethalexandertattoo

19. Pinky Promise Tattoo With Family Is Forever Quote

One of the most effective forms is one of the best options to get a tattoo for a family. The famous matching symbol, either as brother-sister or sisters, the tattoo idea is unique and can be added with creativity. 

Family is forever tattoo

Credit: kleopatrasneedlestattoo

20. No Matter What Pinky Promise Tattoo

Good luck with matching tattoos either for mother-daughter or couples looking great. Nothing says love like this pinky swears bond tattoo. You can choose additional elements with the tattoo. 

Credit: ameliaink

21. Believe In Yourself Promise Tattoo

Pinky promises a tattoo that relates to love or commitment to the choice of the wearer, and the skills of the tattoo artist look great. In addition, the famous emblem about close friends and profound bonds looks excellent. 

Believe in yourself tattoo

Credit: idan_naftali_tattoos

22. Pinky Day Promise Tattoo

As a tradition of Japanese people, the pinky promise tattoo on promise day is relatively a modern invention and continuation of older finger tradition. 

Credit: hadestattoo7

23. Be Kind Promise Tattoo

Be Kind tattoos features anyone with heart desires and is perfect for couples. The slogan with pinky promise tattoo design illustrates the delicate design work with a colorful design.  

Credit: inkdchronicles

24. Love You Forever Promise Tattoo

The popular emblem designs about close friendship or profound bonds with unique or custom designs look great. Making a pinky promise to signify those promises are made, the tattoo with the slogan looks excellent. 

Credit: sandoval.kylie

Simple Pinky Promise Tattoo Ideas

25. Simple outlined design tattoo

It is the most common way to see the pinky promise tattoos. It is an image of two hands wrapping pinkies in a simple outlined design tattoo. You can add many symbols and ideas to the tattoo to reinforce the simple but small meaning. 

Credit: insacioustattoo

26. Pinky Swear Tattoo on back of the arm

A creative way of getting a pinky promise tattoo inside the tattoo is on the back of the arm. It is a clever way to get the tattoo and is less common than the version is to speak and is a great choice. 

Credit: pollytatttoo

27. Heart Outline Pinky promise Tattoo

It is another unique way of getting a pinky promise tattoo. The tattoo with a heart outline is a unique approach to obtaining this tattoo and can easily be concealed or visible for work or family reasons. 

Credit: alliancetattoonj

28. On rib pinky promise tattoo

As wedding ring tattoos are most popular, some couples prefer to have pinky promise tattoos choosing a different choice. It represents the severe bond of marriage and is an excellent choice for a couple’s tattoo. 

Credit: tats_cms

29. Pinky swear painted nails tattoo.

On hand pinky nails shaded tattoo is a reminder of the promise to your best friend. It is a perfect gift for loved ones or even for themselves. You can also get an ideal shade of red ink for a painted nail tattoo. 

Credit: blackchapelparlor

30. Black and Red ink hands tattoo

The simplicity of the pinky promise tattoo concept with definite meaning and execution is straightforward. However, the flexible design element with black and red ink hand tattoo effect often gets noticed. 

Credit: misspokestattoo

31. Matching Pinky Promise Back Of Arm Tattoo

Generally in the modest size, covering up a matching pinky promise tattoo on the back of the arm is the individual’s taste of their personal choice. It is more than a tattoo between two people. 

Credit: sassybury

Pinky Swear Design Ideas

32. Oneline Pinky-swear Tattoo Ideas

The tattoo design in black ink is fantastic and signifies a promise that cannot break. Furthermore, it is a relatively common and unique tattoo design with an outline. 

Credit: reggietherascal13

33. Colorful Magic Promise Tattoo

To show love by expressing their personality or passion for art, matching pinky promise tattoo designs are popular among the rest. The colorful tattoo is a sign of love. 

Credit: nataliadybich

34. Dotwork Detailed Promise Tattoo

Focusing on beauty, the symbol of something specific such as commitment leads to sharing the bond between the two. It is the bond that stays forever or lasts for a lifetime. 

Credit: aislinn.adele

35. Butterfly With Pinky Promise Tattoo

It is a great way to show significant commitment towards others. The pinky promise with butterflies’ design signifies strength and freedom to live life. It always indicates love with matching couple ideas. 

Credits: sydsskyn

36. Pinky Promise Tattoo With Wine In Hands

The different and creative tattoos are a love for today’s people. The quick and effective tattoos with wine designs help to show affection and good friendship. It is an elegant and unique idea to cover the wrist. 

Credit: vale_manca

37. Pinky Swear Tattoo With Sunshine

Pinky’s promise tattoo symbolizes friendship bond as well as partnership. The tattoo design conveys the charming, sunshine elegant design. The tattoo can be made creative by adding elements like clouds or birds.

Credit: megansmithtattoo

38. Pinky Promise With One-line Tattoo

As a pinky promise tattoo variant, one of the best concepts is a one-line tattoo design. The artwork looks impressive if both the partners carry the same tattoo work. 

Credit: tattsbytanner

39. Roses With Pinky Promise Tattoo On Wrist

Rounding up the best flower tattoo art with a pinky promise tattoo is an example of what you feel like. The muted hues of green and pink shading in the flower tattoo are trending and look stunning on your hand. 

Credit: mglatattoo

40. Fun Pinky promise design

Take your commitments one step further by getting a tattoo design with fun elements. The tattoo design looks unique and means something special to you and your partner. 

Credit: tattoosbym0nk

41. Small Pinky Promise Design Idea

This pinky promise tattoo design is a perfect reminder to get these tattoos on hand. The ideal present tattoo work looks impressive and quite visible to the partners. 

Credit: tattoomechu

42. Vibrant Pinky Promise Tattoo Design

These colorful designs add a graceful look to the tattoo by adding your favorite colors to the design. You can also add your favorite or deeper meaning slogans to the tattoo design, making it different from others. 

Credit: ashcrack

43. Script With Pinky Promise Tattoo

It is another way of representing tattoo design. The individuals can have the word promise written inside the tattoo. The script can also be any other thing your bond means. 

Credit: hooliganz_art

44. Bicep Pinky Promise Outline Tattoo

A bicep pinky promise tattoo with straight-line style comes with a designer collection and is a unique way to showcase tattoos to the partner with the promise of love. In addition, you can get a larger version of tattoo art uniquely. 

Credit: jk.tat

45. Magical Pinky Promise Tattoo

As a perfect reminder or a promise to a person or best friend, the delicate and original design is cute on its own and makes a magical and ideal way to represent the strong bond between two people. 

Credit: bratty_ink

Skeleton hand pinky promise tattoo

46. Simple Hand With Skeleton Pinky Promise Tattoo

It is a refreshing departure from the typical simple linework version of a simple hand and skeleton pinky promise tattoo. However, nothing can beat simple black color with elegant artwork. 

Credit: sp00kykingart

47. Black And White Shaded Tattoo

With a unique and customized look, the black and white shaded tattoo design delicate design is cute and can be managed with experienced tattoo artists or designers. 

Credit: pastortatts

48. Matching Skeleton Pinky Promise Tattoo

It signifies a promise that cannot be broken and is a famous emblem for a range of tattoo designs representing close friendship or severe bond. The matching skeleton tattoo is a popular art these days. 

Credit: ms_lizzos_art

49. Skeleton and Witchy Hand Promise Tattoo

The subtle and dainty look for tattoos such as pinky promise brings a close friendship profound bond. It is a range of high-quality tattoo designs with modern design work. 

Credit: tintaygasolina_tattoo_studio

50. Sparkling promise tattoo 

It is a perfect reminder to the best friend to get a sparkling promise tattoo design. The glowing tattoo design with interlocking pinky fingers invades a tattoo. The sparking tattoo looks great on the wrist. 

Credit: kittymorgann_tattoo

51. Till Death, Pinky Promise Tattoo

A loyal promise getting considerable to symbolize strength and till death is a better tattoo design. Till death makes it apart, it can match the tattoo design between the partners. 

Credit: jharristattoos

52. Skeleton Hands Pinky Promise Tattoo In A Snake Circle

Representing the bond of love, the tattoo is perfect for ensuring the pets stay away. The best way to strengthen the bond is to hold the promised day. 

Credit: five_knives_tattoo

53. Dotwork Detailed Pinky Promise Tattoo

The clear dotwork design idea for passionate tattoo lovers signifies a promise that cannot break. The detailed dotwork looks impressive and is a simple and small visual with a unique and customized design. 

Credit: tattooer.alessa

54. Small shaded skeleton hands tattoo

With fine line artwork, the pinky promise tattoo has significant meaning and is a huge emblem of close friendship and bond between the two. The tiny tattoo stands out, and you can get compliments. 

Credit: killbillyink

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What is a pinky finger tattoo?

For the uninitiated, a pinky promise is an act of intertwining pinky fingers to signify a promise or commitment for each other. These are designs meant majorly for friendships.

Is this pinky promise Japanese?

A pinky promise in Japan is often related to a little song. Just from reading children’s rhymes, the Japanese culture of promise making can be seen.

When was the pinky promise invented?

The pinky promise originated in 1860 accompanied by the following promise – pinky, pinky, bow-bell. Whosoever tells a lie will sink down to a bad place and never rise up again.

What do pinky promises symbolize?

Signifying a promise that cannot be broken, a popular emblem for pinky promise tattoo designs is about close friendships or serious bonds. 

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