97 Reasons Palm Trees Are Not Bad for You

If you love to travel, palm tree tattoos are a perfect reminder of the amazing times you’ve had on your trip. Whether you opt for black inked palm trees or a colorful palm tree with a beach and the yellow and red sun setting in the background, these tattoos look very stunning.

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50+ Reasons Palm Trees Are Not Bad for You

There is no need to get alone with a palm tree design. You can be as creative as you want with your tattoo design.

We are going to discuss the 50 + different Palm tree designs which you can flaunt this year:

Meaning of palm tree symbolic 

Palm trees also have a unique symbolic meaning like any other tattoo. Palm trees are easily recognizable and often found in Coastal regions or places famous for their beaches. 

There are a variety of palm trees like areca palm, date palm, coconut palm etc. But when it comes to Palm tree design, old date palm trees are the first choice. This tree represents immortality. Moreover, the UNESCO heritage list represents them as the universal symbol of prosperity. The palm tree branches represent victory, triumph and peace. In some of the regions, the palm branch represents the god symbol.

Most popular Palm trees designs and Ideas

We have a wide range of Palm trees. We can choose whatever we want. The symbolic representation of these Palm trees made them a great choice. So, if you are planning to get a tattoo, select Palm trees. These tattoos not only hold a symbolic meaning but also look beautiful.

Before going to a tattoo designer and getting it inked, research what kind of tattoo you want and where. If you are new to tattoos, then always start with a small tattoo to hide it if you don’t like it. If you do not have any design in your mind, you can ask the designer to show you the options and choose whichever you want. You can ask for modifications from them according to your requirements. You can get inked with small or large tattoos of a palm tree alone or some colorful beaches with it. Never go for a new designer or cheap tattoo artist. It would help if you always chose an experienced professional artist with a great rapport in marketing. Getting tattooed is a permanent thing, and you should be ready for it mentally as well.

Let’s take a look at some fantastic Palm trees and their beautiful designs:

1. Palm tree bicep tattoo design

A palm tree bicep tattoo is for you if you are a fitness freak and have toned biceps. The palm tree looks so beautiful with some elements. But always remember that sometimes lesser things keep it more attractive.

Image: @linhtrantattoo

2. Classic Palm tree tattoo design

If you love black and bold tattoos, this tattoo is a perfect choice. You can add some elements to it. These tattoos look so appealing on lower arms.

Image: @scarverhanney

3. Watercolor Palm tree tattoos design

You will surely love this tattoo if you love tropical places or beaches. You can choose a beautiful palm tree scene along with water, setting sun etc. Choose whatever color you like and make it look even more attractive. Be ready to flaunt your tattoo on your next beach vacation.

Image: @constan_tina

4. Palm tree sleeve tattoos

It will be the perfect tattoo for people looking to get something beautiful on their sleeve. In addition, the Palm tree design is the ideal choice for the larger frame.

Image: @jessemercadotattooist

5. Geometric palm tree tattoo designs

It is clear from the name itself that this design has a geometric pattern with a palm tree. This tattoo is ideal for men and will look elegant on their arms.

Image: @gokceozaslan

6. Traditional Palm tree tattoos design

It is a unique tattoo design. This design has excellent components of the tropical district; get a palm tree carved in the dark and the rest of the features in grey ink. Then, get it inked on your feet and it will give a tropical vibe.

Image: @violeticamx

7. Palm tree forearm tattoos

This palm tree forearm tattoo looks so simple but elegant. You can select a traditional Palm tree and some tropical elements. This tattoo is ideal for the Forearm.

Image: @ez_inktattoos

8. Best Palm tree tattoo design with wave on foot

The foot is one of the best placements for the small palm tree. Adding some oceanic waves with this palm tree tattoo can look more beautiful.

Image: @palmtree_tattoos

9. Palm tree tattoos with sea and sun for holiday vibes

This tattoo is meant for you if you are a beach lover. The lower arm is the best placement for this tattoo.

Image: @smile_you_sonuvabitch

10. Two intertwined palm trees in a circle tattoo

Two intertwined palm trees in a circular pattern look beautiful in black or colorful ink. Get it inked with other elements like glazing sun, birds and breezy beach in colored ink. This circular palm tree tattoo looks perfect on the arm.

Image: @artxchrisfortuna

11. Foxtail Palm tree tattoo designs

It is an excellent design for those ready to get Palm Tree. The ideal place for this tattoo is on the wrist. Foxtail palm trees look great whether you get them to the shoulder or on the arm. This tattoo seems incredible in small and large frames.

Image: @jason_hampstead

12. Veitchia Palm tree tattoo designs

Veitchia Palm tree plants look excellent because of their beauty and the foliage around them. Get it alone on your wrist area. It looks great!

Image: @ant_grayce

13. Forearm Palm tree tattoos

The palm tree tattoo is one of the best tattoos for the Forearm. You can get it engraved in both small and large sizes.

Image: @culletonparamore

14. Best Sleeve tattoo designs

If you are looking for something dark and big, then a giant palm tree tattoo along with other elements will be the best choice for you.

Image: @yo.tattoos

15. Best ankle Palm tree tattoos

A small palm tree on the ankle looks excellent. You can try adding some waves with it.

Image: @rebel_ink_801

16. Date palm tree tattoo ideas design

Date palm tattoo design with white background and high-quality ink will look royal and classy. This tattoo looks great in smaller and larger sizes. The colorful ink will enhance the beauty of this design. The date palm tree symbolizes the tree of life, making it even more popular.

Image: @paria.tattoo.art

17. Two palms intertwined tattoo design

The two palms intertwined tattoo design represents the blossoming of eternal love. This tattoo will be a perfect choice for people who are in love. Two colored palms intertwined look so beautiful and express happiness, joyful moments and immense love. If you are a nature lover, you don’t think twice before getting this tattoo inked. 

Image: @firmatattoostudio

18. Queen palm tree tattoos design

The queen palm tattoo design is so popular. Queen palm, also known as the cocos palm, is native to South America. This coconut palm tree tattoo makes a beautiful design. The green foliage attached to this design enhances its beauty.

Image: @alexisaffliction

19. Palm with sun tattoos on girls thigh

A sleek and slender palm tree is the perfect fit for girls who love to wear shorts. By adding a sun along with the palm tree tattoo give them holiday vibes.

Image: @mylielynnharper

20. Small palm tree tattoo ideas

A small palm tree tattoo looks good, and it is easy to hide it as well. So, if you are looking for something small in tattoos, go for a tiny palm tree tattoo.

Image: @inkrediblestudio

21. Best Palm tree tattoos for Girls

Palm trees are the best choice whether it is for boys or girls. Girls can get this tattoo in small size on their finger, ankle or behind the ear.

Image: @Espinho_tattoo_linhafina

22. Black tribal palm tree tattoos

A simple black tribal palm tree tattoo alone is enough to show its beauty. Then, you can decide on a small or large tattoo as per your choice. For example, a tiny tattoo could be the best choice for the Wrist, Finger, or ankle; however, you can choose your ribcage for a large one.

Image: @ikova_ink

23. Areca palm tree tattoo ideas for design

Areca palm tree tattoo design is one of the less known designs. If you want to stand out in people for your design, then Areca palm design is the best choice. You can get it tattooed alone or with other elements. It is going to be an eye-catching tattoo for your palm region.

Image: @luckyluke8282

24. Small Palm tree tattoo ideas design

If you are planning to get your first tattoo, go for a small palm tree tattoo. A small Palm tree design would be perfect. These tattoos look insanely elegant but simple, and the place of the tattoo makes them more beautiful. A small palm tree will be on your finger, behind your ear or ankle, making them look more attractive and style quotient.

Image: @loutat2

25. Palm tree tattoos for tree lovers

If you love trees, then the palm tree will be a perfect choice for you. Palm trees look beautiful in small and larger sizes.

Image: @motattt

26. Tree of life phoenix tattoo ideas

Tree of life phoenix tattoo design is one of the most popular designs for people looking for something unique. This tree design will look mesmerizing on the back and shoulder.

Image: @alexmoritattoo

27. Black Inked Tiny Palm tree tattoos on Finger

Small tattoos are always trendy and go to tattoo. These tattoos are so small that they are easy to hide. It is a classy and evergreen choice for small tiny tattoos.

Image: @ciro_cali_tattooer

28. Coconut Palm tree tattoo designs

The palm tree alone looks so beautiful. But the palm tree with coconut hanging below looks perfect. This beautiful design of the coconut palm tree represents the fruitful results of your effort. You can try getting things alone or two in black ink.

Image: @mothmanderstattoo

29. Simple palm tree tattoo outline

If you are looking for something small and elegant palm tree tattoo, this is the right choice. Get this palm tree outline tattoo inked on your thumb, finger or behind the ear.

Image: @radhands_

30. Palm tree with an airplane tattoo

This design is the perfect choice for people passionate about traveling, especially tropical paradise places or islands. This tattoo will look more graceful with a sun inked with it in black ink.

Image: @nag.tatouages

31. Palm trees in heart shape tattoo design

If you love someone and want to show them how much they matter to you, then go for this tattoo. First, get two palm trees inked on your arm, making a heart shape. Then, if you like, get your partner’s name inked in the heart tattoo design.

Image: @weezer.tattoo

32. Palm tree with flower tattoo design

If you are a nature lover, then a palm tree with a flower design attached to it will be the best choice for you. You can get this tattoo inked in colorful ink and color of your choice. This design looks so beautiful and lively texture with colored ink.

Image: @zachmfvolatile

33. Palm tree tattoos design with waves

Palm trees with wave designs are one of the best choices for beach life lovers. This design is popular in black and with vibrant colors as well. This design looks so beautiful in both small and increasingly large palm tree sizes. However, if you get it, it inked on your ankle in a small size that will look so mesmerizing.

Image: @thegigilyn

34. Best Arm tattoo for boy

Boys love to have big tattoos on their arms, and the palm tree makes it easier for them to choose. They can go for more giant palm trees along with beautiful scenic views. It will look stunning in black and colored in both inks.

Image: @igal_xink

35. Couple of Matching Palm tree tattoos

Palm trees for couples are a good option. They can go for the matching palm trees or go with the pair of two palm trees that make them look like perfect heart tattoos.

Image: @darkhorse_tattoo

36. Palm tree tattoo designs

We have several palm tree tattoo designs to have. They look fantastic if we select small or large or go with colored or black ink. By adding some elements with it and making it even more beautiful. They look great with sun, beach or airplane with it or by adding a skull to make it even more impressive.

Image: @beautiful_tattoos_1

37. Majestic Palm tree tattoo designs

This majestic Palm tree design is excellent if you look for different and uncommon tattoos. You can get this tattoo Inked on your shoulder in color or black ink.

Image: @fossilinkandartistry

38. European Fan Palm tree tattoo designs

Again, it is a stunning tattoo design; you can get it on your back or your shoulder. You can get it either alone or with some other elements.

Image: @nito_ink

39. Palm with skull tattoo design

Skull tattoo alone looks so beautiful. It represents loneliness or death. But when this skull tattoo gets inked with a palm tree, it is more attractive and inked. This tattoo is ideal if you plan to get it on your arms.

Image: @gabdeer

40. Small Palm tree tattoos design on arm

A small palm tree on the arm looks great. Its slender figure looks stunning on a girl’s arm.

Image: @yanninkstattoo

41. Women Chest Palm trees tattoo ideas

A palm tree on a woman’s chest looks stunning. Adding a tiny element with it will enhance its beauty.

Image: @pokedbypeachs

42. Small ankle Palm tree tattoos

A small tree on the ankle is trendy among girls. Girls often love the outline design of palm trees too.

Image: @mkirkuptattoo

43. Palm tree with stars and moon tattoo

If you love traveling, you must have seen the night scenic view of palm trees with stars and moon. This view undoubtedly looks beautiful and will be perfect for getting it inked on your lower arm. So don’t hesitate; get this tattoo inked now.

Image: @yezomini

44. Palm trees with mountains inside the bear tattoo design

This tattoo design is so creative and unique in itself. This tattoo will look fabulous on your lower arm. So get this beautiful tree inked inside the bear and flaunt it.

Image: @zealandtattoo

45. Palm tree with bus tattoo designs

If you love traveling, then this tattoo is meant for you. Imagine a bus alongside two or three palm trees will look gorgeous and show the traveling nature.

Image: @shoto3ink

46. Palm leg tattoo

A solitary tree or with some other elements, both are an excellent choice. You can choose whatever you like.

Image: @beckss_tattooer

47. Palm trees inside the bottle tattoo design

Are you looking for something out of the box? Try this unique tattoo, and it will look so beautiful. This tattoo will look so good in a larger size. Get this tattoo inked with some cool shade like in black with grey shades. Get two intertwined palm trees in watercolor. It is a good choice for the arm.

Image: @jvckbarrow

48. Palm with sun tattoo design

 As discussed earlier, the palm tree and other elements make the tattoo look beautiful. Palm tree beach tattoo with the sun makes it exceptionally beautiful. You can get it inked in black or colored.

Image: @tattooist_itda

49. Palm tree tattoo design with sea and sun

As I said above, a Palm tree with a glittery sea and sun looks mesmerizing. Just think a palm tree with blue sea, and yellow and red sun in the background would give a lively feeling to your tattoo.

Image: @leahtattoos631

50. Palm tree tattoo design with sunset and sea waves

It is an ideal tropical sunset or some other scene for people passionate about oceans and palm trees. Get this one carved on your lower arm or your back.

Image: @tatt_by_ajay

51. Colorful tattoo

Colorful tattoos are as popular as black-inked tattoos. They make the tattoo look alive. For example, a palm tree in colored ink and some elements make it look even more beautiful.

Image: @black_tides_tattoo_wil

52. Best female Palm trees tattoo

Palm trees are one of the best options for females. They look stunning because of their long and slender trunk figures.

Image: @y_f_shu

Palm tree tattoo designs

53. Palm tree tattoo designs with a quote

How about you wake up every day and see your favorite quote inked on your wrist with your Palm tree design. Most people love inspirational quotes to keep them going on in their life. This kind of tattoo represents a laid-back lifestyle.

Image: @diabolikalink

54. Palm tree painting tattoo

This type of tattoo looks like a painting on your body parts along with the name. You can make as many changes as you want with natural elements. For example, you can get this tattoo Inked on your lower arm in a square box.

Image: @damien246

55. Coconut palm tree tattoo designs

It is one of the most popular Palm tree designs. It looks stunning with a large frame. You can get it inked on your back in a larger structure.

Image: @tatasaurus41

56. Women Arm Palm trees tattoo designs

If you love to wear sleeveless tops, this tattoo is for you. A palm tree with a long and lean trunk looks fantastic on the arms.

Image: @ssoniaj

57. Simple and small palm tree tattoo design on Finger

Suppose you love palm trees but are not comfortable with prominent tattoos. Then you have the option of getting a tiny palm tattoo on your finger as well.

Image: @alexadubbs

58. 3D Palm tree tattoo Ideas

Palm trees look great with ink, but how about 3D palm trees? That will make it look so lively.

Image: @jipsyrose

59. Arecaceae palm tree tattoo designs with branches

It is one of the unique and beautiful designs to get inked. This design may look simple, but this design looks fantastic with branches and leaves. It can be etched alone or with elements.

Image: @kylejeffas

60. Best Palm tree tattoo designs for women

There are many tattoos for women. When it comes to palm trees, they have many options. They look astonishing in big and small sizes. It becomes much more attractive when some creativity is with it.

Image: @maurotattoist

61. Best Tiny Tree Tattoos on Ankle

Tiny palm tree looks classy and elegant, whether on your finger or your ankle. That’s why it is one of the best choices for girls.

Image: @the.cornflake

62. Placement of Palm trees tattoo

Palm trees are pretty popular because of their simplicity and their uniqueness. But one more thing that makes it more remarkable is the placement. These tattoos are popular for small and large frames. You can opt for a small tattoo to hide it quickly. You can choose a larger one to flaunt everyone. They will look elegant on any body part according to your requirement and choice.

For instance, if you choose a small tree alone, then the Wrist, ankle or Finger can be the best place to get it inked. However, if you select a large tattoo, you can get it etched on the rib area, back, or leg. The other placements for the palm tattoos are shoulder, behind the ear, Forearm, foot etc.

You can flaunt your palm tattoos on any part of your tattoo. They look stunning wherever they are etched. These palm tree tattoos give visual satisfaction.

Image: @smashtasticallydelicious

Best Palm tree tattoo designs

63. Forearm Palm tree tattoo designs

A palm tree on the Forearm is trendy among men. A palm tree with dark black ink and grey shades makes it look stunning.

Image: @loutat2

64. Palm tree tattoo designs with birds and sun

If you are looking for something beautiful and extraordinary, your search ends here. A palm tree with birds and sun looks exceptionally beautiful. If you get it inked in color, this will be the most beautiful design for a tattoo.

Image: @leehumphs_tattooer

65. Palm tree leaf tattoo

If you want a small tattoo, go for a palm tree leaf. It is going to look exceptionally delicate and beautiful. You can get this tattoo on your wrist or behind the ear too. The palm leaves look exceptionally beautiful.

Image: @grateful_red_pokes

66. Palm tree beach tattoo with mermaid and sun

Palm tree beach tattoos with a mermaid, sun and beach tattoo design tell about the elements that make it beautiful. This colorful tattoo looks nothing less than a perfect scenery design. So what are you waiting for to get this tattoo inked with sun, sea, palm and the beautiful mermaid? This tattoo will look exceptionally beautiful on your Forearm.

Image: @ezetommytattoo

67. Impressive Palm tree with skull tattoo ideas for men

A palm tree with a skull is so famous among men. Toned biceps are the best place to get this tattoo inked. Adding a skull head instead of a coconut will make it look excellent.

Image: @madmaxwallace

Image: @laurencoley_tattoo

68. Big Palm tree tattoo designs

Big palm tree tattoo designs are as popular as these small ones. The giant palm in a dark color, along with the beach and other elements on the shoulder or biceps, looks excellent.

Image: @aleksandar_justtattoo

69. Palm tree with heart tattoo design

Palm tree with heart tattoo design looks fantastic, and it is an excellent fit for lovers. Two palm trees making a red heart is very popular.

Image: @carlandink

70. Geometric patterns of Palm tree tattoo design

There are several ways to give old tattoos a new and trendy look. For example, a palm tree in a geometrical shape makes it look unique.

Image: @bagtattoostudio

71. Best leg tattoo designs ever

The palm tree looks great on the back of the leg. Two palm trees making a heart shape is also famous for the legs. Adding a quote instead of a trunk makes it different.

Image: @x_pandarchy

72. Shoulder back tattoo

A palm tree on the back shoulder looks impressive. It is both favored among girls and boys. No matter if you get a small palm or a bigger one, it will look good.

Image: @gazoo_tt

73. Colored Palm tree tattoo

A colored palm tree is as famous as the black palm. The colored ink makes the palm look more lively and beautiful.

Image: @redeyecoyote

74. Palm tree in a circle tattoo design

A simple palm tree tattoo but a beautiful design. This tattoo can look stunning in black. Don’t forget to add some elements like waves or sun along with it. The best thing about these tattoos is that they look beautiful in small and large frames

Image: @therayquinday

75. Palm trees for feet tattoo

This small and beautiful design is perfect for your feet. This tattoo is going to look incredibly beautiful in minimal size.

Image: @tattooholic_emma

76. Palm tree with ship tattoos

Palm with ships makes a perfect tattoo design. Get this inked in black with grey shades. Don’t forget to add other elements like waves, sun and birds.

Image: @james_severson

77. Palm tree tattoos in a Triangle tattoo design

As discussed earlier, we can add so many elements with palm trees. The triangle tattoo design with beautiful views like the beach makes it look elegant. The sun setting in the background will enhance the beauty of this Palm tree. It will look elegant within a triangle design to create a stunning tropical design.

Image: @terrystattoos

78. Lion with a palm tree tattoo design

There are so many designs of lions that show the fearless and fierce and daring nature of one person. A lion with a palm tree tattoo is one among them. This tattoo symbolizes immortality and resurrection. The shoulder is the best place to get it etched if you like this tattoo.

Image: @castrotattoospr_

79. Awesome Palm tree tattoos ideas

There are many palm tree tattoo ideas to make it look even more beautiful. A palm tree along long waves and the sun behind it looks stunning. You can get more creative by adding a palm tree in a circular palm tree tattoo with a beautiful scenic view with colored ink.

Image: @nicholasleetattoo

80. Best Palm tree tattoos on the ear

The palm tree has multiple options for its placement like fingers, thigh, Forearm, behind the neck or the ear. A small palm tree looks stunning behind the ear.

Image: @tattoosbyvince

81. Palm tree bicep tattoo

A giant palm with dark black ink looks stunning on the biceps and is very popular.

Image: @hillsidestrangler11

82. Tiny wrist Palm trees tattoo

A tiny palm on the wrist looks gorgeous. It is trendy among girls.

Image: @lolagarau

83. Palm tree with mountain tattoo design

The palm, along with mountains, makes the tattoo look so beautiful. Please don’t make it filled with so many elements. Keep it as simple as you can. If you like, you can consider adding a sun with it.

Image: @mighele

84. Colored Palm tree tattoo design

If you think of a classic Palm tree, then this one’s for you. Get a colored two entwined palm trees tattoo design. This colorful tattoo will make it look so beautiful and lively.

Image: @annis.tattoos

85. 3D Palm tree tattoo Ideas

Realistic tattoo designs are so in demand these days. So if you are looking for a natural but elegant design, go for this one.

Image: @osidax_ink

86. Tiny tattoo

Palm trees in tiny shapes are also trendy. They are perfect for the finger or behind the ear placement.

Image: @tattooshurt

87. Simple and small tattoos

Everyone’s choice is different. If one person likes to fill their arms with big tattoos, that doesn’t mean someone will also like it. For those people, the palm is a great option to have. Simple and small palm tattoos look mesmerizing.

Image: @tattooist_dante

88. Palm tree finger tattoo

The palm tree design is the perfect tattoo for your finger. These tattoos are easy to hide whenever needed. It is a small palm tattoo for the newbies.

Image: @lucycore_authentic

89. Palm tree with heart tattoo design

This tattoo is an excellent design for sea lovers. Just imagine a black palm tree with a red heart tree beside it. It is going to look so unique and beautiful.

Image: @explicitinktattoo

90. Lodoicea palm tree tattoo

The Lodoicea tree looks so beautiful itself. There is no chance it will disappoint when it comes to getting inked on your feet or ankle.

Image: @olivier_chabot_tattoo

91. Tiny Palm trees tattoo on Finger

A tiny palm tree is an excellent choice for a finger. It looks stunning and is easy to hide if needed.

Image: @lowcarb_by_efka

92. Shoulder palm tree tattoo inked girl 

A palm tree on the back shoulder looks very beautiful. Whether the tree is inked in black ink or colored, both are awesome and make your shoulder look stunning.

Image: @wellnessaudrey

93. Back Palm tree tattoos design for shoulder

As we now know, palm trees represent longevity. Getting it inked on the back makes it look more sophisticated and elegant. So if you love to wear off-shoulder tops, this tattoo will make you look so beautiful. This tattoo looks so beautiful on a medium and fair skin tone.

Image: @sunhan.tattoo

94. Tiny palm tree tattoo for wrist

Tiny tattoos have their importance when it comes to tattoos. One can get it inked in small size and flaunt at their convenience.

These tattoos are a perfect choice for finger tattoos.

Image: @ankh.jen

95. Small ankle Palm tree tattoo

A tiny ankle palm tattoo is best for you if you plan to get your first tattoo. Then, get it engraved on the back of your ankle, and you are ready to go.

Image: @tattooer_dogy

96. Classic Palm tree tattoo design

A palm tree symbolizes eternity. That’s why a classic palm tree tattoo design looks fantastic.

Image: @raychilltattoos

97. Watercolor Palm tree tattoo design 

Black ink and colorful tattoos look stunning, but watercolor palm tattoos are no less than them. The watercolor palm tree tattoo looks like an accurate scenic view.

Image: @tattooist_dang


Palm trees have been an ideal choice for tattoos. It doesn’t matter where it is getting placed. All you have to do is go to a renowned tattoo artist with great rapport in the market.


What does the Palm tree symbolize in the Bible?

Palm tree symbolizes vacations and relaxation. According to the Bible, Palm branches symbolize victory, triumph, peace and eternal life. However, Palm trees represent the garden of wisdom and goodness.

How much would a Palm tree cost?

There is no fixed cost for Palm trees. It depends on the tattoo and its small or big size. If you want a black inked or colorful tattoo, that also affects the cost of the price.

What do trees symbolize in tattoos?

There are so many trees and their species. Each one of them has its Meaning. However, tree tattoos symbolize wisdom, strength, spirituality, longevity, nourishment etc.

What is the best placement choice for a palm tattoo?

There is no fixed place to get a tattoo. Instead, it depends on the choice of the tattoo and its size. For instance, if you look for a small palm tree, the finger or ankle is the best place. But if you want a large palm tree and other elements, get it inked on the shoulder, lower arm, or back.

What’s the best age for getting a tattoo?

There is no right or wrong time to get a tattoo. If you are 16-18 years old, you are adult enough to get it. There is no rule that you can’t get one tattoo at 40. The right time to get a tattoo is when you feel you want to.

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