152 Detail Oriented And Exotic Ornamental Tattoos With Stunning Look

Ornamental Tattoos are rapidly gaining popularity amongst tattoo fans because they are gorgeous, creative and appealing. The decorative tattoo designs look amazing when paired with classical and mandala patterns, and they get a lot of attention.

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152 Detail Oriented And Exotic Ornamental Tattoos With Stunning Look

The oldest traces of decorative tattoo designs may be discovered in the Roman Empire, when they were apparent on tapestries, textiles and furniture in the shape of leaf and flower patterns.

Ornamental tattoo designs are timeless; in Indian culture, ornaments were used as a symbol of social position and wealth and to improve the attractiveness of both men and women. As a result, ornamental tattoos are intricate and gorgeous.

What Is An Ornamental Tattoo Symbolic For?

Aside from being a lovely adornment, an ornament frequently has a secret purpose. First and foremost, ornamental tattoos represent exceptional protection.

Many people have charms tattooed on their bodies, believing that they provide support and security in tough times.

Tattoo decorations, which came from a period when our forefathers would seek aid from many deities, have inspired such symbolism and meanings.

The ornament might represent fecundity, strength, beauty, enlightenment, divine understanding, well-being, and a link with the cosmos, among other things, based on the parts of the picture.

Floral and evergreen ornaments have been thought to signify peace, beauty, security, and family joy since ancient times; red was also a favored hue. In decorative tattoos, the lotus flower represents sunlight, righteousness, cleanliness, and immortality.

Our forefathers thought that the color red warded off negative energy. Tattooing was frequently used as a coming-of-age ceremony to mark a child’s passage into maturity.

Ornamental tattoos, on the other hand, no longer have to have a hidden purpose or connotation; they may just be a beautiful and appealing image.

An ornamental tattoo might be a perfect alternative for you if you want a superb aesthetically attractive tattoo with intricate and exotic designs; they are distinctive, detail-specified, and marvelously attractive.

Check out our selection of stunning and uncommon decorative tattoos, and you’ll be enthralled and eager to have one on your body.

1. Sunflower Ornamental Tattoo

Ink a joyful symbol of energy on your body with an ornamental sunflower tattoo. The sunflower that has its own beauty depicts the bright side of the universe as it blooms under the bright sun.

However, when inked on your body, this tattoo can be a beautiful representation of joy and happiness. The eccentric design of this is quite compelling and attracts everyone with its appealing aesthetics.

Image: @leanneckerr

Image: @follow_tattooer_pafumi

2. Flower Ornamental Tattoo

Flowers, known for their vibrancy, are often taken as a symbol of love, beauty and femininity. You can use varied colors in the flower tattoo to raise its beauty. However, inking it with black ink gives the flower purely clear and crisp aesthetics.

The shaded leaves and the addition of the ornamental design in this tattoo make it a masterpiece. It is a medium-sized tattoo that you can have either on the back of the neck or the leg.

Image: @saturninks_

Image: @thelastsailors

Image: @tattu_anna

3. Vintage Pistol Tattoo Design

Do you love the cowboy style and the vintage pistol? Why don’t you ink this vintage pistol tattoo on your body with the stunning ornamental depiction to exhibit your love of the 90s?

The intricate detailing done on the gun can give you apparently stunning aesthetics. Have this tattoo shine out among your gang members!

Image: @irislamht

Image: @artease

4. Watercolor Cross Ornamental Tattoo

For the love of colors, you can have this tattoo! This type of tattoo surely gives you the desired look that lets you shine. The versatility of the vibrant colors and ornamental depiction of cross-like structures is quite appealing to the eyes.

The bird made at one side of the tattoo enhances the overall beauty of this art piece.

Image: @carrieblacktattoo

5. Ornamental Dotted Cross Tattoo

While it’s fine to choose a religious tattoo with great meanings and symbolism. These designs can somewhat look a bit dull, as many individuals prefer to have such a tattoo.

Although, adding a bit of design in an ornamental way helps to raise its aesthetic appeal. The flower behind the cross accentuates the original beauty of this tattoo.

Image: @davidfrancky_kalalo

Image: @leoparditattoo

Image: @garyhessstudios

6. Bold Black Forearm Ornamental Tattoo

While it’s fine to choose a religious tattoo with great meanings and symbolism. These designs can somewhat look a bit dull, as many individuals prefer to have such a tattoo.

Although, adding a bit of design in an ornamental way helps to raise its aesthetic appeal. The flower behind the cross accentuates the original beauty of this tattoo.

Image: @ornamentalika

Image: @ornamentalika

7. Ornamental Leg Tattoo

Looking for a masterpiece to embellish on your body? Having this ornamental tattoo can surely be your next catch. The black petals of the flowers can enhance the overall beauty of this marvelous tattoo.

The placement of this tattoo is also very captivating, extending from the whole foot to the leg. You can also go with a minimalistic design, as given in the following picture, that can give you a fascinating look.

Image: @mubodyarts

Image: @jadejay.ink

Image: @mugshot.tattoo

Image: @salome_ink_and_art

8. Lion Chest Tattoo

This big cat is one of the amazing and popular tattoo designs that you can embellish on your body. To represent your strength and power, this might be a good option for you.

Show your brave heart by inking this masterpiece on your body. Here, this large lion art piece is filled with amazing detailing, giving the lion a realistic look.

Image: @aaronmitchelltattoo

9. Geometric Ornamental Tattoo

If you want to represent balance, and stability in your life, ink this perfect geometric ornamental tattoo on your body. Here, the beautiful depiction of Art with waves and lines is just done perfectly.

All the beauty of this tattoo lies in its precise and clean looks. We’re sure you’ll get caught in this mystical appeal. 

Image: @txttooing

Image: @dkcampostattoo

Image: @classicinkandmods

10. Full Back Piece Ornamental Tattoo

From the dotted lines back to the completely covered back in an ornamental style, both are trending styles of tattoo. You can have either tattoo that excites you the most.

Go with a minimalistic one if you love sober things. The dotted pattern is usually made on such types of tattoos.

However, fully covered back pieces with great intricate detailings can also be a fine choice.

Image: @andnevs

Image: @blkinkcollective

Image: @bitchy_ksc

Image: @leepriddytattoo

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11. Tribal Ornamental Tattoo

Tribal tattoos have amazing aesthetics of their own and can be inked on your body in an ornamental way. You can see the brilliant work done here, showing the hard work of the tattoo artists.

Almost the whole of the area is fully covered with bold black, giving fascinating looks to the wearer. These types of tattoos are enough to captivate onlookers.

Image: @terzo_occhio_tattoo_piercing

Image: @arnaldotattooart

Image: @dermistattoo

Image: @ancientt.ink

12. Black Mandala On Hand Tattoo

You may also stand out from the crowd by getting a gorgeous mandala hand tattoo. This hand tattoo is beautiful and covers the front of your hand. The intricacies are extremely delicate and detailed.

This is the right design for your hand if you’re a college student or someone who wants to attempt a different type of tattooing.

This is one of the most beautiful classic mandala tattoo designs that has been ornamented.

Image: @odysea_tattoo_studio

Image: @marceloatelier

Image: @ezratattoos

Image: @stressfreitattoo

13. Black Ornamental Mandala Tattoo On Back

Having a tattoo on the back gives ample space for the tattoo artist to work on details. The reason why it is one of the preferred locations for intricate tattoos.

A tattoo filled with intricate detailing will also look good. You can go with a deep black shaded tattoo or minimal tattoos with just outlines, as both styles would set the aesthetic appeal of these tattoos.

Image: @gorranegratatuajes

Image: @yankeetattooinkgold

Image: @caesarbacchvs_tattoos

Image: @norinatattoo

14. Black Finger Tattoo 

Tattoos generally fade with time, with fingers being the faster one to fade away. However, finger tattoos are a good option when you need a smaller tattoo. Such a type of tattoo often gives you cool vibes.

Generally, you can go with any tattoo design that you think would work well on your fingers, from simple minimal one to bold with something extra.

Image: @xanadenruyter.art

Image: @blacklotustattoostudio

Image: @susannmarleen

15. Realistic 3D Black And Grey Ornamental Tattoo

Giving a bracelet-like appearance, this one is a beautiful piece to have on your body. Such embellishment is good for your body. The intricate pattern with bold black ink gives you amazing tempting visuals.

If you love the beautiful art piece designs and patterns that seem like an ornament, this is a perfect illustration for you.

Image: @dilxon_ink

Image: @overdriveromatattoo

Image: @skullpigments

Image: @makinucci

16. Ornamental Snake Tattoo

Snakes are beautiful reptiles that have a beautiful appeal of their own. Most importantly, when they’re incorporated with leaves, it gives them amazing feminine appeal.

Here, the addition of an ornamental piece at one side of the snake gives the whole tattoo a creative look. Nothing can match the uniqueness of this tattoo.  

Image: @faye.tattoos

Image: @estudio.eterno

Image: @rami.kintsugi

17. Lotus Ornamental Tattoo 

Getting a tattoo that is commonly used in the tattooing industry will not let you stand out. However, adding extra elements to the common tattoo can convert it into an extraordinary one.

The embellishing pattern of this tattoo with an intricate dot-like pattern and amazing shading gives the whole tattoo a distinctive appeal.   

Image: @kamilla_oliveira__tattoo

Image: @marcia_martao_ink

Image: @klein_tattoo

Image: @jay__bmx

18. Traditional Ornamental Tattoo Design

What a brilliant masterpiece it is! The incorporation of amazing lines, curves, and leaves makes this one a stunning masterpiece. The white dots added to this tattoo enhances the appearance and aesthetics of the tattoo.

The overall beauty of this tattoo lies in the sweet detailings of this piece.

Image: @elizabethftattoos

19. Neck Ornamental Tattoo

The neck is usually an uncommon placement for tattoos. But, when it comes to ornamental tattoos, it is not true. Most ornamental tattoos are placed on the neck region, giving a touch of a necklace or any other ornamental piece.

However, you should want to consult your tattoo artist first before tattooing your as it is a delicate area with thin skin.

Image: @black_wood_tattooshop_

Image: @sasa_salva_tore

Image: @ribasxvx

Image: @good.juju.tattoo

20. Ornamental Infinity Tattoo

Linked to immortality and foreverness, these tattoos are a powerful depiction of an unending system. Such a type of tattoo is perfect for both men and women.

You can adorn this tattoo in an ornamental style, giving the wearer a tempting aesthetic. If you want to go with a bold infinity tattoo, the second picture of the infinity tattoo is a good one.

Image: @dasha.tattooing

Image: @jevetattoosandtarot

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21. Female Portrait Shoulder Tattoo

For females who want to show the world their gorgeous and glamorous side, you can have a female portrait shoulder tattoo!

The cute ornamental pieces embellishing the portrait are great and add beauty to the beauty of this whole tattoo. Select this tattoo if you want to shine as a perfect feminist.

Image: @ermetica_tattoo

22. Rose Flower Ornamental Tattoo

Rose, a pure emblem of love and romance, is typically used in the tattooing industry because of its beautiful aesthetic appeal. However, such tattoos are inked with different ornamental styles.

The addition of charms and pendants and the use of black ink give this masterpiece a striking appearance.

Image: @samtattooindia

23. Skull Ornamental Tattoo

Do you want to make a major impact on your peers? Try out this ornamental skull tattoo that is inked with perfect detailing to give this tattoo a striking appearance.

This tattoo depicts the wearer’s rebellious side combined with overcoming the death challenges. Decorating this tattoo in an ornamental style adds an element of beauty to this tattoo.

Image: @lapetiteink

Image: @vikyfoxtattoo

Image: @l_wrenpayne

Image: @tattoocrow

24. Lower Chest Ornamental Tattoo

The lower chest is the perfect location for having a tattoo. It gives you a glamorous appearance, making your body more sensuous. The leaves here are made with black ink but give a faded texture to the edges of the leaves.

The way how it mesmerizingly covers the lower chest area is phenomenal.

Image: @zouz.ttt

Image: @musatattooshop

25. Shoulder Ornamental Tattoo

How can you miss this classic style? This is one of the clear and precise tattoos that cover almost the whole shoulder area. The way the circle enlarges from the end is so beautifully done, enhancing the beauty of the wearer.

Image: @gayatree.talisman.tattoo

Image: @gor.tattoo

Image: @alexey_ornamentaltattoo

Image: @universewithintattoo

26. Heart Ornamental Tattoo

A heart, another wonderful symbol of love, can be inked on the skin with ornamental features. A heart-shaped pattern, when decorated with ornamental elements, gives a touch of elegance to the wearer.

The center filled with amazing shading and contouring sets the whole aura of the tattoo.

Image: @deshewaa_tattoo

Image: @jane.again

27. Full Sleeve Ornamental Tattoo

Such a type of tattoo is for those who love applying henna on their hands. It has its origins in India, where henna is worn by females in a stylish way.

However, this ornamental type of tattoo is done beautifully on the wearer’s hand. The combination of different shapes makes this art piece stand out.

Image: @marjunglm

Image: @ornamentalika

Image: @ornamentalika

28. Wolf Ornamental Tattoo

For its wild nature and deep connections with family, love and security, wolf tattoos are among the most famous body art designs for males. A wolf tattoo may also be customized to fit any style.

A lone wolf tattoo might be ideal for you if you’ve made it through life by surviving and excelling via your abilities.

Image: @clarelizabeth_tattoo

Image: @djimperivm

29. Red Ornamental Tattoo

For decades, red ink has had a negative name, but these tattoos prove that they can be beautiful. In the tattoo field, red ink is regarded as the color that produces the most allergic responses and fades the fastest.

However, red ink allergies (and tattoo ink allergies in particular) are extremely unusual, and ink pigments have recently been upgraded to maintain the intensity of the color.

Image: @lapetiteink

Image: @cindyfrey_tattoos

Image: @gmaz 

30. Cosmic Cat Ornamental Tattoo

Cosmic cats have a beautiful charm that attracts every eye. It is one of the best adornments for inking on your body. The leopard is here taken as a cat and is embellished with a unique ornamental style.

This type of tattoo has its own appeal to attract the gazers.

Image: @universewithintattoo

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31. Detailed Ornamental Design

See the beautifully detailed design of this masterpiece. Almost the whole arm is covered with ink giving the wearer a bold and sensuous look. Those who have an expressive personality or a cool personality can have this type of tattoo.

Image: @jordanboziart

32. Clock Ornamental Tattoo

This fascinating clock tattoo made with bold and black detailing is done to give the wearer some exceptional looks. It holds abnormal uniqueness in its design, giving the wearer amazing looks. Here, the gorgeous beauty of this tattoo is really alluring.

Image: @tattoobykobbe

Image: @blackdiamondtat2

33. Shoulder And Chest Ornamental Tattoo

While choosing an outstanding breast tattoo design from the countless options may appear to be a daunting undertaking, this masterpiece is one for you!

As in the picture, the tattoo illustratively defines the beauty of this tattoo. The black ink used in this tattoo enhances the overall appeal of this tattoo.

Image: @blkinkcollective

Image: @ornamentalika

Image: @colemorelandart

34. Ornamental Feet Tattoo

The feet contain numerous nerve endings, making this the most painful area to get inked. The dotted structure embellishing the foot of the wearer is done stunningly, enhancing the overall look of the tattoo.

You can go with minimalistic designs to lessen the pain on your foot.

Image: @guacimaratattoo

Image: @amyla_poisontattoostudio_pz

35. Butterfly Ornamental Tattoo

Butterfly tattoos are quite famous and for an excellent purpose. The butterfly, which is considered a lovely, delicate component of creation, looks amazing when coupled with the body’s natural shape, no matter where it is placed.

Furthermore, butterfly patterns are highly customizable, enabling you to create a real, one-of-a-kind piece of ink.

Image: @lamagatattooer

Image: @michellemonster_

36. Ornamental Pattern Armband Design

An armband-designed tattoo is generally decorative and doesn’t have deep detailings. The bold ink that fades from the ends gives a striking appearance to this tattoo. The blue-colored band added to this tattoo elevates the appearance of this tattoo.

Image: @herzblut_tattoo_brig

Image: @tr.ink91

37. Ornamental Lotus Forearm Tattoo

Lotus flowers have a variety of meanings, making them one-of-a-kind and incredibly personal tattoos. The flower is thought to signify rising over the seduction and being a greater person in general.

The dark black ink complements the tattoo’s skin and personality very well.

Image: @landofoztattoo

38. Lotus And Moon Ornamental Tattoo

A moon and lotus flower tattoo are one of the most creative and distinctive tattoo designs available. It has an outstanding value to consider. The moon is a symbol of change, and when coupled with a lotus flower, it depicts change mixed with purity.

Image: @ermetica_tattoo

39. Upper Chest Ornamental Tattoo

Upper chest tattoos are good when you need a bold and sensual side. The eye in the center gives the wearer a unique and distinctive look. If you want such a distinctive tattoo to shine out.

Image: @hayleyinks

Image: @mony.tattoo

Image: @peypogram

Image: @silvia_tattoos

40. Mandala Ornamental Tattoo

Mandalas represent the harmony of heart and brain in Buddhism. Even in other Religions, mandalas are frequently integrated into religious artwork.

Mandalas as tattoos may signify a variety of things, like your internal equilibrium, your spirit and immortality, or something completely else.

Image: @chameleon.tattoo

Image: @n.tattoo_

Image: @chameleon.tattoo

Image: @mirabella_tat

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41. Outlined Ornamental Tattoo

What a beautiful masterpiece! The detailings carved in this tattoo give stunning looks to the wearer. The precise work done on this arm complements the wearer to its level best.

You can definitely try this tattoo for perfect aesthetics.

Image: @themonoink

Image: @goldendinatattoo

Image: @giovannalavezo

42. Peace Ornamental Tattoo

What a beautiful masterpiece! The detailings carved in this tattoo give stunning looks to the wearer. The precise work done on this arm complements the wearer to its level best. You can definitely try this tattoo for perfect aesthetics.

Image: @mitchin.tattoos

43. Minimalist Ornamental Tattoo

See the beauty of this tattoo, how it extends beautifully from one end to the other. The foot and hand both look great in this unique and distinctive tattoo.

However, minimal tattoos tend to fade away faster than other bold tattoos. Behind the ear, hands and ankles can be the perfect location to have such a type of tattoo.

Image: @marina.inclinations.tat2ing

Image: @anaj.art7

Image: @marian.days.tattoo

Image: @changetattoocagli

44. Behind The Ear Ornamental Tattoo

Check this ornamental piece where the ear is embellished with the ornamental design. The shading and contouring on this tattoo captivate every eye. The use of flowers and other ornamental designs complements the wearer very well, enhancing their aesthetics.

Image: @skadi.ink

Image: @lufe.ink

45. Ornamental Feather Tattoo

Choose the Forearm as the ideal location for your next inkling if you want a large tattoo that you can show off.

The location’s appeal is that it’s large enough to accommodate a complex design while also being less painful than other areas due to the thickness of the skin and muscle.

Image: @vlad_octavian_tattooist

46. Matching Black Ornamental Tattoo

Check out the beauty of this masterpiece in which half the design is on the one hand, and the other half is on another one. When the tattoo wearer joins hands, the tattoo forms a beautiful flower-like structure.

This is one of the most unique ideas that you style on your body for best inking. Same tattoos, either body part makes the whole tattoo stand out.

Image: @sinrencortattoo

Image: @jadejay.ink

Image: @jadejay.ink

47. Traditional Ornamental Tattoo Design

This spiral structure is placed on the chest, which is a beautiful location. Moreover, the preciseness and the uniqueness of this tattoo are what attract you the most. The dotted structure added to this tattoo enhances the visual appeal of this tattoo.

Image: @cesarelchavez

48. Rose Ornamental Tattoo Design

Yet another stunning masterpiece of the rose design and light shading of the tattoo. The jewel hanging from the tattoo and the leafy structure designed above the tattoo comes to the notice the most and is done so intricately.

Have this type of tattoo if you want to shine out with a usual rose tattoo.

Image: @denny_mur_tattoo

Image: @charleybastida

Image: @maansikkelink

Image: @flaminkotattooheide_niroschi

49. Ornamental Rabbit Tattoo

Rabbit ornamental tattoos are frequently worn as good fortune charms, riches and plenty of trinkets and tributes to the wearer’s beauty of nature.

A rabbit tattoo has symbolic power relating to reproduction, physical power, and the revelation of the holy in nature, according to its widespread distribution.

Image: @tattuario_

50. Black Work Ornamental Tattoo 

Having a tattoo can give you a distinctive look. This full-black piece done with bolder ink attracts everyone’s attention. Such a type of tattoo needs a great amount of dedication from both the artist and the one having it.

This tattoo cannot be completed in one session but needs 2 or 3 sessions.

Image: @sephiratattoo

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51. Black And Red Flower Ornamental Tattoo

The black and red tattoos are supposed to give you amazing visuals because of the vibrant mixture used in this tattoo. The red flower with amazing vibrant ink makes this whole tattoo a masterpiece.

Image: @vale_metamorphosistattoo

52. Sun And Moon Ornamental Tattoo

The sun and moon tattoo symbolizes two conflicting forces: death and life, good and evil, womanhood and manhood. If you want to show the two opposing sides to the world, this tattoo is a perfect one.

The beauty here lies in the simplicity of this tattoo.

Image: @ninaperges.tattoo

Image: @aawtattoo

Image: @clubtattoo

53. Ornamental Hummingbird Tattoo

To achieve a huge hummingbird design, position it anywhere with plenty of space, such as your chest or back. You can also link them to the upper arms and thighs.

Here, the hummingbird body contains intricate ornamental designs, which gives the world a purely beautiful aesthetic. 

Image: @tattoosbyheathervenable

Image: @lostjake_lostart

54. Ornamental Floral Tattoo

The lotus tattoo inked in an ornamental floral look with blue color represents purity, new beginning, hope, long lasting beauty. With purity, strength and grace, the tattoo design gives the beautiful spiritual meaning of the lotus.

It looks elegant and distinctive with prettiest appeal. The black dotwork art makes the art look graceful. 

Image: @bayoucitytattoos

Image: @laflorsagradatattoo

Image: @chelsea_tattooart

55. Ornamental Dotwork Tattoo

Dotwork is a tattooing method in which the artist creates a dramatic aesthetic impact by tattooing multiple dots. The shade or the complete picture is created by these dots. Here, you can see the varied designs that can be done in a dotwork texture.

Image: @solci_luna2.0

Image: @david_martineztattoo

Image: @cris.ink.dahead

56. Red Rose Ornamental Tattoo

Red-colored tattoos with a unique ornamental appeal are a good choice. But the only problem with bright, vibrant colored tattoos is that they fade away soon. Ensure that the colors are refreshed every few years for perfect looks.

Image: @sosatattoos

More Tattoo Ideas:

Image: @ninapost.ink

Image: @tr.akirfa

Image: @snertattoos

Image: @repta.ink

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Image: @blackandgreytattooshop

Image: @nautilus.tattoo

Image: @ramaviva.art

Image: @allthepiercingsandmods

Image: @alexdeciatattoo 

Image: @le.trumilu.tattoo

Image: @raquel_brandalise

Image: @ana_tatuajes

Image: @nautilus.tattoo

Image: @calaistattoo


What Is The Origin Of Decorative Tattoos?

Ornamental Art dates back to the Roman Empire, and it consists of beautiful patterned Art themes that may be seen in a variety of settings.

What Is The Definition Of A Decorative Tattoo?

The decorative tattooing technique resembles wood carvings on the body. Lines, spirals, waves, and crosses are typically arranged in patterns in these graphics. These drawings are particularly lovely when done in big size, although little decorative tattoos may also be done well.

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