30 Great Olive Branch Tattoo Ideas And Styles That You Should Try

The Olive branch tattoo is a peace sign that is frequently shown in tattoos to express love or brotherhood. It also symbolizes the Israelites’ offering of an olive branch to the Roman Empire to terminate the battle of Masada in 70 AD.

30 Great Olive Branch Tattoo Ideas And Styles That You Should Try

As a result, an olive branch tattoo is commonly romance, compassion, and brotherhood. On the other hand, it might indicate that the individual has a strong bond with their family or dear ones and that the branch represents relatives or home.

The olive branch tattoo is now a sign of peace, which is exactly what we desire. In the olden days, the olive branch was used as a sign of peace, and the tattoo is the greatest modern-day emblem of tranquillity.

The tattoo is a sign of purity and peacefulness, and the olive branch is a message of simple existence. We have collected a few stunning olive branch tattoo designs that you’ll love to ink on your body.

These are not only meant to be a peace symbol but are also known to add beauty to the wearer.

1. Shoulder Branch Design Tattoo

One of the most preferred placements for tattoo wearers is the shoulder. Adorning the shoulder with a captivating form of body art is appreciated by all. However, embellishing such a meaningful design on your shoulder enhances the beauty.

Here, the dark black used to contour various portions of the tattoo is stunning, giving the whole leaf structure a realistic look.

Credit: icanbarelydraw

2. Small Ankle Tattoo Idea

For those who love a minimalistic style, this tattoo is the one for you! The placement is quite unique to attract the attention of the onlookers. The small olive branch pattern with crisp and fine detailing complements the beauty of the wearer.

Credit: doy_drawing     

3. Olive Branch Wrist Wrap Tattoo

What a level of creativity! Having a tattoo that resembles any sort of body jewelry looks amazing. The wrapping pattern around the wrists seems as if the wearer is wearing a wristband. 

Credit: kary_fisher

4. Black and Grey Ink Tattoo

Black and grey ink are most used in this tattooing industry. The combination of both these ink brings out the crisp details of the tattoo very well.

As seen in the picture, the branch portrayed has a shady part that gives the wearer a realistic effect. The olives sitting between the branch is well designed, raising the beauty of this tattoo. 

Credit: bolnosaur.tattoos

5. Realistic Olive Branch

The colorful branches of this tattoo are amazing. If you love to have the original masterpiece embellished on the body, then this stunningly designed realistic olive branch tattoo is perfect!

The dark and light green contouring done on this art piece elevates its subtle details. 

Credit: junipermoontattoo

6. Simple Olive Branch Design

Yet another minimalistic tattoo with beautiful and vibrant colors. The red color used in this tattoo makes this artwork complete. The placement is also good and elevates the beauty of the wearer very well. 

Credit: aliceink_tattoos

7. Realistic Food Tattoo

Quite a large art piece on the wrist, but it is done so gracefully that it enhances its visual appeal. The lovely black ink is the one art piece that food lovers might have.

Furthermore, the addition of Olivia’s name beneath the branching pattern completes the tattoo overall.

Credit: r.e.b.e.c.c.a.n

8. Black Outlined Design Tattoo

Black tattoos and black ink are both reasonably priced. It’ll also fit you when you’re on a budget and want something handy but also famous and prevalent.

Black is a hue of intrigue and grandeur. You must think about whether it fits your personality.

Credit: thehive9513

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9. Large Side Tattoo

Adding a larger element to the whole tattoo should be done precisely. It can make or break the design. Go with an experienced tattoo artist if you are going with the large art piece or the one who has the focus and dedication as they take time.

However, the colors added to this design add beauty to the whole tattoo.

Credit: chriscurtistattoos

10. Tiny Dove With Olive Branch

From a biblical point of view, a dove is considered as a peace of hope that returned to Noah with an olive branch in its beak.

Thus, adding a dove to the olive branch tattoo is quite prevalent. This matching dove tattoo is a good option. The minimalist style is done so gracefully, making the wearer more elegant.

Credit: 3103._0

11. Pretty Dove Ankle Tattoo Idea

What a beautiful work with the amazing portrayal of the dove and olive branch in its beak. If you have lower pain tolerance, you could have this minimalistic style tattoo.

Such a tattoo doesn’t have fine detailing to be done and makes this tattoo simpler to be inked. 

Credit: milano_tattooart

12. Dove With Olive Branch Tattoo

Do you love to have this expressive symbol of hope? Here, you can see the elegant work done on the bird. The feathers are clearly defined, and they are the only center of attraction in this artwork. This beautiful representation is one must-have!

Credit: spacebeetle_ink

13. Large Olive Branch Design Tattoo

Are you looking for an amazing collarbone art piece? This artistic masterpiece is the one to try! The large olive branch covering the neck from the front is quite unique, giving a necklace-like appearance to the tattoo.

When you need both the advantages of jewelry and tattoo, you should definitely go for this one!

Credit: dredsoull

14. Black And White Chest Tattoo

This is again an excellent collarbone design that you will like. If you want seductive tattoos and sensuous locations but aren’t terrified of the tattooing procedure, the collarbone is the spot to go.

This massive olive leaf will demonstrate your thankfulness as well as your desire to study and grow. If you enjoy investing in yourself, make sure the rest of the world knows and sees it with this simple yet effective piece.

Credit: native.rituals

15. Olive Branch Tattoo Sleeve

This forearm tattoo is suitable for anyone who likes noticeable tattoos. It will require you no more than four hours to finish and put this one.

It represents and demonstrates how far you’ve gone and how you view life. You’re a person who prefers to do things slowly and steadily rather than rushing through things.

Credit: inslkind

16. All Green Olive Branch

The lovely and happy vibe of green color makes it the best color for tattoo work. Having green branches inked on your means, you accept what you are and ready for your next life journey.

This also helps you to exhibit your love for nature. In this tattoo, the purple hues added to the olive are appealing, adding to the beauty of the whole tattoo.

Credit: othala__creations

17. Unique Neck Tattoo

To show your sexy side, you can have a unique neck tattoo! After having such a tattoo, you’ll feel more confident and sexier. Moreover, the bold black ink used in this tattoo gives the woman a bolder personality.

Credit: tattooartist_vandear

18. Perfect Arm Branch Design Tattoo

You won’t find any other elegant piece than this one! This subtle representation of the olive branch and leaf is quite amazing.

The way both branches are incorporated into a circle-like appearance is creative. The black ink used elaborates the fine detailing of this tattoo.

Credit: eagletattoo_besiktas

19. Beautiful Ankle Tattoo

Ankle tattoos are for those who want less noticeable tattoos with straightforward meanings. You may use this olive if you would not want to appear very imaginative.

Ankle tattoos are for those who have a gentle side and don’t want to be too flashy with their designs. It also represents a sophisticated and upbeat personality. This simple tattoo is enough alone to raise the appearance of the wearer.

Credit: nothingsrs

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20. Small Bicep Tattoo

The tattoo looks great when done on the bicep area. It is one of the most exposed regions on the body yet you can conceal it whenever you like by wearing a full sleeve shirt.

This minimalistic design needs no explanation to define this beauty, its subtleness and simplicity say it all.

Credit: mynameis_stef

21. Back of Neck Olive Branch

Are you bold or expressive enough to have a tattoo on your neck? This stunning masterpiece is started from the side of the neck and extends elegantly to the other side.

The artistic work done on the back of the neck is quite appreciated, giving the wearer a bolder look.

Credit: artcarlitosway

22. Bold Branch Outline

This tattoo is extremely accurate and intricate, yet it is not oversized or time-consuming. Allow your strong side to shine through and tell the public where you belong in the tattooing process.

The black olive is a sign of unadulterated strength and grace. You can wear this design if you have a delicate and blooming (developing) side.

Credit: mr.inkwells

23. Single Stem Tattoo

The precise linework art has a great visual aesthetic, and it’s for those who are more leaned toward minimalistic versions of tattoos. The placement is also quite good and gives the wearer a cool look. 

Credit: shop.zeindee

24. Crossed Stems Tattoo

See the beauty of these olive branches tangled with each other. The beauty of this tattoo is in the perfect shape and pattern drawn. This flawless design flaunts itself impeccably.

The added P letter above the olive branches could represent something of importance to the person. 

Credit: loc_tattoos

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25. Branch Tattoo

Another classic ankle piece that describes its beauty aesthetically. The simplicity of this design adds to the subtleness of the tattoo.

The cute pattern embellished here has great visuals meant for those who love simplicity.

Credit: kinkpeckham

26. Black Ink Tattoo

Who loves a classic black piece on their body, then this is a perfect adornment for their body? The bold black ink adds a touch of elegance and clearly defines its great visual aesthetics.

No colored tattoo can get the crisp detailing like this one!

Credit: szopu_tattoo

27. Olive Branch Tattoo With Rose

Roses, a symbol of love, when combined with olive, a symbol of hope, make amazing visual imagery. Both the elements are well incorporated into this tattoo, giving the wearer a unique aesthetic.

Those hoping to find their true love can have such a type of tattoo.

Credit: samanthashannontattoo

28. Beautiful Shoulder Tattoo

To showcase your unique personality, this beautiful shoulder is a good option! The dark green color added to this tattoo makes this tattoo a unique masterpiece.

Those who want to give a realistic touch to their tattoo can have this type of tattoo. 

Credit: paganinkbysarahstreet

29. Black & Grey Tattoo

You may also get a tattoo on your side bosom, or underboob. This seductive artwork is for you if you enjoy the feminine and seductive side of life. This tattoo will symbolize your approval, as well as your own love and relationships.

If you value tranquility and a sensual approach to most parts of life and individual path, then let the world know about this concept.

Credit: beccambtattoo

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30. Tiny Olive Branch Tattoo

Behind the ear is a perfect placement for a minimalistic type of tattoo. The small and cute tattoo gives the wearer a great aesthetic and adds to the beauty of the wearer.

Small tattoos look simple but have more intricate work to be done. Thus, going with an expert artist can give you the perfect aesthetic that you want.

Credit: hiddenvibes_tattoo

What Tattoo Size Should You Get?

The most difficult decision is deciding on size. Are you a minimalistic or a big fan of big, bold tattoos? Going to little or medium-sized tattoos whenever it pertains to the olive branch design may be the finest option.

If you choose anything too bright or strong, it will clash with the significance and ideas that your olive print represents.

What Is the Favorite Spot for A Man to Get a Tattoo?

Guys who desire a tough olive branch tattoo can have it on their shoulder or calf. For most males, no matter their age, black print, and black ink is the ideal option.

What Is the Best Place for A Woman to Get a Tattoo?

Collarbone tattoos, ankle tattoos, and back tattoo ideas are popular among women. Something feminine and flirtatious would complement your olive branch tattoo perfectly!

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