35 Stunning Ocean Tattoo Designs For Everyone Who Loves The Sea

Last Updated on July 14, 2023

The ocean is full of wonders and mesmerizing creatures you can get tattooed; if you are looking for beautiful ideas to get ocean tattoos, you are at the right place. This article has a collection of the best ocean tattoos you’ll find on the internet with meanings and FAQs. 

35 Stunning Ocean Tattoo Designs For Everyone Who Loves The Sea

Let’s jump straight into the article, starting with FAQs related to the tattoos’ meanings, designs and more.


What do ocean tattoos mean?

Ocean tattoos symbolize depth; any profound virtues can be related to these kinds of tattoos. 

What are the best ocean tattoos?

Some of the most popular ocean tattoos are wave tattoos, shell tattoos and whale tattoos.

What do wave tattoos mean? 

A wave tattoo means thinking about the present moment and going with the flow. 

After how long can you go into the water after getting a tattoo?

It is recommended that you wait at least two weeks before getting into the water; otherwise, you should wait four weeks. It depends on the quality of water and chemicals in it, too; the longer you wait, the better it is.

What do shell tattoos mean?

Shell tattoos represent security and protection.


Ocean Wave Tattoo Ideas

1. Triangle Wave Tattoo

Who says nature and geometry do not go together? When you look closely at a wave, you can see a geometric pattern, which can be executed on your ocean tattoo design. If you like the ocean and geometry, this design is a win-win for you.

Credit: franziink.hh 

2. Incredible Wave Tattoo

Yes, you usually see any ocean tattoo ideas in blue color, fair enough as the natural color of the wave lies on towards the blue and green side of the color scale; but, this shouldn’t stop you from adding a colorful twist to your tattoo design. 

Credit: mimimal_art 

3. Outline Wave Tattoo

There is indeed beauty in simplicity; you can have a short and sweet tattoo, a wave outline could be your path towards a fantastic idea. You can make the design whatever you want it to be; maybe a geometric wave suits your style, or a vibrant watercolor tattoo is exactly what you need.

Credit: sabotetattoo 

4. Black Work Waves Tattoo

There are two types of people in the world – those who like sunsets and those who love sunrises, and they all love sun over the ocean; if you are a hopeless romantic or you want a scenic piece, sun over the waves tattoo will be a  splendid choice.

These tattoos can be subtle or vibrant, or even a comic-inspired print. Just choose your style and pick a tattoo design that you’ll love.

Credit: smalltalkink 

5. Rectangle Wave Tattoo

When it comes to bigger ocean tattoo ideas, there are a lot of things you need to care about, namely, placement, design, size and the number of appointments; if you want a large forearm tattoo, you need to be sure and sorted as it is going to be visible almost all the time.

Now, if you want a big ocean tattoo that suits your style, you can get a large forearm wave tattoo; it could be an accent tattoo or a complete sleeve tattoo. 

Credit:  centuryink.linhbee 

6. Dainty Wavy Heart Tattoo

The ribcage is one of the most beautiful areas to get a dainty tattoo, but that can not stop you from getting a complex design if it will please you. Although the ribcage can be painful to get a tattoo on, you can work your way through it with the help of your talented tattoo artist. 

If pain concerns you, you can opt for a small tattoo design that reduces the time and pain in comparison to a bigger one. You can adjust its placement according to your tolerance as well. 

Credit: tattooer_nina 

7. Diamond Shaped Ocean Tattoo Design

The ocean encased in a diamond is more than just a work of art. It looks mesmerizing, and there is a lot you can do with the design. Even if the tattoo looks good with the primary blue color at the forefront, you can change the colors and add other elements. 

Credit: ian_tattooer 

8. Crashing Wave Tattoo Idea

The best part about a wave design is that it can be anything you want; you can keep it super minimal or add details that blow everyone’s mind. 

A minimal small crashing wave can be a form of line art, an elaborate design or any state of the art you like; irrespective of the size, a small or minimalist ocean tattoos are bound to look amazing.

Credit: alice_b_jb 

9. Realistic Wave Tattoo

A blue ocean wave tattoo is one of the most famous wave tattoos, and rightfully so because it looks mesmerizing. There are many reasons for the tattoo being everyone’s choice: first, it seems like an actual wave (almost), second, the blue color is calming and suits everyone and lastly, it is adorably tiny. 

Credit: start.your.line 

10. Anklet Wave Tattoo

No one can deny that a wave looks cute; it is aesthetically pleasing, looks artistic and has a lot of meaning. You can go for a small wave tattoo without thinking twice because you can get them inked anywhere you like – wrist, forearm, shoulder, ribcage, ankle or neck; these tattoos are your versatile best friends.

Credit: margaritac0metas 

Wonderful Sea Life Inspired Tattoos

11. Minimal Whale Tattoo

If you are a fan of minimal tattoos, you are in luck – a whale tail tattoo is insanely simple, yet it looks stunning – this tattoo design only uses the outline of a whale’s tail and turns it into a piece of body art that’ll get you showered with praise.

Minimal Whale Tattoo

Credit: heim__tattoo

12. Cool Octopus Tattoo Idea

An octopus is another being you can get tattooed for a super cool design; the design looks futuristic, fluid and fun! The exciting part is that octopus comes in multiple colors and sizes, making it easy to find a vibrant or basic tattoo that is still unique to you.

And you can play with the tattoo color and design – there is so much you can do if you choose your tattoo inspiration and decide to get it tattooed.

Credit: macgayvertattoo 

13. Ocean Seahorse Tattoo

Another animal that you should definitely consider getting tattooed is a seahorse; it is one of the best creatures for designing purposes and you can get it in a size you are comfortable with. 

If thinking of a tiny seahorse tattoo near your ankle or one near your wrist paints a good picture of the design in your mind, you need to go for this tattoo.

Credit: flat_tattoo 

14. Aesthetic Whale Tattoo

If you want to get a tattoo that has symbolic meaning such as good luck charm, you need to get a whale tattoo because a whale is considered a symbol for positivity and blessings; on top of that, a whale tattoo looks stunning too so you do not need to think twice about the aesthetics and go for it.

Credit: marcartetattoo 

15. Large Jellyfish Tattoo

There is only one thing prettier than a cute jellyfish tattoo is a group of jellyfish, or bloom, tattoos on you; just think about the wash of pastel colors on your skin or its fluid nature taking form on your skin – a true work of beauty. 

Credit: wekid_impastotattoo 

16. Manta Rays Outline Tattoo

Some designs can do well without the details, their outline is so distinguished you do not need anything else. Maybe your style is more subtle and straightforward and you like your designs to say a lot without saying much then there is a tattoo for you too. 

Get a manta ray outlined and watch everyone be amazed by the simplicity of it. 

Credit: la_brebis_croqueuse_tattoo 

17. Vibrant Jellyfish Tattoo

The ocean is filled with mesmerizing and beautiful sea creatures, take a jellyfish for example; if you are looking for an ocean tattoo inspiration that looks magical, ethereal or delicate, a jellyfish design could be of use to you – combined with a lovely flush of colors (or otherwise) and the details, the tattoo will look like a masterpiece on you.

Credit: gundabad.studio 

18. Big Sea Turtle Tattoo

Ocean tattoos are not all about the aesthetics, they are profound just like their origin, take a sea turtle tattoo as an example. Turtles represent wisdom, longevity and patience and a tattoo that means so much could be yours if you like.

Credit: adassa.tattoo 

19. Tiny Sea Turtle Tattoo

Sea turtle designs are also a liked choice among tattoo enthusiasts; they are wise, vibrant and make for great tattoo ideas. However, this only gives you an idea of the possible tattoos you can get, and it is time for you to explore these endless possibilities and choose sea tattoos as the perfect design that steals your heart.

Credit: eladio.pinto.tattoos 

20. Two Whale Tail Outline Tattoo

Another outline inspired tattoo is a whale’s tail tattoo; it is one of the simplest designs but at the same time, it is one of the prettiest tattoos. If you want to get a small tattoo on your wrist or maybe on your legs, you definitely need to consider this tattoo to make you smile.

Credit: ink.dust 

More Great Ocean Tattoo Ideas

21. Ocean Circle Tattoo

It is time to give detailed tattoos the praise they actually deserve, after all there is a charm that only elaborate tattoos can convey. Even if you like neat tattoos or you are trying to experiment with your style, do not shy away from a tattoo as good as the circle of the sea. 

Credit: tattoossdesingmp 

22. Sea Turtle With Flower Tattoo

You do not need to look any further if you want the ultimate ocean tattoo, nothing beats a turtle in this case. A turtle is the best way to show your infinite love for the ocean and appreciate its beauty. To enhance the tattoo, you can add some sea creatures or flowers to the design.

Credit: tattoochampagne 

23. Under the Ocean Tattoo Idea

There is no better design than underwater creature design; it celebrates the biodiversity of the ocean and makes for a tattoo that you’ll love for a long long time. And you can add your favorite creatures to make the tattoo more interesting, for example, an ocean filled with creatures that live underwater like whales, squids, jellyfish, turtles and small fish will look like a dream.

Credit: grassi.tattoo 

24. Classic Anchor Tattoo

Ever heard of a collection of ocean tattoos without the classic anchor tattoo design. Even though many people related the anchor tattoo with someone who works in an industry related to the ocean, the anchor tattoo has multiple deep meanings too – strength, safety and stability are just some of the virtues related to the anchor symbol.

Credit:  alinabaertattoo 

25. Rising Wave Tattoo

A crashing wave or a rising wave have always been a tattoo idea that is enormously loved by people. So much so that one of the most popular Japanese paintings, the Wave of Kanagawa, is the painting of a wave. It has a deeper meaning but your tattoo can be whatever you want it to be.

Credit: zoeylinink 

26. Purple Jellyfish Tattoo

If a tiny tattoo is more like your style or maybe you’re skeptical about getting a bigger tattoo, a jellyfish tattoo might be the right choice for you. You can play with colors, keep it black or choose something unique.  

Credit: alinepetunia 

27. Single Outline Wave Tattoo

Don’t spend any time worrying about your next tattoo because here is a tattoo idea for a win: get a wave tattoo outline and add your own elements to it. It could be black, colorful or even white, choose your design and you are free to go crazy with it.

Credit: inkbymiti 

28. Coral Reef Sleeve Tattoo

The ocean is filled with marvellous flora and fauna that becomes an inspiration for art on land; one such inspiration for you could be coral reefs. Yes, you can get a totally crazy sleeve tattoo with colorful coral reefs. An ocean tattoo is what you make of it and you can make your design an absolute masterpiece.

Credit: arcaneartsinc 

29. Hang Ten Tattoo Idea

Everyone enjoys a good holiday by the beach as the sun feels warm and water washes up on the sand, and some people just love the ocean and can’t keep the thrill of surfing or swimming away from them. If you like surfing or other water sports in the ocean, go for a cool hang ten tattoo that highlights your hobby.

Credit: medusenoire_tattoo 

Seashell Tattoos

30. Tiny Konch Tattoo Design

Seashells also come in a variety of shapes, some look like a simple oyster and some look fantastically elaborate. If you want a shell that expresses your style, you can browse through simple shells and cool koncha shell designs too.

Credit: flottix 

31. Small Starfish Tattoo

Another option for a stunning yet cute ocean tattoo is a starfish tattoo, it is cute, sharp and can be colorful. For example, if you love a good burst of colors, you can go for a colorful starfish; it’s delightful and looks different than other ocean tattoo designs.

Credit: deftndapper.ink 

32. Small Outline Shell Tattoo

After mentioning beach, sand and ocean creatures, it is hard not to mention shells; rightfully so, shells make up for one of the best tattoo designs. You can get a small shell as a reminder of a memorable trip or as an aesthetically delightful tattoo. 

Credit: solenndesneiges_tatouage 

33. Stunning Sand Dollar Tattoo Design

Sand castles remind everyone of childhood, the breeze passing by and the laughter echoing in the ambiance, and you could get a pleasant tattoo reminding you of a good time. If you have a delightful design you like or remember you could get a sand dollar tattoo design for yourself. 

Credit: chloerozo 

34. Shell Tattoo For Finger

If you have decided to get a small finger tattoo related to the ocean, a seashell tattoo might be an option you are interested in. 

Credit: meechank 

35. Detailed Shell Tattoo

You have multiple choices when it comes to a shell tattoo, a small outline, a detailed finger tattoo and a colorful pastel colored sea shell are a few options you should check out before getting inked.

Credit: tsyna

Hope you found your tattoo among these ocean tattoo ideas, and it is time to make it enjoyable for others too with additional elements such as ship tattoos, lighthouse tattoo, shark tattoo, mermaid tattoo design and other ocean animals tattoo designs from the professional tattoo studio. Don’t forget to share this article; and maybe you find a friend to get matching tattoos. 

Pick a tattoo you unregretfully, truly and thoroughly love to have a delightful tattoo experience!

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