71 Captivating Name Tattoos for Your Wrist – Everlasting Impressions

Key Takeaways:

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  • Wrist name tattoos are often chosen as a symbol of connection and love.
  • Wrist name tattoos are a popular choice for couples looking to express their love and commitment.
  • Names of role models, mentors, or individuals who embody specific values may be tattooed on the wrist as a constant reminder to emulate those qualities.
  • Some individuals choose to tattoo their name on their wrist as a unique expression of self-love and individuality.

Tattoos are a very personal thing and not liked by all. Tattoos for girls who want to get inked, a tattoo is emotional, mental, spiritual land, of course, a physical experience.

71 Amazing Name Tattoo Ideas To Try on The Wrist

Tattoos may seem calm and trendy, but it’s much more than that. The name tattoos on the wrist mean much more than just a symbol or shape.

71 Amazing Name Tattoo Ideas To Try on The Wrist

Image: @osomoralescampoy


Name tattoos on the wrist hold profound significance as they become intimate expressions of love, connection, and personal identity. Often chosen as a symbol of deep bonds, individuals opt for wrist name tattoos to commemorate relationships with partners, family members, or close friends. Ultimately, these tattoos go beyond mere ink; they encapsulate personal narratives, values, and the intricate tapestry of individual lives etched into the skin, creating enduring symbols of love, remembrance, and self-expression.

Placement Options:

Selecting the perfect placement for a wrist name tattoo involves a thoughtful balance between visibility and personal comfort. The inner wrist, with its classic visibility, is a favored choice, offering a clear and elegant display. Conversely, the outer wrist provides a slightly different aesthetic, allowing the tattoo to wrap around the edge and still be visible while easily concealable with accessories. The top of the wrist provides a flat canvas for both subtle and intricate designs. For those seeking discretion, the underside of the wrist offers a more concealed option.

How Do You Find The Perfect Tattoo Artist?

Finding the perfect tattoo artist for a tattoo involves a thorough process. Start by researching reputable tattoo studios in your area, focusing on those with positive reviews and a professional environment. Once you’ve identified potential studios, delve into the portfolios of individual artists, paying attention to styles that align with your vision.

What Is The Best Aftercare Method?

Gentle Cleaning : Clean the tattoo gently with mild, fragrance-free soap and lukewarm water. Use your clean hands or a soft, non-abrasive cloth.

Pat Dry: After cleaning, pat the tattoo dry with a clean, lint-free towel. Avoid rubbing, as this can also irritate.

Moisturize Regularly: Apply a thin layer of recommended tattoo ointment or fragrance-free moisturizer to keep the tattoo hydrated.

Avoid Sun Exposure: Shield your tattoo from direct sunlight, as UV rays can fade the ink. Apply a high-SPF sunscreen to the tattooed area when exposed to the sun.

Personal Opinion:

Many individuals view wrist name tattoos as powerful expressions of love, connection, and personal significance. They often choose this location to honor relationships, celebrate family bonds, or pay tribute to someone special.

Different Name Tattoos And Meanings

As one of the most popular name tattoo design ideas, artists worldwide are getting the name tattoo design approach every day. It can be the art spell of the spouse, fiancé, crush, parents, kids or friends name inked on the wrist and elaborated with intricate designs as name tattoos invariably have a considerable significance. It shows the bond, strength or power of a relationship inked on the wrist.

1. Helena Name Tattoo

The wrist is an excellent location for getting a name tattoo design. It looks great on you with the name of the tattoo design to inscribe. It is a unique style design idea with a lettering name that looks lovely on the wrist of both men and women. The design inked in cursive black makes the tattoo look stylish.

Helena Name tattoos on wrist

Image: @nikol.ink.tattoo

2. Sunflower And Name Tattoo

People always get confused about the patterns, and they should use them for their name tattoos. A great idea would be with the addition of your favorite name. The gorgeous-looking flowers surrounded by stunning and classy appearance make the design look elegant. 

Sunflower and Name tattoos on wrist

Image: @nickolai_kilin

Before You Get Started:

Design Concept: Clearly define the design concept, considering elements like size, style, and additional symbolic features.

Research and Inspiration: Look for styles that align with your preferences and convey the symbolism or meaning you intend for your tattoo.

Color Palette: Whether you prefer vibrant hues or a more subdued color scheme, discuss your preferences with the artist to achieve the desired effect.

Size and Detail: Determine the size of the tattoo based on your preferences and the intricacy of the design.

3. Arabic Name Tattoo On Wrist

The permanent impression of getting a western-style ink design on the wrist with names makes the design look stunning. In addition, the black ink design on the inner wrist gives the design an exciting look with the upper and lower font style.

Arabic Name Tattoo On Wrist

Image: @sasan.tahma3bian 

4. Attractive Name Tattoo Design

An excellent location for getting your name tattoo design on the wrist you have inscribed is ideal for representing the bond. It shows a strong relationship with the medium-sized inking style. The design inked in black gives a better impression.

Attractive Name Tattoo Design

Image: @electricat_tattooing

5. Roman Name Tattoo

It is a beautiful calligraphy design that looks vibrant on the wrist with beautiful color. Probably, it is one of the most vibrant tattoos that look pretty with looking name tattoo design and other elements. The ROMAN inked on the wrist gives stunning appeal.

Roman Name tattoos on wrist

Image: @11danny111

6. Butterfly And Name Tattoo

A butterfly and name tattoo design includes an image of colorful fluttering or flying butterfly rejoicing in glee as a beautiful view. The design looks pretty and pleasant on the wrist. By default, the tattoo is quite a feminine design artwork. However, tattoo pretty butterfly also indicates a better future for the relationship with the person.

Butterfly And Name tattoos on wrist

Image: @bethsmith_tattoo

7. Mehndi Wrist Name Tattoo

The henna design inked on the wrist gives good health and prosperity. It shows a strong relationship bond and is a temporary dye on the skin’s surface. The stylish design inked with henna is used in Indian and European culture to create different designs and styles.

Mehndi Wrist Name Tattoo

Image: @surabhi_nigam

8. Rose And Name Tattoo On Side Wrist

It symbolizes your dreams and the love of your life. It is also a big piece, so you should get it only if your passion is as extensive and if you appreciate more significant amounts. The design inked in colors makes the side wrist name tattoo vibrant and elegant.

Rose and Name Tattoo On Side Wrist

Image: @ateljearkosund

9. Wording And Numeral Tattoo

It is a perfect way to honor a number or date tattoo name that is meaningful to you in an incredible way. The sophisticated tattoo design inked on the wrist makes the tattoo impressive and appears to be straightforward with great significance. In addition, the wording tattoo design makes the style look stylish.

Wording And Numeral Tattoo

Image: @lunainlimbo

10. Joshua Name Tattoo 

The wrist area is chosen by many and is a visible part of the body. Involving the name selected from the wrist in the simple ink holds a special place in your heart. Moreover, the perfect spot design on the wrist gives an indispensable look showing a better relationship bond.

Joshua Name tattoos on wrist

Image: @nursejoshua08

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11. Black Name Tattoo Design On Wrist

One can easily rock this beautiful tattoo after being done by a pro tattoo artist. Here, we can see that the application of the name concept has also been used. A woman can express her love for the person by tattooing her waist.

Black Name Tattoo Design On Wrist

Image: @theboyinthekilt

12. Footprint And Name Tattoo

The alluring name tattoo design inked on the wrist can be done beautifully, and anyone can be impressed with the beauty of a particular tattoo design. The addition of footprint design wishes to express the whole wide world inked in black makes the design look great.

Footprint and Name Tattoo

Image: @blackbeetle_tattoo_studio

13. Bow And Wording Tattoo

The intricate and bright color look to honor your loved one shows strength. The bold and bright color that the wrist expanded to the forearm makes the design look stunning. With the addition of a bow and name, the design looks elegant.

Bow And Wording Tattoo

Image: @cha_ink_crea

14. Fineline Name Tattoo

It will be perfect for getting a fine line name tattoo inked on the wrist. Make the design look elegant in old-school black fine ink, and the name tattoo look artistic with simple appeal. The cursive handwriting gives a designer appeal.

Fineline Name tattoos on wrist

Image: @clealtattoo

15. Colored Name Tattoo

Using distinct and bold colorful inking style makes the design adorable and gives a self-love appeal. Instead of being old, the pretty, alluring style gives an elegant look. In addition, opting for different shades offers visibility that looks great for soft skin.

Colored Name tattoos on wrist

Image: @ping13tattoo

Quick Guide to Different Designs of Name Tattoos on Wrist Tattoo Design:

  • Classic Script: Opt for a timeless script font that elegantly displays the name on the inner or outer wrist.
  • Cursive Elegance:  Choose a cursive script for a more fluid and artistic representation of the name.
  • Minimalist Line Art: Consider a minimalist approach with fine line art, showcasing the name with simple yet distinct strokes.
  • Infinity Symbol: Combine the name with an infinity symbol for a design that represents eternal love, friendship, or a bond that transcends time.

16. Chloe Name Tattoo

The tribal or traditional ink as name tattoo design artwork looks brilliant on the wrist. Supported with internet personality, anyone with the sport look makes the design extra attractive with endless forms of the creative eye. In addition, the design makes the tattoo is pretty.

Chloe Name Tattoo

Image: @mariodearcos_tattoo

17. Childhood Handwriting Tattoo

As the birth of a child is an important event, the children’s handwriting tattoo is inked for remembrance or celebration or as a memory. The childhood writing name tattoo design looks beautiful, classy and versatile. The tattoo style is becoming increasingly popular among individuals who want a permanent reminder of someone important to them or a tribute to a loved one.

Childhood Handwriting Tattoo

Image: @littlefrank_free_man

18. Cross And Name Tattoo

Representing faith combined with hope, the distinctive features of the most recognizable symbol on the wrist make it hold plenty of significance with good choices when added with name. It shows the bond ad faith between the symbol. 

Cross And Name Tattoo

Image: @skyeblue_tattoo

19. Cursive Name And Dog Paw Tattoo

The best and most unique name tattoo with infinity design makes an incredible look. Giving a stylish and modern design, the cursive written name with dog paw makes the tattoo look elegant and sows love for their pet. The design is linked with the name of the pet.

Cursive Name And Dog Paw Tattoo

Image: @jezs_tattoos

20. Inked Name Tattoo On Wrist

The reasons can be varied, and a little of the spirit for the person makes the design look elegant. The attached art tattoo design with a name makes the tattoo look bright as the best choice. The black ink style gives an attractive look.

Inked Name Tattoo On Wrist

Image: @ale_ink_

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21. Initials WIth Name Tattoo

The initial tattoo design inked with the name gives value to the wearer. It is a permanent reminder that is visible on the wrist. You can also decorate the inking with the addition of your favorite elements. Making a permanent reminder as it is something to get inked in black. 

Initials WIth Name Tattoo

Image: @a.mrzzzzz

22. Black Butterfly With Name Tattoo

With a range of different meanings for the traditional butterfly represents ideas of resilience with red color. Given a soft and super minimal tattoo design, you need to feel free to add elements to make your design ideas look incredible.

Black butterfly with Name Tattoo

Image: @reverie_tattoos

23. Name And Star Tattoo

With initial lettering to interest in name design, and add color a star gives an incredible look. The stunning tattoo design on the wrist inked in bold black is an eye-catchy design that celebrates the powerful bond you share with bold, bright star ink.

Name and Star Tattoo

Image: @tsacianatattoo

24. Mother And Baby Name Tattoo

Having a little spirit of a person you always love, the name design is combined with other elements to make the style look elegant. A lifeline to finish the design, a name and heart tattoo design looks best when done on the wrist. The cursive writing makes the design look stunning.

Mother And Baby Name Tattoo

Image: @mowniie92

25. Emily Name Tattoo On Wrist

Name tattoo design embellished with flowers gives an incredible tattoo design idea. Making the style look elegant in black ink ad colorful flowers makes the tattoo style distinctive. It is creating the design to look fantastic. In addition, it gives an enhanced look on the hand.

Emily Name Tattoo On Wrist

Image: @dl.tato0

26. Name And Crown Tattoo

A crown and name tattoo looks very elegant and intricate design in appearance on the wrist. The design with the name inked on the wrist holds an extraordinary place in your heart. The crown is a symbol of royalty, which, when combined with a name tattoo, shows its importance to the person.

Name and Crown Tattoo

Image: @m.tattooink

27. Flower And Name Tattoo Design

Another popular design for which you will find thousands of tattoo inspiration is the flower design. If you love flowers, we are sure you would be spoilt for choices. The essence of flowers and beauty in a unique blend of tattoos makes the design colorful. 

Flower And Name Tattoo Design

Image: @ysabell.tattoozaragoza

28. Fantastic Name Tattoo

The ideal design becomes a great accessory with a perfect name tattoo design when wearing elegant dresses. Getting different options to make the design look stunning, you can also add your creative thoughts to the tattoo with black ink.

Fantastic Name Tattoo on Wrist

Image: @pinkcosmetictattoo

29. Flower And Name Tattoo

Searching for a perfect rose and name tattoo design and making a lifetime memory, you can add a shaded design effect on the wrist. Making a fresh beginning signifies promise, strength, peace and even a tribute to the dead as the tattoo looks stunning.

Flower And Name Tattoo

Image: @ss.jr_ink

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30. Heart And Wording Tattoo

Heart tattoos are just amazing, and it carries a rich symbolism of love and life. The designs are usually attached to names to create a new and unique tattoo design piece inked on the wrist. Opting to have a simple yet array of meaning for the design symbolizes love and life.

Heart And Wording Tattoo

Image: @blaires_art

31. Impressive Name And Crown Tattoo

The comfortable yet elegant name tattoo design works with a name, whether your romantic partner, family members or sibling. The crown associated with victory and strength shows different variations in making the style unique.

Impressive Name And Crown Tattoo

Image: @tattoodreams4u

32. One-line Emma Heart Tattoo

Snapping a beautiful name tattoo design combined with the beautiful branch design makes the tattoo look distinctive. In addition, the black inked name design with green leaf makes a suitable yet stylish tattoo ink.

One-line Emma Heart Tattoo

Image: @ink.rael

33. Aylin Name Tattoo

The different designs and font styles of tattoos make the design look excellent. The favorite name tattoo means moonlight in Turkish and Arabic, with a tattoo that feels just natural to make the design look elegant. In addition, the wrist design with the name makes the tattoo look stunning.

Aylin Name Tattoo

Image: @lauti_lautaro74

34. Louise Name Tattoo

The design features the name with a red bunny band to make the design look distinctive. The colorful tattoo design features the old name, making it stylish and selecting to adorn skin for a lifetime. There is much beauty in getting a fine line tattoo.

Louise Name Tattoo

Image: @exquisite_ink

35. Black And Grey Name Tattoo

Design commands your viewer’s attention with sharp corners and eye-catchy bold lines. The bold and straightforward font design on the wrist makes the design look authentic and stunning. It helps you stand out in your favorite and classic design idea.

Black and Grey Name Tattoo

Image: @followyourdreamstattoo

36. Jimmy Name Wrist Tattoo

The different design font names and ideas make a name with groovy style. The addition of your favorite pet makes the design look stunning when inked in shades of black. The tattoo design in intricate detailing adds a funky name with calligraphy.

Jimmy Name Wrist Tattoo

Image: @andrefmfernandes

37. Matching Name Tattoo 

The immensely clever inking style to signify the long-lasting nature, the tattoo is dominated by a heartbeat symbol. You can also add your favorite element or an infinite loop to make the design memorable. The minimalist wrist design makes the tattoo look stunning.

Matching Name Tattoo on Wrist

Image: @drawgun_tattooz

Keep In mind:

Balance and Composition: Ensure a balanced composition by considering the overall layout and placement of elements within the design.

Style Fusion: Exploration of style fusion, combining elements from different tattoo styles to create a unique and personalized design.

Balance of Detail: Strive for a balanced level of detail in the design.

38. Daughter’s Name Tattoo

Looking for a tattoo with excellent inspiration for parents, you can explore the design with different inking styles and the bold color looks with adequately designed and meaningful design makes the style look stunning in the bold black ink.

Daughter’s Name Tattoo

Image: @smashtats

39. Monika Name Tattoo

The gladiolus flower tattoo design represents strength and integrity. With integrity, sincerity and passion, the addition of name tattoo design blended with flower makes the style look stunning. In addition, the bold black ink design on the wrist makes it attractive yet unique.

Monika Name Tattoo

Image: @osomoralescampoy

40. Name And Date Tattoo

The creative tattoo idea to follow the same style with cursive inked design honors a particular person in your life. However, to change the course of tattoo design with inscribing name makes a date and tattoo look stunning and elegant to make it look best with intricate design on the wrist.

Name And Date Tattoo

Image: @tattooicaro

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41. Name And Bird Tattoo

Showing a deep connection and discovering some favorite ideas to brighten your tattoo design looks elegant. With the preference of tattoo stars to express your emotions and the beauty of tattoos, creating an adorable tattoo design makes the design awesome on the wrist. 

Name And Bird Tattoo

Image: @poisonivy_tattoo

42. Name Elephant Tattoo On Wrist

The most popular tattoo design idea inked on the body is best inked in today’s world. The tattoo design with the addition of name and butterfly inked together on the wrist makes the design subtle and elegant and in addition, the 3D effect makes the design looks elegant in the fashion world.

Name Elephant Tattoo On Wrist

Image: @nvagriottattoo

43. Naming Tattoo With Intertwined Arrows

An excellent way to honor someone you love makes it beautiful yet meaningful tattoo body art; an arrow name tattoo is a way to keep someone often intertwined, making the message clearer. The black ink design gives an elegant look to the tattoo.

Naming Tattoo with Intertwined Arrows

Image: @red_lantern_tattoo

44. Small Name Tattoo

The handwritten calligraphy tattoo design set with vector style makes the design look stunning and the small tattoo name design gives an incredible look to the tattoo to get it inspired with an enhanced tattoo design. Creating the design inked in black inspires you to choose designs.

Small Name Tattoo

Image: @pomazane_tattoo

45. Name Tattoo With Infinity Symbol

The infinity feather is one of the most popular figure a bird tattoo. The feather can hold a few meanings, including free spirit, floating or flying and even letting fate choose your path and the name tattoo is a popular choice combined with a beautiful and subtle tattoo design.

Name Tattoo with Infinity Symbol

Image: @mr.inkwells

46. Memorial Name Tattoo 

The memorial tattoo design inked with the addition of name, flowers and cross for the love of life makes the design elegant. However, the stunning tattoo design can be utterly devastating for the wearer, and the encompassing bonds with the deceased make it challenging to cope with the grief.

Memorial Name Tattoo

Image: @cherrypotpot

47. Name Tattoo On Side Wrist

The fantastic tattoo design gives great inspiration, and you can help achieve these stunning ideas to celebrate the powerful bond you share with your loved ones, and it is a great idea to place the tattoo rightfully. With a black ink design, the tattoo looks stunning.

Name Tattoo On Side Wrist

Image: @tainalovex

48. Bracelet Name Tattoo

The permanent bracelet tattoo design for girls and women has a beautiful and elegant tattoo design and the bond that looks stunning for true family makes the design trending. The pinpointed tattoo design gives an enhanced look with respect and joy in each other’s life.

Bracelet Name Tattoo

Image: @_natascha_sommer__

49. Calligraphy Name Tattoo 

The calligraphy design inked as a name with a unique tattoo font style makes the design look stunning. With calligraphy selection, the personalized selection of lettering style gives an incredible look to the tattoo. With an enhanced look, the tattoo gives an attractive look alongside lettering.

Calligraphy Name Tattoo

Image: @blitattooist


Selecting a clear and readable font ensures that the name remains easily identifiable, especially on a smaller and more visible area like the wrist.

50. Infinity Symbol With Feather Name Tattoo

Representing freedom, courage, bravery and travel for the feather tattoo inked along an infinity design with a name makes the design stunning. The tattoo design gives a great significance to display infinite freedom, including a different look.

Infinity Symbol With Feather Name Tattoo

Image: @gink_tat

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51. Script Name Tattoo

The cursive style lettering with an artistic look makes the tattoo design elegant. The beautiful script design style suits anyone’s name, and if you want to add other elements, you can get the design inked in bold black shades that give an appealing and new look to the tattoo.

Script Name Tattoo

Image: @memory.tattoo.piercing

52. Chinese Name Tattoo

Giving an example of fine art for tattoos provides a compiled look to the tattoo style. With the uncommon practice, Chinese history tattooing has defamed the body and they are undesirable as the Chinese tattoo designs look elegant on the wrist.

Chinese Name Tattoo

Image: @piercingsninkbyloca

53. Dainty Name Tattoo

One of the stunning and most diminutive tattoo designs is one of my favorite tattoo design ideas. To achieve one of the prettiest and coolest tattoo designs, popping a dainty style makes the design look elegant with a sleek and proportional message, the design can include tiny elements.

Dainty Name Tattoo

Image: @jonesing.ink

54. Minimal Name Tattoo

Making the tattoo looks amazing, and to fulfill your desire to do something permanent, getting a name tattoo makes the design look trendy and discreet. However, the minimalist approach to body art does not want to add too much detail with a stylish look.

Minimal Name Tattoo

Image: @lucypokes

55. Violet Tattoo On Wrist

The beautiful and full of symbolic meaning name tattoo design, creating a modern design illustration with a rich and regal color selection associated with royalty makes the tattoo elegant. In addition, the bold appearance of a tattoo can be made and customized.

Violet Tattoo On Wrist

Image: @emanuel_renteria.tattooer

56. Bold English Name Tattoo 

Discovering a font in countless historical looks as the wrist tattoo gives a Gothic-style tattoo design inked on the wrist and the traditional look great on the tattoo with a reference nod with initial does not have to last longer, making the style look elegant.

Bold English Name Tattoo

Image: @therealmattatat

57. Cursive Name Tattoo

The cursive handwritten lettering design to spin on a name makes the tattoo look amazing. Rendering the black script tattoo design inked into an elegant stem for a gorgeous flower illustration for the tattoo design makes the style look customized and unique.

Cursive Name Tattoo

Image: @a.sillers.ink

58. Stunning Name Tattoo On Wrist

Giving a beautiful tribute to your children and reminding you of someone special and vital offers an incredible design. One of the names written in beautiful font tells you to stay positive and be strong enough every day and making the perfect spot for a tattoo makes the design look gorgeous.

Stunning Name Tattoo On Wrist

Image: @mercytattoohk

59. Minimalistic Name Tattoo

The feather tattoo design represents truth, quickness, lightness of the body and ability to fly. Making the design gorgeous makes the tattoo look stylish and elegant and the addition of a name within the feather tattoo represents courage and dreams.

Minimalistic Name Tattoo

Image: @inkart.tattoo.studio

60. Rainbow Name Tattoo

From teeny to small wrist tattoos inked in a rainbow shade makes the name design look elegant. However, the gorgeous tattoo design with multicolored beams is the most positive and represents your character with beauty and endless joy.

Rainbow Name Tattoo

Image: @minttatt

61. Tiny Word Tattoo On Wrist

The name tattoo design on the wrist makes the name design look minimalistic design. The addition of initials dependent on several factors in different sizes and details gives the artwork incredible appeal. The realistic artwork makes the tattoo appear great.

Tiny Word Tattoo On Wrist

Image: @jim_d.tattoos

62. Sparkle Naming Tattoo

Too good to decide, the most popular name tattoo design idea used for the design can make an eye-catching design showing a variety of styles and peek out from the wrist. In addition, marking the identity of creating a wrist tribal tattoo as the bold black ink makes the tattoo look elegant.

Sparkle Naming Tattoo

Image: @ginaevita.art

Fun Fact:

Did you know that getting a name tattooed on your wrist is like giving your memory a permanent backup? It’s not just a stylish accessory; it’s your fail-proof way to remember your name in case you ever suffer from temporary amnesia.

63. Fine Line Name Tattoo On Wrist

The tiger lily tattoo on the wrist is large and attractive. The beautiful flower tattoo design inked with the beautiful pattern makes the design look like a tiger having orange color with black spots. Not directly related to lilies but the flowers inked look excellent with the addition of a name.

Fine Line Name Tattoo On Wrist

Image: @aline_maboksink

64. Inked Name Tattoo

Usually small and monochrome design, the delicate and unique fine line tattoos, these subtle yet elegant name tattoo designs inked on the wrist, looks excellent. It shows the eternal trace of love full of emotions allowing more detailing with additional elements.

Inked Name Tattoo

Image: @kikidee_tattoo

65. Stunning Name Initials Tattoo Design

Names initially come as a reminder of someone or something very dear to you an you can scale the design back with a simple letter of your partner’s first name if you want to include different names. The design inked in black looks great.

Stunning Name Initials Tattoo Design

Image: @logo_ng92

66. Korean Name Tattoo

Depicting great examples of the cultural shifts in ink for the name tattoo design looks great and the beautiful work is supported everywhere you go, and the name tattoo comes as a famous inking design. Getting your name or your partner’s name makes the style look distinctive.

Korean Name Tattoo

Image: @tattooist_ssdam

67. Traditional Name Tattoo

Adding a favorite cartoon character with the person’s name on the wrist is an excellent example of making youngsters happy. The design inked in colorful ink makes it look lively, giving a distinct feeling and it is also great to ink your sibling’s name with their favorite cartoon character.

Traditional Name Tattoo

Image: @alecx_inkrnzd

68. Angel Wings and Name tattoo

Showing faith, protection and freedom, the wings tattoo design looks adorable inked on the wrist. Thereby, they are a tribute to a loved one who has passed on for some and it also represents Christian faith and how belief in God reminds them of their better nature.

Angel Wings and Name tattoo

Image: @karla_sol_tattoos

69. Ambigram Name Tattoo

Making the tattoo design upside down or upright makes it appear mirrored. The ambigram design is one of the famous and distinctive designs among youngsters with an attractive option as the name tattoo design looks subtle and elegant when inked.

Ambigram Name Tattoo

Image: @lukejohnblackomens

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70. Unique Name Tattoo

The watercolor tattoo design looks great with plenty of whimsical and delicate ideas and with bright and vivid art, the realistic tattoo design idea looks great. The watercolor design added makes the style look great and different.

Unique Name Tattoo

Image: @zlata_ziva

Personal Opinion:

Wrist name tattoos are often considered subtle and stylish. The visibility of the wrist allows for easy display or concealment, making it an attractive option for those who want a visible yet discreet tattoo.

71. Heart-Clock With Name Tattoo

The footprint tattoo design gives an enhanced look with the hidden meaning design. The addition of footprint design to make the design more significant gives an improved look to the tattoo and the perfect design on the wrist provides an incredible tattoo look.

Heart-clock with Name Tattoo

Image: @johnnytat2s

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