91 Melodic Masterpieces: Music Passion Tattoos to Harmonize Your Soul

Key Takeaways

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  • Music passion tattoos are a unique way to express your connection to the world of sound and melody, reflecting personal preferences or memorable musical moments.
  • Each musical element in the tattoo, be it notes, instruments, or lyrics, holds symbolic meaning, creating a harmonious narrative that resonates with the wearer’s love for music.
  •  Music passion tattoos offer various design possibilities, from minimalist musical notes to intricate instrument details, allowing customization to match individual tastes.
  • These tattoos often evoke emotional memories or sentiments associated with specific songs, genres, or artists, transforming the ink into a wearable soundtrack of one’s life.
  • Music passion tattoos are a perpetual reminder of music’s timeless and universal impact on the human experience, encapsulating the wearer’s enduring love for the art form.

Music is one thing that nobody can steal from you, and it is very intimate to each individual and has varied interpretations for everybody. 

It is not mandatory that one has to listen with earphones or use some gadget, for some the music can be from nature, or they can even find harmony in the minor things.

91 Astonishing Music Passion Tattoos To Depict Your Love

Music gives you the power to express things without using any words; music can say something profoundly that you cannot put into words. 

So music is a fantastic way to express your personality and feelings and to feel emotions more deeply, so you can use music tattoos to show your deeper engagement with music.

Significance of Music Passion Tattoos

Music passion tattoos hold profound significance as wearable expressions of one’s deep connection to the world of melody and rhythm. These tattoos transcend the visual, capturing the emotional resonance that music can evoke. Whether adorned with musical notes, instruments, or lyrics, each element carries symbolic weight, representing personal narratives, favorite compositions, or pivotal life moments. Music passion tattoos become a permanent ode to the universal language of music, constantly reminding the wearer of their enduring love for the art form and the profound impact it has on their life’s soundtrack.

Before You Get Started

  • Clearly define the musical elements you want in your tattoo, whether notes, instruments, or lyrics, to convey your passion accurately.
  • Explore various tattoo styles and find one that complements your vision for the music passion tattoo: realism, minimalism, or a more illustrative approach.
  • Look for a tattoo artist with a proven track record in creating detailed and musical designs, ensuring they can capture the essence of your passion with precision.
  • Reflect on where you want your music passion tattoo, considering the size and intricacy of the design to complement the chosen body area.
  • Understand the importance of aftercare, following your artist’s guidelines for cleaning, moisturizing, and protecting the tattoo to ensure optimal healing and longevity.

Placement of Music Passion Tattoos

Placing music-passion tattoos is a personal choice, allowing individuals to harmonize their ink with their body’s natural contours. Common locations include the forearm, where musical notes can gracefully flow along the arm or the wrist for a subtle yet meaningful touch. Larger designs, like instruments or lyrics, find their canvas on the upper arm, back, or ribcage, providing ample space for intricate detailing. The collarbone or behind the ear offers a delicate area for smaller, symbolic musical elements. The choice of placement is a thoughtful consideration, ensuring the music passion tattoo not only visually resonates but also complements the wearer’s unique sense of style and connection to the melodies they hold dear.

Find The Perfect Tattoo Artist for Music Passion Tattoos

Selecting the perfect tattoo artist for music passion tattoos involves finding a skilled professional who can translate the intricacies of musical elements into captivating ink. Look for an artist with a portfolio showcasing expertise in musical designs, whether notes, instruments, or lyrical excerpts. Seek recommendations or reviews to gauge the artist’s ability to capture the essence of your musical passion. Collaborate with someone who possesses technical proficiency and understands the emotional and symbolic significance of the musical elements you want to incorporate. Finding the perfect tattoo artist ensures your music passion tattoo becomes a harmonious and visually striking representation of your love for music.

Aftercare For Music Passion Tattoos 

Proper aftercare is essential for preserving the vibrancy and clarity of music-passion tattoos. Keep the tattoo clean by washing it gently with mild, fragrance-free soap and lukewarm water. Apply a thin layer of recommended tattoo ointment to moisturize the skin during the initial healing period. Shield the tattoo from direct sunlight and avoid submerging it in water for prolonged periods. Resist the urge to pick or scratch at scabs, allowing the tattoo to heal naturally. Adhering to these aftercare practices ensures optimal healing, preserving the sharpness and integrity of your music passion tattoo for years.

There are various ways of getting a music lover tattoo like you can get a symbol or a musical note that is your favorite, or you can even get a portray of your favorite tattoo artist.

91 Music Tattoo Ideas

1. Creative Music Staff With The Lyrics Music Tattoos

Have the music staff use it as a boundary for the lyrics of your favorite song to be written in between the negative space.

Image: @badattitudetattoo

2. Quarter Sleeve Simple Music Staff Tattoo

With minimal perfect design and simple black ink, you can have a quarter sleeve made on your arm with the music staff.

Image: @vladimirubillus

3. Trash Polka Treble Clef Music Tattoos Idea

Trash Polka is a very old but trendy tattooing style; it is quite the opposite of mainstream tattoo art; if you like this style, then get one treble clef in this style. The combination of black and red looks incredible in this tattooing style.

Image: @lone_bee_tattoo

4. Polynesian Tribal Clef Music Tattoos Design

The Polynesian culture used tattoos with the design of this sort to tell things about their personality trait; inspired by their culture; you can have a tattoo in this design.

Image: @xxcoleyxx95

5. Guitar, Saxophone, And Music Staff Sleeve Music Tattoos

If you want a full sleeve, then here is one brilliant idea: show your love for music with music staff all over the arm and then add guitar, saxophone, or any other instruments that you like on your arm along with some clefs and notes; it will look terrific.

Image: @dasniloy_lizardsskintattoos

6. Scattered Music Notes Tattoo Idea

One simple tattoo idea as a music tattoo is getting scattered music notes on your body; the back and the neck is a popular choice for this tattoo. Blacked-inked notes flow in one direction, and you can also choose the amount of space you want to fill.

Image: @pumpkinqueentattoo

7. Small Music Tattoos For Boys

This small tattoo is good for the younger generation, and with it, you can have the play and pause also the reverse and forward button in black ink. 

Image: @simikosart

8. Rose Guitar Music Tattoo Style

A rose and a guitar is a classic tattoo for a one-of-a-kind tattoo; the rose is for passion in love, and getting its tattoo with a guitar can signify that you seek to express your love through music.

A black guitar with a red rose makes a tremendous vibrant contrast.

Image: @brettstattoospiercings

9. A Simple Quote With Treble Tattoo

You can choose your favorite shape from the shape of the note and have a quote with it on your arm that holds meaning in your life or have a personal message written that shows you love listening to music.

Image: @carlos_bzzz

10. Calf Muscle Piano With Note Tattoo

You can have the piano in a swirl form with a note on both your calves the same way for one of a kind tattoo. In addition, you can have two identical or different tattoos on both your calves in black and white.

Image: @sarah_by_deliciouspaintattoo

11. Watercolor Blue And Black Treble Clef Tattoo

Use a bright, vibrant bright blue color in the form of splash and then use black for the shape of the treble using the negative space; the contrast of blue and black looks incredible. 

Image: @chrome_toaster

12. Artistic Male Abstract Piano Player New Tattoo

You can have the piano made with a piano player but in abstract forms, like having the piano player made in a doodle form and using bright colors to give the tattoo an engaging look. 

Image: @peco_wt

13. A Simple Design Guitar Sketch Music Tattoos

The guitar is probably the most famous instrument, and if you love playing guitar or love the device in general, you can get this tattoo in the standard black inked sketch.

Image: @4ngela_am

14. Guitar Music Note Shade Tattoo

The guitar tattoo design is also another great idea for getting a music note tattoo by getting a guitar’s note shape is a cool idea.

Image: @jacobvtattoos

15. The Rope Treble Clef With Anchor Tattoo

Anchor is for strength, and combining it with a music note tattoo is a brilliant idea; it may mean that music gives you the power to maintain balance in life and hold steady.

Get the anchor in black and the clef made of a rope on it.

Image: @zajawatattoo_krk

16. Music Staff And Microphone Sleeve Music Tattoos

Forearm tattoos are a popular choice among men, and sleeves are also famous with all; if you are looking for a sleeve tattoo, then a mic with music staff in contrast to skin tone and black will look great.

Image: @imjusdifferent

Dedicated Aftercare:

Preserve the vibrancy and clarity of your music passion tattoo by following proper aftercare – keep it clean, moisturized, and shielded from prolonged sun exposure.

17. 3D Ripped Skin Piaono Tattoo

The piaono in patches as if your skin is ripped, have the design made in such a manner.

Image: @paul_naranjo18

18. Watercolor Treble Clef Chest Music Tattoos

The treble clef made in a watercolor painting style across your chest looks like a great tattoo.

Image: @alta_mancha

19. Music Note Music Tattoos

One great idea of getting a music note tattoo is that you have the background in black like black is slashed on your skin and then use the skin tone to form the shape of the note.

Image: @duddotattoo

20. The Leg Band Music Tattoos

Bands are infamous when we look at the tattoo choices; if you want them, you can have a band made on your leg using the music notes. The calf muscle will work as the perfect placement for this tattoo.

Image: @morpheus_45

21. Treble Clef Using The Black And Red Color Music Tattoo

You can have the treble clef made on your back with a bright red and black; it makes a fantastic tattoo.

Image: @gno_tattoopeople

22. Paint Brush Stroke With Music Staff Music Tattoos

The arm can be made into a tattoo sleeve with the music staff made in a circular motion with appropriate gaps in between with simple black ink and design.

Image: @gaiagregoristattoo

23. Music And Roses Tattoo

You can not only have a guitar tattoo with the rose, but you can have a rose and violin tattoo, or you can have some notes with it.

Image: @statik.ink

24. Music Staff Tattoo Design

You can have the notes of your favorite song on your back, the notes of your favorite music like the one that a pianist uses to play a tune; you can cover almost half your back with it.

Image: @rockladytat

25. The Vintage Microphone Tattoo

Vintage Microphone looks classic and reminds me of when pop stars in the music industry gave early-stage performances. The iconic silver color mic that some late 80’s pop stars began using the ones hanging from the ceiling.

Image: @__ghost.grl_

26. The 3D Treble Clef Perfect Music Tattoo

The treble clef is a note you hit from an instrument after a particular setting; you can get that specific note across your forearm or on your thigh, it will look different and terrific.

Image: @pandora.bassett.tattoo

27. Dot Work Music Note And Negative Space Music Tattoos

You can have the meaningful music note made from the dots, but the shape will be made from the negative space left from your skin; the dots will only be used to fill the space between a note.

Image: @_cloudy.ink_

28. Skull And Music Staff Tattoo

Combining the music staff with a skull can add more significant meaning to the tattoo as the skull is for death; they together can be used to represent taste in metal music. 

Image: @flarftw

29. Upper Neck Treble Clef Music Tattoos

Are you looking for a small minimalistic tattoo? Then you can have a minor treble clef with black on your neck; it seems desirable. 

Image: @tattoosbyr.c.s

Image: @treehouseink_1616

30. 3D Music Note DNA Music Tattoos

The DNA tattoo is for your individualism; it shows that you are unique and shows that you are proud of where you came from. You can get a full sleeve covered with the DNA running across but made with music notes and music staff.

Image: @sphynxtattoodublin

31. Zig Zag Train Track Design Music Tattoos

Use the music staff to make designs that go zig-zag like a train track and cover your whole arm or leg.

Image: @bataycok_tttxsm

Keep In Mind

  • Choose significant musical elements, reflecting your unique connection to music and its impact on your life.
  • Select a tattoo artist skilled in musical designs, ensuring they can capture your musical passion’s intricate details and emotions.
  • Consider body contours and choose a location that complements the size and style of your music-passion tattoo for visual harmony.
  • Clarify your design concept, whether it’s notes, instruments, or lyrics, to accurately convey the depth and complexity of your musical passion.
  • Understand the importance of aftercare in preserving the vibrancy of your tattoo. Follow your artist’s cleaning, moisturizing, and sun protection guidelines for optimal healing and longevity.

32. Music Note With A Quote Music Tattoos

Getting a music note with a Quote is a simple tattoo but looks very classy; you can have your favorite line written with a music note or have a certain song.

Image: @ytattoo_yangao

33. Tree and Treble Clef Music Tattoos

The tree tattoo looks nice on the arm, but this tree tattoo is with a twist because it will have a treble combined with it. A tree tattoo is for longevity and endurance. Looks good as an arm tattoo.

Image: @bobrovart

34. Headphones And Music Note Music Tattoos

Combined with a music note, the headphones may mean that you are fond of listening to music using headphones.

Image: @primetatuajesbogota

35. Anchor Treble Music Tattoos

The anchor is for stability and passion, and it can also give you strength when you feel weak; the anchor forms a shape of the treble. You can give your tattoo a contrast by wisely choosing the anchor.

Image: @russellbalchin_tattoos

36. Quarter Sleeve Skull Music

A  musical instrument made from a thin covering stretched over a hemispherical section of a human skull. This is a music fanatic tattoo idea.

Image: @maris_tattoo

37. Vintage Microphone With A Burning Rose Music Tattoos

A microphone combined with a burning rose can show your passion for music in a very unorthodox way like everyone will not be able to interpret this meaning.

Image: @jeffwiettattoos

38. Simple Guitar With Music Note Tattoos

The simple guitar tattoo with black ink with a half note and half will be the guitar; a small tattoo like this looks good on the backside of the forearm.

Image: @sotaotattoostudio

39. Rib Cage Treble Clef Snake Music Tattoos

A tattoo on the side of the rib cage looks unique, and to make it even different, use a treble clef to form a snake and use green color for more effect. The snake symbolizes knowledge, patience, and wisdom to have two tattoos in one.

Image: @chrishalltattoo

40. Hand Tattoo With Music Staff And Guitar Tattoo Design

Hand Tattoos look terrific, try a music staff with a guitar on your hand to show your love for music; it can cover the entire hand.

Image: @danmcdarrah

41. Bird With Treble Large Tattoo

A bird carrying a treble in its claw-like carries the prey after it pounces on it; primarily, eagles and other predator birds are seen like this. So you can get an eagle tattoo for focus, power, and dominance.

Image: @katrinamatula

Image: @aggressive_contrast_1984

42. Great Music Note With Feather Sweet Tattoo Design

You can also have the music note made inside the feather for a unique tattoo, the feather is for freedom and courage.

Image: @zang_tattoos

Pro tip

Choose a tattoo artist who excels in musical designs and resonates with your passion, ensuring a harmonious collaboration that brings your melodic vision to life.

43. Treble Clef With Heartbeat Tattoo

A treble clef that extends into the heartbeat sing towards the end is a tattoo that speaks volumes about your involvement with music, you can get this tattoo on your forearm. You can make the tattoo even more creative by making the treble from 3D music staff.

Image: @aitattoogallery

Image: @berry.boo.bear

44. Ribs Music Staff Music Tattoos

You can have this tattoo, especially as a reconstructed tattoo; if you have a scar, this tattoo will cover it perfectly, and you can have it made in the shape of your scar. 

Image: @morganromero0527

45. 3D Piano Key Music Tattoos

If you like piano, you can have the piano key tattooed on you in 3D, and along with the piano key, you can add music staff to your tattoo to give it an artistic impression.

Image: @johnnysaccone

46. WaterColor Music Tattoos

The music staff was made with a touch of creativity with splashes of water.

Image: @sonerkurak

Image: @tattoo_leah

47. Forearm Men Sleeve With Microphone And Jukebox Music Tattoos Ideas

The jukebox was something liked by everyone when it came; everybody with a taste of music must have used it, and it symbolizes the free spirit for music; getting it with a classic microphone tattoo will look terrific as a tattoo sleeve.

Image: @tattooasylumnj

48. Musical Lion Music Tattoo Ideas

Are you a fan of reggae music? If yes, then you can get a reggae musical lion; if you have not listened to reggae at all, then you can listen to it. Reggae was a music genre that started in jamaica. 

The reggae lion looks antique as a music tattoo, and lions symbolize strength, courage, and bravery.

Image: @real3rthanm0st

49. Simple Wrist Music Note Tattoo Designs

Small wrist tattoos look amazing one everyone, and if it is your first tattoo and you do not want too much ink on yourself, then one can be a great choice as the first tattoo—a simple note of music in black ink.

Image: @tattoosbyjs

50. Abstract Treble Clef Music Tattoo Ideas

This tattoo has a raw touch; your tattoo artist can show his creativity to add the abstract touch; usually, the best way to do it is without definite finishing and boundary.

Image: @greenhouse.tattoo

51. Anchor Treble Wave Music Tattoo Ideas

The anchor tattoo in the shape of the treble is an excellent idea, but if you add a wave in the background, it will add more significance to your tattoo. The wave symbolizes going with the flow of life, so this tattoo is for you if you are that kind of person.

Image: @sssanta_cruzzz

52. 3D Piano Inner Bicep Music Tattoos

Bicep tattoos are popular among men; look at this one for a tattoo idea; you can have the piano in 3D; with proper detailing and shading, it looks great as a bicep tattoo.

Image: @pianogirl.88

53. Inner Arm Bicep Music Notes Staff Tattoos

The music staff made it in the inner bicep with proper distancing and a lovely tattoo pattern.

Image: @chilli_maria_farfan

Did you know?

The ancient Egyptians are believed to have been among the first to use tattoos as a form of artistic expression, with evidence suggesting that music-themed tattoos may have adorned the bodies of musicians and music enthusiasts in this ancient civilization.

54. Music Notes Staff For Collar Bone Tattoo

The music staff made in the semi-circle shape extending from one collar bone to another in black is a lovely chest and collar bone tattoo.

Image: @tatucarlos

55. Star Treble Clef Music Note Tattoo Designs

A star symbolizes honor, hope, and guidance, and having it made with several treble clefs will make it a kind tattoo and look fabulous. You can interpret this tattoo as your liking for the night sky with music.

Image: @shaun_p.atra

56. Heartbeat Headphones Music Tattoos Ideas

Having a tattoo of headphones on your chest with the heartbeat pattern in between similar to the one on the ECG machine will show your love for listening to music and connecting with your heart through music. Putting it as music is your lifeline is also safe as it is a self-expression tattoo.

Image: @avitattoo_

57. Black And Grey Negative Space Music Note Tattoo Designs

A music note tattoo using shading of the black and grey color will look amazing as the shape of the note will be done without actually drawing the note and just using the negative space for it. 

Image: @magianera_tattoo

58. Sheet Lower Leg Band Music Tattoos Ideas

A band of the music staff just above your ankle with some small cute notes symbol is an excellent idea for a minimalistic small tattoo.

Image: @anneryantattoos

59. Simple Collar Bone Music Note Tattoo Designs

Minimalistic tattoos around the collar bone look cute on women, try this simple black ink note tattoo for one; it looks fantastic.

Image: @rupintart_com

60. Simple Small Hand Music Lovers Tattoo

A dainty tattoo of a music note on your hand makes a great hand tattoo.

Image: @self_serenades

61. Music Quote Tattoo With Radio

There was a time when many people used the radio for entertainment purposes and listening to music. Have a radio tattoo on the sternum and with it a famous music quote “If music is the food of love, Play on.”

Image: @cris_1928

62. Music Note Tattoos Line For Outer Forearm

The music note in a straight line for the outer forearm is a great tattoo idea, and you can have the music note in a linear pattern.

Image: @trentonistattooing

63. Music Staff Saxophone Music Tattoo Design

The saxophone was considered very sassy, and there were specific events when the saxophone music was mandatory. If you still love the instrument, then have it on you with a music staff and use black ink with shading.

Image: @soheyltattoos

64. Music Note Tattoos With Heart Music Tattoo Design

Another great way of expressing that music is life for you and you are very fond of music. A music note connected with a heart on a forearm or your chest will be the ideal place.

Image: @angelinaphoenixartistry

65. Outer Forearm Staff And Notes Music Tattoo Designs

Half bands on the outer forearm with different music notes are added to each staff, and you can have more than one staff on your arm in black ink.

Image: @alfexander

66. The 3D Clef On Half Arm Tattoo

You can use half the clef in 3D to give your tattoo a more lively look; getting it on the arm with some music symbols will look fantastic. 

Image: @tattoo_yumi

67. Piano And Butterfly In Black And White Tattoo

A piano in black and with color adds a realistic touch to it and adds a string to it, and butterfly and beautiful rose enhance its beauty. It is another way to show beauty of music. 

You can also add other creative elements.

Image: @moroskitattoo

68. Gramophone With Hands Small Music Tattoo Design

A simple gramophone but with a twist as there will be hands coming out of the gramophone that will depict the hand gestures of enjoying the music. Excellent tattoo idea for a very different tattoo; you can even add color to the gramophone to give it a lively look.

Image: @dustytattoos

69. Musical Notes On Finger Music Symbol Tattoos

Are you fond of tattoos on the outer part of the fingers? You can have one note placed on each finger; it will look very cool, a great example of a finger tattoo and show your passion for music; moreover, if you play an instrument, you can show it off every time you play a sound.

Image: @tattoobydorna

70. Simple Treble Clef With Fishing Hook And Rope Music Tattoo Designs

The simple treble clef refers to the ink you should use that is the simple black ink; otherwise, the design is unique, with the treble ending in the shape of a fishing hook and a rope completing the profile on the treble at the other end. Having it on the back of the sternum is the idle place.

Image: @joeparenti23

71. Treble And Heart Behind The Ear Tattoo

A behind-the-ear tattoo is like a statement because there are significantly fewer chances that you can hide this sweet tattoo. So if you are getting this tattoo, it means you are very outgoing and show your love for music and tattoos to everybody.

Image: @inked_2_da_brink

72. 3D Large Music Note Rib Cage Tattoo

There are a lot of shapes from which you can use when it comes to the notes of music; if you find a note intriguing, you can get that tattoo on you with simple black ink but in a 3D manner and on your rib cage.

Image: @inkjunkietattoos

73. Treble Clef Anchor On Upper Neck Tattoo

The treble clef with an anchor is a tattoo you can even have on your neck as a small tattoo, and the tattoo filled with black ink will look more engaging.

Image: @offtopik_

74. Treble Clef Shoulder Blade Tattoo

The treble clef on your shoulder blade and the clef can have the music staff flowing from one half of it.

Image: @drztattoos

75. Drama Opera Mask With Music Note Tattoo

The drama opera mask is the one in which one mask has a smiley face, and the other one has a sad countenance; they both show the dichotomy of life, that life is full of melancholy and happy moments, but you have to go along singing.

Image: @jonnyhex

76. Infinity Sign With Music Staff Tattoo

Another creative idea for a music tattoo is making an infinity sign using the note staff. The infinity sign is for limitlessness and eternity.

Image: @inkheart.kanpur

Image: @judeart84

77. Guitar Tattoo Design With Music Staff

You can have a guitar with the music staff wrapped around the guitar in a 3D art form, another excellent idea for guitar tattoos and staff tattoo.

Image: @melicia.inkme

78. Musical Notes Eye Tattoo

You can have a musical symbol tattoo or other elements differently by adding an eye between the musical staff on your arm sleeve or leg; it will make a one-of-a-kind tattoo. The eye symbolizes God’s sight watching over everybody, overall humans.

Image: @templeofthemoonandsun

79. Treble Clef Creative Design Finger Tattoo

 A small minimalistic tattoo at the side of your finger looks impressive, and if you are a fan of finger tattoos, then this one’s for you. 

Image: @tattoo.insperation

80. Black Ink Big Piano Musical Instruments Tattoo

You can have a full piano tattoo design on your sternum or your back or sternum used for piano shows. The piano has a wooden stand and a lid to cover the piano’s keys for the piano tattoo design.

Image: @itseligram

Image: @kmirandatattoo

81. Ear with music note and Flower Of Life Musician Tattoo

The flower of life is the symbol for the cycle for the creation, and getting one with an ear in the center that pours out notes of music with music staff is an excellent pop music tattoo idea, and it can show your love for listening to music.

Image: @erika_jyo

82. Soundwave And Piano Music Tattoo Designs

A tattoo of a piano in black and white and the adjoining soundwave produced when you play an instrument.

Image: @drakkartatuaria

83. Play Pause Musician Tattoo Unique Design

A simple play pause stops the tattoo in black, with other keys used to play the music and fast forward it or rewind it. The one that used to come in walkman’s and now comes in music apps.

Image: @ali_knz

Image: @beatrizlptattoos

84. Classic Quote Tattoo Amazing Design

The classic tattoo that depicts the complex hidden meaning behind the music, the quote goes as “Words Fail Music Speaks.” It is not hidden that sometimes music tends to express things that we cannot put in words.

Image: @inkwellstattoo

Other music lovers’ gorgeous tattoo ideas are flowing music, music playing, sheet music, electric guitar, different instruments, favorite lyrics, cassette tapes, small notes, angel wings, old school style, etc.

Bottom Line

Music makes you free and the meaning of it changes from person to person. It can be freedom for some and joy for others, but everybody wants to hear it. People with a taste for music extend their fondness by getting a musical tattoo, there are several ways in which you can get one and you can get it on almost any part of the body. 

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