15 Eye-Catching Love Yourz Tattoo Design For Men And Women To Get Inked This Season

Love has always been a popular tattoo subject. By getting matching tattoos, we cement a passionate relationship. Love, however, is not usually shared by two individuals. The love we have for ourselves may be the most precious of all. So, below is a collection of outstanding Love Yourz tattoo designs.

They will either alter the way you perceive yourself, motivate you to embrace who you are, or motivate you to put your needs first. Use these tattoos as a roadmap as you start or continue your path toward self-love.

The phrase “Love Yourz” is frequently inked as a tattoo to serve as a reminder to love and value oneself.

The saying promotes self-love and acceptance, urging the wearer to put their own pleasure and well-being first rather than evaluating oneself in relation to others or looking for approval from others.

The ink can be a source of inspiration and motivation for the user, serving as a constant reminder to value and cherish their individuality.

The ink also acts as a reminder for the user to love and accept themselves for who they are while also serving as a sign of personal empowerment and strength.

Music has helped to further publicize the tattoo and its message by helping to popularise the term “Love Yourz,” mainly thanks to the rapper J. Cole and his song of the same name.

Why Is The Tattoo Love Yourz So Well-Known?

The “Love Yourz” tattoo became well-known due to its message of self-acceptance and love, which connects with a lot of individuals.

The message of “Love Yourz” is a potent reminder to concentrate on one’s own happiness and well-being in a society where there is frequent pressure to conform to cultural ideals as well as where self-doubt and negative self-talk are common.

The rapper J. Cole used the expression in his song “Love Yourz” from his 2014 album “2014 Forest Hills Drive,” further popularising it through music.

The song is a celebration of self-love and encourages listeners to celebrate their uniqueness and to be proud of who they are, despite hardship. The tattoo and its message became more well-known because of the song’s success.

1. Traditional Yourz Tattoo

love yourz tattoo

Image: @dreamingbigart

The “Love Yourz” tattoo is not a conventional tattoo style or pattern, and it has no historical antecedents in conventional tattooing societies. It’s a contemporary tattoo with a personal meaning of self-acceptance and love for oneself.

Although it may be created in a range of fonts and sizes to fit the choice of the user, the word “Love Yourz” is frequently written in a straightforward, sans-serif typeface. The tattoo pattern is carried by the wearer on both knees, and it looks fantastic.

2. Stylish Red Color Love Yourz Tattoo

love yourz tattoo

Image: @yukas_tattoos

Look at this lovely tattoo that was done in red ink. The wearer’s skin tone is wonderfully complemented by this tattoo, which looks fantastic on the wearer’s arm.

Like with any tattoo, the “Love Yourz” tattoo’s design and location should be chosen depending on what has the most personal importance for the wearer. Additionally, this represents your distinctive individuality in the crowd.

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3. Crown Love Yourz Tattoo

love yourz tattoo

Image: @morethenasquare

The “Love Yourz” phrase and the crown symbol are combined in a “Crown Love Yourz” tattoo to convey the message of self-acceptance as well as love. The concept that one is the master of their own life and destiny is sometimes represented by the usage of the crown, which is a symbol of authority, sovereignty, and monarchy.

A crown may be included in the design in a number of different ways, such as by enclosing the “Love Yourz” phrase within one or by making the phrase’s lettering look like a crown.

4. Love Yourz Tattoo

love yourz tattoo

Image: @verydopeart

A tattoo with the words “Love Yourz” on it serves as a constant reminder to cherish and love oneself. Due to its message of self-acceptance and self-love, which encourages individuals to put their happiness and well-being first rather than looking for approval from others, this form of tattoo has grown in popularity.

Depending on the person’s preferences, this sort of tattoo can be created in a number of sizes and designs. The tattoo serves as a powerful reminder to accept and love oneself and to take responsibility for one’s own happiness.

5. Small Font With Red Love Yourz Tattoo

love yourz tattoo

Image: @alternativeartistry

For tattoo enthusiasts, the wrist is their preferred location for tattooing. Despite being tiny, the wrist has an open area and generally straight lines, making it a convenient location for practically any design.

Wrist tattoos seem a little more private than other tattoos since they are on a portion of the body that is sometimes concealed, so they are an excellent place for ink that is special to you. This sort of tattoo will give you a decent appearance and make you more attractive than other people.

6. Roses Love Yourz Tattoo

Rose love yourz tattoo

Image: @broadwaytattoos

A tattoo design known as “Roses Love Yourz” combines the words “Love Yourz” with the symbol of roses. Roses can give the “Love Yourz” design a creative and erotically charged touch, as they are a well-known representation of love, elegance, and power. The love Yourz tattoo design is integrated into the many flowers in this tattoo design.

The application of delicate shading enhances the beauty of this tattoo design. The word “Love Yourz” combined with the roses serves as a potent reminder to love and value oneself while also representing the elegance and power that come from self-love.

7. Small Crown Love Yourz Tattoo

Small Crown Tattoo

Image: @arizona.artistry

With the words “Love Yourz” and a little crown symbol, this tattoo conveys the concept that the person is the master of their own happiness and life.

It may be worn in a number of places, including the wrist, behind the ear, or on the finger, and because of its size, it is a discreet and unobtrusive method to convey the message of self-love and self-acceptance.

A distinct and individual statement of self-love and self-empowerment, the crown emblem lends the design a sense of regality and authority.

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8. Right Hand Wrist Love Yourz Tattoo

Wrist love yourz tattoo

Image: @gracedoestattoos

Try this tattoo design if you’re looking for something a little more subtle but still powerful. Although this tattoo pattern is small, the varying lengths and ascending arrangement give the tattoo some extra appeal.

This tattoo, whether it is made in a tiny or large size, serves as a potent reminder to put one’s attention on one’s own pleasure and well-being as well as to love and accept oneself just as one is.

9. Red Heart Love Yourz Tattoo

love yourz tattoo

Image: @goofyinks

The best wrist tattoos are those that stand out while being modest and can be reduced to a few basic pieces. This beautiful tattoo has a slight heat to it, which enhances the attraction of the tattoo pattern.

Depending on the person’s preferences and desired body location, this sort of tattoo may be created in a number of sizes and designs. For a more attractive appearance, keep the typefaces simple and straightforward.

10. Bold Love Yourz Tattoo

Bold Love Yourz Tattoo

Image: @mtjtattoo

The wearer’s bicep is covered by this striking and colorful love Yourz tattoo design. This tattoo has a more attractive appearance because of the use of jet-black ink.

Considering that tattoos are permanent, it’s crucial to pick a design and font style that you adore and will keep adoring for many years to come.

It’s always a good idea to conduct some research and select a qualified and experienced tattooist who can assist in bringing your concept to life before getting a tattoo.

11. On Throat Love Yourz Tattoo

Throat Tattoo

Image: @jenyas

Someone has probably decided to have the tattoo “Throat Love Yourz” inscribed on their body. The word tattoo could be a reference to a song or another cultural artefact, or it might have a personal meaning for the person who uses it.

Persons use tattoos as a means of self-expression and to remember special occasions, times, or people in their lives. The person who received the tattoo decides whether or not it has a special meaning.

12. Dark Black Stylish Love Yourz Tattoo

Dark Black Stylish Tattoo

Image: @kreeptonite_tattoo

A dark black trendy typeface might be a terrific approach to make the word “Love Yourz” stand out as a tattoo. The tattoo may seem bold and stunning by using a dark black typeface that will make it pop out on the body.

This tattoo may act as a reminder for the user to love and value oneself for who they are while also serving as a sign of self-growth and strength. The phrase “Love Yourz” can be tattooed in a variety of fashionable font styles. The ultimate decision will be based on personal desire, tattoo size, and placement.

13. Style Love Yourz Tattoo

Style Love Tattoo

Image: @tattoo_mo_53

A range of awesome-looking typefaces is available for you to choose from while designing your tattoo. You can make an incredible design with it, and it will look beautiful. This minimalist tattoo design is an excellent choice for those who prefer modest, discrete tattoo designs and basic, clean lines.

A “Love Yourz” tattoo design can also be made using other fonts, and these designs can occasionally be utilized to produce a romantic, feminine, or elegant appearance.

14. Simple Font Style Love Yourz Tattoo

Simple Font Style Tattoo

Image: @catsushii_tatttoo

A basic font style might work well for this kind of tattoo design when the word “Love Yourz” is utilized as the ink. A straightforward typeface may give a tattoo a timeless, classic appearance, making it a design that works well with many different tattoo styles.

Serif, sans-serif, script, and handwritten are just a few of the simple font choices available. The ultimate decision will be based on personal desire, tattoo size, and placement.

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15. Band Style Love Yourz Tattoo

Band Style Tattoo

Image: @goofyinks

If you love music and want to include it in your tattoo, this band-themed tattoo can be a fantastic option. Additionally, you can consist of things in the design like musical symbols, lyrics, and instruments.

This kind of tattoo may be a unique and entertaining way to display your love of music, and it can be created in a number of different ways to fit your preferences and aesthetics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does The Phrase “Love Yourz” Mean?

 A phrase that promotes self-acceptance and love of oneself is “Love Yourz.” It serves as a reminder to celebrate your own traits and to accept and appreciate yourself.

What Variations Of The “Love Yourz” Tattoo Font Are There?

For the tattoos, a variety of font types may be employed, including script, cursive, sans-serif, serif, and handwritten. Personal taste, as well as the size and placement of the tattoo, will determine the ultimate decision.

What Variations Exist Among “Love Yourz” Tattoo Designs?

This tattoo can be designed in a variety of various ways, such as minimalist, watercolor, script, and cursive. The ultimate decision will be based on personal desire, the size, and the location of the tattoo.

What Is The Price Of A “Love Yourz” Tattoo?

Several elements, including the size, intricacy, and position of the tattoo as well as the expertise and experience of the tattooist, can have a significant impact on the price of this tattoo. Before picking an artist, it’s usually a good idea to do some research on them and request quotations from a few. This will help you obtain the best deal possible.

Where Can I Get A “Love Yourz” Tattoo The Easiest?

Wherever you are most at ease, and self-assured is the ideal location for tattoo. Options for placement that are often used include the forearm, wrist, back of the neck, upper arm, and inner bicep.

How Long Does It Take A Tattoo To Recover?

The tattooed area of the skin’s outermost layer typically recovers in 2 to 3 weeks. Despite the fact that it may seem and feel healed, it may take up to 6 months for the skin beneath a tattoo to fully recover, so you can be inclined to skip the aftercare.