33 Lotus Flower Tattoos That Will Motivate You To Find Your Zen

Lotus tattoos are a standard option Women desire a tattoo that symbolizes their spiritual enlightenment and personal progress, The fragile blossom, which emerges from the soil, is frequently connected to innocence and rebirth.

33 Lotus Flower Tattoos That Will Motivate You To Find Your Zen

Lotus flower tattoo looks splendid with other elements. It is an essential and lovely blossom, & there are several variants and places to take into account.

Pick a red lotus if you want a piece that symbolizes heart and passion; if your interests are more centered on piety, the blue lotus would be a suitable choice.

Do you need ideas for your next tattoo? Look nowhere else! We have collected some of the top designs that you can ink on your body without any hesitation.

What Does A Lotus Flower Tattoo Mean?

The lotus is a symbol of spiritual awakening and self-growth. The flower, which similarly grows in the dirt but emerges above it, is frequently related to cleanliness and reincarnation because of this.

Both Hinduism and Buddhism place special significance on the lotus flower. In Hinduism, it stands for purity and holiness and is connected to the Hindu gods including Vishnu and Brahma.

In contrast, it represents nirvana in Buddhism and is one of the 8 Opportune Symbols. In addition, it is stated that the Buddha himself was born from a white lotus.

1. Lotus Flower With Moon Phases Tattoo

Inking a lotus flower over a picture of the moon’s phases symbolizes the purity of change that is ever-present. One of the most creative and distinctive tattoo designs you can have is a moon and lotus flower.

Additionally, it is fantastic to get it tattooed anyplace on the shoulders, biceps, thighs, ankles, and more because it may be done in small or larger sizes.

Lotus Flower With Moon Phases Tattoo

Credit: hiddenvibes_tattoo

2. Fine-Line Lotus Flower Tattoo

Even though numerous tattoos have important meaning for the people who seem to have them, we like the lotus flower’s symbolic meaning.

Making the decision to get a tattoo like this is symbolic of many aspects, including wisdom, elegance, and spiritual enlightenment.

The nicest part about this flower is how many different varieties there are, so you can choose between a complex, ornate design, or a minimalist, modest one.

The less significant information there also means you won’t need a lengthy session, which cuts down on expense and discomfort.

Fine-Line Lotus Flower Tattoo

Credit: lindacanters_tattoo

3. Lotus Flower Phases Tattoo

Here you can see the different phases of life being inked on the skin of the wearer. The closed one, the second with a bit of bloom, and the third with a full bloom.

It is a beautiful concept to ink on your skin. However, the minimalistic shading done on the lotus flower is done so beautifully, elevating the overall look of the tattoo. 

Lotus Flower Phases Tattoo

Credit: tkaitattoo

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4. Minimal Lotus Flower Tattoo

If you want a subtle yet elegant look, then having a minimal lotus tattoo with fewer details will be a good option for you. The fine texture and perfect hues of purple and green are the ideal combinations.

Each element of this tattoo complements the overall look of this whole tattoo.

Minimal Lotus Flower Tattoo

Credit: yeyettattoo

5. Lotus Flower With Age Tattoo

The back of the neck is also an excellent location to have a lotus tattoo. This pink tattoo with a tinge of white in the center is highly captivating.

The beauty of this tattoo lies in how the petals are made, depicting as if they are about to fall, plus the stem that is extended a little longer to form a stylish Tattoo. 

Lotus Flower With Age Tattoo

Credit: christianwhalvin

6. Elegant Lotus Flower Tattoo

A multi-coloured lotus tattoo is accentuated with the idea of beautiful shading of hues of pink and blue. The tattoo artist should be appreciated for their exaggerated beauty and beautiful texture.

The placement is also impressive, providing aesthetic beauty to the wearer.

Elegant Lotus Flower Tattoo

Credit: meganhoha

7. Lotus Flower With Mermaid Tattoo

Mermaids, known for their freedom, sexuality, magic, and femininity, are a good symbol that can be incorporated with a lotus tattoo. The aquatic life shown in this beautiful arm piece tattoo is a stunning addition to this mermaid and lotus tattoo.

Additionally, the signature at the end of the tattoo adds a personalized touch to this whole tattoo. 

Lotus Flower With Mermaid Tattoo

Credit: minzee.tattoos

8. Cover-Up Lotus Flower Tattoo

Are you regretting your last tattoo? Don’t want that anymore? Why don’t you cover your previous mistake and turn it into a beautiful lotus tattoo?

This extensive mandala lotus tattoo covers the whole upper back area of the lady, giving an accentuated look. 

Cover-Up Lotus Flower Tattoo

Credit: cioteczka_tattoo

9. Motherhood Lotus Flower Tattoo

A fully blooming lotus flower represents motherhood and fertility. If you want to embrace your motherhood in life, then this beautiful masterpiece is amazing for you to embellish on your body.

The beautiful Representation of the mother feeding the child is the perfect Representation to show your motherhood. 

Motherhood Lotus Flower Tattoo

Credit: james_severson

10. Lotus Flower And Bird Tattoo

Love the addition of two or three elements into one tattoo? This idea is literally perfect for embellishing your skin. You can use two elements like lotus and birds into one tattoo rock style.

The octagon pattern chosen for this bird and lotus tattoo is perfect.

Lotus Flower And Bird Tattoo

Credit: vcink.gallery

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11. Micro Lotus Flower Tattoo

The perfect placement to get a micro lotus tattoo is near the ankle, shoulder, or hand. These are some of the areas where this sweet lotus tattoo will expose the most.

Moreover, This one is a good choice when you have low pain tolerance, and you need a sought of less-elaborative tattoo. 

Micro Lotus Flower Tattoo

Credit: gami_ttt

12. Matching Lotus Flower Tattoo

A perfect idea to show your love for your special person. Sharing one tattoo with the same person defines how strong your bond is and how strongly you love each other.

Writing phrases as done in this tattoo no matter what, no matter where shows the lovely bond between the two. 

Matching Lotus Flower Tattoo

Credit: bellasoultantattoos

13. Ornamental Lotus Flower Tattoo

A beautiful ornamental lotus tattoo made in the pattern of the mandala is really a lovely representation. The way the jewels are hanging from the lotus flower is really adorable.

Moreover, the dotted pattern done on the petals adds to the beauty of this masterpiece. 

Ornamental Lotus Flower Tattoo

Credit: randetattoo

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14. Lotus Flower With Om Tattoo

Lotus is considered to be a symbol of enlightenment and purity in Hinduism and Buddhism. Adding the symbol om to the beautiful lotus tattoo provides more peace and enlightenment to the believers.

Those who are spiritual and want to connect with God can have such a tattoo. 

Lotus Flower With Om Tattoo

Credit: jenn_inked_art

15. Black And Blue Lotus Flower Tattoo

Black colour is often used to effectively elaborate the crisp and fine detailing of a lotus flower. However, the blue color used here provides versatility to this tattoo.

The placement is also beautiful if you want to expose your tattoo to others.

Black And Blue Lotus Flower Tattoo

Credit: domkey_ink

16. Watercolor Lotus Flower Tattoo

The idea behind a watercolor tattoo is to have beautiful watercolor artwork come to life on your flesh. A watercolor tattoo may be the right choice for you if you want your tattoo to stand out, even if it is a relatively recent style to acquire popularity.

This method makes the floral design work beautifully and gives it a lovely, vivid finish. Either a traditional border with watercolor detail or a more creative watercolor bloom are options.

Watercolor Lotus Flower Tattoo

Credit: studio13tattooroma

17. White And Black Lotus Flower Tattoo

The white and black pattern ink used in this lotus tattoo is admirable. The closed pattern of the lotus is used here to represent the purity of the individual.

Such a type of pattern looks good when made on either men or women. 

White And Black Lotus Flower Tattoo

Credit: oykup.ink

18. Lotus Flower And Moon Tattoo

Are you looking for an elegant lotus tattoo to embellish your skin? The crescent moon-shaped lotus flower with light, calming colors is perfect to ink on your body.

The tattoo complements the skin tone of the wearer very well. The green leafy pattern elaborates the beauty of this tattoo very well. 

Lotus Flower And Moon Tattoo

Credit: tattooine_tattoo_studio

19. Hand Poked Lotus Flower Tattoo

The dotted pattern, when used in the tattoo, is called the hand-poked style. The style of this tattoo is pretty cool, made in the center of the chest. The beautiful line pattern and dotted texture combine to form a really amazing masterpiece.

If you want to stand out among other tattoo lovers, having this tattoo would be perfect. 

Hand Poked Lotus Flower Tattoo

Credit: lou.inspace.tattoo

20. Geometric Lotus Flower Tattoo

There are many different mandala tattoo possibilities, and ink enthusiasts seem to adore this geometric tattoo style a lot. These designs’ meticulous workmanship is one of their greatest features, and the patterns are said to support one’s spiritual thinking. 

You have a wide range of choices when it comes to discovering ink that is unique and meaningful to you because of the many ways taken to create these works of art.

Geometric Lotus Flower Tattoo

Credit: lindaloven.ink

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21. 3D Lotus Flower Tattoo

The lotus tattoo is beautiful because it can be done in many different ways and colors while still being significant. A 3D tattoo is a terrific option if you like a more realistic style since it will make the artwork come to life on your skin.

Despite the fact that these compositions are often done on a bigger size to accommodate the details, the lotus looks fantastic with the added dimension.

As a result of the time required to develop your design, you should also plan on paying extra for it.

3D Lotus Flower Tattoo

Credit: connyink

22. Huge Lotus Flower With Koifish Tattoo

A huge lotus is a classic and timeless piece that can be embellished on your body. When incorporated with aquatic life, the beauty of a vast lotus represents beauty and nature.

The koi fish tattoos are mainly used to describe perseverance. Thus, this duo makes a stunning masterpiece when inked with a meaningful tattoo.

Huge Lotus Flower With Koifish Tattoo

Credit: twotidestattoo

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23. Chakras With Lotus Flower Tattoo

Chakras are the energy centers of the body located in the astral body to the crown of the head. Inking this on your body shows the deep connection of your mind and body with the soul.

It shows the balance of the physical body. If someone wants to gain physical balance in the body, then you must ink the chakra with the lotus tattoo. 

Chakras With Lotus Flower Tattoo

Credit: divine_ink127

24. Buddhist Lotus Flower Tattoo

Buddhism and the lotus flower go hand in hand, and the lotus flower is a sacred symbol of knowledge. It can be contentious but also highly spiritual to select a design like this. However, for some, it might be read quite differently.

Many individuals seek to pay homage to the religion with their ink, and it is considered a show of dedication to their chosen faith.

Because of this, significant effort should be taken to ensure that your design decision respects both your personal preferences and cultural norms.

Buddhist Lotus Flower Tattoo

Credit: tattoosbytravis13

25. Arrow Through Lotus Flower Tattoo

Arrow tattoos naturally represent the ideas of struggle and triumph thanks to their use as a tool and weapon. This tattoo represents a beautiful connection of struggle with knowledge and enlightenment.

The gorgeous embellishment of the arrow is conceptually a good design. 

Arrow Through Lotus Flower Tattoo

Crédit: laviniaoliveira_pmu

26. Lotus Flower Lettering Tattoo

Embellishing your body with a motivational tattoo helps you to find motivation in life. Writing anything that gives you a kick will keep you motivated to do something meaningful in life.

The font used is so amazing, made with clear and fine lines. The small lotus made in the upper region makes this whole piece ravishing.

Lotus Flower Lettering Tattoo

Credit: tattoo.artist.rafael

27. Frog Holding Lotus Flower Tattoo

Frogs are a sign of healing and regeneration in Celtic culture. The Lotus flower represents the act of improving oneself and elevating one’s spirituality.

In this context, the tattoo may very well allude to a big improvement in the wearer’s life that is occurring or has already occurred. A tattoo that has deep personal meaning.

Frog Holding Lotus Flower Tattoo

Credit: keithkirin

28. Cracked Buddha Statue With Lotus Flower Tattoo

Are the distinctive, ethereal, and original tattoo designs your thing? Are you yourself a Buddhist? Buddhism is all about finding your own voice, maintaining good physical and mental health, and being joyful.

Embelling a buddhist tattoo with lotus helps individuals to show their love for spiritual enlightenment and awakening. This is a beautiful masterpiece done with intricate details and perfect shading.

Cracked Buddha Statue With Lotus Flower Tattoo

Credit: lady_c_artist

29. Lotus Flower And Tiger Tattoo

Tigers are famous elements that most individuals ink on their bodies. This represents the strength, power, and fearlessness of a person. Inking this powerful sign with a lotus is a conceptually good idea.

Both these elements will create a stunning masterpiece that will be irresistible. 

Lotus Flower And Tiger Tattoo

Credit: inkedbybeth

30. Pierced Lotus Flower Tattoo

Watch the wonderful beauty of this amazing masterpiece that is made with crisp detailing. This simple yet elegant tattoo looks pretty good on the wearer’s leg.

The shading done at the back side of the petals shows the magnificent work done by the tattoo artist

Pierced Lotus Flower Tattoo

Credit: stephanieehaa

31. Circle Lotus Flower Tattoo

A circle always represents wholeness. Those who want to achieve wholeness or totality in life can have a circle with lotus. Both these elements combine to form an amazing masterpiece.

This combination defines the fulfillment of the spiritual awakening that an individual wants to get in life.

Circle Lotus Flower Tattoo

Credit: rqltattoo

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32. Line-Art Lotus Tattoo

Lineart tattoo are the simplest form of tattoo that are only drawn with simple black line without adding any colors to the tattoo. Such tattoo embellish the body of the wearer in a magnificent way.

Ink this tattoo on the body to get a simple and yet classy look that everyone will love to see. 

Line-Art Lotus Tattoo

Credit: studio_mariozitattoo

33. Memorial Lotus Flower Tattoo

Want to pay homage to any of your loved ones? Or want to remember a special moment in your life? Get one memorial tattoo that is made with beautiful shading.

Having this tattoo will set you apart with its stunning beauty and artistic design.

Memorial Lotus Flower Tattoo

Credit: mcfineart_tattoo

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does A Pink Lotus Symbolize?

In Buddhism, pink lotuses represent Buddha’s earthly symbol, where a bud represents one’s spiritual journey and a fully-bloomed lotus represents enlightenment.

The yellow lotus flower represents hospitality and openness, whereas the red lotus flower represents selflessness and compassion.

What Do The Colors Of Lotus Flowers Mean?

In addition to loving, caring, and being affectionate, the red lotus flower also symbolizes romantic feelings. The white lotus flower symbolizes peace, calmness and purity.

There are only a few blue lotus flowers left in the world, which symbolizes victory over wisdom and knowledge by a spirit. The pink lotus flower represents enlightenment and spiritual path.

What Does A Pink Lotus Tattoo Mean?

The pink lotus is traditionally associated with spiritual awakening, faithfulness and purity. Lotus flowers appear from muddy water, and this belief is based on that fact.

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