78 Meaningful Leo Tattoo Design

Horoscopes and astrology are subjects that are studied by many people, not just palmists and fortune tellers. If you are ambitious and kind but also a little stubborn, you may be a Leo.

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Each zodiac sign has an element and governing body. The Sun rules Leos, a feisty group with the element of fire. We have compiled a list of some of the stunning Leo tattoo ideas that will rock your appearance.

1. Leaf Leo Tattoo Design

This Leo tattoo is a fantastic choice for females, with flowers interwoven among the lines. The design is distinct because of the delicate lines’ lovely movement and disjointed appearance. The simple pattern is given a beautiful touch by the interposition of tiny, adorable flowers.

Image: @beth_rose_tattoo

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2. Black Ink Leo Tattoo Design

The Sun, an infinite energy source, is Leo’s ruling planet. Leos are no different, either. Their battery life never seemed to run out. If this describes you, a sun tattoo will be a distinctive Leo tattoo design.

Image: @abryvtattoos

3. Year Leo Tattoo Design

What appears to be a small wrist tattoo is a unique one. The year and day of birth are indicated with the number “1995”. The little Leo glyph also reveals the astrological sign of the bearer.

Image: @red.tattooo

4. Sun Leo Tattoo Design

A Leo doesn’t mind the spotlight, so you won’t have to work too hard to flaunt a forearm tattoo like this tiny lion and Sun combination. Additionally, you can add a quote to the tattoo, which will undoubtedly enhance its beauty.

Image: @all.in.ink

5. Outline Leo Tattoo Design

A lion face tattoo has a regal, sage appearance. If you love natural world or prefer art, this style is incredible. Although some lion tattoos have a scary appearance, a lion’s face represents the animal’s more mysterious and quiet aspect.

Image: @looezzink

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6. Sun Flower Leo Tattoo Design

The flower for Leo is the sunflower. Like Leo’s optimistic outlook on life, they always face the sun. The sunflower can work well if you’re looking for less overt Leo tattoos.

Image: @cosmicfoxtattoo

7. Diamond Leo Tattoo Design

You can consider getting this Diamond Leo tattoo design for your forearm. This tattoo represents the strength and power of your inner self. And every eye is drawn to the diamond underneath the lion’s face.

Image: @mr.jones.tattoo

8. Crown Leo Tattoo Design

The tattoo of a lion wearing a crown enhances the lion’s regal, mighty persona. This tattoo design best suits men who take leadership and are the family’s defenders. It demonstrates your power, independence, and control.

Image: @I.tattooer

9. Lion On Forearm Leo Tattoo Design

You don’t need a large lion tattoo to make a statement. A lion tattoo of any size looks remarkable and impressive. Ask your tattoo artist to add white ink details to the lion’s eyes for added impact.

Image: @paulie_thrasher

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10. Half Sleeve Leo Tattoo Design

Women usually have lion tattoos on their half sleeves. But to better suit, your preferences, pick a design like this one that depicts the cuddly side of a lion.

Image: @mercedes_thetattooartist

11. Shaded Leo Tattoo Design

One of the most common tattoo pairings is a lion with a crown on top. The crown stands for authority, power, and dominance, while a lion denotes bravery and courage. Naturally, these two tattoos complement one another.

Image: @thequeenpeasant_sdt

12. Micro Realistic Leo Tattoo Design

There is definitely allure in getting a straightforward tattoo. The simplicity of this piece is what gives it its beauty, as the name says. With slight shading and contrast, the design concentrates on the essentials.

Image: @micro_man_

13. Half Headed Leo Tattoo Design

This gorgeous Half-Headed Leo tattoo design is an attractive option to represent your inner strength. Additionally, you can add a side quote to the arrow to deepen the tattoo’s meaning.

Image: @tattootimeofficial_

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14. Dot Work Leo Tattoo Design

This tattoo uses much dark shading, yet the lightness comes from the varied gray tones. Even the surrounding dark darkness helps to frame and accent the lion. This tattoo is made more incredible by using white ink around the eyes and on the leaves.

Image: @leo.branco.tattoo

15. The Cross Leo Tattoo Design

Lions have a significant symbolic meaning in many cultures and religions worldwide. This tattoo design blends lion imagery with Christian or Biblical themes. The lion is frequently envisioned inside the cross and has menacing eyes. The tattoo looks fantastic on the forearm, chest, calf, or sleeves.

Image: @brunofernandes_tattoo

16. Lion Butterfly Leo Tattoo Design

Tattoos of butterflies or moths are frequently used to symbolize life changes. However, if you choose a more manly design, a tattoo like that will also honor your willingness to adapt to change.

Image: @melissa_tatts_

17. Geometric Leo Tattoo Design

Try a geometric tattoo for a unique and modern spin on a lion tattoo. The art style gives any tattoo a contemporary, futuristic feel. So it might be ideal for you if you enjoy more unconventional and abstract ink. When it comes to a geometric lion tattoo, there are many different options.

Image: @mr.jones.tattoo

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18. Moon Leo Tattoo Design

Not everyone can pull off a whole-sleeve tattoo, especially one this complex and profound. Start with one element and add more if you adore sleeve tattoos but are on the fence about getting one.

Image: @joshcoetzee_art

19. Floral Leo Tattoo Design

Leo is frequently misunderstood as forceful and has a flamboyant attitude. Leos are often assertive, yet they also enjoy subtlety and refinement. Additionally, the designs that catch their eye are not usually overpowering. They can be just as understatedly beautiful as this rose tattoo.

Image: @tatuatornia_esterr_ka

20. Leo Girl Leo Tattoo Design

The next tattoo shows a girl’s face wearing a lion cap. Tiger tattoos stand for luck, tenacity, might, and knowledge. The entire tattoo is done on the skin of the lower forearm. And black ink is utilized to complete the tattoo. Her features are calm.

Image: @beccambtattoo

21. Fish Leo Tattoo Design

The two fish and the Leo sign in this tattoo’s design give it a very appealing and distinctive appearance. Additionally, it represents your inner fortitude and power in all trying circumstances.

Image: @artistzboi

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22. Black And Grey Leo Tattoo Design

This tattoo is certain to generate interest and discussion. You can see how the artist drew this lion with realistic detail by using contrast, shade, and precise black lines. The gorgeous eyes add a nice touch to the otherwise all-black and-gray outfit.

Image: @m3tal_pig

23. Line Work Leo Tattoo Design

This tattoo’s lovely circles and linear lines are examples of Fineline style. The two appear to form something resembling a spiritual staff, teaching this “all-seeing” lion lessons. The tattoo’s well-defined moon in the center highlights the lion and places it perfectly over the biceps.

Image: @leo_tattooz

24. Planet Leo Tattoo Design

The lion face symbol’s curves make it the ideal orbit to which you may add other elements. And an excellent illustration is this miniature planet forearm blade tattoo. The tiny stars also charm your tattoo, making it even more beautiful.

Image: @ravens_point_tattoo

25. Power Leo Tattoo Design

Despite their position at the top of the food chain, lions have a deeper connection to life than other animals. This Power Leo Tattoo Design represents youth and vitality with strength, power, and vigor.

Image: @twoachinkedit

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26. Shining Leo Tattoo Design

A simple technique to produce something distinctive combines two components from the same sign. As an illustration, consider this Leo forearm tattoo. A timeless design is created by the lion’s intricate detailing and a specific constellation.

Image: @myart_carmen

27. Heart Leo Tattoo Design

This tattoo features either the lion’s face or the Leo emblem, forming a whole heart together. Additionally, this tattoo represents your gentler, more quiet side. This tattoo can be done on the forearm or close to the elbow by both genders.

Image: @inkd_r_us

28. Rose Leo Tattoo Design

Although you may really put this tattoo anywhere, as large or tiny as you want, it will appeal to Leo’s beautiful, self-assured side if it is an underboob tattoo of a passionate rose stem. Additionally, it has a more attractive design thanks to the pink rose and green leaves.

Image: @tattoosbyjayc

29. Brave Leo Tattoo Design

The lion is a powerful and menacing animal frequently linked to bravery and courage. It is one of the most formidable predators and a stunning creature, so getting a tattoo on its head is a great idea.

Image: @the_alchemist_tattoos

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30. Lion With Blue Eyes Leo Tattoo Design

The head might be seen as a prize and a mark of distinction. There are many different ways to design a lion head tattoo, from a realistic portrayal to adding blue ink to the eyes for a distinctive and lifelike result.

Image: @ink_bythe_sea

31. Triangle Leo Tattoo Design

Image: @mr.jones.tattoo

A geometric lion tattoo can be done in a wide variety of ways. Triangles with shading will add complexity and depth to the design, making it stand out. The forearm or an area close to the elbow must be the location of this tattoo.

32. Water Color Leo Tattoo Design

Image: @agika.tattoo

The Leo design makes this tattoo extremely vibrant and appealing. Your different side is depicted in this water-colored tattoo. All of these hues are appealing and represent your unique personality.

33. Combination Of Textures And Geometries Leo Tattoo Design

This tattoo can make on your shoulder. This tattoo, which combines a geometric lion face with a half-lion face, reveals both your good and bad sides. This tattoo can make on either a man’s or a woman’s shoulder or forearm.

Image: @artista_luis_moron

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34. Arrow Leo Tattoo Design

This distinctive tattoo features various elements, including an arrow, dots, a circle, a libra, a pyramid, and a libra. This gorgeous tattoo will go well with your personality and clothing.

Image: @renegade_sn

35. Bunny Leo Tattoo Design

This tattoo combines two different animals, either a lion or a rabbit. The tattoo’s entire body is made to look like a lion, while the face looks like a rabbit. This will show both your inner strength and softer side.

Image: @potatoo.tattoo

36. Realistic Champ Leo Tattoo Design

The lion and cub tattoo represents the security of parents and sons. That’s because, in the wild, lions fiercely guard their cubs. It’s a common tattoo option for bright dads as a result. It’s a tattoo that conveys the value you place on your family, so if you want to express your “pride” in how you will always protect them, getting one is a great choice.

Image: @mikey_tattoos

37. DNA Leo Tattoo Design

Of all the tattoos mentioned above, this one is one of the most distinctive. This tattoo is created to seem like DNA, signifying that you are strong from birth and possess the spirit of a fighter to overcome any challenging circumstances in life.

Image: @sabilmohan_gnd

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38. Fine Line Art Leo Tattoo Design

This tattoo has a flowery motif and is done in light black ink. The lion’s face is decorated with flowers that stand for choosing light in the dark and always choosing to see the positive side of things.

Image: @malgorzataa_wieczorek

39. Minimalist Leo Tattoo Design

This little tattoo features the Lio brand along with a flower motif. This tattoo can be placed close to your lower thigh or ankle. This appears lovely on both sexes and can represent their leo personality.

Image: @tattooxbae

40. No Matter What Leo Tattoo Design

This tattoo features the Leo logo and the phrase “no matter what” in a circle. This tattoo is a great way to represent your inner strength and ability to live through anything.

Image: @rico_tat2s

41. Compass Leo Tattoo Design

This tattoo is great if you want something eye-catching with various elements. The compass is incorporated into this tattoo, and the lion’s emerald eyes will catch everyone’s attention.

Image: @samyok_tattoo_inks

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42. Leo Sign On Neck Leo Tattoo Design

Do you want to display your Leo pride subtly? The tattoos below the neck are ideal for you. With various hairstyles, you can either conceal them or show them. And a Leo glyph this little will fit in this location.

Image: @inkfinity_tattooart_lnz

43. Lion Elephant Leo Tattoo Design

This tattoo features images of two animals, an elephant, and a lion. Furthermore, this tattoo serves as a reminder that they are both the most challenging and strongest animals in the jungle. Additionally, it represents the fact that the lion is the sole king of the jungle.

Image: @tattoo_legkov

44. Pieces Leo Tattoo Design

Don’t expect realistic lion tattoos to fit in a small area, like the wrist or forearm. Instead, expect them to be quite large due to their necessity. For the tattoo to appear realistic, the artist will need a sizeable surface area to render the details accurately.

Image: @mr.jones.tattoo

45. Mirror Leo Tattoo Design

This is a dynamic tattoo in which a tiny cub represents an unstoppable lion prepared to fight. Additionally, adding the lion’s sign to this tattoo makes it more appealing and attention-grabbing.

Image: @inkedtobeauty

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46. Connection Leo Tattoo Design

This tattoo features numerous elements, including stars, circles, lines, and dots, and it is created with light black ink. That makes it not only interesting but also distinctive for a forearm tattoo.

Image: @inkedtobeauty

47. Pendent Leo Tattoo Design

This Pendent Leo Tattoo Design is a great tattoo if you’re looking for a delightful and lovely look. This tattoo will unmistakably symbolize your gentler side or calmer side.

Image: @inksterchad

48. Terrific Leo Tattoo Design

This tattoo is stunning for you if you have a hard or strong personality so you can display your strength. This tattoo’s red-orange and face-of-line designs give it a more menacing appearance.

Image: @tattooist_ak

49. Colourful Leo Tattoo Design

The splashes of color in the watercolor style are frequently used as backgrounds or in conjunction with a solid black outline. This technique results in a vibrant, eye-catching tattoo as one might anticipate.

Image: @meagdubya

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50. Two Halves Leo Tattoo Design

The two faces or stages of the lion are depicted in this tattoo. One is an adult, and the other is a cub. Thus, tattoos represent your development from a young cub to an adult lion. Additionally, the upper arm or biceps are the ideal places for this tattoo.

Image: @rdtelaviv

51. Roman Leo Tattoo Design

This Roman lion tattoo design features butterflies or moths all over the lion’s body. This tattoo signifies that if you are the king, nobody or nothing can prevent you from shining in any circumstance.

Image: @makiyo_tattoo

52. Lotus Leo Tattoo Design

This tattoo is a great way to express your personality. A lion’s face or blue eyes make your calves or tattoo more appealing. Additionally, it represents your trustworthy and astute character, capable of handling any challenge.

Image: @kaciekulturetattoos

53. Lion On Arm Leo Tattoo Design

A lion tattoo may occasionally symbolize pride in one’s country and a sense of identity. Several nations, including Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, England, Ethiopia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Singapore, have lions as their national animal.

Image: @alexx_249

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54. Messy Leo Tattoo Design

A lion with a rose can represent a person’s passion and ambition as well as their determination to face their fears head-on and to demonstrate how they have developed into stronger individuals.

Image: @amandanoelletattoos

55. Red Ink Leo Tattoo Design

When designed with a red ring, a small tattoo will seem more lovely and fit your vibe better than one too large. Additionally, you can design this tattoo to look gorgeous on the wrist’s most prominent side.

Image: @cfinnni

56. Sleeping Leo Tattoo Design

The sleeping cub in this tattoo has a cute appearance that may easily catch everyone’s attention, making it one of the cutest tattoos ever. This will also represent your attention-grabbing personality due to your attractive appearance.

Image: @milainktattoo

57. Shapes Leo Tattoo Design

People who love minimalist designs will enjoy getting this simple broad-line Leo sign tattoo. The top symbol features the sun, which rules over Leo. Leo is represented by the sign in the center, and the bottom symbol represents the governing element, fire.

Image: @skintrack_tattoo

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58. Anchor Leo Tattoo Design

This unique Leo tattoo features an engraved glyph symbol representing the wearer’s zodiac sign. The representation of this blazing planet uses sleek lines that seem sophisticated and fashionable.

Image: @petrazoliktattoo

59. Lion On Finger Leo Tattoo Design

Recent years have seen a rise in the popularity of lion finger tattoos, which even superstars like boxer Anthony Joshua have acquired. The tattoo is still tiny, yet it has all the strength and grandeur of a full-sized lion.

Image: @mr.jones.tattoo

60. Affection Leo Tattoo Design

Due to the behavior of lionesses in the wild, getting a tattoo of a female lion is a very personal decision. To support their family and take care of their cubs, lionesses in the wild hunt together. Along with being maternal, they are formidable predators.

Image: @shirley.ink_

61. Couple Leo Tattoo Design

The ideal option for a couple to express their affection for their loved ones is this Couple Leo tattoo design. Both can use this tattoo to represent their sincere love, fidelity, and honesty for one another.

Image: @shortdogg252

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62. Cute Leo Tattoo Design

You can design this adorable and lovely tattoo close to your forearm. The colors used for this tattoo are orange and brown. Other components, such as flowers, were added to make this tattoo outstanding.

Image: @dearchels

63. Half Headed Leo Tattoo Design

The perspective of a lion and the constellation of Leo are combined in this cool Leo tattoo on the wearer’s arm. Despite looking fantastic on any body part, these designs perform especially nicely on the biceps.

Image: @markskintattoo

64. Star Leo Tattoo Design

This Leo zodiac sign tattoo is given a royal appearance by the addition of a lovely crown at the top. The Leo emblem, which wears a lovely crown on its head, is drawn in bold, black ink.

Image: @gflats

65. Egypt Mummy Leo Tattoo Design

This tattoo features an Egyptian cap over the head of a lion, which stands for the ability to rule, war prowess, & the will to fight and prevail in all conflicts. This tattoo can definitely be made on a large area like the chest or biceps.

Image: @siva_tattoos_

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66. Shouting Leo Tattoo Design

One of the most majestic animals in the world and the monarch of the animal kingdom is the lion. The big cat symbolizes power, might, knowledge, courage, and bravery.

Image: @emotattoo

67. Love Leo Tattoo Design

This is an adorable tattoo that you should get for your loved ones to show them how much you care. The small heart that represents your love, affection and loyalty to your lover is incorporated into the Leo zodiac sign.

Image: @littlemissleo

68. Snake Leo Tattoo Design

This may appear to be a detailed snake tattoo from a distance. Tattoos of a snake or lion frequently represent fertility and protection. It’s ideal for Leo women because of the background constellation of Leo.

Image: @shaun_glover_tats

69. Skull Leo Tattoo Design

The lion is a symbol of power and bravery, but a tattoo of a skull is a symbol of protection and death. A skull and lion design can be combined in a number of different ways. This includes dividing the lion’s image in two and revealing the lion’s fur on one side and its skull on the other.

Image: @a_ink1

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70. Radiant Leo Tattoo Design

One of the best Leo tattoo designs, it looks fantastic on both sexes and is among the best. Although this pattern looks best when placed at the back of the bicep, you can also have it done close to the wrist, arm, or neck.

Image: @crimson_pain_tattoos_gallery

71. Wings Leo Tattoo Design

Although not unique, this tattoo looks distinctive enough to attract attention. The softer side of your inner soul is represented by the lion with wings or dressed as an angel.

Image: @sctattooer

72. Sad Leo Tattoo Design

Since a Rastafarian Lion will be connected to the Rastafarian culture, its significance is considerably different. We must keep in mind that the Judah lion is regarded as the embodiment of Selassie I, the Ethiopian ruler, and as such, the highest ideal of the deity and of this civilization.

Image: @hofmeisterink

73. Taste Of Fire Leo Tattoo Design

Image: @fuegorosa.ink

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This Leo zodiac tattoo is an exquisite example of how tribal art can be merged into the Sun symbol, a favorite emblem of this sign. Both men and women can benefit from the amazing body art addition of the glow-bright Leo sign.

74. Face Leo Tattoo Design

If you like simple designs, this little Leo tattoo concept is an excellent choice for everyone, regardless of gender. The tattoo is inscribed by the wearer on the rib cage, allowing you to cover it up if necessary. When you’re feeling brave, you can also flaunt your tattoo.

Image: @melissamurphyrebroker

75. Queen Leo Tattoo Design

Leos are fiercely defensive of the people they care about. They frequently take very good care of those who are close to them. Leo makes an effort to follow them on every step. Their passion and selflessness may be their only goals.

Image: @lux.tattoo_xi.zhen

76. Numeric Leo Tattoo Design

Leos are fiercely protective of the people they care about. They frequently take outstanding care of those who are close to them. Leo makes an effort to follow them on every step. Their motivation and selflessness may be their only goals.

Image: @soul_asylum016

77. Jug Leo Tattoo Design

It’s amazing how the lion’s head and jug represent the signs of Aquarius and Leo, respectively. It looks terrific if you design it close to your ribs to stick out in the crowd.

Image: @cain.leogirl

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78. Om And Yin Yang  Leo Tattoo Design

The back of the neck is a great place for this Leo tattoo, which is a great addition to female body art. Because of how streamlined the pattern is and how well it appears on broad surfaces, this can also be inked as a Leo thigh tattoo.

Image: @brotherstattoosikkim

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Does A Tattoo Of A Lion Mean?

Apart from strength and majesty, lion tattoos can signify other things. They thus qualify as a patriotic kind of body art. It is ideal for those born during that year’s season because, in astrology, a lion symbolizes the birth sign of Leo.

How Much Is A Lion Tattoo?

The size and level of intricacy will affect how much a lion tattoo would cost. It will cost more because they are often larger to allow for intricate detail. Most tattoo parlors bill by the hour and the fee may be set by the store or differ depending on the artist’s exposure, experience, and popularity.

Where Do You Put A Lion Tattoo?

Tattoos of lions are frequently inked on the chest, back, arms, and legs. Due to their size, these sections can accommodate larger, more intricate patterns. They are frequently a man’s strongest bodily parts, adding to the tattoo’s message of power and authority.

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