40 Charming And Lovely Rose Tattoos Ideas And Designs For Leg

Rose tattoo is one of the most loved and favored tattoos among flowers. Not only the design of a rose is alluring to the eyes, but the meaning behind it is also profound.

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40 Charming And Lovely Rose Tattoos Ideas And Designs For Leg

Different roses stand for various purposes, but you will typically see a red rose tattoo on people.

The red rose symbolizes romance, beauty, love, and courage. However, you must have noticed that the red rose is mainly used for love or expression. It represents the passion for love.

Rose Tattoos for Men and Women

1. Beautiful Rose Tattoo Idea

The petals of the rose look lovely, and you can have those made beautifully on any body part. The calf is also a good place for such a tattoo like it is stretched here, covering a significant amount.

Image: @shaynapraytattoos

2. Black Rose Tattoo Design Idea

The black is associated with grief; a bearer may be wearing it to represent a loved one’s death. The shading in the tattoo makes it a grasping tattoo, and the use of negative space is best for such tattoos.

Image: @christapuffs

3. Black Rose Tattoo Idea

Here is another back rose tattoo done with a different style. Again, the number of petals or the flowers you use in your tattoo will give your tattoo a unique look.

Image: @0one_tattoo

4. Blue Rose Memorial Tattoo On Leg

The blue rose stands for imagination, fantasy, and impossibility. The tattoo done here is hilarious, with one eye added to the pistil.

A single vision symbolizes God’s sight watching over us all. The wording matches perfectly with the eye made.

Image: @chalida.tattoo

5. Colored Rose Tattoo Design

Abstract art has a different fanbase in all kinds of artworks, be it paintings or tattoos. If you like abstract art, you can go for a tattoo like it is done below.

The combination of red and black makes the tattoo blazing, and the pinch of yellow is a perfect touch.

Image: @garciavieira_tattoo

6. Colorful Rose Tattoo On Leg Idea

Combining two kinds of styles and colors will give your tattoo a rare look. The petals of the rose are made in a natural tattoo form, while the other half of the tattoo is made in a simple sketch form using only black.

You can draw inspiration from this tattoo to create something unique.

Image: @olbino88

7. Cool Blue Rose Tattoo Design On Leg

The cool blue rose represents the impossibility of things and mystery. It is used in many animated films to give the touch of magic and a mystic vibe.

The contrast of black and blue looks fabulous and will make your tattoo more engaging.

Image: @sonia.art.painting.tattoo

8. Cute Rose Tattoo Idea

If you like a realistic tattoo, you can go for something like the one below. You can use green for the stems and the leaves and then vibrant red for the rose.

The intricate design of the petals will make your tattoo attractive so go for a skillful artist.

Image: @tattoomirr

9. Dagger And Cool Blue Rose Tattoo Designs For Leg

The blue rose stands for the mysterious allure of the unattainable, and the dagger is the symbol of betrayal or danger. The color of the tattoo makes it look like an animated tattoo.

Image: @tattoosbypollolo

10. Gothic Rose Vine Tattoo Idea

The gothic culture is quite popular with the youth, and many people even follow it. If you also like Gothic culture, you can get a tattoo of this sort.

The grey and black shading with a butterfly looks dope as a tattoo. This is an adoption of the art of charcoal paintings.

Image: @melcarrall

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11. Graceful Rose Tattoo Design

If you like the modern tattoo a little more than the traditional type of tattoo, then you can go for a geometric touch in your tattoo.

There are various symbols used in the geometric art of tattooing. If you want a one-of-a-kind tattoo, get something like the one done here.

Image: @asbel_miguel

12. Nice Looking Rose Tattoo Design

The petals are done using the negative space to provide the look of shading, and the leaves made in pitch black are a wise idea to create a contrast.

In this way, you can create a difference using only one color and using the skin color for the shading look.

Image: @izabela_tattoo

13. Nice Rose Tattoo Idea

The butterfly is an excellent element to get with the rose tattoo as it is the symbol of transformation and change.

The butterfly made is of the animation style, which we can make out from the color combination used on it, and it complements the rose perfectly. The purple rose is the symbol of eternal true love, so you can get it for someone you love.

Image: @uptowntattoogallery

14. Pretty Rose Tattoo Idea

The rose in pink with this fading touch can be a good tattoo for women as it has a slight feminine touch to it. The tattoo on the ankle can be your perfect accessory to flaunt this summer with your flats.

Image: @tattoos.carlos

15. Red Rose Tattoo Design

If you want a small tattoo, then here is a great option that you can go for. It may be a small tattoo, but it includes excellent detailing, or you can go for it if this is your first tattoo, as it will not cover a large area of your body. 

Image: @nbtattoostudio

16. Rose Tattoo Design For Leg

Here is another tattoo that you can go for with the butterfly. Again, there are specific ways to place the butterfly with the tattoo.

Furthermore, the black background on your rose tattoo will help you create an exciting contrast. The colors used in this tattoo are done like the watercolor splash painting style that looks like they are spreading.

Image: @emek_tattoo

17. Rose Tattoo Design Idea

The red rose is a common tattoo, but an intelligent way to make a difference is by making the stems and the leaves red. The thorns in a rose tattoo represent the pain you may endure in love. 

Image: @tatts.by.andy

18. Rose Tattoo Idea For Women’s Leg

Using just the flowers in your rose tattoo looks different and cute. You can choose the rose flowers and place them scattered differently on your leg and then add blue butterflies to them.

The pink rose is the symbol of innocence or a new love found. And the blue butterfly stands for good luck also bliss in life.

Image: @tattoos_by_dann

19. Rose Tattoo Image Style

Here is another way to get just the flower tattoo on your leg; you can have it made in the center like a realistic-looking tattoo.

Image: @brownieink86

20. Rose Tattoo On Lower Leg Backside

Straightforward and minimalistic tattoos have become a popular choice, and for a good reason, because they look elegant and graceful.

For example, look at the tattoo done below; it is relevantly tiny and can be the ideal choice for a first tattoo. Also, you can easily hide the tattoo because of the placement.

Image: @carolinekuepper.tattoos

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21. Rose Tattoo On Leg Image Design

If you are looking for an antique tattoo and a scarce one, then have a look at the tattoo done below. The whole tattoo is prepared on a rare-looking leaf as if the rose is a reflection and the leaf is a mirror. The pink and pitch-black contrast looks impressive.

Image: @colinwhitfieldtattoos

22. Rose Tattoo On Leg Idea

The stem can be made in a lot of different ways to make the tattoo exciting, but this is a very outlandish style where the branch is thickened. The shade using negative space in the flower and the stem adds to making the tattoo lively.

Image: @lorenaleonis

23. Rose Tattoo Design

Simple tattoos with a bit of color and light shading can steal the show. For example, look at the tattoo done below. 

Image: @piksi_micrograms

24. Rose Vine Leg Tattoo For You

The rose and the vine complement each other perfectly because the vine is the symbol of friendship, connection, and strength. So if you are getting it as a love tattoo, then this can be the perfect tattoo for you.

Image: @spadtatts

25. Rose Vine Lower Leg Tattoo Design Idea

The black rose can also be done in this vine style, and the detailing and the texture of the tattoo can be played with using the negative. You can extend the leg tattoo to your foot to give it a unique. 

Image: @bagwatattoo

26. Roses Tattoo Red Leg

You can even have the tribal tattoo combined with the rose tattoo for a different look. The tribal tattoos are a great way to honor your ancestors and stay connected with the roots.

So if you like these designs, then you can hunt for one from your culture and have the rose placed on it. It will denote your love for your culture.

Image: @carlos_artee

27. Skull And Rose Leg Tattoo Idea

The skull and the rose tattoo are prevalent combinations that you will see. It is a contrast between the symbols of life and death.

The skull is the symbol of death, and the rose is a sign of life and then beauty, and love. The skull here is made in a very creative way; your tattoo artist can also show his creativity in making your tattoo.

Image: @jen_ladyquinn

28. Attractive Rose Tattoo

You can even get a rose tattoo to represent the eternal love of your life. If you get it in purple, then this is the meaning it depicts. This is also an artistic impression made with a touch of abstract art.

Image: @tattoos_lorene

29. Awesome Rose Tattoo For the Leg

Here is an entirely unique tattoo design for those looking for a pair tattoo; you can have it made on both legs or with a person in the same place. The rose is created here as a great form of body art.

Image: @newtribetattoo

30. Awesome Rose Flower Tattoos

A combination of various colors of roses can be your perfect tattoo. As you can look at the tattoo done here, the flowers look impressive with these leaves.

Image: @gami_ttt

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31. Beautiful Rose Tattoo Design Idea

You can have various flowers in the same or different colors, or you can even take the creative liberty to insert all the colors in a single flower. For example, look at this fantastic piece of art where the blue and pink are blended in perfectly.

Image: @amanda.mypreciousink

32. Beautiful Rose Tattoo For Leg

You can have the flower and the buds made in your tattoo. The full bloom can be the symbol of eternal love, new love, or romance, and the bud is the symbol of a new beginning.

Image: @bio_ink_tattoos

33. Butterfly Rose Tattoo Design Style

A butterfly tattoo design can be made with the rose in a lot of ways, but here is a method that you must not have encountered before.

Look at the fabulous form below, where the butterfly’s wings are used to replace the leaves. Unique wings are your choice. The different colors will add to the effect your tattoo will give.

Image: @jtrip360

34. Fabulous Rose Tattoo Idea

The blue butterfly will bring luck to you and all the others surrounding you, so it is a great tattoo that you can opt for with a purple rose tattoo. The design of the petals is done perfectly.

Image: @flux_tattoo

35. Outline Rose Tattoo For The Leg

The outline sketch tattoo is a popular art form that you may come across the tattooing methods. If you like this particular way of doing this art, you can choose a tattoo like this. This tattoo will have minimum ink involved. 

Image: @magnolia_tattoo

36. Pink Rose Tattoo Idea

You can even use the roses to cover the whole leg like a leg sleeve tattoo. For example, look at the tattoo mentioned here with big roses covering a significant part of the leg.

Image: @juzektattoo

37. Fire Rose Tattoo Design

A burning rose can signify a person’s pain that they have received in love. You will see this kind of tattoo often on people.

The fire in a single tattoo stands for life and death and remembrance. There are a lot of ways how you can blend the fire with the rose.

Image: @anubis_inked

38. Ink Rose Tattoo

The ink used in different colors makes an awesome elegant rose tattoo. The tattoo below will help an idea pop into your mind or your authentic tattoo.

Image: @zentat2

39. Snake And Rose Tattoo

The snake and rose combined together are the ultimate symbols of temptation. The love or passion of a person turns into such a strong desire that it becomes a temptation.

The rose and the snake can be done in black like here, or you can play with colors for a lively tattoo.

Image: @theodysseytattoo

40. Rainbow Rose Tattoo

If you are a person who likes bright and colorful things, then you can go for this tattoo. The rainbow is an excellent color combination and a symbol to support the LGBTQ community.

If you belong to it or support them, you can get a tattoo to show your support. The rainbow also stands for new things in life and their new ups and downs.

Image: @vicki_carpenter_tattoo

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What Do Rose Tattoos Mean?

The rose tattoo stands for love won or lost and has been an infamous symbol for the highest level of passion. It is also a symbol of balance where emotion and beauty are in perfect harmony. Moreover, there are no other flowers like this one that states such things.

What Does A Rose Tattoo Mean On A Guy?

A rose tattoo on a guy has the same meaning as a girl; it stands for love and devotion and at the same time represents luck and strength. Tattoos like these look best on arms and legs, and you can choose the meaning that suits best to your personality.

What Does The Black Rose Tattoo Mean?

Black rose has to do with grief and is used alternatively with death. People also opt for this rose when they want a memory of a loved one that has left for heaven’s abode. So it stands for two things simultaneously, love won and love lost.

Are Rose Tattoos Feminine?

Yes, there was a time when they have associated with the feminine touch, but not anymore. The ideology has changed, and men also openly opt for rose tattoos.

What Does A Rose And Snake Tattoo Mean?

When you get the rose and snake together, it becomes the ultimate symbol of temptation. The rose symbolizes innocence, and the snake ruins pure things and causes destruction.

Rose. This tattoo relates to the scenario when a serpent took away humankind’s innocence in the Eden Garden and denoted the loss of purity to evil.

Bottom Line

There are many placement options for the rose tattoos, but here we have only focussed on the leg part. The leg is one of the most favorable places for this tattoo, so from here, you can choose that perfect design for yourself.