Everything About The “Laugh Now, Cry Later” Tattoo!

The first most popular interpretation of “smile now, cry later tattoos” would be to enjoy life now and suffer the repercussions later. Its most common tattoo designs are the skull, chimes, or stage masks, also with the phrase “Laugh now & cry later” written beneath the picture.

Everything About The “Laugh Now, Cry Later” Tattoo!

What Do The Tattoos “Laugh Now, Cry Later” Represent?

“Laugh now & cry later” design tattoos depict two aspects or masks with opposite or distinct expressions that indicate conflicting or contrasting emotions. This style is commonly associated with criminals and is known as a gang tattoo. However, the artwork can also express much more.

Smile now Cry Later Tattoo

Credit: @maximilian_h_tattooer

Rapper Ice Cube popularized the phrase “Laugh now, cry later,” although the concept is far older. Also, it’s known as the drama mask, “the comedy & tragedy masks,”  as well as simple theater masks because they’re frequently shown in historic theaters. They might be somewhat ancient: the sad face could be that of the artist Melpomene, while the joyous face could be that of the muses Thalia of Ancient Greece.

Tattoo on arm

Credit: @rachaelaliceink

“Laugh now & cry later” design tattoos often reflect the connection of good versus evil, yet they have many meanings depending on the context. For illustration, either of these kinds of tattoos could be used to signify mental disorder, could be used to signify mental illness, while another could be used to symbolize theatre experience.

Cool laugh now and cry later tattoo

Credit: @dannycreeptattoos

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The History Of The “Laugh Now, Cry Later” Tattoo Meaning

The origins of this phrase may be traced back to Greek mythology. Performers and writers utilized the two faces with completely opposing emotions – 1 expressing tremendous pleasure and another deep grief – to signal to the crowd the desired tone of a specific point in a play.

laugh now and cry later tattoo on rib

Credit: @mateo_coria_art

After all this, now what do drama mask tattoos mean? Mask tattoos portray a person’s face or head, frequently accentuating or showing certain emotions. The design is usually incredibly meaningful or significant to the person wearing it. Consider this: the face may communicate more without even uttering a word. However, the mask must be large enough just to express the mood.

Is This a Harmful Representation?

It might represent a people’s positive and negative qualities. Nobody is flawless, everybody make errors. We make mistakes from time to time, and events might happen that impact us for the longest time possible. Many individuals do not like to be remembered for their errors, yet it is necessary to learn from them in order to progress as a human.

laugh now and cry later tattoo on arm

Credit: @dirty_lou_designs

Great “Laugh Now, Cry Later” Tattoo Ideas That You Should Not Miss!

Inspired By Kuro-Melo- “Laugh Now, Cry Later” Tattoo Designs

Kuromi & My Melody, two animation characters, can be seen in this beautiful ‘laugh now & cry later’ artwork. My Melody’s lovely, the best laugh face is painted in vibrant purple and topped with a pink ribbon. Right below is a heartbroken, sobbing Kuromi dressed entirely in her usual black. Humor and sorrow, two opposing sides of the same coin, are depicted here by two opposing figures in contrasting colors. What a simple yet perfect tattoo design idea!

laugh now and cry later tattoo on hand

Credit: @strawberryshortink

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Floral- “Laugh now, cry later” Design Tattoo Ideas

This tattoo style is made up of two dramatic faces with flowers and greenery over and around them. The tattoo features a sobbing face with tears streaming down its cheeks and a happy face beneath it. A crimson ribbon surrounds the faces. The faces are elegantly shaded in black and white, with relaxing colors highlighting the ribbons and florals. This sophisticated pattern would look fabulous on the forearm or wrist.

laugh now and cry later tattoo on hand

Credit: @papa_sway

Carrying The Weeping Face- “Laugh Now, Cry Later” Tattoo Designs

This is among the most original drawings displaying the ‘Laugh now, cry later’ message. It shows a lovely blond woman laughing with her tresses covering half of her face. She’s carrying a mask, or perhaps a sobbing face. The tragic face has tears on it and resembles a mask. The sobbing circus mask is completely white, featuring black detail all around the eyes, giving it a horrific appearance. You may get it tattooed on your chest or legs as a great show-off! The crying face faces a fantastic concept for a dramatic crying masked tattooing.

laugh now and cry later tattoo on leg

Credit: @romeink

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Dramatic Flair- “Laugh Now, Cry Later” Tattoo Design Ideas

This smile now, worries later, the tattoo features two theater masks. The initial phase of the face appears laughing, whereas the second part, which is beneath it, is sobbing. The sombre themes and textures have been beautifully rendered in black ink. If you want a simple laugh now, a weep later tattoo on your wrist, you should look into this. The comic, tragic theme of drama may make for great drama mask tattoo designs.

carrying the weeping face tattoo

Credit: @_mikevelii_

Part of a happy clown mask on one paw and a sad, sobbing clown on another, with the phrase “Laugh now, cry later” separated and inscribed around each clown. Each clown face’s intricacy all-around lips and eyes highlight their suffering and happiness.

Tiny- “Laugh Now, Cry Later” Tattoos

If you want a little laugh now, weep later face tattoos, this is the one for you! The concept is represented in the artwork by two dramatic Chinese faces, each the equivalent of a coin. You’re going to appreciate this art piece with its rich black ink and excellent workmanship! The sinister smile above and sweet sorrowful face sobbing below with tears in the eye. As seen here on the hand, this motif works nicely on any tiny surface.

tiny smile now cry later tattoo

Credit: @tifflai.tattoos

Tattoo Design- “Laugh Now, Cry Later” Tattoo Designs

If you’re looking for a tattoo to reveal your living ideology, this one-of-a-kind smile now cries later tattoo will be a work of art on your arms and shoulders. A naive clown is regretfully sobbing while wearing a cap, whereas the Joker’s face below is evilly laughing. The smoke emerging from its lips contributes to the glitz and glitter of such a magnificent piece of artwork.

laugh, cry tattoo design

Credit: @ollieman01

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Clown Twins’ Faces- “Laugh Now, Cry Later” Tattoo Ideas

Here’s yet another dark-themed tattoo design done entirely in black ink with precise workmanship. This ‘Laugh now cry later ‘tattoo on the entire arm depicts two clown faces with exaggerated, pointed features—a sobbing clown mask with tears on the bottom and a happy clown mask with tears on top. The design is one-of-a-kind, conveying a powerful statement in a thoughtful way. This tattoo design is great for striking patterns because of its pointed nose, broad jaws, and sunken eyes.

Clown tattoo twins

Credit: @youngkingz_tattoo

Face Behind The Smile- “Laugh Now, Cry Later” Tattoo Design

This smile now cries later tattoo seems to be beautiful work of art with a name engraved on it. This is the face of an adorable clown girl, with a melancholy expression and weeping eyes, clutching a grinning mask. The entire design features rough coloring done in black ink, giving it the appearance of a drawing. On the other hand, the tears and eyeballs appear to have a gleam of light. This drama masks tattoo conveys the basic concept that not every beaming smile is cheerful!

Weeping face behind smiling face tattoo design

Credit: @gomena666

The Most Adorable- “Laugh Now, Cry Later” Tattoo Ideas

Finally, here is a glittering grin now weeping later tattoo design. It is made up of theater masks adorned with glittering lights. The pretty face above is naively laughing, while the sorrowful face underneath it is sobbing. The message ‘laugh now’ is placed above the tattoo, while ‘cry later’ is inscribed at the bottom. This tattoo is wonderfully simple, and it definitely looks better on your wrists or forearms.

Adorable tattoo design

Credit: @bestiatatto0

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the “Laugh now, cry later” originate?

The expression “Laugh now, cry later” Tattoo has no documented history; most people believe it originated from the Old Greek theatrical plays of drama and comedy. And since 2016, the faces have been commonly utilized as phrases for Latin and Asian gang tattoos.

Laugh now cry later tattoo on back

Credit: @graveyard_tattoos

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What are the two theatrical faces implying?

Each mask has two identities in terms of history. Melpomene is the title of the drama mask or Goddess of Drama, and Thalia is the title of the comic face mask or Goddess of Comedy. Melpo is the abbreviation for Melpomene, which means “a festival of dancing and music.

theatrical face tattoo design

Credit: @fruitbattatts

What do clown tattoos represent?

Many males and females believe that such tattoos are utilized to represent how we feel or who we are. A joyful clown is a good choice for those who enjoy pranking others. This might also indicate your easy-going attitude toward life.

Tattoo on leg

Credit: @nyoman_leon_holid_ayink66