Is It Possible To Cover A Birthmark With A Tattoo?

Humans have long used tattoos as a distinctive form of concealment in addition to their symbolic meaning. Everyone gets tattoos for different reasons.

For some, getting a tattoo may be a way to express an experience they had as a youngster. And also, to show their appreciation for a specific design. However, for others, getting a tattoo may be a way to hide an unsightly flaw or to cover up a birthmark.

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The majority of individuals have birthmarks that either disappear with age or remain permanently on their skin. These markings might take the form of discoloration on various regions of the skin.

While the tattoo’s design is essential, its placement is also crucial. If you’re thinking about getting a spot of ink over a birthmark, you should consider how it will affect both your body and you.

The tattoo artist will undoubtedly provide a birthmark cover-up tattoo if the blemish isn’t likely to cause any health issues. Is it safe to have a tattoo over a birthmark, though? This is a question that you definitely need to be thinking about.

Despite the fact that many medical specialists advise against tattooing over birthmarks, many tattoo artists nevertheless provide the practice. Continue reading to find out if getting a tattoo over birthmarks is the best option.

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Birthmarks: What Are They?

Birthmarks are skin anomalies that often exist from the moment of birth but may develop later.

Moreover, birthmarks can take on a variety of hues. While most birthmarks are red in color since they are blood vessels, other birthmarks can have a grey, brown, black, tan, or even blue appearance.

Due to their appearance at birth, moles are sometimes regards as a type of birthmark.

The majority of birthmarks don’t hurt and don’t interfere with your life in any way. You should get in touch with your doctor if a birthmark ever starts to ache, bleed, or itch.

Some believe that tattooing over a birthmark wouldn’t be a problem because they think birthmarks often have skin comparable in texture to the skin around them. However, medical professionals are divides their opinion on that issue and caution that covering a birthmark with a tattoo might be harmful to your health.

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Why Is Getting A Tattoo Over A Birthmark Not Recommended?

As previously indicated, tattooists can offer to cover the birthmark with ink. They believe it to be completely risk-free, but medical experts disagree, saying acquiring one entails significant medical risks. One of the primary causes that experts provide for why they think it’s dangerous. And also has numerous adverse effects is to have a tattoo over a birthmark.

According to a medical study, birthmarks with a discolored look are a warning that a tumor is developing. It is a sort of cancer that develops beneath the skin. And it is from the expansion of melanocytes and pigment-producing cells.

Of course, a birthmark does not always indicate that a tumor is growing behind it. But, there is a good possibility behind them. Your birthmark may be a severe tumor warning indication if it has significant pigmentation.

Some medical specialists are able to identify significant discoloration in the early stages. But, after you get the tattoo covering the birthmark, it will be more difficult to notice anything.

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As a result, if sudden discoloration develops after getting a tattoo, the tumor may spread further and place you at greater risk because it won’t be simple to notice it in this manner.

Many experts think that tattoo ink has specific cancer-causing properties. Therefore, there is a potential that when you get the tattoo on the birthmark, the ink will penetrate into the skin’s layers and cause cancer.

The most significant defense against this is to avoid having a birthmark tattoo. However, further research is compulsory before physicians and scientists can draw any conclusions on the connection between tattoos and birthmarks.

The major drawback of having a tattoo onto the birthmark is that you will not be able to see any melanoma development or discoloration.

After getting a tattoo, it is obligatory to undergo a tattoo laser removal operation to check for tumor development. However, obtaining this operation just makes the birthmark lighter, making it difficult to detect problems.

If there were any uneven pigmentation in the tattooed birthmark, it would be impossible for medical professionals to see it after laser removal because laser treatment often also eliminates pigmentation.

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The practice of tattooing over a birthmark is associated with a number of medical issues, although tattoo artists still provide the service to clients. But it’s your choice, and you must absolutely avoid having a tattoo over your birthmark if you want to keep yourself safe.

Experts Opinion

Despite the fact that it could appear like a common tendency to hide birthmarks with tattoos, the potential repercussions have shown that the practice is definitely not worthwhile. Tattoos limit the comprehension of visual representations of the tumor, which is working against doctors as they learn more about the disease and how it originates and spreads.

In order to avoid sun damage, it’s crucial to apply sunscreen at all times, especially on skin areas where tattoos have been applied.

Before deciding on a specific location for the tattoo, please consider all its potential effects on the body and the deeper layers of your skin. Taking extra precautions never does any harm.

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When you finally decide to have the ideal tattoo, it is essential that you always follow the aftercare instructions provided by the professional tattoo artist. You should also make sure to get a high-quality tattoo healing lotion to speed up healing.

Do Moles, Freckles, And Other Skin Marks Fall Under The Effects?

Over-tattooing moles is not at all safe. There is a limit to how many tattoos covering birthmarks are acceptable, but the answer is a definite no for moles. It would be best if you didn’t get the tattoo over the mole for a few reasons. A mole is a small growth that is grouped and contains melanin.

The pigmentation in our skin cells, called melanin, is what gives us color. Moles occur in a variety of shades and have distinct physical characteristics, such as being elevated or flat.

The most typical moles are spherical, although occasionally, they might have abnormally large appearances. No matter what kind of mole you have—atypical, congenital, or acquitted—it is prone to progress to cancer.

When exposed to more sunshine, something becomes more vulnerable. Your moles have a large number of melanocytes, which is the most common cause of melanoma development.

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When melanocyte generation begins, your moles begin to change in size and color, and the sunlight is the main trigger for this process. If there are frequent changes, there is likely a serious health issue, which a tattoo covering it up will only exacerbate.

A few more alterations to watch out for are color variations, the mole’s border, size changes, and symmetry to see if the sides line up.

If you have a tattoo over your mole, you won’t be able to see these changes, which are clear signs that something is wrong. Before physicians ever notice anything is wrong, it may become incurable.

The risk of significant bleeding when having a tattoo over a mole is another factor. During a tattooing technique, bleeding is a regular occurrence. But things might become more complicates if a mole is involve.

You should expect a lot of blood if the tattooist accidentally pokes your mole with the tattooing needle. Because of this, getting rid of the blood will be challenging, and you might not even be able to finish the tattoo process.

Since tattoos can be relatively pricey, you certainly want them to look their best if you choose to have one. A mole degrades the quality and looks of the tattoo, especially if color is adds to it.

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The tattoo will appear more pigmented due to the mole, and you won’t even be able to distinguish the colors. Additionally, since they won’t be able to gauge how much color is showing, tattoo artists may find it challenging to do their work effectively.

Rather than tattooing over the mole, use a design that enables you to ink around it if you still want to get the tattoo in the region where your mole is visible. You run less danger by doing this, and the mole remains unharmed.

The best alternative will be to surgically eliminate the mole, particularly if it is dangerous. Following that, you may get the tattoo there. It will aid in hiding scars brought on by the mole removal process.

Freckles may covers up with a tattoo, unlike moles and birthmarks. On fair skin, freckles are little brown dots. They develop as a result of excessive melanin synthesis brought on by exposure to sunshine. These are unharmful and only a cosmetic aspect of the skin.

Therefore, getting a tattoo over freckles is safe. There is often no visible bleeding, and the skin is normally clean. As a result, the tattooing process may be readily carried out by the tattoo artist.

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Can You Tattoo Around A Port Wine Birthmark?

Due to their great vascularity (many blood vessels), tattoos cannot cover these birthmarks. Not only would it not cover adequately, but it may also injure tissue and result in significant bleeding. Small blood vessel tangles are cauterized during laser treatments, causing them to constrict and then simply reabsorb.

Can a mole be tattooed over? One can possibly inquire. However, getting a tattoo too close to (or over) a mole is never brilliant. A mole’s symmetry, border, color, size, form, or texture change might be one of the first indicators that the infection is developing into melanoma or another type of skin cancer.

Why Are Moles Referred To Be Beauty Marks?

A birthmark that is black on the face is referred to as a beauty mark or beauty spot because it is sometimes seen to be an appealing feature. These moles can also appear elsewhere on the body, and if they do, they could be viewed as attractive features on the face, shoulder, neck, or breast.

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How Can Someone With Beauty Marks Get Tattooed?

Despite moles and birthmarks, we think the ideal technique to obtain a tattoo is as follows:

  • Totally avoiding the birthmark or mole-covered region, or
  • Including moles or birthmarks in straightforward linework or dot tattoos

Avoiding areas where people have moles or birthmarks lowers the risk of getting any potential health issues. You might want to avoid covering anything that could alert you to sickness because mole changes are crucial signs of significant health issues.

However, by incorporating the moles or birthmarks into the tattoo design, you may have the ideal of both: you’re not upsetting the mole while also appreciating its aesthetic significance on your body.

Since line and dot tattoos are ideal for this because they don’t have a lot of ink or color, experts advise incorporating the beauty marks into them. You don’t want to cover up the birthmarks or moles with complex designs or a lot of ink.

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Additionally, consult your dermatologist and let them look at your freckles, moles, and birthmarks before starting this journey. Be cautious about identifying beauty marks because they might easily be mistaken for other things.


Given the risks associated with getting a tattoo over a birthmark, it is advisable to make the correct choice and refrain from getting one. Apart from that, you may get the tattoo anyplace. Many people indeed seek to conceal their birthmarks since they don’t like the way it looks.

However, birthmarks are a regular occurrence; everyone should be prepared for them. Before it’s too late, you must immediately contact the healthcare provider if you detect any strange changes to the birthmark or mole.

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