44 Unique And Inspiring Quote Tattoo Ideas With Smart Living To Get Inked

Word phrase tattoos or the quote tattoo have gained noticeable popularity overtime. You can combine elements like portraits or frames to make your script tattoo more noticeable.

There are timeless and inspirational quote tattoos ideas with all sorts of inspired thoughts and topics to read on for getting a tattoo art. Determining the best words for your ink is to live by is entirely on you. Getting the perfect placement on your body, whether it is a short tattoo quotes or large tattoo design or in any font style or language, the tattoo looks distinctive.

44 Unique And Inspiring Quote Tattoo Ideas With Smart Living To Get Inked

If getting a tattoo quotes is on the to-do list, know that getting a quote tattoo with short length words can be all inspiring. There are tons of quoting tattoo ideas with encouraging lines that satisfy most people. 

Inspiring ink tattoo ideas

1. Dancing queen

Inked together with an outlined heart on the arm, wrist or ankle, the tattoo design with retro ink makes the design look appealing. Some women love to get it inked on the lower back with a subtle design. The talented tattoo artist helps you decorate your body with your unique and creative quote tattoo look. 

Image: @tattoosbysarahh

2. Leap

The latest and fashionable tattoo design with different sizes gives a lasting impact. Adding personal elements to the tattoo design gives a definite and remarkable meaning with bold and black ink design. The tattoo design provides an incredible style. 

Leap Tattoo

Image: @Leap Tattoo

3. Positivity

Sometimes we all need to see the positive a little more often in life. Failure is a normal part of life, but the key is to try and keep going even if the effort wasn’t a success. The tattoo design inked in black color with flower tattoo design gives a stunning look. You can also add personal elements to the tattoo design. 

Image: @armos.ink 

4. Spirit lead me

Featuring millions of original designs created and reminding us to stay in the present with minimalist tattoo design gives an incredible appeal. As a source of strength for a thousand lives, the quote tattoo design provides a quote with profound meaning to the tattoo design. It is also becoming popular these days.

Image: @saramarie2487

5. I love myself

A simple cursive message encapsulated by the heart creates a cute play and words with a simple design. Speaking of self-love is the key to a beautiful tattoo design throughout time. With simple but often unforgettable colorful or rainbow design gives an embracing artwork. 

Image: @janky_ink_tattoo

6. Free

The simple block text can become too complex with an informal design to increase readability with massive lettering. A simple block text with handwritten style increases the impact of quotes. The design inked in free spirit style is widespread and can get inked with a creative look. 

Image: @galhardi_tattoo

7. Carpe Diem

To say positive is not to think positive, meaning staying positive can be tough task at hand. But something to spread the message and believe in is ‘Carpe Diem.’ Who knows how helpful can a quote tattoo prove to someone to lead a happy life.

Image: @cashandglory_tattoos

8. Fighter

This quote tattoo is sure to keep that fighter spirit burning when we need to stand up for ourselves or others. It is the perfect saying for someone determined to get through it all. Inking a quote tattoo in bold black ink gives a subtle and unique tattoo look. The tattoo is unisex and makes it look distinctive. 

Image: @blackpearl_tattoo_kasaragod

9. The sun will rise

Getting a quote tattoo design inked on the body has a different meaning to various cultures, but the most common definition is light and rebirth. Representing the balance of life for the tattoo symbolizes a new beginning. Some of the different meanings for wearing this quote tattoo are vitality, knowledge, courage or energy. 

Image: @sloth_tattoos_

10. Whatever

The bold, classic tattoo font with whatever is inked on the wrist gives a definite look. As words can be beautifully incorporated into the wrist or arm design provides an incredible appeal. An intelligent way to create or choose whatever designs are associated with, the design looks stunning. 

Image: @zizi_tattooer

11. Balance

Symbolizing strength and stability of the short quote tattoo represents balance or harmony in life. As interdependence, it is righteous of good and evil. Like Yin and Yang quote tattoo design symbolizing balance with unity of opposites, it is the most famous quote tattoo design for those who value work and play. 

Image: @maorshamla

Short quote tattoo designs

12. Always loved

Often the font design signifies a more profound message. However, when done in a short phrase or one or two words, the vintage tattoo style with a layer of meaning to a word or phrase by asking your tattoo artist gives a distinctive look. You can also add a mimic of handwriting to the tattoo design. 

Image: @linda_dalinciart

13. Self-love

With deep meaning and a great way to express individuality, the quote tattoo design can remind you are worthy of good things. It is equally essential to create a better design, representing various meanings such as true love, courage, and hope. The colorful watercolor design gives an incredible and stunning appeal. 

Image: @nanaink__

14. I created my sunshine out of the flames you gave me.

The thought-provoking own sunshine quote tattoo design reminds us of the importance of encouraging self with brighter days. The meaningful and beautiful tattoo design is just ideal for individuals. Activating all fonts to empower a chance to learn for the tattoo design is incapable. 

Image: @blondrienne.tattoo

15. Enjoy your life!

A smaller quote tattoo can be the perfect choice for someone that is an introvert or shy. This one is a friendly tattoo and has a little feminine touch to it.

Image: @claudia_kaupke

16. Girl almighty, and she is not afraid.

Considering fearless crusades of the tattoo design stands for humanity without any prejudice. The tattoo design inked on the upper ribs makes it an intelligent design. The traditional tattoo design is a simple representation of how a woman changes with the symbolism of strength, stability and loyalty. 

Image: @diane_deloach20

17. Be happy

The idea of the short quote tattoo design is imaginable with a steady hand to pull off the cleanest lines. The short and sweet quote tattoo featuring little more than text can be a powerful image on its own. The design uncluttered to-the-point messages with profound meaning written in just back ink. 

Image: @leoniemoistattoo

18. Spread love

The Quote tattoo can also work as a love tattoo. If you are looking for a tattoo that you can get as a memorable tattoo to remember the life of your loved ones, then you may consider this as an option. Also, something like the one done below is great to spread love unanimously and selflessly.

Image: @aligned.ink

19. It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live

The most stunning tattoo design enduring more to dwell on dreams and live forever is considered by many individuals. Heading stars on either side with quotes wrapping around is a significant relief. To the next level, one can design gorgeous script fonts on the wrist and arms. 

Image: @ajkappes

20. Be happy

Caring is good, but not when it forces us to change who we are to make others happy. Sometimes, it is ok to care less. Or in other words, it is ok not to care so much about others that the self is forgotten. The design inked on the wrist looks adorable and gives an excellent look. 

Image: @ale10_tattooartist

21. Stay strong

The strong stay quote tattoo with a heart or infinity symbol reminds people to think positively regardless of what a person is going through. The quote tattoo cannot only be used for beautification but inspirational purposes as for family also. It can get ink on different body parts to enhance the symbol’s meaning. 

Image: @dan_tattoosp

22. Follow your heart

Minimalist tattoo designs with fine line tattoos are not enough. These tattoo designs do not see a point in getting a whole sentence or quote. Instead, simple words are written to make the tattoo’s valuable. The design looks excellent when inked infinity style, offering a bold look. 

Image: @slingerstattoo

23. The sky is not the limit; your imagination is

The quote saying – ‘the sky’s not the limit; your imagination is’ says that there is no limit and anything is possible to achieve anything. There is no limit to a man, and one should always believe that the sky is not the beginning of the boundary. You can get it designed the way you want it. 

The sky is not the limit; your imagination is

Image: @Lyne Hachey

24. Don’t forget to smile.

Many people tend to forget about enjoying life and measuring ho exiting it can be and putting things on their own can make a boring and sad life adventurous. So it is vital to remember personal development and happiness is key to fruitful life.

Image: @hamiltontattooestudio

25. Warrior

Warriors quote tattoo design ideas associated with the symbol of strength, endurance, firmness and struggle. To overcome from fighting, the one who sacrifices himself for the good of others? Symbolizing an individual’s heritage, a reminder of goals and a desire to focus on inspiration make the tattoo unique. 

Image: @blackpearlink

26. Fearless

When getting a quote tattoo design inked, it doesn’t matter if you are a celebrity or a regular person. One word – fearless is divided up by the figure of diving in the beautiful piece by the tattoo artist from the tattoo shop. Blending illustration and lettering style is a clever take on the world trend. 

Image: @linesnshadestattoo_studio

27. Vulnerability is not a weakness.

Emotion is the strength and not the weakness. To improve a permanent reminder of something powerful in life or experience that can not be forgotten. As a remembrance, a sign of strength is to create weakness. Getting this quote tattoo inked in colorful body art makes it look unique and stunning. 

Image: @organizedchaos5

28. Wild hearts can’t be broken.

The placement of a small tattoo design with a handwriting style font gives an incredible appeal to the tattoo design. Making the style unique with a pop of colors makes the excellent design appear great. The astonishing tattoo piece can get inked with black or grey ink. 

Wild hearts can’t be broken

Image: @Dorra Dakhli

29. Feeling fine

It is also known as a mental health tattoo design, and a perfect story behind the tattoo makes it come with deep meaning. The overwhelmed and motivational tattoo design with a good feeling gives an incredible look to the tattoo. It also connects hope and feeling comfortable and provides a great look. 

Image: @tattoo.lacolecionadora

Some of the inspiring quote tattoo ideas include:

30. Keep moving forward

It shows openness to change with an arrow to the ‘Keep moving forward’ tattoo quotes design. If you are stuck somewhere, you can ink the design in text or script form to move forward. A straightforward message with meaningful tattoo quotes give a persistent look. 

Image: @bodyartcyprus 

31. Born to be a warrior.

As struggles are significant and time shall pass, even though you want to cross them out of your life, there is no catchy and inspiring approach to the goals, and despite all obstacles and fear, they shape us from better mistakes as wars begin for human beings. The design can be small in size or be done with other elements.

Image: @monstersink_tattoostudio

32. Be here now

With a unique selection of manifestation and meaningful tattoo quotes design, there cannot be anything more powerful than this inviting message inked on the wrist as body art. It is a reminder not to dwell on the past or worry about the future. The design can be ink in bold black ink or colorful design. 

Image: @d.paglioni 

33. Take care of others but also yourself.

The carefully planned tattoo does matter when inked on the body. If you think it, though, you can add your creativity with shapes and adjust your ideas to the body’s natural curves. For example, choosing long sentences for arms or legs shows exactly what your thoughts mean. 

Image: @bdurr413

34. It is above all thine own self true.

Polonius, in William Shakespeare Hamlet, a person can be harmless and good to others when you are financially sound. Loyal to the best interest, the tattoo quotes design offers an exciting appeal. The design in bold black ink gives a stunning look. 

Image: @me_myself_n_asir

35. Love

It comes as the best tattoo quotes idea to impress your partner by drawing a permanent one. There is something unique about this tattoo, as with quotes about life, love, density, God etc. The tattoo obsessed lovers are a favorite crowd tattoo that gives a great message. 

Image: @smallwood.tattoo

36. And at the moment, I swear we are infinite.

Tattoos with passion can get inked with inspirational quotes. With exciting and fantastic life, the dull and limitless mind comes with great adventure giving so much happiness and personal tattoo development. Your selection can look more excellent with the addition of other elements in the tattoo. 

Image: @ryan_skinner_tattoos

37. Peace of mind

Some quote tattoos work best as part of a larger image but aren’t simple. Yet featuring little more than text with a powerful image of its own, the quote tattoos can be made of your own. Reflecting classic black ink tattoo gives elegant appeal, but adding colors can work with its rich and deep tone in a well-saturated look.  

Image: @sylviaamin

38. Frei sein or to be free

Freedom symbolizes through different tattoo designs. Next ink in a fantastic way to show the world you are broken from inside is a great way to vocalize your thoughts. One can customize the tattoo design according to your thoughts by taking pride in living in the free world. 

Image: @malu.m.rocha

39. Breathe

Seemingly basic, the lettering of a tattoo is undoubtedly a powerful reminder. A short but empowering breath word quote tattoo for painful stories gives a peeking-out and stunning design. Tattoo this small can go just about anywhere on the body. The design of tattoos can ink on different parts of the body. 

Image: @shari_thewho

40. EveryThing Happens For a Reason

Aristotle explains it perfectly and you often come across these famous and well often repeated lines penned. A pretty tattoo design with colored ink speaks out the beauty madness of modernist art with a variety of different element additions.

Image: @alayna.chloe.tattoo

41. Be you, love you; Always, always.

When placed on the arm, or the back, this quote tattoo gives a pep talk we need now and then. It is a good reminder to find things more important in your life. People love to see tattoos all the time and always visible parts of the body such as the wrist, arm or other details. 

Image: @astoldbyali

42. But without the dark, we’d never see the stars.

The meaningful tattoo quotes the idea to remind oneself to move and the tattoo design means it is difficult to say any longer that we walk in the shadow of death with the darkness of sorrow. The quote can be inked in different font styles with varying dark night design ideas to think positively with bold black ink. 

Image: @donzz80

43. Live the life you love

Quotes and motivational graphics can have different meaning for people in life. But typically they are to remind that life one should thrive in life and never settle or shows that life is good. So a motivational quote can always be good option to get as a tattoo.

Image: @tattoosalinafat

44. Never a failure, always a lesson

When a person can take strength from watching the mirror, it is the right tattoo design idea. Speaking about oneself is an example of success or lesson without failure. Choosing some fantastic tattoo quotes lettering in different font styles makes it look incredible and stunning. 

Image: @reinsbach


What is the most tattooed quote?

Meaningful tattoo quotes are to inspire you to hold hands and arm tattoos. Don’t dream your life, live your dream, even the moon, master of the sea, illuminator of the night, has her creators, be kind to yourself in three words can sum up everything they have learned about life and not what they have done and what they have overcome.

Do quotes make good tattoos?

Meaningful quote tattoos can also provide endless motivation. However, as quote tattoo designs last forever, it is not that easy to pick the best quote to be inked on the skin. So here are some of the inspirational quote tattoo ideas that relate to strength, life, self-love and more to give you some ideas.

Where should the quote be tattooed?

There are great places on the body to get tattoo quotes, expressions, and words tattooed. However, the foot is not necessarily the best place to get words tattooed, as the canvas is small and exposed to the elements, unlike most other body parts.

What is the saying about tattoos?

My body is my soul, and my tattoo quotes are my story. Show me a man with a quote tattoo, and I’ll show you a man with an exciting past. Wear your heart on your skin in this life.

Do rib tattoos hurt?

The rib cage is probably the second most painful place for most people to get tattooed. Pain here can be severe. It is because the skin around your ribs is fragile, and there’s less fat here than in most other parts of your body. 

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