43 Stunning Infinity Tattoos Designs And Ideas For Best Inking

Infinity tattoos designs is a powerful concept, and getting a symbol of ink on your skin has a deep meaning. Like aesthetic or a personal connection with the notion of infinity, a tasteful design is visible on your skin.

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43 Stunning Infinity Tattoos Designs And Ideas For Best Inking

The details and symbolic meaning are well known, with detailed infinity inspiration flowing. 

The infinite tattoo have simple and strong meanings, such as hope or love and the endless possibilities life gives.

The design shows the more profound significance of the tattoo, making it look eternal. There are several infinity symbols used, and each has a specific meaning.

The symbol is used in many areas showing different meanings. 

Infinity Tattoo Meaning

Gaining popularity in fashion as the infinity tattoo quickly became more recognizable with widespread symbols.

The basic design includes eight kinds of the loop, and you can add up additional elements to make the design unique. The never-ending loop symbolizes balance, focus, harmony, peace, and oneness. 

1. Infinity Symbol With An Anchor

Elegant design is simple and has rich and versatile meaning for men and women. The infinite symbol with potential meaning appears to be modern art design.

The anchor infinity tattoo design with the infinity symbol symbolizes constancy that conceptually works well. 

Infinity tattoos designs

Image: @bettyblackink

2. Infinity Tattoo With Cross And Faith

A cross is a strong choice, and both represent a deeper meaning. The everlasting dedication to God by adding a symbol of a cross and the word faith helps build a Christian sense to the tattoo. The black ink tattoo helps interlock symbols. 

Infinity tattoos designs

Image: @angie.kay.ink

3. Infinity Tattoo On Finger

Finger tattoos are a great option if you need a minimalist or small tattoo design. The design is prominent and goes excellent with any rings or jewelry.

The ultra-stylish body ink does not fade faster and looks pretty cool when inked on the fingers. 

Infinity tattoos designs

Image: @davydgarzon

4. Infinity Tattoos With Initials

The infinite tattoo design leaves a unique impression and holds a special meaning.

The tattoo design represents that life is not as we know it but has different and unlimited possibilities of life in this world. You can have a stylish look on the wrist with black ink with two initials added. 

Infinity tattoos designs

Image: @alicedesantispmu

5. Infinity Tattoo With Mom Dad Memorial

The infinity symbol defines the concept of a never-ending loop. The simple, gorgeous, and unique tattoo design inked with memorial mom and dad initials gives a great appeal.

However, the black ink design provides a more profound and significant meaning. 

Infinity tattoos designs

Image: @amygeorgeart

6. Floral Hope Infinity Tattoo

As a token of affection for hope, the different culture is simple and strong. It can be an infinity sign tattoo hope and a statement of endless appreciation for loved ones.

The floral design added to the eternity shows affection. The tattoo design for hope with unlimited design makes the style unique with a colorful image. 

Infinity tattoos designs

Image: @emilysandstattoo

7. Infinity Tattoos For Child

The infinite loop is one of the civilization symbols and a popular tattoo subject showing immorality and the eternal cycle of life forever.

The powerful representation of tattoo design for a child makes the design look elegant. The colorful infinity tattoo design ideas give a desirable appeal to the tattoo idea. 

Infinity tattoos designs

Image: @tattooist__peach

8. Heart And Infinity Tattoo

The never-ending loop with pure emotions to feel limitless love represents intertwining lives.

Showing the never-ending love going to last forever with the heart is a statement of sense to last forward with a timeless concept. The black ink design makes the style look simple. 

Infinity tattoos designs

Image: @faezeh.tattoo

9. Infinity Tattoo With Love And Kids Names

The infinity tattoo with love and the kid’s name within the design makes the art look elegant. The design concept gives the additional elements a better appeal with deep meaning.

Representing an infinity love tattoo as commitment shows genuine love and devotion towards each other. 

Infinity tattoos designs

Image: @zombot.5280

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10. Infinity Tattoo With Feather And Birds

The infinity feather tattoo shows a statement of your affection for someone or your goals towards being free or hopeful.

The addition of birds and feathers makes the style unique and gives a symbolic meaning. The trending design on the wrist looks pretty good, and it comes in different styles and sizes. 

Infinity tattoos designs

Image: @tatuatornia_esterr_ka

11. Infinity Tattoo With Love Quote

In an attempt to describe one’s deep love and affection, getting an infinity tattoo with a love quote of ‘to moon and back’ expresses the vastness of one’s preference.

Furthermore, the simple black ink design on the forehand implies that the person’s love has no limits. 

Infinity tattoos designs

Image: @kokeshitattoo

12. Infinity Bird Tattoo

The bird’s tattoo design with infinity shows freedom forever. The additional elements added to the tattoo design make a loop gives a boundless design.

The symbol represents love and freedom from birds to flight. The tattoo design can include different elements to enhance the style on the wrist. 

Infinity tattoos

Image: @saritanter_makeup

13. Infinity Strength Tattoo

The infinity word has no boundaries in time, space, and magnitude.

The tattoo is highly great in the amount of degree and making the style look elegant, and the strength represents the capability with the value of positive numbers. The black ink design with additional elements makes the style look complete. 

Infinity tattoos designs

Image: @giuliagolino_

14. Watercolor Infinity Tattoo

A conversational tattoo design with watercolor inking gives a beautiful design representation.

Many tattoo designs with a cute quote for loved ones make the tattoo have a more profound and thoughtful meaning. The colorful design makes the style look gorgeous. 

Infinity tattoos designs

Image: @eternalhopetattoo

15. Infinity Tattoo With Hands

The never-ending loop with deep thoughts and self-hugging infinity creates a distinctive appeal. The bold black sketched ink on the shoulder gives an appealing look to the style.

The little colors added to the design make the tattoo cute. 

Infinity tattoos designs

Image: @mercytattoohk

16. Airplane Infinity Tattoo

Airplanes symbolize parts of your journey through life. It can represent your turbulent state and the different people and emotions you’re going through or dealing with.

The infinity design inked in red with the plane makes the design have a deeper meaning. 

Infinity tattoos designs

Image: @blocboy_tattoo

17. Forever Always Infinity Tattoo

As a statement of infinite affection for loved ones, the tattoo defines the idea of being endless and limitless. The forever and ever design depicts the love of two souls being interlocked permanently.

In addition, the design infuses a stylish and delicate appeal with the addition of colors to the style. 

Infinity tattoos designs

Image: @ava.elizabeth.v.c

18. Arrow Through Infinity Tattoo

The infinity tattoo represents the concept of something being infinite and unlimited in time.

The popular design with everlasting love and eternity combines an arrow with the design. Creating a new meaning for arrows is supposed to remind us that difficulties in life propel us towards better things. 

Infinity tattoos designs

Image: @georindiatattoo

19. ‘Love’ Infinity Tattoo

The limitless and never-ending infinite tattoo design considers the design as a great way to show commitment toward each other.

The eternal love and connection for the wearer by adding heart to the style gives a more considerable commitment. Therefore, the simple yet beautiful design idea is a never-ending style idea. 

Infinity tattoos designs

Image: @breedtcorene

20. Infinity Tattoo With Kitty Designs

The cat tattoo design will inspire and amaze you with a graceful and mysterious appeal. The representation of luck, mystery, intelligence and grace makes the style shows an eternal bond.

Signifying the relationship of the modern design idea, the multiple meanings of the tattoo give a powerful concept. 

infinity tattoos designs

Image: @aybantatu

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21. Unique DNA Infinity Tattoo

The infinite tattoo design is a beautiful way to honor the existing bond and celebrate those who do not share DNA.

The fantastic design idea with a simple angle makes the style look elegant. In addition, the black ink design on the forearm makes the tattoo look distinctive. 

Unique DNA Infinity Tattoo

Image: @inksomniatattoocyprus

22. Double Infinity Tattoo Designs

The name tattoos are added to represent something simple known as endless, infiniteness, and endlessness to honor and celebrate the powerful bond you share.

Making the many design idea on the forearm with a magnificent crown represents loyalty and looks gorgeous. 

Double Infinity Tattoo Designs

Image: @abelcas_tattoo

23. Paw Prints On Heart Infinity Tattoo

The paws represent the respect and love for a pet or particular care for some wild animal. Paws also express movement, particularly moving forward and advancing in specific meaning.

The black ink infinite design idea makes the tattoo look stylish. 

Paw Prints On Heart

Image: @bene_f

24. Dragon Infinity Tattoo

Ouroboros is an ancient symbol of a dragon eating its tail. It symbolizes the cyclical and infinite nature of the universe as he eats his tail to keep himself alive.

The dragon tattoos design idea with the addition of elegancy makes the ink look gorgeous. 


Image: @tattoos._niki

25. Couples Infinity Tattoo

Matching tattoos are a symbolic step for a couple to take. Couples’ matching infinity tattoos shows their shared memories, like years spent together.

The couples who love to get a matching tattoo symbolize everlasting love that has no boundaries when it comes to the other half. 

Couples tattoo

Image: @tee.inked7

26. Soulmate Infinity Tattoo

Some loves are for infinity and reflect your personality, which symbolizes the unbreakable relationship of the couple. The tattoo design looks great with a soulmate written in the infinity style.

The finite and permanent pigmentation of the never-ending loop has no beginning and end. 

Soulmate tattoo

Image: @absjenna_1985

27. Lovely Tiny Heart And Infinity Tattoo

A tiny infinity tattoo design with the addition of a tiny heart symbolizes a never-ending relationship.

The limitless love and pure affection towards the partner last forever and have deep meaning with a simple yet small design that shows infinite hope and the concept of endless love. 

 tiny infinity tattoo design

Image: @guhitinta

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28. Infinity Sister Tattoo Design

The soul sister’s tattoo design holds a deep meaning amidst its simplicity. The endless and limitless design for soul sisters sows boundless balance and harmony to have forever.

Soul sister tattoos can be written in any font of your choosing. They are perfect for two very close friends. 

Infinity Sister

Image: @hardline_tattoo_ranch

29. Colored Humming Bird Infinity Tattoo

Although the colored hummingbird infinity tattoo often shows overcoming difficult times, it also has many other meanings, including love, joy, hope, and life.

The colorful bird, in addition to infinity, gives an incredible appeal. The gorgeous tattoo design with rainbow colors under the shoulder blade makes the style distinctive. 

Colored Humming Bird

Image: @danii.orz

30. Flower And Infinity Tattoo

Delicate and colorful flowers are an important symbol of nature, love, and beauty.

Flowers show the connection between the two, and the infinite design is a unique interpretation to add initials to the tattoo design to declare your feelings. 

flowers tattoo

Image: @1skeletor3

31. Pink Feather Infinity Tattoo

Feather tattoos symbolize different characteristics found in birds. It represents truth, courage, bravery, freedom, travel, and more.

The infinite tattoo design idea with pink color adds a distinctive and gorgeous color appeal. The addition of Roman Numerals makes the style elegant

Feather tattoo

Image: @nelmar_clemente

32. Infinity Family Tattoo

The infinite design of the family with the addition of feathers and birds; the names of the family members gives an incredible appeal to the design.

Furthermore, making the style look different with enhanced appeal and the colorful addition of tattoos makes the style different from others. 

infinite design

Image: @peritaink

33. Live Life Infinity Tattoo

It is a never-ending or limitless priority tattoo design with a live life quote and feather design idea, and enhancing the style on the shoulder blade gives a distinctive appeal.

Moreover, the incredible design idea on the shoulder with little shades makes the style decent. 

infinite design

Image: @bryanhernandezrod

34. Infinity Tattoo with Elephant With Ray of Hearts

A universal symbol of strength, loyalty, and good luck represents the infinite design.

The elephant design of spreading love with the addition of a red heart makes the design look elegant. With the sudden appeal, the tattoo design looks elegant and simple. 

infinite design

Image: @aceofwandstattooboutique

35. Infinity Tattoo With Special Dates

Infinity tattoos for women with special dates on the wrist give an incredible tattoo design idea. The tattoo style with a unique and gorgeous yet straightforward idea makes the style look fabulous.

In addition, the bold black ink style on the wrist makes the design personal and elegant.  

infinite design

Image: @tokto_kripi

36. Forever With Infinity Tattoo

Infinity is boundless, and the fascinating symbol has no beginning and end.

It is something that lasts forever and ever. This tattoo art design is a perfect choice, and it adds a sign of power and strength. 

infinite design

Image: @jordan.ashley4

37. Infinity Tattoo With An Arrow

Arrows are a staple of the tattoo world and appear in many classic designs.

If you’re a fan of the look, you’re in luck, as it’s effortless to incorporate an arrow into your infinity symbol tattoo. In addition, the small ink design on the wrist gives an incredible appeal.  

infinite design

Image: @davydgarzon

38. Dream Catcher Infinity Tattoo

Dreamcatchers represent protection and safety. Some people that choose this design feel like the tattoo will protect them from anything wrong.

In addition, the infinite tattoo design with an incredible appeal on the upper chest tattoo makes the design look subtle and distinctive. 

infinite design

Image: @alabama_tattoo

39. Anchor And Rose Infinity Tattoo

Rose symbolizes femininity, and a rose and anchor tattoo means that their partner is what keeps them stable and strong as a man or girl.

The design with dreamcatcher design idea with an anchor makes the infinity design look great. 

Anchor And Rose Infinity Tattoo

Image: @leah.marie86

40. Simple Infinity Tattoo On Collar Bone

This tattoo signifies that we are all eternal, whether dead or alive. It also represents karma, reminding us that what goes around comes around.

The simple infinity design with a feather on the collarbone makes the style attractive. 

infinite design

Image: @bongzzybongzart

41. Colored Infinity Tattoo designs

Remember that your infinity tattoo does not necessarily have to be all black! Plenty of exciting and great-looking examples of tattoo designs combine the infinity symbol with splashes of color.

This design can look great both in a more aesthetic and tribal infinity tattoo as a watercolor-style tattoo.

infinite design

Image: @dcptattoo

42. Infinity Tattoo With Butterfly

Another cute tattoo idea is to have a butterfly design in the infinity, and it looks great with a unique and customized design idea with some colorful inking.

The bold black ink outline helps enhance the look with a creative and delicate appeal of cool infinity tattoo. 

infinite design

Image: @tenthgatetattoo

43. Cubs With Infinity Tattoo

In addition to that, the cub’s tattoo also represents solid parental instincts.

The idea of the styling design representing eternity and joining in the word family gives a protective look. The cub’s infinity tattoo ideas look incredibly significant on the wrist with a distinct appeal. 

Cubs With Infinity

Image: @catalina_radu96

Frequently Asked Question

What Is The Meaning Of An Infinity Tattoo? 

The infinity tattoo design is one kind of loop. It is one of civilization’s universal symbols of the popular tattoo subject that comes as a sign of immortality, forever and the eternal cycle of life.

What Is an Infinity Heart Tattoo? 

The infinity heart tattoo is a symbol for your tattoo inspiration. It is a symbol that you’re fully in it. It shows everyone that you are fully committed to someone in your life, thick and thin.

What Flower Represents Infinity?

The Lotus flower represents the infinity symbol as a tattoo idea.

What Does The Feather Mean In An Infinity Tattoo?

Feather tattoos are a sign of this freedom. It’s a way to show that you’re spreading your wings and taking flight. Birds don’t fear being high off the ground. They go boldly into the sky.

What Does Double Infinity Mean? 

Double infinity tattoo is a sign of two everlasting signs of commitment combined. It is the essence of two individuals who have dedicated their lives to separate paths.

The tattoo designs have come together as one known as to join their fates ever and forever.

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