The Ideal Locations For Getting Tattoos On The Body

There are a plethora of reasons why people decide to acquire tattoos, but most often, they do it to remember or celebrate a special occasion. Others could use it as a means of creative expression or just as the outcome of a drunken dare. Check out the ideal locations for getting tattoos.

Ideal Locations

However, one of the most crucial choices you’ll need to make when getting your first tattoo is where to place the ink on the body but do you know where it should be? Should you choose a prominent location or something more secretive? Don’t forget to account for the discomfort as well!

Even though you can get a tattoo in just about any place, you need to exercise caution in some locations as they may not be suitable for a tattoo. You will discover which body parts are much more prone to fading, distorting, and stretching as we move through various body sections.

Placement is the only factor that matters in this situation. Finding the ideal tattoo location for the idea and design is called placement. As you can expect, only some will agree on the optimum placement, but ultimately, it comes down to your desire. This brief guide has been prepared to assist you in deciding where the first tattoo would look best.

Ideal Locations

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Getting Your First Tattoo: 3 Things You Should Know

There are several things you should be aware of before getting a tattoo.

Keep An Open Mind

You may have spent decades designing the first tattoo, with dozens of ideas and concept boards. You must, however, have an open mind. You can find out whether the tattoo placement is absolutely inappropriate for the tattoo design from the tattoo artist, who will also provide advice.

Don’t freak out if it happens. Consider temporary tattoos and pay attention to the tattoo artist. Though it might not be exactly what you expected, the ink you take with you will undoubtedly be better.

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It Hurts Constantly

You cannot avoid the agony, even though certain tattoo places hurt more than others. Although getting a tattoo will hurt, you will get used to it. Some people claim that the energy produced as the needle penetrates the skin gives them a thrill!

After the first, the pain feels more like sandpaper or sunburn with excessive friction. Tattoos might not be for you if you just have little tolerance for discomfort. Ask for a tiny tattoo at first, such as a freckle on your arm, if you’re nervous, so you’ll know what to anticipate.

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Prepare Yourself

Before getting a tattoo, there is a list of things you should do (and should not do). You shouldn’t just show up for a walk-in appointment at a shop for your first tattoo. Instead, schedule a consultation with the tattoo artist of your choice before getting tattooed. They will explain what you should do.

You must also follow aftercare instructions once the tattoo is finished. Therefore, although seasoned tattoo enthusiasts can manage to have tattoos whenever they feel like it, novices should take their time and carefully consider their options.

How To Choose The Location Of A Tattoo?

It could be tempting to choose the location that hurts the least, but it could be a mistake. No matter where you receive a tattoo, it hurts; therefore, it’s best to thoroughly consider your options and select the ideal location.

An excellent tattoo can be created with the proper placement. The design might be distorted by poor placement, or it simply just seems odd!

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The design is crucial. If you have a particularly precise spot in mind, the tattooist may have suggestions for how to make it better, and you may have to change it. Swirling patterns look particularly beautiful on rigid parts like the wrist and ankle. For instance, snakes and floral stems may curve to fit the body’s natural shapes.

Pick a flat, level surface if you want to create a solid, square-shaped pattern. As opposed to the pad of your toe, which is ideal for extremely few tattoos, your hip is an excellent location for larger ones.

Size And Shape

Along with the ideal location for the first tattoo, size and shape are also crucial factors to take into account. For instance, there are better places for a tattoo that is really realistic and intricate than a rose or your big toe. That would be practically hard for any tattoo artist!

Consequently, if you want a really intricate design, plan on getting one that is larger and in a location that provides a broader canvas.

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However, it isn’t always the other way around. Some plain and simple tattoo designs, like the one seen above, might look well in different sizes.


Yes, getting a tattoo hurts. Since there is no way to prevent discomfort, temporary tattoos could be a better option for someone with a low pain threshold.

However, you can put yourself anywhere you want if you’re ready to endure a little discomfort in the service of creativity. Any bony or highly nervous area will often hurt more than usual. Your elbow, ankle bone, and skull are examples of this.

Meanwhile, the more fleshy portions will be a bit simpler. Your arm, hip, stomach, and butt are all moderately painful.


Finally, you’ll be overwhelmed with tattoo suggestions. Everyone in your family and friends will have different perspectives on what is attractive and what doesn’t. Additionally, you may anticipate some suggestions from the tattoo artist. You should listen to the following:

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  • Your intuition and dreams will let you know when a concept appeals to you and what will make you feel good about your physical appearance.
  • Friends and family members with tattoos might offer helpful advice since they have real-world experience.
  • You should pay close attention to the information given by the tattooist. They are correct if they inform you that a tattoo just won’t look well in the chosen location.

What Are The Most Attractive Body Parts For Tattoos?

The prominent parts of the body might change as frequently as fashion patterns do. There is a commotion when a well-known person sporting a tattoo shows up in a certain region. Everyone is heading out the next day to be tattooed there.

Some topics are perennial favorites, although they frequently vary between men and women. Remember to share the ideas with the tattooist so they can help you decide whether or not a particular design will fit and flow properly over a specific location.

Women’s Favorite Spots

The location of a woman’s tattoo might depend on a variety of circumstances. The environment in which you work could be important since your superiors might not be supportive. You risk having people criticize you in certain places, like the lower back and tramp-stamp stigma.

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You should give careful consideration to the location of the tattoo. Before the stencil is firmly etched into the skin, request the expert to place one on you so you can carefully examine the location and decide whether it’s something you can live with.


The inner wrist is a favored spot for those tiny, delicate patterns or a few tiny phrases. A tattoo in this place will hurt quite a bit. There is less padding on the wrist than in other regions of the body because it has more nerve endings and is situated closer to the bone. Nevertheless, it’s frequently a well-liked option.

You can conceal the ink, thereby wearing long sleeves, a watch, or several bracelets. But be careful to wait until it has healed before applying jewelry.

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Also, keep in mind that tattoos on extremely exposed body parts, like the wrist, might fade more quickly, so pick your colors carefully.


The newest place to get a tattoo is on the inner ear. While some claim the discomfort isn’t too severe, others claim it is extremely terrible. Whichever you encounter, the tattoo machine’s noise is incredibly loud, which might make you feel uncomfortable or give you headaches. These are popular because of their small size, which resembles a delicate work of art.

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It would be extremely feminine to have your design here. It’s close to the bone, just like the wrist; therefore, it might feel extremely uncomfortable for some people. Depending on how much pain you can tolerate, the intensity will vary.

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Either a little understated design or a larger, more adventurous one will look nice. Take into account the fact that they are difficult to conceal in the heat when wearing sandals.

Behind The Ear

Although getting a tattoo behind the ear is likely unpleasant and delicate, it has been trendy for a time. The skin is very thin, and the location is right next to the skull in this region of the body. Your brain will vibrate and buzz, and you’ll feel it as well.

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Long hair allows you to hide this region, and when you wear a hairstyle, the tattoo dramatically transforms your appearance.


Women tend to choose basic patterns that are delicate and small. Due to the skin’s proximity to the bone, getting a tattoo on the fingers can be highly painful. However, because the patterns are so small, the time spent in the tattoo chair will be short, and the discomfort will quickly pass.

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The inner Area Of The Arm

Although the results will probably be breathtaking, this area can also be unpleasant to tattoo. Except if you’re using sleeves, being on the arm makes it harder to disguise. Words are frequently inked on the inner part of the arm, although feminine patterns are equally attractive.

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A fantastic place to put a design is the base of the neck. It’s positioned where you can keep it hidden from the public, such as behind long hair or a necklace. Although it has the potential to become more intense if it rises to the top of the spine, the discomfort is not too bad.

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Shoulders And Back

In certain regions, a little or huge design will look nice. If you have a tattoo and want to conceal it for work, this is the place to go. The drawback is when it comes to tattoo maintenance. Since it’s on the back and difficult to access, you may need assistance with aftercare.


If you typically sleep on the back, that is another downside. You shouldn’t engage in this activity until the tattoo has recovered. Either switch up your sleeping posture or pick where to place the new tattoo.

Attractive Spots For Men

We are proud of our artistic creations permanently tattooed on our bodies. There are various body parts where tattoos stand out more visually. People build up creative body art over the course of weeks or even years.

These works of art draw a lot of interest, whether they include a complete back or sleeve design. Think about how the workplace will react to tattoos. Some workplaces are more traditional and don’t appreciate it when employees show off their tattoos.

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You must take into account your body hair as a male. Once the tattoo has recovered, hair growth over it may alter the final appearance. If you don’t want to regularly shave or wax that region, you might want to rethink the placement.

Another component is suffering, but not as much for males as the most desire to demonstrate their bravery by withstanding discomfort. Additionally, think about the pattern and how it will match the body part you have picked.

Full Front / Chest

Having a tattoo done here is also less painful, providing you with a vast canvas to display your design. Being required to wear a shirt for many occupations makes it simple to conceal. People who don’t will probably not mind if you have a tattoo on the body.

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Remember to take into account body hair. If you want the design to look its best after the garment is off, you may be required to maintain waxing or shaving the area.


A tattoo here offers many incredible advantages. The back is the ideal canvas size for any design form or size and is also simple to conceal. Aside from working near the spine, the amount of discomfort in this area isn’t too terrible.

Consider your sleeping arrangements while you recover. You won’t be able to rest on your back normally until the tattoo has fully recovered.

The Lower Region Of The Leg

This location is getting more attention and is a suitable canvas for some artwork of a respectable size. Trousers make it simple to conceal. Although it would be more challenging to conceal throughout the summer. Be prepared for some discomfort if you have a tat on the outside calf.

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This is the best location for tattoos if the body is in excellent condition. It will look amazing in this area, whether it is a huge or a tiny, basic design.

Pain will be the main issue you have to deal with. Even though getting a tattoo in this location might be excruciatingly painful, it will all be worthwhile in the end.

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It’s a popular choice and a perfect location to show off the tattoo. In the gym, the arms are among the most visible areas of the body. Wearing sleeves will help you conceal it if you really want to hide it for the workplace.

Your tattoo’s pattern will stand out more if the biceps are in excellent condition. When tattooing the inside bicep, the process might get a bit unpleasant.

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Upper Arm

A design in this region may make a significant difference; as an added benefit, most women find them appealing. The effect is much more impressive if the arms are in good condition. It encourages you to work out more, pump those arms, and take in the artwork.

Although the discomfort is not severe, it will be more noticeable if the design extends over the upper portion of the shoulder as well. Because of their dimensions and ability to flow, sleeve tattoos may be a fantastic approach to displaying impressive and unique design concepts.


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Inside The Arm

Make sure you consider it before choosing this location because it will only be as simple to conceal with long sleeves on. If you put it on the inside arm, you may also choose who sees it. People will be curious about the design.

They can make out that there’s a tattoo but not what it looks like. Prepare your mind before getting the tattoo since this area is more painful to ink than the exterior of the arm.

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If you need to hide your tattoo for work, this is the spot to go unless you’re a model. The space offers an adequate canvas size for any kind of design.

The tattoo will enhance the appearance of your large thighs if you’ve got them. As a result, when you put those shorts on, you’ll be sending a message to the world through creative art.

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The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a location for a tattoo is that it will remain there permanently. You cannot just remove it or relocate it. Furthermore, you do not need to pay additional money—or go through even more pain—to have the tattoo erased because you really do not like where it is located.

When you do decide to have the ideal tattoo, you must always obey the aftercare instructions provided by the tattooist. You should also be sure to get an elevated tattoo recovery lotion to speed up recovery.

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