61 Visually Stunning Hourglass Tattoos Designs

Hourglass tattoos are popular tattoo designs with an hourglass shape, often with sand or some other material flowing from the top to the bottom. The hourglass symbolizes the passage of time, and the sand represents the fleeting nature of life.

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As a tattoo design, an hourglass can have a variety of meanings and interpretations depending on the individual’s preference and the message they want to convey. Some people may choose an hourglass tattoo as a reminder to make the most of their time, while others may use it as a symbol of balance or transformation.

Hourglass tattoos can come in various styles, including traditional or realistic designs and more creative or abstract designs. To enhance its meaning and significance, the tattoo may also include other elements, such as wings, roses, or quotes. Here are some common interpretations:

The Passage of Time: The hourglass symbolizes the passage of time as the sand trickles from the top to the bottom chamber. An hourglass tattoo can represent the fleeting nature of life and the importance of making the most of our time.

Mortality: Hourglass tattoos can also be a reminder of our mortality. They symbolize that time is constantly slipping away and that we should live every day to the fullest.

Balance: The hourglass also represents balance, as the sand flows evenly from one chamber to another. An hourglass tattoo can signify the need to find balance in one’s life.

Transformation: Hourglass tattoos can also be a symbol of transformation or change. As the sand moves from one chamber to another, it represents the transformation from one state to another.

Patience: The hourglass is often associated with patience, as one must wait for the sand to trickle through the narrow neck. An hourglass tattoo can also serve as a reminder to be patient and take things one day at a time.

 1. Moon And Skull Hourglass Tattoo 

A moon and skull hourglass tattoo typically features an hourglass shape with a skull and a moon included in the design. Using vibrant colors to fabricate the tattoo design makes this design more compelling.

Image: @Kucci_tattooer

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2. Fish For Daisy Hourglass Tattoo 

This tattoo represents the balance between the fluidity of time and the importance of being adaptable and going with the flow. The tattoo is done in a black and grey inking to increase the impact of the design.

Image: @True.Love.Tattoo

3. Violet Color Flower Hourglass Tattoo 

The violet color flower hourglass tattoo is a beautiful and meaningful design that represents the passage of time, the beauty of life, and also the importance of making the most of every moment.

Image: @Worldofneotrad

4. Never Back Time Hourglass Tattoo 

The intricate shading of the tattoo design creates a 3-dimensional effect and adds depth and dimension to the tattoo.

Image: @Oldpalmtree

5. Skull And Sunset  Hourglass Tattoo

 In this tattoo design, one-half of the hourglass is inked with the skull and the second half is engraved with the scene of Sunset to give this tattoo design a charming and thoughtful pattern.

Image: @Hag_tattoo

6. Beautiful Hourglass Tattoo

Moreover, this tattoo design is inked with intricate details to make it more visually stunning, especially if the details are done in a way that also complements the hourglass shape.


Image: @Tattoo_terminus

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7. Beauty Ornamental Hourglass Tattoo 

This style of hourglass tattoo incorporates ornamental and decorative elements. Furthermore, the tattoo’s overall visual appeal may be enhanced using elaborate patterns, mandala designs, or additional details.

Image: @Expandedmind

8. Red And Black Hourglass Tattoo

An hourglass tattoo in red and also black may stand for the brevity and intensity of life and the value of striking a balance and making the most of our time. The design may be uniquely tailored to people’s tastes and the idea they wish to portray. Furthermore, It can be created in various artistic styles, such as realistic or abstract patterns.


Image: @Vangarc

9. One Point Hourglass Tattoo 

This tattoo style is typically done in black ink and focuses on the basic outline and shape of the hourglass. Its straightforward design features an hourglass shape with minimal detail and embellishment.

Image: @Acorn_tattoo0517

10. Eye Cry And Skull Hourglass Tattoo

This tattoo design combines an hourglass, an eye that appears to be crying, and also a skull. The overall pattern represents the transience of life and the emotional struggles that come with it.

Image: @Sloweace

11. Danger Hourglass Tattoo

The danger hourglass tattoo design features an hourglass with a skull inside and other dark imagery. The additions of other ominous elements emphasize life’s dangerous and also unpredictable nature.

Image: @Mariechristine_tattoo

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12. Walk On Hourglass Tattoo 

A walk-on hourglass tattoo would symbolize walking through life, moving forward with each step as time passes. Moreover, the sand in the hourglass represents the fleeting nature of our existence, and the diminishing sand grains signify the passage of time.

Image: @Kaylamytattoo

13. Life Is Fleeting Hourglass Tattoo 

This hourglass tattoo represents the idea that time is constantly running out, and one should use time effectively. The inclusion of the skull with the dark red shading of this tattoo design is striking.

Image: @Wizardofink

14. Inner Thigh Ripper Hourglass Tattoo 

This hourglass tattoo design is not only meaningful but also looks beautiful with the use of a color scheme that is vibrant and captivating.                                                      

Image: @Madtattersglavin

15. Black And Gray Hourglass Tattoo

The use of gray and black colors is always a bold choice to ink a spooky tattoo design that incorporates eerie elements to make the tattoo design more astounding.

Image: @Dice_tattoos

16. Hand Taking Hourglass Tattoo 

The image of hands holding the hourglass and the inking of the big eye on the top of the hourglass gives the overall design a very eye-catching look that can grab anyone’s attention.

Image: @Rudy.Tattoo

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17. Beautiful Illustrative Hourglass Tattoo 

Moreover, Adding the Sun and Moon to the hourglass tattoo design can be a powerful and meaningful way to symbolize the passing of time, the balance of opposing forces, and the cyclical nature of life and death.

Image: @Tiger.Inked

18. Heart Blood Hourglass Tattoo 

The upper chamber of the hourglass in this tattoo design is engraved in the shape of a heart, with blood drops dropping in the lower section.

Image: @Levigarretttattoo

19. Classic Hourglass Tattoo

 The colorful scenery of the beach in the upper part of the hourglass and the sea imagery in the lower part of the hourglass is a beautiful designs for those who want the touch of nature in their tattoo design.

Image: @Heartbreakerstattooclub

20. Skull Drop Blood Hourglass Tattoo 

The hourglass and skull in the illustration stand for passing the time and mortality, respectively. Furthermore, The hourglass is brimming with blood dripping from the skull, signifying the finite time we have left in this world and the slow but sure approach to death.

Image: @Davidwandstattoo

21. Skull And Flower Ghostface Hourglass Tattoo

The skull and Ghostface add a spooky or menacing vibe to the tattoo. The elaborative design of this tattoo makes it a popular choice for those who want an hourglass tattoo for the chest.

Image: @Yourgoddamnbud

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22. Flower & Butterfly Hourglass Tattoo

Moreover, the flower and butterfly, an hourglass tattoo design, combines two powerful symbols that also represents the transient nature of life and the beauty within it.


Image: @Lunafayetattoos

23. Sun&Moon Trapped Hourglass Tattoo

The Sun and Moon represent a balance of opposing energies and a connection to the universe’s masculine and feminine aspects. Furthermore, The sand particles dropping over the Moon give this pattern a fascinating look.


Image: @Maryjane_artntattoos

24. Memorial Hourglass Tattoo 

This tattoo design is a popular choice for people who want to honour the memory of someone. It can also be a powerful and meaningful way to pay tribute to a loved one or reflect on life’s fleeting nature.

Image: @Mikietatt2

25. Little Bit Contrast Hourglass Tattoo 

The inking of the night sky in the upper chamber of the hourglass includes elements such as the Moon and stars. In contrast, the lower section incorporates mountains, giving this tattoo design a noticeable look.

Image: @Mattangelltattoos

26. Wizard Of Oz Hourglass Tattoo 

Other elements from the novel often accompany the hourglass tattoo design. Furthermore, The tattoo design is popular among fans of the novel and those who appreciate the theme of the passage of time and the concept of mortality.

Image: @Tattoosbypickles

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27. Wings Hourglass Tattoo 

The wings often represent freedom, protection, and also spirituality, while the hourglass represents the passage of time and the fleeting nature of life. This elaborative tattoo design with a realistic wings pattern that can cover a large body area can be the best choice for an elaborative tattoo pattern.

Image: @Aposlavic_tattoo

28. Colorful Hourglass Tattoo 

The use of pink, purple and green colours not only looks impressive but also adds a touch of grace and freshness to this tattoo design. This colour scheme gives the tattoo design a touch of elegance and vibrancy.

Image: @K_ink_tattoo

29. Skull Fire Hourglass Tattoo

This tattoo design incorporates several different elements to create a striking visual image. The skull on fire atop the hourglass gives this design a captivating look.


Image: @You_storyzii

30. Ornaments Hanging Hourglass Tattoo 

Combining the hourglass and decorative elements such as beads creates a visually exciting and meaningful design.

Image: @Xx5150x

31. Waden Hourglass Tattoo 

The tattoo design includes additional elements, such as feathers, to enhance its aesthetic appeal. The location of the tattoo is on the calf.

Image: @Cal_tattooist_

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32. Gorgeous Hourglass Tattoo 

The use of the intricate patterns and geometric shapes of a mandala is the main focal point of this tattoo design. The inclusion of floral patterns in this tattoo design takes the beauty of this to a new height.

Image: @Rory2012

33. Coins Trapped Hourglass Tattoo

The coins trapped inside the hourglass can also represent wealth or material possessions, and the hourglass itself can symbolize the fleeting nature of these things.


Image: @Gogh_gogh

34. Day & Night Hourglass Tattoo 

This tattoo design beautifully illustrates the opposite forces or concepts of nature. The Sun in the upper chamber of the hourglass and the Moon in the lower part looks quite attractive.

Image: @Haleygtattoos

35. Very Small Hourglass Tattoo 

A minimal hourglass tattoo design is the choice for those individuals that simply like the aesthetic of a minor, minimalist design.

Image: @Arca_tattooer_official

36. Pescanisat Hourglass Tattoo 

The contrast of day and night is beautifully depicted in this tattoo design. Those who are searching for elements of nature, as well as a very thoughtful pattern, can go for this tattoo design.

Image: @___anastasijap___

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37. Sablier Pour Hourglass Tattoo 

The sand dropping over the plant in the hourglass is a beautiful design that attracts anyone.

Image: @Marianne_tattoos

38. Very Cool Time Hourglass Tattoo 

The inking of two skulls in the upper part of the hourglass gives the overall pattern a striking look.

Image: @Zealandtattoo

39. Waterproof Hourglass Tattoo 

Looking to ink an hourglass tattoo design that includes elements to enhance the overall aesthetic of the tattoo design? Choose this design

Image: @Paganinkbysarahstreet

40. Clock And Hourglass Tattoo 

Combining these two timepieces in a tattoo design can create a powerful visual representation of the passage of time. It can serve as a reminder to the person wearing it to make the most of their time and to appreciate every moment.

Image: @Gabsoucie

41. Around The Flower Hourglass Tattoo 

The design incorporates an hourglass with a flower, typically arranged around the hourglass. Together, they serve as a reminder to cherish every moment and live life to the fullest.

Image: @J_luv_art

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42. Colored In Ericka’s Groovy Hourglass Tattoo

The stylish hourglass tattoo includes beautiful shades with planetary elements in the hourglass. These elements take the beauty of the design to the next level.


Image: @Inkwitchlisa

43. Precioustime Hourglass Tattoo

The pattern of this tattoo design looks like it is the inked high level of tattooing skills. The shading technique gives a very modern look to this style.


Image: @Tattoo_prodigies_collective

44. Time & Balance Hourglass Tattoo 

The hourglass tattoo also represents balance, as the sand flows evenly from one bulb to another, reminding us to strive for balance and harmony.

Image: @Poesis_tattoo

45. Feather & Arrows Hourglass Tattoo 

The hourglass is an analogy of time passing by. The arrows represent attention and direction, while the feather symbolizes autonomy, lightness, and divinity. It is a beautiful and meaningful choice for those seeking a unique and symbolic tattoo.

Image: @Ebertsamuel

46. Skeleton Dissolving Hourglass Tattoo

 he skeleton dissolving into sand into the other part of the hourglass is the pain idea of this tattoo design.

Image: @Killerrobotsfromouterspace

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47. Sunset Hourglass Tattoo

 This beautiful tattoo design incorporates the different beautiful elements of nature into a single tattoo design.

Image: @Mstattoo__

48. Clock Dissolving Hourglass Tattoo

 The meaning of the hourglass is beautifully defined in this tattoo design, with the clock dissolving into the sand, describing the fleeting nature of time.

Image: @Cupptattoos

49. Skull Master Hourglass Tattoo 

The choice of the colour scheme in this tattoo design is the main point of attraction that can grab anyone’s attention.

Image: @Jeduintatuin

50. Lock Hourglass Tattoo 

The lock in the shape of the heart is inked on the hourglass. It may describe the eternal nature of love that does not know the timeframe of time.

Image: @Pitrparkrtattoo

51. Revolution Hourglass Tattoo 

The revolutionary movement of planets is depicted in the tattoo design with an hourglass in the middle.

Image: @Revolutiontattoo

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52. Colored Compass Hourglass Tattoo

The compass and colorful leaves and flowers are inked in this tattoo design, along with an hourglass.

Image: @Syv888

53. Green Hourglass Tattoo

 The use of green color in this tattoo design highlights the beauty of the tattoo with grace and emotional appeal.

Image: @Kyledunnuck

54. Destroyed  Hourglass Tattoo 

In this tattoo design, the hourglass is destroyed into two pieces giving this tattoo design a very look that can behold anyone.

Image: @Aji_yujiro_ink

55. Rainy Day Hourglass Tattoo 

The intricate design and pattern design used in this tattoo also provides an ornamental look to the tattoo design.

Image: @Zelenevelasquez

56. Galaxy & Underwater Hourglass Tattoo 

The astronaut and sea diver are beautifully depicted in this tattoo design. Both chambers of the hourglass are converted into different spaces.

Image: @Sir_bigglesworth

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57. Lotus Root Trapped Skull  Hourglass Tattoo 

Moreover, the lotus roots emerge from the upper chamber and go to the second chamber binding the skull in the second chamber.

Image: @Stevecockrelltattoos

58. Birds In Day&Night Hourglass Tattoo 

Moreover, this beautifully designed hourglass tattoo can attract because of its artistic elements. The flying bird with an arrow in its mouth is the main attraction.

Image: @Billclaydonstattooworld

59. Snake On Hourglass Tattoo 

When a snake is included in the design of an hourglass tattoo, it is also associated with transformation and as well as rebirth because of its ability to shed its skin and emerge anew.

Image: @Poisoned_h

60. Victory Hourglass Tattoo 

The use of red colour to ink the blood is quite striking. The main tattoo idea is the heart in the upper chamber, with the drops of blood dropping in the lower section.

Image: @Thetattooerjohnson

61. Symbol Of Life Hourglass Tattoo

 Tree and as well as heart are inked into this tattoo, symbolizing the source of life in a scientific way as well. The meaning of the tattoo design is also deep.

Image: @Daria_dragon88

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do hourglass tattoos symbolize?

Hourglass tattoos usually symbolize the passage of time, the fleeting nature of life, and also mortality. Furthermore, they can also represent balance and the idea that everything comes to an end eventually.

What are some standard designs for hourglass tattoos?

Moreover, Standard designs for hourglass tattoos include traditional hourglass shapes, wings, skulls or other morbid imagery, and hourglasses with quotes or meaningful text.

Can hourglass tattoos be personalized?

Yes, hourglass tattoos can be personalized in many ways. For example, you could incorporate your favorite colors, add meaningful symbols or imagery, or include dates or names in commemorating a special event or person.

Are there any negative connotations associated with hourglass tattoos?

To Some people may also associate hourglass tattoos with death or the darker aspects of life, which could be seen as a negative connotation. However, others may also see the tattoo as a celebration of life and a reminder to make the most of our time.

What are some popular placement options for hourglass tattoos?

Hourglass tattoos can be placed anywhere on the body, but some popular placement options include the forearm, upper arm, back, or also thigh.