51 Winsome Henna Tattoo Ideas For Shoulder That You’ll Love

Whether you get a Henna tattoo on the shoulder or on your arms or on your feet they will look absolutely beautiful. People are digging the past for designs and styles a lot now.

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For example, you must have seen a lot of people wearing tribal tattoos nowadays. Similarly, other than the tribal design, people also go for different kinds of designs that were in the past. 

51 Winsome Henna Tattoo Ideas For Shoulder That You'll Love

Henna is one such kind of vector that existed roughly 5,000 years ago. The henna is the symbol of happiness and luck. It is an essential part of the Indian culture regarding the wedding affair.

You will see the henna design involved in almost all Indian weddings. It is also part of other ceremonial events like birth other than a wedding.

Henna Tattoo Designs

1. Ornamental Black Henna Tattoo

You can combine the henna with the flowers to get a gorgeous shoulder tattoo. The henna has small patterns and designs done like they are ornamented here.

Ornamental Black Henna Tattoo

Image: @hennapriya.by.vaanipriya

2. Sweet Designer Henna Tattoo

The henna can also be made in the shape of a garland or like how a dreamcatcher is done. You can even experiment with blending in the dreamcatcher with the henna for an impressive tattoo.

Sweet Designer Henna Tattoo

Image: @tattoosbybee83

3. Long Henna Tattoo

With less shading and more use of the negative space, the henna can also be done in the stretched tattoo kind of manner.

Long Henna Tattoo

Image: @henna_ja

4. Jagua Henna Artwork Tattoo

The extract from a fruit called the Genipa Americana, also known as the Jagua, is used for temporary skin decoration purposes. For example, a neck tattoo stretches through the shoulders to form a unique shape. 

Jagua Henna Artwork Tattoo

Image: @freshjagua

5. Small Flower Henna Tattoo

If you are looking for a minimalistic tattoo idea, then a simple small flower with henna can be the perfect tattoo for you. Moreover, this can be your choice if this is your first tattoo. 

Small Flower Henna Tattoo

Image: @gethennatattoo

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6. Wonderful Henna Tattoo

Here is the traditional henna tattoo that the Indian brides wear on their wedding day, but the design is done on their hands, unlike the one on the shoulder.

Wonderful Henna Tattoo

Image: @clevelandhenna

7. Sweet Henna Tattoo

Here is another idea for a shoulder tattoo that is stretched to your back. So this can be your back as well as your shoulder tattoo.

Sweet Henna Tattoo

Image: @clevelandhenna

8. Hawaiian Henna Tattoo

The Hawaiian tattoos are also rich in their design and culture for the variety of designs they have. So you can look for their variety and club it with a henna tattoo.

Here the pattern that is done here contains a good combination of negative space and design.

Hawaiian Henna Tattoo

Image: @hennamood

9. Rose Henna Tattoo

The rose may be the most popular tattoo when we have a look at the flower tattoo ideas. The rose is the symbol of passion in love and also represents love won or love lost.

So the rose can be a significant element to add to the henna.

Rose Henna Tattoo

Image: @hennawithtiffany

10. Star With Symbols Henna Tattoo

The henna designs inked with stars and its symbols show different meanings for both men and women. The henna artist can add different symbols to explode the inner meaning.

A perfect design idea represents purity, joy and a form of figures and patterns to enhance the overall design appeal. 

Star With Symbols Henna Tattoo

Image: @henna_artist_ottawa

11. Abstract Henna Tattoo

If you like the abstract form of art used in paintings and tattoos, you can go for a similar-looking tattoo done here.

Abstract Henna Tattoo

Image: @merchemariposa

12. Interwoven Henna Tattoo

The interwoven henna is a unique way of doing this design. Look at this intricate yet beautiful design.

Interwoven Henna Tattoo

Image: @magictreehenna

13. Flower Henna On Left Shoulder Tattoo

Another simple tattoo idea is done with just the flower. This tattoo is also done in the abstract form of art. 

Flower Henna On Left Shoulder Tattoo

Image: @henna.by.nicki

14. Birds Freedom Henna Tattoo

The birds are the symbol of freedom, and you can add to the symbolic meaning of the tattoo by adding a cage to it and showing the birds breaking free.

Birds Freedom Henna Tattoo

Image: @gabyshennart

15. Mandala With Flowers Tattoo

The mandala also dates back to the older times, and it is the symbol of balance, eternity, and balance. The mandala with flowers forms a great combination as it stands for natural beauty. 

Mandala With Flowers Tattoo

Image: @hennabyshivangi

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16. Beautiful Bird Henna Tattoo

There are specific ways of adding a bird to your henna tattoo, but one creative way of doing it is to use the pattern to make the bird’s shape. Take reference from the tattoo done here to draw inspiration.

Beautiful Bird Henna Tattoo

Image: @katherines_henna

17. Strong Tribal Henna For Man Tattoo

Strong men can also go for this tattoo; look at how this can be done using the pattern to make different shapes and vectors. In addition, you can use the pattern to prepare a customized design to make your tattoo look rare.

Like here, a face is ready on the chest of the man.

Strong Tribal Henna For Man Tattoo

Image: @myam_mehndi

18. Henna Designer Tattoo

Different kinds of flowers are used for the henna design to create the apt design of it. So you can have a similar one on your back. 

Henna Designer Tattoo

Image: @hennabypoonam

19. Stylish Henna Tattoo

Classy yet straightforward tattoo for your shoulder to give you the look of a unique tattoo.

Stylish Henna Tattoo

Image: @clevelandhenna

20. Cute Flower Henna Tattoo

Here the combination of flowers and the henna makes the perfect tattoo. The rosary kind of design hanging right at the base, like it is done in a dreamcatcher, is a nice little touch to have at the end of the henna tattoo.

You can use this if you want a big tattoo. 

Cute Flower Henna Tattoo

Image: @natybynature

21. Beads And Leaf Henna Tattoo

Here is one more idea on using the beads for a simple tattoo; it looks like the bearer is wearing something circular around his arm. 

Beads And Leaf Henna Tattoo

Image: @hennamood

22. Golden Henna Tattoo

The golden color is one that you may rarely see done in any kind of tattoo, but you can use this tattoo to create something gorgeous and unique for yourself.

For instance, look at this henna tattoo on the shoulder that looks like a great artistic impression. 

Golden Henna Tattoo

Image: @n.s_univers

23. Full Sleeve Henna Tattoo

Using the henna as a sleeve is also a terrific option. If you like the henna, then use it to form this kind of design in the manner of a sleeve.

Full Sleeve Henna Tattoo

Image: @henna.tallinn

24. Mesmerising Henna Tattoo

The red color used for the henna is the authentic color that the brides use in Indian weddings. So you can also go for this henna tattoo in the original color.

Here is a combination of the different kinds of designs that you can go for. 

Mesmerising Henna Tattoo

Image: @arte.manoalzada

25. Polynesian Henna Tattoo

Polynesian tattoos are also famous for their tribal tattoo designs. If you belong to the Polynesian culture or like the culture, you can get a similar tattoo. You must have seen that many gym-goers go for this kind of tattoo.

This is because the people of the Polynesian culture used it to communicate important things like rank and sexual maturity.

Polynesian Henna Tattoo

Image: @henna__architect

26. Pineapple Henna Tattoo

The pineapple tattoo stands for welcome, warmth, and hospitality. So it is great for friends to get. So use the South American fruit for a rare design of henna.

Pineapple Henna Tattoo

Image: @hennainhawaii

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27. Garden Of Eden Tattoo

The garden of Eden is the one that witnessed the start of life for the first time in history because this is where Adam and Eve, the first humans, ever met.

If you like this story, then you can get one to honor it. If you like sleeve tattoos then you can get this kind of design.

Garden Of Eden Tattoo

Image: @hennawithray

28. Name Heart Henna Tattoo

Creating a heart name tattoo design with Henna makes an easy pattern with an attractive appeal. The gorgeous and versatile design ideas on the shoulder make the most specific meanings popular.

With a distinctive approach, the mehndi designs in different types give the prettiest looks. 

Name Heart Henna Tattoo

Image: @hennabynimra_artist

29. Tribal Circle Henna Tattoo

The circle motion used in tattoos makes for a magnetic vector. Combining the henna design with the tribal styles allows you to get a unique and impressive tattoo.

For example, look at this shoulder tattoo done on this guy.

Tribal Circle Henna Tattoo

Image: @henna_bayarea

30. Designer Layered Henna Tattoo

The designer henna can also be done in the form of wavy layers. The design of this tattoo looks like a tide, and the henna seems like it is overlapped.

Designer Layered Henna Tattoo

Image: @hennaiom

31. Extensive Floral Henna Tattoo

The flower is usually used with henna designs. The hanging beaded rosary pattern is an excellent creative touch with the tattoo. 

Extensive Floral Henna Tattoo

Image: @henna.byzk

32. Bohemian Henna Tattoo

The bohemian culture also has a plethora of designs to do with the culture. The flower at the end that forms a kind of boundary is a good touch. 

Bohemian Henna Tattoo

Image: @nikili.designs

33. Geometrical Henna Tattoo

The geometric designs are a modern approach to tattoos; specific shapes are used in this art. For example, here, the triangle is used. So if you like modern tattoos, you can go for something like this.

The henna design is used to create a scenery view in this tattoo. The scenery can show your love for nature, so use your henna tattoo.

Geometrical Henna Tattoo

Image: @hennajoy

34. Male Henna Tattoo On Shoulder

The half chest tattoo getting to the shoulder is a popular tattoo choice among men. You can get a similar kind of tattoo if you like them in the henna design.

Male Henna Tattoo

Image: @zzingara

35. Planets Henna Tattoo

Different planets hold different meanings. For example, Saturn is the symbol of agriculture, nature, love, and hard work. The henna can be used to make the galaxy and its things.

This kind of tattoo will also show your interest in the things of outer space. 

Planets Henna Tattoo

Image: @sublimeconception

36. Jewelry Henna Tattoo

The jewelry also has different meanings associated with it, like the diamond is the symbol of inner beauty. So use the henna to make your favorite kind of jewelry.

Jewelry Henna Tattoo

Image: @ibbhenna

37. Phoenix Henna Tattoo

The phoenix bird is a bird tattoo with deep meaning, death, and rebirth, yet it stands for the cynical nature of life where it shows the renewal of life.

If you believe in this eternal circle of life, you can use the design to create the bird.

Phoenix Henna Tattoo

Image: @_kjdubbs_

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38. Decorative Henna Tattoo On Shoulder

The long stretched henna designs tattoo for the one looking for a long tattoo. Try these patterns of henna to create something like this.

Phoenix Henna Tattoo

Image: @wishcrafthenna

39. Landscape Henna Tattoo

The landscape tattoo made with henna is the symbol of your love for nature. So the people who like mountains can go for this landscape tattoo.

Also, the rising Sun is the symbol of new opportunities in life and new beginnings. The shading done in this landscape tattoo is a nice touch.

Landscape Henna Tattoo

Image: @hennarocksbykimber

40. Floral Geometric Henna Tattoo

Like geometric tattoos? Well, if yes, then here is another henna combined tattoo style. The petals used to form the flower’s design around the center of the pistil are an excellent tattoo idea.

You can have your favorite flower made in this ancient design.

Floral Geometric Henna Tattoo

Image: @samirahenna_

41. Eye In Flower Henna Tattoo

If you want an intelligent or creative design for your tattoo, you can take inspiration from the one done here. The single eye is the symbol of God’s sight watching over us all.

So in the flower pistil, you can have a look made rather than the regular pistil.

Eye In Flower Henna Tattoo

Image: @facefiesta

42. Tribal Freestyle Henna Tattoo

Tribal tattoos are a lot popular with people with significant arms and those with strong arms. If you like the tribal tattoos and plan to get one on your arm stretched across your shoulder, you can combine the henna with it.

Look at the tattoo done here done with precision. Then, draw inspiration from it to get your original tattoo. This one looks like the Vikings’ tribal tattoo.

Tribal Freestyle Henna Tattoo

Image: @namunaart

43. Pretty Looking Henna Tattoo

The pretty small and dainty henna is a graceful tattoo for all the pretty girls out there. However, if you want a minimalistic tattoo or less ink on you, then this is what you can opt for.

Pretty Looking Henna Tattoo

Image: @lavishadornment

44. Big Henna Tattoo On Left Shoulder

The shoulder is a popular place for henna, and you can get something done like this one here. For example, suppose you are aiming to cover the whole shoulder.

Big Henna Tattoo On Left Shoulder

Image: @thehennapeacock

45. Fractal Henna Tattoo On Shoulder

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind tattoo idea? Well, then rest your eyes here for a while. This is a fantastic style prepared using the henna. The center of this tattoo looks like a flower or a small windmill.

Fractal Henna Tattoo

Image: @beachgirlhenna

Some More Henna Tattoos To Consider

46. Birds On A Branch Henna Tattoo

The birds are the symbol of freedom, a spiritually free and happy life. Birds sitting on a branch point toward their natural habitat are also a popular tattoo choice.

Birds On A Branch Henna Tattoo

Image: @miss_kitty_facepainting

47. Spring Henna Tattoo On Shoulder

Another idea for the shoulder for a big tattoo with covering the arm.

Spring Henna Tattoo

Image: @hennadready

48. Lotus In Diamond Henna Tattoo

Lotus and the diamond can be the perfect elements that one can get together as they complement each other really well as to what they symbolize.

The lotus is the symbol of rising above temptation, and the diamond is the symbol of inner beauty.

Lotus In Diamond Henna Tattoo

Image: @naynay_design

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49. Dragon Koi Henna Tattoo

The dragon is the symbol of strength, grace, and intelligence. So the dragon has its ties to Japanese culture, and so is the koi fish. The fish represents perseverance.

And when they are combined to form a shape, that may result in the ultimate representation of Japanese culture.

Dragon Koi Henna Tattoo

Image: @hennainhawaii

50. Knitted Diamond Henna Tattoo

You must have heard the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” It means that we should not form an opinion on someone by just meeting them.

So is with the beauty that the people’s beauty does not lie in what meets the eye, but it is the inner beauty. If you also think the same, you can get a diamond to show so.

Knitted Diamond Henna Tattoo

Image: @henna.art.by.nadz

51. Henna Body Art Tattoo

A simple design of the henna with good use of negative space means lesser pain while getting the tattoo. 

Henna Body Art Tattoo

Image: @thennon143

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Henna Tattoos?

Henna is a decorative and medicinal practice that has its origin way back 5000 years ago in ancient India. It is created from the henna paste.

First, the paste of the Henna is made from the henna leaves, and then a paste is formed.

What Is The Purpose Of Henna Tattoos?

Henna is mostly used for joyous ceremonies and occasions like weddings and birthdays. The paste of the Henna that is used for henna tattoos is for health and prosperity in marriage.

And in some cultures, it states that the darker the henna stain, the deeper the love between two individuals.

How Long Do Henna Tattoos Usually Last?

The usual henna tattoo will last around a week or two; it all depends on the stain. The henna-made tattoo is a temporary one, but you can also have it in permanent ink.

Are Henna Tattoos Painful?

The Henna is 100% natural and pain-free if you are going for a temporary tattoo that will last for a week or two. But the permanent ink tattoo, similar to the kind of stain that henna leaves, will have the usual life of a tattoo.

What Religion Does Henna Come From?

Although the Henna originated from the Indian culture, it has found its traces in other cultures, like Sikhism, Buddhism, Islam, and Judaism.

However, these are the ones that have mainly embraced the practice, and for centuries it has been used as a thing for body decoration.

Bottom Line

The henna tattoos are used as a temporary thing for decoration and have deep meaning, but you can even have them for permanent ones.

So if you like henna designs, you can choose one to bring happiness, good luck, and good health.

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