33 Ultimate Blue Rose Tattoos To Try On Hands

The blue rose tattoos feature a wide range of designs that represent gentleness with grace, fantasy, mystery, and the impossible. It is an excellent addition to females as it symbolizes the highest level of passion.

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33 Ultimate Blue Rose Tattoos To Try On Hands

Beauty is in balance with emotions, and these flowers cannot replicate their beauty and historical significance. It is one of the most loved tattoo design ideas. 

What Does Blue Rose Tattoo Mean?

A blue rose represents a Genus Rosa hat that shows blue to violet pigmentation instead of any other red rose, white rose or yellow rose. As of the rarity, the blue rose flower means uniqueness and a concept of fantasy.

These flowers are not natural or present in nature, but they can be modified and purchased from a florist. 

The impossible flower makes an excellent choice for symbolizing uniqueness. Some of the designs are: 

1. Blue Rose Tattoo With Finger Art

The blue color represents purity and beauty, and the roses are a symbol of love, affection, and pure heart.

There are a lot of different flowers available, but the bluish tint gives a classic style to make the design look elegant and different. It is an excellent option for women to make the tattoo design inked on hand. 

Image: @arianshortttattoo

2. Inked Blue Rose Tattoo For Men

As such, inked blue rose tattoos on hand represent fantasy, impossibility, and imagination.  It is also known as the mysterious allure of the unattainable.

The ink tattoo design on the hand shows a subtle and decent appeal to the wearer. People often get blue roses to remember a loved one as a memorial dedicated to them. 

Image: @tattoofactorybrunoy

3. Classic Blue Rose Hand Tattoo

Blue roses do not exist in nature but have a more profound significance with fabrication. The classy blue rose hand-design shows unrealizable love and the dream of expecting new opportunities and beginning in love life.

The tattoo design with a red background shows the concept of beauty and love with the power to enhance the hand look.

rose tattoo

Image: @rachaeldtattoo

4. Cute Blue Rose Feminine Hand Tattoo 

Blue roses do not exist in nature but have a more profound significance with fabrication. The classy blue rose hand-design shows unrealizable love and the dream of expecting new opportunities and beginning in love life.

The tattoo design with a red background shows the concept of beauty and love with the power to enhance the hand look.

blue rose tattoo

Image: @studioszerszen

5. Impressive Blue & White Rose Tattoo

Blue rose tattoos can also mean someone who loves you and wants nothing more than to help you. Blue roses are a symbol of hope and good news.

They are also a sign of purity. A rose with white shading is also symbolic of love. The design has a different meaning and is based on the tattoo design placement. 

blue rose tattoo

Image: @rachelgormantattooer

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6. Aqua Blue Rose Hand Tattoo Design

As an artificial flower, blue roses are created solely for enjoyment. The flowers do not blossom naturally in the wild but signify imagination, fantasy, and the mysterious allure of the unattainable.

The effect of yellow in the blue rose represents a cheery personality. The design majorly means happiness in your life where someone needs more positivity. 

Image: @tattoosbystelios

7. Lovely Blue And Pink Rose Hand Tattoo

On the hand, a blue and pink rose tattoo design often shows a tribute to first lovers, and the pink color signifies women, and blue makes it masculine.

It has been popular throughout the ages and is a symbol of the highest level of passion. The tattoo design looks great on hand and shows no replication in its beauty and historical significance.

blue rose tattoo

Image: @glitz_gutz 

8. Bold Blue & White Rose Hand Tattoo 

A Blue rose tattoo means the person has a fantastic love dream, fascination for someone, unrealizable love dream, or expecting a new opportunity.

These roses are known to symbolize mystery and a unique hue perfect for celebrating the impossible and unattainable. The tattoo design inked on the hand gives a desirable appeal to the wearer. 

blue rose tattoo

Image: @alexkrunk_tattoo

9. Water Droplet Blue Rose Hand Tattoo 

As one of the most prominent spots for a blue rose tattoo, the blue color is known to symbolize love through action. Strings of these shiny jewels of nature with a fancy outlook give a striking combination.

The blue ink design has enormous popularity among youngsters, and not only the tattoo but the style makes a more beautiful difference. 

rose tattoo

Image: @insomniadesigns

10. Royal Blue And Yellow Hand Tattoo

Because blue roses also represent true love or unrequited love, they are great for love interests and to show someone affection and appreciation.

Some specific examples of occasions with tribal roses are for birthdays, graduations, and for simply showing someone that you care about them. In addition, the tattoo design inked on the hand gives a desirable appeal to the style. 

hand rose tattoo

Image: @kings.of.punk.tattoo

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11. Black Ink With Blue Rose Hand Tattoo

By getting a blue rose tattoo design, bringing an unearthly beauty with something attainable or mysterious gives gentleness and grace.

The blue rose is depicted to bloom and is rare in nature. The design also shows unattainable or impossible steeped in tradition with limited choices to give a symbolic meaning to the wearer. 

rose tattoo

Image: @jauwatattoostudioo

12. Skull Blue Rose Hand Tattoo Design

This tattoo is interesting as it represents two different things. The skull tattoo symbolizes life and death and on the other hand, the rose represents beauty and love.

The skull blue rose tattoo shows a struggle between the beautiful and the creepy in times of evil versus good. The tattoo inked on the hand gives a distinct look with sensual appeal.

hand rose tattoo

Image: @briannetattoos

13. Small Blue Rose Tattoo Design

Blue roses tattoos are a symbol of hope and good news. The small flower on the hand has fascinated undesirable love, dreams, and expecting new opportunities.

Depicting a bloom of flowers is rare, and the artistic wishful thinking in the world gives desirable appeal to the tattoo style. With the enhanced appeal, the blue rose is rare in nature. 

rose tattoo

Image: @vievetattoos

14. Stunning Detailed Blue Rose Hand Tattoo

The meaning of rose is linked to femininity. Therefore, the significance of this flower tattoo is that it is a beautiful feminine tattoo that depicts a woman’s femininity.

Rose is also linked to flowers and love, and this is one of the reasons it is considered the perfect tattoo design for a female tattoo. The blue rosebud gives a particular passion to the wearer. 

rose tattoo on hand

Image: @marco_knoxink

15. Stylish 3D Blue Rose Hand Tattoo 

The stunning blue rose tattoo is a trendy choice with full bloom. It is one of the most popular flowers and chosen ink style designs. It stands out, and people tend to notice it when they see it.

It is also an outstanding tattoo design because it will bring out the beauty of your body. Although it is said that the meaning behind it is different, the tattoo you will always love.

rose tattoo on hand

Image: @lucapinotti78

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16. Dried Blue Rose Hand Tattoo 

Roses can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The dried blue rose tattoo symbolizes dying love or love that is no longer left strong.

As a symbol of love, passion, and possibility, the rose works as a compliment or a contrasting symbol as a single rose or in small tattoos. The small blue tattoo on hand gives a unique and subtle look. 

blue hand rose tattoo

Image: @ovehwa

17. Dark Blue Rose With Red Highlight Tattoo

The rose is one of the most common tattoo designs found worldwide. The trendy tattoo design is used as a symbol of love, romance, loyalty, friendship, and fidelity.

The tattoo design inked on the hand gives an incredible and trendy look to the tattoo style. 

blue hand rose tattoo

Image: @deadrose.xo

18. 3D Effect Blue Rose Tattoo On Hand

The timeless 3D blue rose tattoo design ideas are tagged as symbols of love and passion with endless beauty. The hand tattoo design complements a contrasting symbol as a single rose art.

The striking contrast with the concept of beauty, love, power, and ferocity gives a desirable appeal to the look. It also pops as an excellent example of a tattoo on hand. 

blue rose tattoo

Image: @nuovaeratattoo

19. Bold Black With Blue Rose Tattoo 

A Black rose tattoo is a sign of rebirth, rejuvenation, reincarnation, strength, and courage. It also shows devotion, tragic or unfulfilled love, and revenge.

The addition of blue ink on the tattoo style gives the highest level of passion. In addition, the black and blue rose tattoo design on hand gives distinctive and graceful appeal.

Image: @crimsonredtattoos

20. Elegant Blue Rose With Black Leaf Tattoo

Blue rose tattoos can also mean someone who loves you and wants nothing more than to help you. The blue rose can symbolize various things, both positive and negative.

Blue roses are a symbol of hope and good news. However, your tattoo symbolizes the unimaginable joy of beginning a new venture. 

Image: @larissawagnertattoo

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21. Blue & Purple Water Drop Rose Tattoo

The purple tattoo design represents enchantment, majesty, grandeur, and love and the addition of blue color symbolizes a higher level of fantasy.

Like various positive or negative things, the design is often associated with past love and romance. However, the tattoo design also represents dreams and thoughtfulness. 

Image: @zombie1972

22. Blue Rose Tattoo With Thorns On Thumb

The blue rose tattoo with symbolism is steeped in tradition. The thorns in the blue rose tattoo display defense and the ability to simply keep weakness with the beauty of the design.

The blue tattoo shows impossible endeavors and achievements in life and gives an amazing tattoo appeal. 

Image: @thetanktattooartist

23. Bold Vivid Blue Rose Tattoo

Blue roses symbolize defiance, opportunity, and the impossible possible, with different colors representing charm or life at the first time, holding significance that is traced back in history.

The lovely bright blue rose tattoo design inked on the hand gives a stylish yet appealing look to the tattoo. 

Image: @demaratattoo

24. Dinosaur Eye Blue Rose Tattoo

Combined with the rose, this tattoo represents life after death, i.e., conquering an enemy and starting a new life.

The most famous design depicts a rose growing out of an eye socket—some people like having the eye wearing the rose on its head. The dinosaur eye blue rose tattoo looks excellent when inked on hand.

Image: @adara_tattoo_collective

25. Blue Rose Tattoo With Green Leaves

As an artificial flower created solely for our enjoyment, blue roses will not be found as natural blossoms as depicted with green leaves.

A Blue rose tattoo with green leaves symbolizes the fantasy, imagination, impossibility, and the mysterious allure of the unattainable. The blue rose tattoo means overcoming all the odds and reaching the goal. 

Image: @bigbootychick619

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26. Fine Detailing Blue Rose Tattoo

Blue tattoos are the rarest of all and are associated with feminine qualities. The traditional blue rose signifies love and passion and various things when stepped into tradition.

Thus, a blue rose is among the most elusive blooms, and as a result, blue rose tattoo interpretations include desire, an unattainable hope to the wearer. 

Image: @cooltattoodesigns2

27. Colorful Bright Blue Rose Tattoo

While the traditional American style is built with a limited color palette and distinct features, the neo-traditional approach can add that element of fantasy and mystery that many subjects look for in a design style of this type.

The colorful addition to the blue rose makes the style different and unique to the wearer. 

Image: @spartanink_kingsheath

28. Amazing Free Blue Rose Tattoo

Combining mysticism and fantasy with a fierce fondness for nature, the most pleasing offering of blue rose tattoo design on hand gives an elegant appeal.

Making the tattoo design subtle and customized with immense abilities for the flower donates an affectionate bond despite not being a naturally occurring flower.

Image: @jokerhughes

29. Ebony Blue Rose Hand Tattoo 

The blue rose tattoo with the name shows achieving an impossible deed on an unknown path. The blue tattoo does not appear in the real world in the artistic or wishful thinking world.

Getting a tattoo that signifies fascination, fantasy, unattainable, and impossibility. However, the style shows a different look with the hope and beauty of things.

Image: @noluckjedi

30. Watercolor Blue Rose Tattoo

The roses are delicate and graceful flowers while also having the ability to represent strength and courage. The duality resonates with many people, so it is such a well-loved design for tattoos.

In addition, the watercolor effect on the blue rose gives an incredible appeal to the design, making it look elegant and gorgeous on hand.

Image: @foreverinkedtattoo

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31. Cover Up Blue Rose With Feather Tattoo

The style of the rose tattoo is great for both men and women. The tattoo design represents being fascinating, unattainable, and impossible.

The cover-up rose tattoo design idea with an impressive appeal to enhance the design with your own choice gives a decent and appealing tattoo idea. Making the style look creative, one can add different shades to the tattoo. 

Image: @clamptats

32. Matching Blue And Red Rose Tattoo

The roses are a popular subject for tattooing because of their delicate appearance that can be manipulated in several styles.

Whether you choose the tattoo as a simple design or more complex like realism gives an artistic addition to rose tattoos. In addition, the matching blue and red color tattoo inking on hand signify love, passion, and affection. 

Image: @m.stupple 

33. Old School Blue Rose Tattoo

The old school rose tattoo represents accomplishing an impossible deed or treading on an unknown path. It also symbolizes the manipulative behavior of the wearer.

Because of their association with girls, roses begin to signify femininity with the addition of classic color, making the style look delicate and a sign of love. 

Image: @zlasher__

Frequently Asked Question

What Do The Different Colors Of Roses Mean On Tattoos?

The traditional red rose tattoo design represents love and passion and the addition of a pink rose tattoo shows grace, gratitude, and affection. The purple rose tattoo has been used to indicate royalty and enchantment.

What Do Royal Blue Roses Mean?

Royal blue rose tattoos represent mystery, and their unique style is perfect for celebrating those who aren’t afraid to be themselves. These roses are known to represent the impossible or the unattainable. 

Does Blue Rose Mean Miracle?

It can also mean waiting for a miracle to happen since your love can’t be reciprocated. So it is because blue roses don’t exist in nature, but humanity had beaten all odds and eventually succeeded in creating these flowers, even when it seemed impossible.

Are Blue Roses Special?

Blue Roses are also self-spawning, meaning only one should be enough to grow more on the island. Getting shoulder blue rose tattoo designs or real blue rose designs is the best placement option for men.

What Does A Blue Butterfly Tattoo Mean?

Blue butterfly tattoos signify a good luck charm. Another example of dictating color with no manipulative personality meaning would be through the symbolism of yellow butterflies, representing joy and happiness.

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