101 Awesome Graffiti Tattoo Designs You Will Never Like To Miss

The graffiti tattoo designs are exactly what is trending these days. They resemble the design you see in major cities, subway cars and sides of buildings or highway overpasses.

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The distinctly mesh urban roots with artistic impulse chooses to receive graffiti designs in astonishing numbers. These designs are cool, edgy and represent contemporary times. 

101 Awesome Graffiti Tattoo Designs You Will Never Like To Miss

Different Graffiti Tattoo Ideas And Placements

Graffiti art has existed since ancient times with the earliest shreds of evidence in places like Egypt, Greece and Rome.

There these inscriptions and drawings can be seen on the walls of the ruins. Graffiti design is a street artwork created by spraying colors through pressure color cans. It is a great way to signify a bold persona that is loud and explicit while expressing its true self. 

1. Colored Graffiti Tattoo

As the graffiti design is known for spray painting and the spray bottles are highlighted using the knob as the main design in creating spray graffiti design.

The nozzle is highlighted by using multicolored spray paint around the skin. The colored inking on the neck gives a styling impact that achieves the designer’s work. 

Graffiti tattoo

Image: @ilegalsquadmx

2. Graffiti Stomach Tattoo

The traditional and modern graffiti design flaunts your skin and there are endless possibilities while looking for similar pieces on the stomach.

The black ink spray art design with outline form is trending to enjoy the fantastic design. The talented lower abdomen tattoo design gives a fresh and classic look. 

Graffiti tattoo

Image: @gryff.tattoo

3. Don’t Worry, Be HAPPY Graffiti Tattoo

Getting a tattoo design related to happiness is a great idea to stay motivated and be positive. The unique and customized design idea with simplicity, size and position on the body with well executed style enhances the tattoo.

The graffiti design with beautiful and creative letter work makes a vintage and trendy look.

Graffiti tattoo

Image: @fabiangalindo._

4. Trust No One Graffiti Tattoo

The trust no one – graffiti tattoo design represents caution against betrayal, manipulation that looks beyond the surface.

To gain more information before committing to action or emotion gives an enhancing design look. The tattoo is a reminder for the person not to trust anyone and the graffiti ink makes the tattoo look stylish on the forearm. 

Graffiti tattoo

Image: @xover.letters

5. Graffiti Style Engraved Numbers Tattoo

The unique graffiti tattoos can help you express your own personal style making a specialized design. The engraving of numbers on the forehand with spray paints such as durable and reusable airbrush stencil makes the font style elegant.

The excellent retro and vintage fonts are great for illustration. 

Graffiti tattoo

Image: @tattooer_libido

6. Medusa Gorgon Graffiti Tattoo

The symmetry Gorgon Serifos with lettering, angle and exquisite style makes the mythological creature legendary.

In Greek mythology, Medusa is the snake-haired Gorgon who can turn humans to stone. The independent artist with the face of a woman and snake hair adds a range of Halloween concepts. 

Graffiti tattoo

Image: @mr.jek_tattoo

7. Black And Grey Graffiti Tattoo

The black and grey tattoos are one of the oldest designs in the world. The monochrome design idea with black and grey shading collecting a number of dashing graffiti styles creates a sense of realism art.

The attractive young woman gives a popular lovable effect with traditional appeal inked on the arm. 

Graffiti tattoo

Image: @limbotattoos

8. Graffiti Rose Flower Tattoo

The graffiti rose is one of the beautiful and bright colored tattoo designs using spray paint.

The tattoo inked on the arm in which the rose petals are arranged makes the distinguished style an adorable and stylish artwork. The addition of blue and purple color gives a brightening look to the style. 

Graffiti tattoo

Image: @tattmattoo

9. Old School Ink Graffiti Tattoo

The old school ink graffiti tattoo on the foot comes with artistry pride. The graffiti ink with artistic impression takes an entirely new level with a retro look.

The work style with appearance in art features vintage banners. Creating a spectrum of shades to the ink style on foot makes the tattoo look gorgeous. 

Graffiti tattoo

Image: @air_ligas21

10. Dog Graffiti Tattoo On Mans Forearm

The vicious dog tattoo inked with a collective number of dashing graffiti styles gives shy, bold and humanoid dog style.

The forearm tattoo style of a dog with the indication of a relationship. The fictional character of the graffiti design with street art work makes the design look elegant in black color. 

Graffiti tattoo

Image: @ardalan.inker

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11. Linework Graffiti Tattoos 

These tattoos are almost always smaller in size and feature very simple linework or patterns as opposed to the detail-heavy styles like realism.

Focusing mostly on the fine line and modern look for traditional animation makes the tattoo with a detailed look. The different design work makes the style appeal different.  

Graffiti tattoo

Image: @dropdeadfailure

12. Let It Be Graffiti Tattoo Design 

The urban roots with artistic impulse add a lot of spray paints. The graffiti designs are in fashion and the symbolic and well accepted genre of body art depends upon the choice of tattoo.

The authentic tattoo design depends on the choice of artwork making it suitable to enhance the tattoo. 

Graffiti Tattoo

Image: @tuffytats

13. Lettering Estilo Graffiti Tattoo 

The graffiti font characterized by rounded thick lettering looks like the shape drop down. The artistic impulse to design becomes not even only a livelihood gives artistic appeal.

The bold black spray art makes the design elegant on the ankle. The passion in airbrushing in black makes the design approachable.  

Graffiti tattoo

Image: @420inktattoostudio

14. BALAKLAVAEYE Graffiti Tattoo

The Balaklavaeye tattoo feature original designs created with inscription includes a distinct look. The graffiti lettering on the skin with intricate detailing in black makes the tattoo elegant.

With monochrome design idea is advisable for tattoo enthusiasts giving domain of interests online

Graffiti tattoo

Image: @locster_tattoo

15. Without Heart, Everything Falls Apart Graffiti Tattoo

Being humble shows the confidence you have and it is responsible for insecurity to protect hopelessly for nothing.

The different interconnected words making a sentence capture the beauty of the artwork. The chest tattoo design with a dramatic approach makes the graffiti design look artistic. 

Graffiti tattoo

Image: @thegallerytattooart

16. Portrait Graffiti Tattoo

The graffiti tattoo styles with letters and artwork turns both head and tradition to enhance the style. The amazing choice of portrait design on the forearm is more about possibilities and obligations.

The realistic realism featuring anything artistic majorly makes an amazing tattoo design. 

Graffiti Tattoo

Image: @kyle._tattoos

17. Black Artwork Graffiti Tattoo

Graffiti tattoo designs are inspired by pure urban culture. This makes these graffiti tattoos a medium to engrave these revolutionary designs and sentiments on your own body.

Since it is a new trend in the tattoo industry, there are not many artists who can master graffiti art. 

Graffiti tattoo

Image: @doriii.i 

18. Boyzilla Sketch Graffiti Tattoo

The dashing graffiti sketch design idea gives a form of writing or drawing made on the arm that gives a stylish look.

The boyzilla sketch design inked on the arm with different types of modern art and illustration with lots of spray paints melted around the artwork. You can add a creative look to the tattoo style. 

Graffiti tattoo

Image: @space_goodluck

19. Snow Angel Graffiti Tattoo

The cupid snow angel tattoo design with a fictional character in smiling appeal makes the character elegant. Sprinkling sweet fallen snow makes the graffiti design abstract and effortlessly beautiful.

The different font used usher in variety and fills up the negative spaces creating magic. 

Graffiti tattoo

Image: @joon_letters

20. Arm Sleeve Graffiti Tattoo

Discovering artistic impulse graffiti design with lots of spray paint adds a stunning style on the arm. The intricate piece of art of your choice by switching up the perfect way to keep the tattoo design looks fresh.

The graffiti ink hits different styles with a modern look to enhance the arm style. 

Graffiti tattoo

Image: @dustin_tattooism

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21. Date Graffiti Tattoo

The artistic impulse with graffiti dates back to ancient Greek and Roman. The widely known design dates back with latest practices to illustrate the tattoo gives artistic endeavors.

The imprint of spray looks elegant with a memorable date on the forearm. 

Graffiti tattoo

Image: @fark.ttt

22. FuckLife Fat Cap Graffiti Tattoo

Fat cat style graffiti is ideal for inspired pieces. Tattooing is one of the invasions with a focal point making the design exceptional for its choice of color. The design idea inked on the chest with graffiti style helps manage distinct looks.

The fucklife inked on the chest gives a different meaning and symbolism to the whole tattoo.

Graffiti tattoo

Image: @garatjo 

23. Cute Graffiti Kidstyle Tattoo

The flashy smile tattoo with a personalized airbrush makes the original style cool. The minimal thing to share kids style ink is entirely unrelated and the design emerges from styling look.

With improved characteristic appeal, the graffiti tattoo looks great on the body. 

Graffiti tattoo

Image: @hellobabeheart

24. Rabbit Graffiti Tattoo

The rabbit graffiti tattoo design is used for good luck, wealth, abundance and charm. It also has a symbolic meaning linked to physical prowess and manifestation of the divine in nature.

The black sketch ink done on the forearm looks great and has a meaningful look to the tattoo style

Graffiti Tattoo

Image: @miss_scars

25. Flag Graffiti Tattoo

Nowadays, people love to get tattoos inked and the design represents loyalty and patriotism towards the motherland. The American flag tattoo also represents freedom and justice.

Making it a suitable look, the design can be inked in graffiti ink to enhance the look with spray paint appeal

Graffiti tattoo

Image: @councillink

26. Boston Graffititattoo

The Boston inked in different shades of yellow and red make the spray paint appeal look distinctive. The design as an art with leading tattoo artists shows luxury and traditional appeal.

Giving an ideal look with deep layers of pigmentation, the tattoo shows and discusses what you are getting inked.

Graffiti tattoo

Image: @shawsclassictatu

27. Late Nights Early Morning Graffiti Tattoo

The bold black ink design in graffiti look with fine details simply describes the light show. The most popular types of design with dark ink make the graffiti appearance great.

The choice of color serves you right for inspiration. The addition of lines or quotes makes it different from other tattoos.

Graffiti tattoo

Image: @jazulin.de.ubrique

28. Train Graffiti Tattoo

The tattoo design shows a train bearing graffiti art and the only subject matter for graffiti artists is often challenging.

The black and grey color addition to the tattoo style makes the spray effect challenging with rational design art. Giving an elegant look, the tattoo makes the style look unique

Graffiti tattoo

Image: @azazelmilanowek

29. Cream Wording Graffiti Tattoo

When you see a graffiti tattoo design, you know exactly what you are looking at! The artistic impulse with a lot of spray paint use style makes a savage idea for font designs.

You can also add effect to the color style making it unique and stylized personal signature art inked in your color choice. 

Graffiti tattoo

Image: @smogie172

30. Girl In Bottle Graffiti Tattoo

The best bottle art by top artists with a symbolism and origin behind the style highlights the pretty feminine look.

The girl in bottle tattoo design makes the pretentious design an alcoholic themed look. With the addition of characters, the colored ink makes the design unique and elegant.

Graffiti tattoo

Image: @latintadelsucio

31. Cross Graffiti Tattoo

The cross tattoo design has great meaning and the design represents the religious or eternal hope and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The emotional balance of the design represents self sacrifice and emotional balance. With a graffiti look, the tattoo makes the style stunning and unique in its own look. 

Graffiti tattoo

Image: @tattooart_fiazzko23

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32. Colorful Duck Graffiti Tattoo

The duck tattoo design represents resourcefulness and honesty. It represents peace, calmness, balance, migration, simplicity, joy and stability.

The tattoo shows adaptability and shows a distinctive approach to enhance the tattoo style. With the addition of a colorful look, the arm design looks great.  

Graffiti tattoo

Image: @cloto.tattoos

33. Hands With Letter Graffiti Tattoo

The cautionary tale of the tattoo design inked on the shoulder gives a stylish and unique look to the tattoo.

With a distinguished look, the hand holding card and a bouquet under the hand represents feelings and is most popular. The colorful graffiti inking makes the design shoulder tattoo eye-catchy.

Graffiti tattoo

Image: @councillink

34. Smile Graffiti Tattoo

The ankle tattoo design with a smiling face and staircase represents universally accepted happiness. The joyous look serves a reminder of who you are and what you value.

The happiness and finding good in everything makes the tattoo style unique. 

Graffiti tattoo

Image: @juan_btl

35. Evil Girl Graffiti Tattoo

A tattoo design represents the obsession, dedication, and undying love that comes as a warning. The evil girl graffiti design has a cheap peep with decorative look.

The bold black ink with graffiti style with light and dark shades makes a mysterious appeal with addition of other elements. 

Graffiti tattoo

Image: @marraink

36. Skin Mask Graffiti Tattoo

The graffiti tattoo design has a lot of different meanings and the frightening image represents protection.

The realistic skin tattoo inked in graffiti design with detailed and royal skin gives a stylish tattoo look. The black and white zebra look color makes the tattoo attractive. 

Graffiti tattoo

Image: @jazulin.de.ubrique

37. Name With Year Graffiti Tattoo

Graffiti tattoo design with name and year uses a lot of spray paints. It is a unique and artistic impulse with interesting rendering appeal.

The design makes a lot of street art right to the skin giving a sensible design decorated with name and ear written on the back of neck.

Graffiti tattoo

Image: @trece_tatto

38. Simpson Graffiti Tattoo

To pay tribute to the character of childhood with the Simpson themed design, graffiti tattoo is the best option.

With independent artists, the tattoo majorly focuses on the relationship between father and his son. The colorful ink with neon shade makes the graffiti tattoo look desirable on hand. 

Graffiti tattoo

Image: @efe_tarodo_tattoo

39. Virgin Mary Graffiti Tattoo

The Virgin Mary design is a Gothic style that represents the difference between good and evil.

There are countless varieties of designs and the Catholic perspective stands out of the crowd making it a pop look. The addition of letters under the tattoo makes it more meaningful and a perfect definition.

Graffiti tattoo

Image: @latintadelsucio

40. Kitty Graffiti Tattoo

The kitty tattoo design inked with graffiti style makes the design very much associated with independence.

The tattoo artist caters street style art making it a glitch style in grey ink and is often associated with punk sculpture. It also represents rebirth and resurrection. 

Graffiti tattoo

Image: @councillink

41. Santa Graffiti Tattoo

Santa tattoos represent many things and can be favored by both men and women. The creativity and interpretation with few boundaries sketched in vintage style enhances the graffiti look.

The realistic tattoo design makes the style look decorated so you can keep the spirit alive for the festive season. 

Graffiti tattoo

Image: @councillink

42. Chicano Gangster Liberty Graffiti Tattoo

The unique chicano tattoo design featuring cultural extravagance makes the tattoo look distinctive. With cool shaded ink design, the graffiti look makes the design a gangster version.

The character design with Liberty word calligraphy gives a serious evil appeal to the tattoo design. 

Chicano Gangster Liberty Graffiti Tattoo

Image: @dominic_al_tattoo

43. Disciplina’ Graffiti Tattoo

In Roman mythology, Disciplina was a minor deity and the personification of discipline.

It shows knowledge, determination, self control and education. It is a great way to make people obey rules or standards of behavior. The graffiti design makes the shaded style elegant and stylish.

 Disciplina’ Graffiti Tattoo

Image: @ionetattoo_

44. Panther Owl Graffiti Tattoo

With a chance to proclaim allegiance with illustration and characterization of both the animals, the design represents strength and individuality.

The distinct design on the inner forearm makes the style elegant with extremist groups. The lifelong obsession with esoteric symbolism makes the graffiti design signs elegant. 


Image: @coze_1995

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45. Bugs Bunny Graffiti Tattoo

The bugs bunny tattoo design with graffiti style shows illustration inked in black color. The barbed wire outline with a scenic view makes the tattoo elegant.

The sought to preserve the fictional animated character as a graffiti tattoo, the unique animated design with calligraphy looks great


Image: @slw_tattoo

46. Nun Graffiti Art Tattoo

Explore different religious characteristics to give a meaningful and religious expression of tattoo art. The strength to find your way in life, with unique and customized art gives a premium look.

The graffiti design inked on the shoulder enhances the tattoo appeal. 


Image: @majik.tattoos

47. Mermaid Graffiti Art Tattoo

In tattoos, the mermaid is usually represented in a positive way, transmitting freedom and carefree with the problems of life on earth.

The mermaid design in graffiti ink on the leg gives a realistic look. Making a fantasy to the design appeal, the elegant idea represents realism. 


Image: @councillink

48. Lady With Television Face Graffiti Tattoo

The graffiti tattoo design of the lady with a television face in striking bright and elegant design makes a trendy fashionable appeal.

The elegant rainbow colored design mastering the tattoo elegant. The design can be inked on both men and women and the style makes the distinctive look. 


Image: @peaches_ink_

49. Sit Back And Relax Graffiti Tattoo

The nice text illustration idea to enhance the style makes a powerful meaning. If you sit back while something is happening, you relax and do not become involved in it.

With the addition of a graffiti look, the tattoo design looks great. 


Image: @councillink

50. Hot Air Balloon tattoo

The vintage hot air balloon tattoo design with stencil murals gives an engraving look to the tattoo. The tattoo design represents taking the way of life away.

The balloons are represented as joy and hope as the design represents pure dreams and desire. The colorful tattoo design with intricate detailing looks elegant. 


Image: @councillink

51. Connected Words Graffiti Tattoo

The selection of different descriptive fonts in the graffiti style shows encouragement. The black ink design in the art form of writing or drawings rules the majority of tattoo artists.

The very cool and easy graffiti words make the style look elegant and representative in its own. 


Image: @unluckycharm

52. Two Fishes Graffiti Tattoo

The latest tattoo design of two fishes or Koi-fish tattoos represents yin and yang. The tattoo design with lines and other difficult shapes gives a unique and customized design style.

The blue and red color combination of fishes gives a graffiti style look. The stylized fish tattoo enhances the tattoo look.


Image: @latintadelsucio

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53. Killer Whale Graffiti Tattoo

The unsharpened blade in fins of the whale gives a creative and excellent design appeal. The tattoo represents family, romance, longevity, harmony and protection.

The colorful ink style on the body gives a synonym of inspiring fierceness and skilled hunter. The graffiti design of the whale makes the style distinctive. 


Image: @guerrillapest

54. Devil Heart Tattoo

Devil heart tattoo design inked in graffiti style shows the classic style. The angel tattoo design is inked in remembrance of a loss of loved ones or styled for the pain of love represents betrayal.

The sacred design art is considered as a messenger of God adds a unique and ultimate form of rebellion. 


Image: @rogue_stainedskin

55. Funky Frog Graffiti Tattoo

The tattoo represents prosperity, wealth, success and good luck. The frog plays an important role in human spirituality and the graffiti design comes with different shapes and colors.

Quite a transformation in life and rebirth, the customized and stylish frog design idea results in a creative look. 


Image: @tk_tats

56. Octopus Graffiti Tattoo

The unique and customized octopus graffiti tattoo is a sign of magical knowledge and multi-tasking. As a great symbol of overcoming fears, it is the powerful mighty creature of the sea.

The guns as an additional element makes the design appear as a console player. The monochrome tattoo design looks creative.


Image: @guerrillapest

57. Edward Scissor Hand Graffiti Tattoo

The scary look of the tattoo design inked on the shoulder gives a spooky look.

The graffiti inking of Edward Scissor Hand Graffiti Tattoo with its sweet gothic aesthetic, moving and amazing performance gives a diligent look. The blue background with black art is making a creative outlet in drawing. 

Image: @miss_scars

58. Snail Graffiti Tattoo

The snail is a herbivorous gastropod mollusk.  Snails are known for their slowest speed and time move faster than anything.

The snail tattoo represents progress, new beginnings, memories, with an expression of sensitivity. The intricate detailing of the tattoo makes the style look elegant and distinctive in its own appeal.


Image: @hrndz_brian

59. Spray Can Graffiti Tattoo

The graffiti spray can tattoo is an artistic freedom and rebellion, the spray can is often seen as using the knob.

The main design in creating graffiti style with additional elements in the tattoo makes the style unique. With intricate detailing, the colorful shapes make the tattoo style different and subtle. 


Image: @italoholie

60. Floral Graffiti Tattoo

The cool graffiti tattoo designs with artistic impulse discovers mesh urban roots. Representing the popular art of contemporary times with bold persona makes the artistic impulse of flowers give a symbol of femininity.

The floral graffiti tattoo design is a beautiful thing with beauty and distinctive look. 


Image: @swashdrive_tattoo_official

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61. Black And White Graffiti Tattoo

The elegant tattoo designs represent freedom, protection, and the need to be close to god. A tattered or broken pair of angel wings symbolizes a struggle with one’s faith.

The black and white tattoo design idea makes the different design ideas look elegant. Making it a stylish appeal, the tattoo gives a stylish look


Image: @revolutiontattoo

62. Cactus Graffiti Tattoo

The powerful and prickly tattoo design gives a sharp inspiration of desert plants. The cactus tattoo represents adaptability, change, and desire to constantly try new things.

Throwing yourself in new situations, the graffiti tattoo style makes the tattoo strange at first glance but is an amazing choice. 


Image: @councillink

63. Unicorn Graffiti Tattoo

Unicorns are often described as symbols of freedom, magic and purity. Nowadays they can represent loads of different things, as well as innocence and healing.

The unicorns come as one of the trending design ideas these days and by making the style creative, you can add colors to the iconic style. 


Image: @councillink

64. Vintage Perfume Graffiti Tattoo

The classic vintage style bottle is shown with flowers all around. As the beauty is not the same as ostentation, the gorgeous graffiti tattoo style comes in more extensive packaging.

The classic and luxurious bottle art on the body gives a sensual appeal with intricate detailing and features. 


Image: @councillink

65. MatchStick Graffiti Tattoo

The matchstick design is a representation of danger and warning. It might also be a symbol of hope, change or new beginning.

As a metaphor, the short and unpredictable design represents the cycle of life. The colorful matchstick ink ablaze with flame on the hand makes the tattoo give potential outlook. 


Image: @scottiejamestattoo

66. House With Balloons Graffiti Tattoo

The balloons are used as a symbol of youth that are effective to uproot the dreams.

The graffiti tattoo design of houses with balloons in vivid and bright color style is a typical symbol of childhood and freedom. The interpretation of connection makes the design look simple and subtle. 


Image: @councillink

67. Scary Pumpkin Graffiti Tattoo

Pumpkin curved as the design of spooky or scary pumpkin creates customized appeal in the design art. Expressing the spirit of holiday, it is also connected with the haunted look of Halloween.

The iconic tattoo design inked on the hand gives bad spirits away from you and the hand design makes the tattoo appealing. 


Image: @councillink

68. Dragon Graffiti Tattoo

The dragon tattoo design in graffiti looks shows good luck, protection, wisdom, peace, and power.

Enhancing the skill of the tattoo artist, the mythological traditions represent masculinity and warlike qualities. The celtic dragon design is linked with wisdom, balance and spirituality. 


Image: @scottiejamestattoo

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69. Anchor Graffiti Tattoo

An anchor tattoo is represented as stability and helps keep the ship stable during a storm. The relevant and various situations in life remind people to stay firm, solid, and tranquil during troubled times.

The most popular design ideas are considered to represent the idea of stadiness and unstable reality


Image: @advizors

70. Koi Fish Graffiti Tattoo

The koi fish tattoo design is one of the most popular tattoo design ideas that represent perseverance. Gaining a progressive growth with meaningful and beautiful tattoo designs shows prosperity.

With willpower, fight and power to achieve something, the graffiti tattoo design is a sign of change


Image: @more_life_tattoo

71. Creepy Goat Head Graffiti Tattoo

The goat head tattoo design looks great for men and women. The amazing choice of head design with artistic appeal showcases your brave side representing the courage to deal with problems.

The iconic design idea inked in bright and vivid shades makes the tattoo look brilliant. 


Image: @councillink

72. Pineapple Graffiti Tattoo

The pineapple fruit with graffiti design makes the style look elegant. Considered as a symbol of warmth, hospitality and welcome, the pineapple tattoo design gives a creative look.

A bit different style option when inked under the ribs have a huge meaning. The design also represents a sense of affection!


Image: @more_life_tattoo

73. Brutal Face Graffiti Tattoo

The body art inked in bold black shade makes the graffiti ink decent. The brutal face in glitch style makes the tattoo impressive with addition of spray cans in the head.

The skeleton face graffiti tattoo style on the shoulder gives a violent activity, scribbled in the right shoulder. 


Image: @tattoowise

74. Eyeball Graffiti Tattoo

The eyes are often used as the windows of the soul giving a deep and very particular meaning. The graffiti design with popular interpretation represents guidance from a divine source.

Depending on the interpretation, the eyeball graffiti design gives spirituality and higher consciousness


Image: @shamey_colour_hurrikan

75. Rotting Tooth Graffiti Tattoo

Tooth tattoos are also known as dental tattoos and the deposits of particles inking on the pearly whites gives a rattling look. The graffiti design on the ankle exhibits the idea of mind.

The rotten tooth design on the leg makes a distinctive appeal with addition of elements to enhance the style. 


Image: @scottiejamestattoo

76. Cockroach Graffiti Tattoo

The creepy crawler design inked with the essence of survival gives an impressive look to the tattoo style.

Cockroach tattoos are still somewhat controversial but rapidly becoming more accepted and popular. The design is inked to overcome many challenges and the addition of graffiti style makes the style different. 


Image: @scottiejamestattoo

77. Turtle Graffiti Tattoo

The turtle tattoo design ranges from one held association to patience, the passage of time, longevity and environment sustainability.

The tattoos are well known for stamina and strength and the graffiti style addition makes the style look amazing. The colorful cartoonish look of the tattoo makes the style stunning. 


Image: @scottiejamestattoo

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78. Bearded Lady Graffiti Tattoo

The bearded lady tattoo design in graffiti appeal definitely considers it a girl and is seen as a traveling circus attraction.

In general, it is a sign of a female with a naturally occurring beard normally. As a phenomenon of legend, curiosity or ridicule, the tattoo makes the style look decent and attractive. 


Image: @heartofgold719

79. Unique Face Graffiti Tattoo

The unique graffiti face tattoo design can help you express your own personal style. Many tattoo artists specialize in the type of body art making the design bold, colorful and flashy.

The designs to flaunt skin represent several things with unthinkable and distinctive appeal. 


Image: @more_life_tattoo

80. Custom Lettering Graffiti Tattoo

Wildstyle is a complicated and intricate form of graffiti. Due to its complexity, it is often very hard to read by people who are not familiar with it.

Usually, this form of graffiti incorporates interwoven and overlapping letters and shapes. The customized design can be purely artistic and meant to be functional in the first place. 


Image: @escritura_toxica

81. No Face No Case Graffiti Tattoo

Graffiti is the form of art that comes with sophistication. If there is no evidence, then no one can be claimed and the phrase is often used as evidence of something online.

Summarizing the design as a popular phrase, the presented graffiti design makes the tattoo look decent. 


Image: @zachroberts_tattoos

Some More Tattoo Ideas


Image: @the_hidden_forest


Image: @ink.layon


Image: @zuos.tattoo


Image: @artisentinta


Image: @barne1


Image: @blue_tattooer_


Image: @mac_simms_tattoo


Image: @nzv.ttt


Image: @tuffytats


Image: @lebarbierofficiel


Image: @animalartcrimes


Image: @chasetattooer


Image: @mr.makyin

Image: @silvertattoos


Image: @b.csaba.tattoo


Image: @viptattoo_choi


Image: @tattoo.sofik


Image: @uncool.tattoo


Image: @loliflex


How Are Tattoos And Graffiti Alike?

Graffiti and tattoos are both considered forms of drawings or inscriptions outside of an archeological context. Graffiti and tattoos share a kinship due to both being forms of advertising. 

What Are The Different Styles Of Tattoos?

These may be the first kind of tattoo you think of, an old-school style defined by bold outlines and the use of similar colors and imagery, New school, Japanese, Black and grey, Portraiture, Stick and poke, Realism, Blackwork. 

What Is A Semicolon Tattoo?

A semicolon tattoo is a tattoo of the semicolon punctuation mark (;) used as a message of affirmation and solidarity against suicide, depression, and addiction. 

What Is The Most Basic Tattoo?

The most basic tattoos are many and Marva tattoos agreed that in his opinion, hand ink is definitely the most basic tattoo someone could get. 

What’s a Medusa Tattoo Mean?

Medusa is a controversial character from Greek mythology, but one that moves many. A medusa tattoo can be a protection from evil, or a symbol of the victims. Some theories like to interpret Medusa as a symbol of female powerlessness.

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