20 Best Ghetto And Urban Tattoo You Must See

If you see a Ghetto tattoo on a person, they usually belong to the North American urban communities. Because of some common disparities, they are forced into this group. For example, impoverished people who are underprivileged and face racism are the Ghettos. So these people now wear tattoos as a thing of pride and often go for bold choices.

But people outside the Ghetto community also show interest in the tattoo because they like the ideology and support it or just like the design. Look below to find out what all kinds of procedures one can go for.

1. Remember Ghetto And Urban Tattoo

The people belong to the urban area, so getting tattoos of the buildings ultimately makes sense. A boy with a basketball ball in hand gives the message of how he wishes that things would be normal as they were when he was a child.

Then looking at the changes in front of him with all the problems that arose and made life challenging. This tattoo is done realistically.

Image: @Oscarmedinatattoo

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2. Architecture Ghetto And Urban Tattoo

Here is another take on the ghetto tattoo. But the tattoo here is done more in a cartoonish way. So if you liked the animated version of things, you could have your tattoo done that way. 

Image: @Flomar_6

3. Downtown Faro Ghetto And Urban Tattoo

This is a cool tattoo done with great shading and creativity. One can go with a basic idea in mind to his tattoo artist, and then the artist can give the best possible shape. The negative spacing and the skin tone are used intelligently to create a fantastic piece of art.

Image: @Artishocktattoo

4. Del Barrio Ghetto And Urban Tattoo

You can even have the Ghetto Tattoo done like an arm sleeve. If you like full-coverage tattoos, this one can become your rare-looking sleeve. Unfortunately, sleeve tattoos cost you a little more and probably mean more time under the needle and in pain. On the other hand, the flowers and the shape of the building tell something about the culture. For example, it may be related to Chinese culture.

Image: @Mr.Inkst

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5. Wear Your Masks And Keep Your Distance Ghetto And Urban Tattoo

This is a great tattoo idea in which the tattoo art person has taken full liberty to explore the creative side of making it. Corona made masks necessary in our lives, and this is an interesting take with the mast on a cartoon character in a current world scenario. And the other elements in the tattoo just depict the life the character has to live.

Image: @Psn.Nr40

6. Cartoons Ghetto And Urban Tattoo

Doodles are a great way to express things, and many artists use them for symbolic representations of their art. For instance, looking at the tattoo done here delivers a strong message.

Image: @Gravedenoirtattoostudio

7. City Beats Ghetto And Urban Tattoo

The heart tattoo is a symbol of being passionate and happy. So this one is an excellent idea of using the heart as a boundary for the whole tattoo and then putting various elements in it. This tattoo clearly states that the person’s heart belongs to the urban area.

Image: @Squidzink_

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8. Tibia Ghetto And Urban Tattoo

This tattoo looks like it is connected with some fond memory of the person they did while they lived in the hood and were small. You can also use such a style as it is a great way to live off a memory.

Image: @Satori_Tattoo__

9. City Of Star Ghetto And Urban Tattoo

A representation of your block where you lived or someplace that maybe you want to go someday can also be done as your tattoo. It will be your unique tattoo. But around the ribs where the owner has, it can cause a little more pain than the arm or leg. The trees in between the buildings are a nice touch.

Image: @Hexapode_Tattoo

10. Lugarno Ghetto And Urban Tattoo

The skull is the symbol of death. If a person is wearing a skull tattoo, it simply means he is not scared of death. Therefore you must have seen a lot of bikers wearing skull tattoos. The character above the skull makes the tattoo more intimidating. If you are looking for a scary tattoo, then you can try this.

Image: @Ghetto.Tattoo

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11. GangSter Ghetto And Urban Tattoo

A full-back tattoo of the thug life. If you like big tattoos, you can look at the options of the ghetto tattoo you can get on your back. This tattoo has a lot of elements in it and looks like a gangster life tattoo. Take an idea from this and get your authentic tattoo done today.

Image: @Samohan_Samoe92

12. Japan Ghetto And Urban Tattoo

Tattoos are often used as a representation of someone’s culture. You can use a tattoo if you take pride in your culture, or you can even have a tattoo as an appreciation of a culture. The black and withe color together represents Yin and Yan, which is about the balance between the dark and positive forces in life.

Image: @Ghettotattooro

13. Crew Life Ghetto And Urban Tattoo

Are you looking for a full-arm sleeve tattoo? Then have a look at this full-coverage tattoo with different elements of the ghetto combined to create something new. One may use the tattoo’s various elements as other characters to represent something from the ghetto. 

Image: @Rosa_Negra_Tattoos

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14. Building Ghetto And Urban Tattoo

Those who are into arm tattoos are always looking for something different. If you like arm tattoos, then you can try something like this. In this tattoo, the negative spacing is used intelligently to make a contrast. You can take an idea from this tattoo and build something terrific. The clouds in the background lift the whole tattoo’s impression.

Image: @Samuel Shuna

15. Fun Ride Ghetto And Urban Tattoo

People always use tattoos as a physical extension of themselves. So if you like doing something or have a favorite hobby, you can get that tattooed on you. For example, this tattoo tells us that the bearer loves riding a bike, and the flowers all over tell they are a fan of nature as well. You also try your favorite flowers as secondary elements to your tattoos.

Image: @Austinhuntertattoo

16. Cool Filler For Ditto Ghetto And Urban Tattoo

The fantastic thing about tattoos is that you can show your creativity to the next level. Taking a primary tattoo to use as a boundary is a genius idea as it gives you your canvas to add other elements to it. For example, the windmill in the hands of the girl may be depicting a personal memory that the person has.

Image: @Jimottenart

17. Snake Ghetto And Urban Tattoo

Snakes are associated with rebirth because they shred their skin and transform, and the Eagle is the symbol of freedom, power, and focus. But these done together represent something from mythology. The Eagle preying upon the snake is the traditional symbol of power and superiority. It is a natural representation of bigger takes small. 

The Eagle is done in an exciting way, with half bold and the other half done in sketch form.

Image: @Alabamakiller

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18. Unusual Ghetto And Urban Tattoo

Here is a very interesting take on the ghetto tattoo. If you are looking for something antique, this might be it, as this tattoo looks like a hallucination. The colors add more to the mystery of the tattoo. You can also use your favorite colors if you do not want something in black ink.

Image: @Unusualtattoo.Pl

19. Crow  Ghetto And Urban Tattoo

The crow is the symbol of death and doom, so usually, it is associated with sadness. Sketch art used for tattooing has also become popular. If you want an extensive tattoo that can cover the whole back, go for something like this, as it will hurt you less.

Image: @Ghetto.Tattoo

20. Flashback Ghetto And Urban Tattoo

Memories of your childhood always stay with you. Here is a very creative graphical representation of the ghetto tattoo. It may belong to a fond memory that the bearer has of living in a place in their childhood. It looks like it may be the favorite block of the bearer as a child of their home.

Image: @Tomi_Avalontattooszeged

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What Does Ghetto And Urban Tattoo Mean?

The Ghetto has self-categorized itself as belonging to the North American community who have come together because of some common hardships and being underprivileged the same way which makes them relate to each other. So they wear a tattoo to represent their community.

What tattoo means killing someone?

The meaning of tattoos even changes with the place of the body where one gets a tattoo. If someone has a teardrop tattoo on the face it depicts a committed murder. But a teardrop outline can even mean that a person has a friend who was murdered and now they wish to take revenge. They live in vengeance.

Whereas a filled teardrop may mean that a death has been avenged.

What does the 3 dots tattoo mean?

A three-black tattoo is common among prison people that say “my crazy life.” It is not a sign of a particular gang but represents the gang culture itself.

What do urban Ghetto tattoos mean?

The Ghetto tattoo may generally be there to represent the hardships one has faced of being a minority in a society.

What does it mean if a girl has a snake tattoo?

The snake tattoo in general means temptation, fertility, rebirth, and power. So if a girl has the tattoo then it can mean any of the above things.