68 Out-of-This-World Galaxy Tattoos for Celestial Enthusiasts

Key Takeaways 

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  • Galaxy tattoos can carry various symbolic meanings, such as the vastness of the universe, exploration, mystery, and the unknown. They can also represent a fascination with space and the desire for knowledge.
  • Galaxy tattoos typically incorporate stars, planets, moons, galaxies, comets, and nebulae. These elements can be combined to create intricate and visually captivating designs.
  • Galaxy tattoos are known for their use of vibrant and celestial colors. Deep blues, purples, blacks, and bright whites are often used to create a cosmic effect. Some designs may also incorporate subtle shades of pink and green to mimic the appearance of nebulae.
  • Galaxy tattoos can be created in various styles, including realism, watercolor, geometric, dotwork, and traditional. Your style will influence the tattoo’s overall look and feel.

These tattoos can be placed on various body parts, including the arm, back, chest, shoulder, or thigh. The choice of placement depends on personal preference and the size of the tattoo.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a galaxy tattoo and any design inspired by the world beyond? Maybe it’s something magical, mesmerizing and out of this world; but did you know you can get all these feelings inked with galaxy tattoos you’ll love for life?

63 Brilliant Galaxy Tattoos You'Ll Find Out Of This World

A galaxy tattoo is as beautiful as the galaxy is and the best part is you have so many options to choose from; after all, the universe is as vast as you can think. So be ready as this article shows you the best 63 galaxy tattoos, among which you’ll find your next fascinating tattoos as his article has it all, whether you need a fun tattoo or one symbolizing high spiritual power or something that honors your gypsy soul.

 Before You Get Started

  • Think about the symbolic significance you want to convey with your celestial ink.
  • Galaxy tattoos often feature vibrant colors. Select a color palette that resonates with your personality and complements your skin tone.
  • Explore different styles of galaxy tattoos, from realistic depictions to abstract interpretations. Find a style that aligns with your aesthetic preferences.
  • Decide where on your body you want the galaxy tattoo. Consider how the design will flow with your body’s contours and choose a spot that enhances its visual impact.
  • Galaxy tattoos require precision and creativity. Choose a tattoo artist experienced in cosmic designs to bring your vision to life with accuracy and flair.

Are you ready to go for space exploration? Then, have a great time finding your tattoo!

Small Galaxy Tattoo

1. Simple Star Galaxy Tattoo 

Simple tattoos look as fantastic as elaborate ones, so if you want a galaxy in its simplest form, a straightforward but adorable design might be for you.

Image: @seon_tattoo 

2. Little Galaxy Tattoo 

A galaxy tattoo doesn’t need to be big to be magical; it can be small yet breathtaking, so choose your design and get a tiny galaxy for yourself that truly defines your style.

Image: @tonitreceagujas 

3. Galaxy Sky Scene Tattoo 

We bask in the beauty of a galaxy through the night sky; if you want a piece of this magic, you can get a galaxy sky tattoo that ignites the passionate explorer in you.

Image: @noctis.tattoo 

4. Heart Filled Galaxy Tattoo 

Hearts and flowers can make any tattoo look better; if you want your galaxy tattoos to be animated, add elements like beads, diamonds, animated sparkles and everything you like.

Image: @xoeybarcenal_tattoo 

5. Planets and Stars Tattoo 

The universe is infinite, and so is its beauty and that is why you need a universe tattoo in all its glory with planets, stars and everything space-inspired, it presents you as a curious person. 

Image: @antoinegeerman_tattoo 

6. Starry Scene Tattoo 

If you are looking for galaxy tattoo ideas that take your breath away, a starry scene is the one for you; it is mesmerizing and one of the gorgeous galaxy tattoos.

Image: @nathaliatattoo 

7. Galaxy Moon Scene Tattoo 

If you live by the moon, make it the focus of your galaxy tattoo, your galaxy design will look out of the world with the moon in front and the drama in the background.

Image: @zahaitattoo 

8. Out of this World Tattoo 

Talking about out-of-the-world tattoos, an astronaut drifting in space takes a journey into the outer world; it presents you as a curious person.

Image: @ viniciusfmenoli 

9. Colorful Galaxy Tattoo 

A colored tattoo conveys the glory of space like no other tattoo design so getting a colorful space tattoo that blows everyone’s minds away is an absolutely great idea.

Image: @damla.onar 

10. Small Outer Space Tattoo

You can share a galaxy with the people you love; yes, choose your favorite galaxy tattoo designs and get inked with your friends or partner or a forever bond.

Even though the universe is vast, your tattoo can make it compact – a galaxy tattoo that allows you to carry the sky with you, could anything be any more awesome?

Image: @jamjam.tattoo 

11. Colorful Planet Tattoo 

When you see Earth from space or any planet, you are sure to think, what a wonderful world and this is a thought worth transforming into an absolutely wonderful design.

Image: @lorka.tattoo 

12. Matching Galaxy Tattoo

Image: @kimbroinks 

13. Galaxy Shaded Moon Tattoo 

The moon looks stunning in all its phases; if you want a large tattoo, you can get the moon with all its stages with elaborate detailing and it rightfully describes life and will be a tattoo you adore.

Image: @kur0n3k0517 

14. Galaxy Diamond Tattoo 

Diamonds feel like they definitely belong in the galaxy; this combination makes for a stunning tattoo with its brilliance and unique colors – you’ll love this tattoo for sure.

Image: @elpincheperroelegante 

Galaxy Tattoos: A Quick Guide to Celestial Ink Mastery

  • Cosmic Canvas: Choose vibrant colors for your galaxy tattoo to capture the allure of the cosmos.
  • Care for the Cosmos: Protect your tattoo from prolonged sun exposure to maintain its vivid hues and prevent fading.
  • Healing Nebulas: Follow aftercare routines with gentle moisturizers to promote proper healing and prevent dryness.
  • Timeless Universe: Regular touch-ups keep your galaxy tattoo looking fresh and vibrant, ensuring its timeless beauty.

15. Galaxy Bolt Tattoo 

Lightning and thunder in the galaxy sound like an idea for a colored tattoo, definitely, it does and thus galaxy tattoos are for those who like bold space tattoos.

Image: @stylelinetattoo 

Steller Galaxy Tattoo Sleeve Designs

16. Detailed Galaxy Scene Tattoo 

Beauty lies in details, and your cosmic tattoo anticipates details and beauty so get a detailed galaxy tattoo with gorgeous colors intertwining and copious stars.

Image: @kelseytattoos 

17. Arm Filled Galaxy Tattoo 

A sleeve tattoo filled with constellations and planets is a gorgeous galaxy tattoo and such a galaxy tattoo showcases your fearlessness and love for art; and it is also a great way to showcase creativity.

Image: @cameronhobbs_art 

18. Outer Space Half Sleeve Tattoo 

It’s a big universe, and it clearly deserves an elaborate tattoo; if you are unsure about getting a whole sleeve tattoo, you might look at space tattoo ideas for a half sleeve.

Image: @hasta_la_muerte_tatuajes_ 

19. Planet Filled Sleeve Tattoo 

The beautiful galaxy needs full sleeve galaxy tattoo designs, this universe tattoo looks stunning and is sure to become anyone’s favorite and obviously your favorite too.

Image: @tripleacetattoos 

20. Outer Space Half Sleeve Tattoo 

If you like a larger tattoo and need more prominent space, you can get half sleeve space tattoos – they have deeper meanings and look simply gorgeous in any design variation you choose.

Image: @martincomoglio 

21. Half Sleeve Galaxy Tattoo 

The aim of any body art is to create pieces that depict just what you are thinking, so if you want to express gratitude for a positive life among about two trillion galaxies, a beautiful astronaut tattoo is yours.

Image: @drew_tattoos.087 

22. Full Galaxy Tattoo

A galaxy tattoo offers everyone a chance to have a piece of the universe close to them; you can have a stunning tattoo simple in design, a discreet tattoo or numerous shapes that describe your view of a galaxy.

Image: @thebakery 

23. Outer Space Half Sleeve Tattoo 

Sometimes mistakes are made, and you want to cover your sleeve tattoos but you don’t need to worry; galaxy tattoos offer a great option to cover a larger area or just a tiny part.

Image: @athinlinetattoo 

24. Detailed Planets Tattoo 

There is so much inspiration to get a space tattoo and everything related, if planets’ design totally inspires you, you need to get a planet tattoo as soon as you like.

Image: @sen.tattoos 

25. Outer Space Full Sleeve Tattoo 

If you want the grace of a forearm or wrist tattoo and the space of a back tattoo, you need a sleeve tattoo and you can find a tattoo or come up with your galaxy tattoo ideas later.

Image: @neropaco_tattoo_milano 

Keep In Mind

  • Ensure a cohesive color scheme in your galaxy tattoo to enhance its visual appeal.
  • Choose a body area that complements the design’s flow and aligns with your style.
  • Discuss design intricacies with your tattoo artist to capture the essence of your cosmic vision.
  • Maintain well-hydrated skin to ensure a smooth canvas for the intricate details of your galaxy tattoo.

Consider how the tattoo may age and discuss preservation strategies with your artist.

26. Shoulder Galaxy Tattoo

Shoulder tattoos look absolutely stunning that is why if you want to get a detailed galaxy tattoo, you need a detailed shoulder tattoo as soon as you can!

Image: @bearta_tattoo_studio 

27. Woodsy Galaxy Scene Tattoo 

Woods and the sky sound like an idea straight out of exotic minds ready to believe in magic and yet, it can also have a deeper meaning of Earth and space that you can keep closer to you.

Image: @vigopuls 

28. Universe Sleeve Tattoo

If you want the universe on your sleeve, get a breathtaking tattoo showcasing bravery, beauty and awe and completely adorn your sleeve and seek advice from your tattoo artist.

Image: @tiamat_tattoo 

29. Galaxy Half Sleeve Tattoo Idea

Sometimes the immensely  bigger picture is the better picture so, take your space tattoo ideas and get yourself a galaxy tattoo you will love for the rest of your life.

Image: @lucie.tattoo 

30. Dark Galaxy Sleeve Tattoo 

Dark aesthetic is taking over the trends, and dark tattoos are also a worldwide phenomenon, maybe that means it’s time to get a whole sleeve tattoo in a dark theme!

Image: @jimleclerctattoo 

Galaxy Watercolor Tattoo Inspiration

31. Starry Watercolor Scene Tattoo 

The galaxy is filled with stars ready to steal your heart and it is absolutely fabulous that you can get this type of tattoo in color or simple black ink, choose what you like – you’ll fall in love with the splash of colors for sure. 

Image: @lebedikhina_tattoo 

32. Watercolor Galaxy Tattoo

Think of vibrant hope and saturated colors; this is how beautiful your galaxy tattoos could be, so go through the tattoo ideas in this article and fall in love.

Image: @inkxtreme_tattoo_studio 

33. Explosion of Color Tattoo 

Tattoo artists love a tattoo that’s unique and a little challenging so why not discuss a universe tattoo with them and prove the fantastic tattoo artist they are.

Image: @tupactattooestudio 

34. Planet Scene Tattoo 

Planets are magical, and planet tattoos carry deeper meanings to everyone and you can also get a zodiac sign’s planet or the whole system as your tattoo.

Image: @tattooist_littlec 

35. Saturated Galaxy Scene Tattoo 

Get a bold yet beautiful astronaut tattoo that will cheerfully light up your mood whenever you get a glimpse of it, time to choose a design you love and own your space tattoo.

Image: @debaydeluxtattoo 

Pro Tip

Opt for smooth transitions between colors in your galaxy tattoo for a seamless, ethereal effect.

36. Full Moon Tattoo 

If you are not a fan of many elaborate tattoos, a full moon tattoo might be your best choice, it will help you get a lovely and straightforward outer space tattoo.

Image: @lenahildentattoo 

37. Geometric Shapes Tattoo 

Elements enhance any design you like; even if you do not want a larger galaxy tattoo, you can accentuate it with geometric shapes and minimal elements.

Image: @plisskin.tattoo 

38. Galaxy Watercolor Tattoo

A splash of color is always a great addition to a tattoo design, however, you might want different colors or a white ink tattoo that closely suits your style.

Image: @charles.tattoo_

Constellation Tattoo

39. Minimal Moon Tattoo

Space tattoos do not have to be over the top; a straightforward design like a moon tattoo has the same effect as a magical galaxy if you choose the right design and you can always add elements and customize the idea.

Image: @xoeybarcenal_tattoo 

40. Galaxy Watercolor Tattoo

A constellation tattoo expresses simplicity and meaning; they look dainty and appropriate for you if you need a minimal space tattoo.

Image: @halona.ink 

41. Constellation Tattoos

If your style of tattoos is more minimal and you prefer stand-alone designs, constellation tattoos are definitely your best friends; don’t worry about the design, you can customize the design with the help of your tattoo artist.

Image: @ign_wikon 

42. When the Stars Align Tattoo 

The alignment of stars and planets has always been a mesmerizing concept so, why not bring the stars to life with a tattoo that highlights their beauty.

Image: @chelsea_tattooart 

43. Watercolor Stars Tattoo 

Stars are the answer to every universe tattoo doubt that is why, if you are in doubt, you can get a star tattoo that lights up your world (and everyone’s creativity when they see it).

Image: @ivu.ska_tattoo 

44. Galaxy Astronaut Tattoo 

When it comes to space exploration, astronauts are the luckiest people, so if you want to be a part of the universe’s unraveling, an astronaut in the sky is truly your design to get inked.

Image: @_steinchen 

45. Watercolor Dreams Tattoo 

Not every design has to have a meaning or make sense to everyone; your plan is yours to cherish, and amazing tattoo artists bring this galaxy tattoo meaning to life.

Image: @tattoofulloption 

Out of this World Galaxy Tattoo Design

46. Stellar Solar System Tattoo

It is a lovely galaxy we live in and this brilliance is clearly impressive enough to get a tattoo of the system; so why wait and contemplate getting this idea tattooed right now!

Image: @saranoasis 

47. Meet Me in the Sky Tattoo 

Maybe you have always had a dream of reaching the stars – if your answer is yes, astronaut(s) in the sky is the best tattoo you can get if you’ve always wanted to explore space.

Image: @isisgyor.tattoo 

48. Galaxy Animals Tattoo 

For dog and cat lovers, thinking of their furry friends in space is an absolutely adorable tattoo idea and yes, you can get your pet’s face tattooed exploring space.

Image: @nikita_tattooartist 

49. Technology in Space Tattoo 

There are many science fiction movies you fall in love with and if you have a film in your mind or want the wonders of the matrix in real life, a tech tattoo is a way to go.

Image: @beckileetattoo 

50. Cool Galaxy Tattoo

The universe is always connected to us, and if you believe in expressing your idea through an excellent tattoo; you can even design your tattoo and get inked!

Image: @thevonb 

51. All The Planet Align Tattoo 

You can also get the solar system’s tattoo where all the planets align; it is a magical moment to witness and get inked; so stop thinking about it and call your tattoo studio now.

Image: @moondoll_ink 

52. Galaxy Filled Heart Tattoo 

Hearts make any tattoo instantly better, after all, what could express your fascination better than a universe tattoo with hearts? It looks adorable, is a lovely design choice and is a timeless style that you will undeniably appreciate with every trend and every year that passes by.

Image: @seon_tattoo 

53. Galaxy in a Bottle Tattoo 

This idea may not be as popular as other designs but this captures one’s imagination and sees if you can go beyond; yes the sky is amazing but what about capturing the galaxy?

Image: @inkyplaytime 

Did You Know?

Galaxy tattoos gained popularity in the late 20th century with the surge of interest in space exploration and science fiction. They often symbolize the vastness of the universe and our connection to the cosmos.

54. Galaxy Paint Tattoo 

Galaxy tattoos inspired by paintings are among the most popular cover-up tattoos, they look good and are an excellent upgrade idea when you are in desperate need of a fix.

Image: @tattooist_sigak 

55. Unicorn Galaxy Tattoo 

Talk about a beautiful galaxy and unicorn tattoo ideas pop up, you can always create body art that is full of colors and everything gorgeously bright.

Image: @woonatattoo 

Milky Way Galaxy Tattoo

56. Small Milky Way Tattoo

If you want to keep things simply gorgeous, a small milky way tattoo is another idea you might like; and why not it is stunning, pretty fantastic and a work of art indeed and you can accentuate it with geometric shapes and minimal elements. 

Image: @jimmygalan 

57. Milky Way Scene Tattoo 

The best thing about the milky way tattoos is that they can be done in black and white, all the photography, tattoo and art lovers adore this idea; and you would too.

Image: @inksecta.tattoo 

58. Milky Way on Your ArmTattoo 

Forearms are significant areas to get a universe tattoo, significantly important, you can get your favorite planet or a milky way tattoo in more apparent size; everything works!

Image: @komitattoo 

59. Colorful Milky Way Tattoo

Well, enough about black ink; you need a colorful milky way tattoo to add a pop of color to your body art and to make your design absolutely interesting to look at.

Image: @tiamat_tattoo 

60. Milky Way Shoulder Piece Tattoo 

If you want your tattoo to look loud and unapologetic, a milky way shoulder piece will definitely suit you; you can choose the color as per your preference, and the design will look good nevertheless.

Image: @ rastatattooart3610 

61. Forearm Tattoo

A universe tattoo on the forearm is the best tattoo you can get; whether you get a milky way or a planet, your tattoo is bound to look fantastic so, don’t spend anymore time contemplating.

Image: @cekomotattoo 

62. Purple Filled Milky Way Tattoo

A galaxy tattoo and purple go hand in hand and that is why it is one of the most famous choices for a universe tattoo and rightfully so, a it is a godly work of technique.

Image: @danburytattoo 

63. Milky Way Tattoo Idea

A minimal milky way tattoo is a true beauty and that is a reason enough for you to choose a design (from numerous options in this article) you like and get it inked; then, you won’t ever regret it.

Image: @zap.ink 

64. Colored Galaxy Galore Tattoo

This tattoo bursts with cosmic energy, blending deep blues, purples, and cosmic hues to create a mesmerizing celestial dance across the skin, symbolizing the beauty of the unknown and the endless possibilities within the vast universe. Each swirling nebula and vivid star tells a story of exploration, encapsulating the wearer in a kaleidoscope of cosmic wonder.

Image: @sevenswanstattoo

65. Colorful Planets Space Tattoo

This tattoo features a cosmic panorama of vibrant, intricately detailed planets orbiting gracefully, capturing the enchanting allure of distant worlds and embodying the wearer’s fascination with the cosmos in a burst of vivid hues. Each planet’s unique personality comes alive, creating a celestial masterpiece that orbits the skin, inviting the viewer to embark on a visual journey through the wonders of space.

Image: @loserfolyf3

66. Galactic Sleeve Tattoo 

This tattoo transforms the arm into a celestial canvas, weaving together swirling galaxies, cosmic dust, and constellations in a seamless and mesmerizing tapestry of deep blues, purples, and cosmic hues. Stretching from shoulder to wrist, it encapsulates the wearer in a captivating cosmic narrative, symbolizing the vastness of the universe and their personal journey through the stars.

Image: @sean_embers

67. Moon Galaxy Tattoo

The tattoo combines the mystique of the moon with cosmic allure, featuring a serene lunar presence in a pattern of moons going down the leg toward the ankle. This tattoo captures the harmonious dance between the moon and the cosmos, symbolizing the interconnected beauty of the night sky and the wearer’s connection to both the earthly and celestial realms.

Image: @heim__tattoo

68. Wonder Of The Galaxy Tattoo 

This tattoo depicts a breathtaking cosmic scene with swirling galaxies, stars, and cosmic wonders, adorned with silhouettes of children gazing up in awe. This poignant piece encapsulates the curiosity and boundless imagination of youth, merging childhood innocence with the universe’s limitless wonders in a beautifully harmonious design.

Image: @tattoosbyhai

Personal Opinion:

A galaxy tattoo can be a timeless and beautiful choice regardless of age. As we age, tattoos can hold even more significance, symbolizing a lifetime of experiences and the vastness of our personal journeys. Just ensure you choose a design that resonates with you and an experienced artist for a tattoo that stands the test of time. Age is just a number, and so is the potential for stellar body art!

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