27 Attractive Flower Wrist Tattoos You Can’T Take Your Eyes Off

Where there is a flower, there is always hope and resilience.

Flower tattoos are one of the most famous tattoo choices, if not the most famous and rightfully so, they are beautiful, meaningful and inspiring – all this makes getting flower wrist tattoos clearly worth it so, if you are looking for the best flower wrist tattoo ideas, you are on the right article.

27 Attractive Flower Wrist Tattoos You Can'T Take Your Eyes Off

Enjoy browsing through 27 beautiful wrist flower tattoos that evoke hope and happiness in you and by the end of this article, maybe you’ll fall so in love with these designs that you might want to get them all inked!

No more waiting, start searching for the best possible wrist tattoos for you; but before you dive into the inspiration, let’s answer some FAQs.


What does a flower tattoo on the wrist mean?

Flowers represent love, friendship, hope and new life and the inner wrist has been considered a spot for spiritual energy since ancient times – so wrist flower tattoos could have personal significance, or they could be done just for fun.

What are the best flowers to get tattooed?

Lotus, peony, rose, daisy, hibiscus, lily and jasmine are some of the most popular flowers (and rightfully so) people choose to tattoo.

Is a flower wrist tattoo a bad idea?

If you are appearing for a job interview with a no tattoo policy or don’t want a painful experience, you might want to reconsider getting wrist flower tattoos.

Should a wrist tattoo face in or out?

The choice of your tattoo’s orientation is yours; if you want it to yourself, it can be on your wrist and face you – on the other hand, if you want people to fall in love with your flower wrist tattoos, you can get in on your outer wrist.

Should guys get wrist tattoos?

Guys can definitely get wrist tattoos; the wrist is always visible; the area is painful and linked to spirituality and that makes a wrist tattoo even more special if you want to get a unique tattoo.

Flourishing Flower Wrist Tattoo

1. Poppy Wrist Tattoo

While a simple poppy represents hope, peace and remembrance, you can get a red poppy wrist tattoo if you want to highlight any of these feelings; the red color looks bold and makes your tattoo look vibrant.

Image: @catalysttattoosg 

2. Pink Rose Tattoo

Obviously roses are one of the most common flower wrist tattoo ideas and reasonably so, they look good on everyone and are available in many designs.

Image: @small.tattoos 

3. Bundle of Lavender Tattoo

If you are looking for a flower tattoo that gives a serene vibe, a bundle of lavender might be what you are after; it is cute, colorful and an obvious beauty and in addition, the purple hue of lavenders is universally loved so that you won’t be nervous about your choice.

Image: @danielelugli 

4. Pink Wrist Tattoo

The pink color suits anyone and everyone, even for tattoos, that is why pink flower tattoos are arguably one of the most common choices, so, you can get your wrist flower tattoo in pink and keep it safe.

Image: @sunrise_tattoo 

5. Lotus Flower Tattoo Wrist

Lotus is another popular flower tattoo, you can get a lotus wrist band or a simple flower wrist tattoo; both will look phenomenal and there are numerous designs and style you can pick from.

Image: @makenatattoo 

6. Flower Wreath Tattoo

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas; they are evergreen, the same goes for a wreath tattoo – pick your favorite flower and transform it into a lovely wreath tattoo with your tattoo artist.

Image: @mr.inktokyo 

7. Marigold Tattoo

A marigold tattoo is insanely adorable; its color channels happiness and good vibes – you can get a simple marigold flower wrist tattoo or add your idea to it.

Image: @minari_tattoo 

8. Pink Stem Tattoo

The beauty of a stem is that you can make elongated tattoo designs out of it; they make for a great feminine and unique design of wrist flower tattoos that are not “on-your-face type” of loud.

Image: @alcampo.tattoo 

9. Blue Stemmed Flowers Tattoo

Blue flowers are not as common as other colors, making them a little more unique so find your favorite blue flower and get a delicate flower wrist tattoo.

Image: @noul_tattoo 

10. Tiny Tattoo Stem

If you want a simple tattoo with clean lines a tiny stem tattoo is the design you’re looking for as it enables you to have numerous wrist tattoos that look clean.

Image: @ng.ringvean 

Flower Bracelet Tattoo Ideas

11. Flower Tattoos

If you are unsure about a flower band, you should consider a simple flower wrist tattoo you like, it can be a chain of your favorite flowers or maybe a flower stem band.

Image: @rk.rui 

12. Wildflower Bracelet Tattoo

Wildflowers are subtle and unique, yet they have individual meanings so let some wildflowers literally grace your wrist and form a band of love.

Image: @alicampiontattoos_ 

13. Wrapped Bracelet Tattoo

A wrist tattoo can be thin and delicate or thick and bold; it is your choice to make, and whatever you have in mind – there is an excellent tattoo option for you to get inked.

Image: @khakrodiya 

14. Tiny Flower Tattoos on Wrist

Tiny flowers are some of the best options for flower wrist tattoos because they allow you to use your creativity and turn any design into truly a work of art.

Image: @wecanberainbows.bink 

15. Wide Flower Bracelet Tattoo

Maybe you are not a fan of the dainty flower bracelet, no worries, you can have a wide flower bracelet – it can be colorful or black, and both of them look bold and fun.

Image: @032_tattoo 

16. Colorful Flower Bracelet Tattoo

There is nothing prettier than a flower bracelet and it’s time for you to pick a flower you like and turn it into a flower bracelet; and remember, when it comes to a tattoo, it never hurts to be picky.

Image: @tegan.jaye 

17. Wispy Wildflowers Tattoo

Consider a simple flower wrist tattoo if you are clearly unsure about a flower band; it can be a chain of your favorite flowers or maybe a flower stem band – anything that works for you is obviously a good tattoo.

Image: @drakexthexsnake 

18. Blue Flower Tattoo

Blue flowers are a true beauty as blue flowers and bracelet tattoos are a winning combination; they look cute, have different meanings and make anyone fall in love with them.

Image: @alicampiontattoos_ 

19. Flowers and Butterfly Bracelet Tattoo

It is not possible to talk about flowers and not mention butterflies so, why not use this inspiration to create a flower wrist tattoo that embraces you.

Image: @doraahuuu.art 

20. Pink and Purple Flower Bracelet Tattoo

If you want a wrist tattoo that you can upload on your Instagram or is a popular choice as a trend, a pink flower bracelet is for you to get inked – it fits every trend, looks chic and is superbly delicate.

Image: @zihong_tattoo 

Flower Tattoos on Wrists

21. Flower Name Tattoo

The wrist area is great for designs, patterns and texts, combine your favorite flower with its name to have a flower wrist tattoo that becomes your favorite.

Image: @part5_tdk_kd 

22. Simple Stems Tattoo

Simple tattoos will always be beautifully in style, and you will never regret getting one; even if you want a stem design for your flower wrist tattoo, a daisy tattoo may be what you need.

Image: @amirtattooist 

23. Hibiscus Tattoo

Due to the popularity of flower tattoos, you may find these tattoos familiar, however, your tattoo can be unique with flowers like hibiscus, orchids and sundew.

Image: @roji_tattooer 

24. Colorful Flower Wrist Tattoo

Colors always make tattooing a fun experience; your choice of color could have personal significance; it can clearly highlight a certain blossom or help your design pop.

Image: @nicholastopas 

25. Detailed Outline Flower Tattoo

Wrist flower tattoo designs don’t always have to be vibrant, for example, you can get numerous flower’s outlines to ink that bring spring to your life every time you look at them.

Image: @malex_tattoo 

26. Cute Small Flower Tattoos on Wrist

Cute flower wrist tattoos are lovely because they can be tattooed as a band on your wrist or can be a single tattoo on your wrist – it all depends on your stylistic choice.

Image: @purr_eee 

27. Heart Flower Wrist Wreath Tattoo

Flowers undoubtedly represent love, hope and everything good in life, that is why a thoughtful heart flower wrist tattoo on your inner wrist will be apt for you; it is cute, mesmerizing and everything you want from a design.

Image: @jooyoung_color 

Hope you found your tattoo among these wrist tattoo ideas, and it is time to make it enjoyable for others too, don’t forget to share this article; and maybe you find a friend to get matching tattoos. 

Pick a tattoo you unregretfully, truly and thoroughly love to have a delightful tattoo experience!

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