51 Fantastic Fish tattoo Ideas that Looks Amazing as Body Art

Fish is such a romantic and pretty animal, and as an addition, it comes with numerous freedom vibes. Women with a fish tattoo seem to be an embodiment of golden fish. Women are fond of getting a fish tattoo design or animal tattoo. If you are also thinking of getting a tattoo embodied, a fish tattoo option is impressive. It seems stylish and adorable and always unique. 

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51 Fantastic Fish tattoo Ideas that Looks Amazing as Body Art

Trendy fish tattoo ideas for women look unique and most adorable when it comes to feet       or wrist. Different design options provide numerous ideas for those who love getting a tattoo. The tattoo is also useful as it comes with a symbolic icon throughout history and is incorporated into different myths and stories of numerous cultures worldwide. 

Symbolism and Meaning

Incorporated in many religious stories, fish holds a deep meaning with followers to the religion today. Christians have the fish symbol in great respect as a symbol of faith during biblical times. Christians used to draw fish in the dirt with their feet as a secret sign to other Christians of their faith. 

Many Christians, therefore, choose to ink the fish symbol to display their faith. It has significance in several religions and societies, including Hinduism, Greek mythology, Japanese or Chinese culture, and several tribal cultures. It also symbolizes swiftness, movement, agility and grace. 

The water on earth is the home for mainly the fishes and other aquatic animals. The water has also been associated with mystic creatures like mermaids, and poets have used that for poetry. Fishes are intelligent species and have psychic abilities. The shark is known for its psychic abilities. Fishes use waves to interpret objects and hurdles in the water. So the fish tattoo is a good candidate for a meaningful tattoo.

Designs include

1. Simple fish tattoo

Depending on the type of fish tattoo you choose, it often symbolizes the struggles an individual overcomes in their own life. 

Image: @lexigo_tattoo

2. Geometric fish tattoo

The geometric style tattoo is a unique way to get body art. Fish tattoos have spiritual meaning, and there are many options to choose from, small to big tattoos. 

Image: @ksink_tattoostudio

3. Golden fish tattoo on back

Getting the primary meaning of a fish tattoo is very common and relates to good luck with a unique sense. It is also associated with abundance.

Image: @brayansaurio_ink

4. Fish head tattoo

There are many variations of tattoos representing strength, prosperity, determination, and independence as a good luck charm. It can also symbolize the purity of the person with the tattoo. 

Image: @bigtroubletattoo

5. Minimalist fish tattoo

The crisp or colored lines with negative space or sparse color pallets convey a simple design ranging from extensive to a small point with elegant design impacting overall design. 

Image: @mitzinktattoos

6. Butterfly Koi Fish tattoo

Signaling elegance, beauty and harmony, the koi fish tattoo designs symbolize good luck and prosperity to the lives of people who touch them. It also brings positive energy. 

Image: @yuki_tatts

7. Koi Fish tattoo

Having several important meanings in Japanese and Christian society, seeing a symbol of luck, overcoming struggles and tough times with courage. With different colors and styles, each koi fish tattoo design has its meaning and significance. 


Image: @lilb_wabori

8. Japanese fish tattoo

The Japanese culture tattoo comes as a form of koi carp. These have several masculine ideals, such as strength and bravery. It is also a symbol of determination and a strong will to succeed. 

Image: @amordemadretattoogr

9. Small fish tattoo

Representing persistence, power, patience and prosperity, it means a cultural symbol for overcoming diversity with intricate and bold designs. 


Image: @tattoobychang

10. Blue Koi Fish tattoo

It is often associated with masculinity and fertility, a symbol for the family’s son; it also refers to peace, serenity and calmness. The tattoo also represents harmony with nature. 

Image: @emmawillistattoos

11. Ying yang fish tattoo

Originating from Chinese and Japanese culture philosophy with the Ying Yang tattoo stems from some of the oldest principles of philosophy representing femaleness, darkness, passivity and absorption, and heaven, maleness, light, and activity. 

Image: @la_fucking_zona

12. Betta fish tattoo

Beautiful freshwater fish have long flowing fins colored in red, blue, and purple. The betta fish tattoo has a unique quality known to display their colors to attract females to mate with them or as a sign of aggression.

Image: @gabrielesaviotattoo

13. Black koi tattoo

As black symbolizes strength through adversity, the tattoo represents overcoming significant obstacles and wanting to overcome great obstacles.

Image: @sara_rock_tattoo

14. Tiny on thumb fish tattoo

A fiery flame tattoo or acute fish tattoo on the thumb tends to blur quickly, so clear, precise and stripped black designs look better and last longer. It is an artful choice looks adorable. 

Image: @zombie_joey

15. Fish with word tattoo

Carrying a simple tattoo is a symbol of love, friendship and devotion. However, adding a Japanese word or a traditional symbol makes the tattoo look different. 

Image: @berna.ink

16. Fish flower tattoo

Both men and women wear fish tattoos. With profound meaning representing strength, power and prosperity, it is a powerful tattoo that signifies optimism and growth. 

Image: @igla_tattoo_studio

17. Matching fish tattoo

A real symbol for couples, the tattoo represents shared milestones such as a year spent together or various experiences shared by teams. 

Image: @grimmboytattoo

18. Half sleeve fish with lotus tattoo

Combining a fish tattoo with the lotus flower creates a powerful tattoo. As the lotus flower grows in muddy conditions, it is associated with spirituality and strength. 

Image: @ariuken_art

 19. Baby fish tattoo

Gaining popularity among all ages, the baby fish tattoo signifies different aspects with bold design with spirituality and style. The rich symbolism comes with purification, healing or emotions. 

Image: @boscolaynetattoo

20. Pisces fish tattoo

Looking at the regular Pisces zodiac sign, you can see two fish facing the opposite direction of one another. They also resonate with Ying Yang in Chinese culture, representing duality and connection. 

Image: @mitchin.tattoos

21. Back plain fish tattoo

A simple black tattoo is a popular choice in simple or complicated design art, representing the connectivity between all things in life. 

Image: @elhamazari_artist

22. Yellow goldfish tattoo

Yellowfish tattoo often comes with a combination of orange color. It symbolizes progress in your career, balance and harmony in your family and professional life. 

Image: @paperself

23. Saltwater fish tattoo

It also includes shark tattoos as well as colorful coral reef fish tattoos. Popular shark tattoos include white sharks, tiger sharks and many other designs. It symbolizes power and mystery.

Image: @foreverboldtattoo

24. Starfish tattoo

The starfish symbolizes good luck with lasting bonds representing favorable change, positivity, growth, love, protection, and healing. The different types of tattoos represent endless explanations. 

Image: @donut_bones

25. Fish tattoo on sleeve

The fish tattoo successfully incorporates underrated designs, featuring fabulous ideas on the sleeve. In addition, it can give you satisfaction in detailing and symbolism; there are many elements to add to the tattoo. 

Image: @oshin_ink

26. Tattoo for man

Fish tattoo designs are gaining popularity among men of all ages. As with spiritual meaning combined with style, the fish tattoo has an ordinary meaning such as patience or perseverance. 

Image: @nely1.0

27. Back fish tattoo

Asians have an ancient origin in tattoo granting traditions. The tattoo creates a powerful and breathtaking beautiful body art with different shades you like. 

Image: @tattooist_namoo

28. Clownfish tattoo

Representing both good and evil simultaneously as the tattoo symbolizes restlessness and desire to create chaos in the world around you. However, to have a dangerous situation as the tattoo gives a different look. 

Image: @ta6t6t6oo

29. Red and blackfish tattoo

Representing strength and love, or motherhood and bravery with red koi fish tattoo, the black koi fish ink symbolizes successfully overcoming obstacles. 

Image: @assassin_tattoo_nyc

30. Color Koi Fish tattoo

The radiant colors and elegant bodies of fish in the tattoo symbolize richness and luxury. These iconic fishes are often associated with financial success. It is the most popular fish for anyone to get it done as body art. 

Image: @erickueh

 31. Watercolor fish tattoo

The fish design comes with different meanings with various colors and patterns. So it’s no wonder that the tattoo represents a great design to stand out against your skin. 

Image: @_flakko__

32. Tiny on hand fish tattoo

The trendy and elegant design on hand brings unique and minimalistic artwork with various stylish tiny fish tattoo ideas. 

Image: @kingmollusk

33. Best fish tattoo design in 2022

With a colorful and symbolic representation of fish tattoo, the design comes from black to yellow to orange and vibrant colors. With a highly creative and innovative style, there are extensive designs. 

Image: @ko_ink

 34. Christian fish tattoo

As the sign of Jonah, the Christian fish tattoo symbolizes faith. It also represents fertility, birth and rebirth. To identify themselves to each other in secret is associated with longevity. 

Image: @ beastabola 

35. Darwin fish tattoo

Capturing and desecrating an enemy’s flag supports evolution as the cause of species diversification. Furthermore, it symbolizes the beautiful flower of Jesus Christ. 

Image: @rawadlhajj

36. On-hand fish tattoo

Clubbing the style of fish tattoo, you can also use doodle art, vector illustration, and any suitable pattern you love. The tattoo artists in the tattoo industry can also help add his creativity and talent to the tattoo. 

Image: @ravenka_tattoo

37. Chinese fish tattoo

It represents determination, strength, prosperity, and independence as a good luck charm and symbol of perseverance. The other meanings can differ in fish’s orientation and color. 

Image: @chebado.art

38. Goldfish tattoo

With improved fortune, the god fish comes with household harmony and wealth accumulation. In several cultures, it is symbolically used to attract prosperity. 

Image: @poliszka_tattoo

39. Dragon Koi tattoo

Representing strength, power and ferocity, while embodying perseverance and strength of will, represents transformation and rebirth. Dragon Koi fish tattoo designs also means a fresh new start or new beginning. 

Image: @blackflowstudio

40. Two koi fish tattoo designs

Swimming alongside representing duality and the balance of opposite forces, the tattoo represents harmony between opposites. With the acceptance of life’s challenges, the tattoo means good luck and peace. 

Image: @kadikoybodyart

41. Fish in a bulb tattoo

With bold, bright and traditional style, the fish tattoo idea shows enlightenment associated with metal energy and the process of human thinking. It sometimes indicates intelligence. 

Image: @inkandpainttattoogallery

42. Fish in a bottle tattoo

Besides representing mobility, swiftness and different meanings in different cultures, the tattoo is a symbol of fertility and transformation as a dependable hydration companion. 

Image: @iriswoodtattoo

43. Behind the ear blackfish tattoo

Teen boys and girls behind the ear fish tattoo come as fantastic art. The traditional Asian tattoos art comes with different colors to signify differently. The myriads of tattoo design look cute when done in dark color. 

Image: @ozgur.tattoo

44. Blue and purple fish tattoo

Often matched with masculinity, the blue ink represents peace, serenity and calmness, whereas purple ink represents communication, peace of mind and optimism.

Image: @mariink.tattoos

45. Thigh fish tattoo

As a fantastic option, the idea shows wildness with body art. Furthermore, the black koi fish tattoo art comes with an incredible relation to adversity, symbolizing strength and courage. 

Image: @zlobina.ink

46. Big fish tattoo

Sometimes, bigger is better! A large tattoo design with detailing needs a big spot for the artwork. The fish tattoo design possesses a more significant meaning by choosing the design, style and wizard. 

Image: @enricorrhea

47. Small minimalist fish tattoo

With various stylish small or minimalist fish tattoo designs, you can have unique and gorgeous artwork. The unconsciousness of higher-self, feeling, deeper awareness, and the tattoo represents fertility and birth. 

Image: @meczup.dovme.studyosu

48. Simple wrist fish tattoo

The type of fish tattoo differs from the design of the tattoo. As a symbol of good fortune, an abundance of wealth, the simple wrist tattoo looks cute when done in black ink. 

Image: @district36_tattooparlor

49. Ankle small fish tattoo

It is the most popular tattoo to get. A tiny ankle design signifies treasure and surplus. Different fish tattoos represent different designs, and it means other aspects as an ideal art. 

Image: @yubeen___

50. Simple yin yang fish tattoo

The combination of the Yin Yang symbol tattoo often represents strong and imaginary meanings. Although meaning excellent and evil, the duality and harmony also lead to life’s importance. 

Image: @jacksonminimalismo

51. Fish outline tattoo

Depending on the type of tattoo you choose, it represents a cultural symbol for overcoming diversity with intricate designs, arching scales and making it a well-known pattern for present days. 

Image: @brooketattoos

52. Blackfish tattoo

Symbolizing strength through the adversity of the tattoo represents overcoming significant obstacles and memorizing the journey to use black ink color. 

Image: @isabela.ink

Final words!

When planning a new tattoo, a significant decision is choosing where on the body to ink it. Fish tattoos look good inked anywhere on the body, although larger designs will need to be sited on larger body areas. You can have large fish tattoos on the upper back, full back, lower back, and medium-size fish tattoos that look perfect on arms, forearms, legs, and thighs. Small white koi fish tattoos can look amazing on the ankle, wrist, feet, shoulder, and sleeves. 

If you have decided to get a fish tattoo design, it is suitable for you. You can browse through as many top tattoo ideas as possible to get some more creative and unique designs. There are many options to find the best tattoo artwork that includes design books, shop collections, and the internet.


What does a fish tattoo symbolize?

 The fish tattoo represents different things as a symbol of fertility and transformation, but it majorly means peace. 

Is the koi fish tattoo lucky?

As a popular addition, the tattoo comes as a good luck charm and a symbol of perseverance over challenges in life. 

Is it offensive to get a koi fish tattoo?

Koi are gentle fish, becoming aggressive due to poor conditions. Typically soft and easygoing, the fishes can be, at times, aggressive depending on the circumstances. 

What does two Koi fish mean?

The combination of fish represents harmony and happiness. With significant symbolism, it represents abundance and perseverance. 

Is it wrong to get a Koi fish tattoo facing downward? 

The fish tattoos should be moving upward as down-facing is a wrong symbol. Instead, as a symbol of strength and determination, it stands for courage and attaining high goals. 

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