15 Amazing Fightin Seabees Tattoo Designs

The Seabees are construction workers who have received extensive training in self-defense. Against enemy attack while constructing the infrastructure necessary to maintain the war effort.

In both World War II Theaters of War, the American military could stay one step ahead of the enemy due to the tenacity and inventiveness of these battling constructors, which played a crucial role in ensuring victory.

The Seabees’ outstanding accomplishments led to their permanent inclusion in the Navy’s fighting forces, and they have subsequently built and participated in every military war. Since World War II, Seabees have helped this nation both in times of war and peace.

The fighting bee that served as the Seabees’ logo quickly gained popularity as a tattoo design after it was adopted in 1942. The logo has yet to be changed since it was designed by Frank J. Lafrate, a civilian file clerk at the Naval Air Station in Quonset Point, Rhode Island. Lafrate served as a Chief Carpenter’s Mate for the Seabees beginning in 1942.

1. Round Fightin Seabees Tattoo

Fighting bees were used as the Seabees’ logo and are now a standard tattoo design. This circular tattoo on the forearm is a great way to draw attention. Women can also get this tattoo on their forearms, not just men. This is the most excellent choice if you desire a fashionable tattoo that may go with your casual or party style. Additionally, having a distinctive appearance made with black ink helps you stand out from the crowd.

Image: @tattoosbypineapple

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2. Year Fightin Seabees Tattoo

In 1942, during World War 2, the Seabees’ emblem became well-known for embodying their spirit of resistance. Today, however, it is also highly well-liked as a part of the trend with various tattoo colors. Not just a fashion but also depicts a tribute to those figures who were Martyr of World War 2 in the ships. It shows fighting spirit, honesty, love for their country, and bravery.

Image: @chromacollective

3. Painting Fightin Seabees Tattoo

The Painting Fightin Seabees Tattoo is a unique kind of tattoo with a pallet of colors & a painting brush. This stunning tattoo represents the passion of an artist for their painting. The fact that painters working for Walt Disney produced more than a thousand military insignia during World War II is an appealing side effect. These images were applied to bombers as nose art and as unit logos.

This enormous tattoo looks excellent and realistic on any part of your body. When going out for night fun, to the beach, to dance, to the gym, or just about anywhere, look beautiful with this huge temporary tattoo. Our temporary tattoos seem incredibly authentic, unlike others!

Image: @mikevu_tattoo

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4. Golden And Black Fightin Seabees Tattoo

The Golden and Black Fightin Seabees Tattoo is the only choice if you want a tattoo that captures your fighting spirit. The body part named the biceps is where this tattoo is explicitly created. For this tattoo to be placed on the biceps, you must experience less pain from the surrounding muscles. Additionally, wearing a navy merchant emblem may express your admiration for divers, deep-sea divers, and merchant mariners.

Image: @budwizzo

5. See Blue Fightin Seabees Tattoo

Due to its light, lovely colors, this tattoo is quite gorgeous. It has a light blue, yellow, black, brown, and red color scheme. Additionally, a hammer, a drilling machine, and other instruments are included in this tattoo of a Seabee. All of these represent navy mechanics’ effort and commitment to their jobs.

You may display your passion for the Navy with this tattoo. Additionally, this tattoo looks fantastic when paired with vivid summer t-shirts. Further, there are no restrictions on who may get this tattoo; both men and women can get it on their forearms or biceps line.

Image: @travis_white_tattoos

6. Outline Fightin Seabees Tattoo

Seabees serve both inside and outside of the NCF. They served as plank holders for the Naval Combat Demolition Units and the Underwater Demolition Teams during World War II. This Outline Fightin Seabees Tattoo can be placed on your upper arm, close to the biceps.

If you love the water navy or the military, you will adore this tattoo. Additionally, it depicts the background of World War 2. On your forearm, its shaded design in black looks impressive. Another benefit of getting a tattoo in black is that it won’t fade as quickly and will last for a more extended period of time.

Image: @greensoapandham

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7. We Build We Fight Fightin Seabees Tattoo

One of the best fighting tattoos is the We Build We Fight Fightin Seabees tattoo. Your love and support for the Navy merchants symbolize this tattoo. Additionally, you can use this tattoo to pay respect to a loved one who died during World War 2. Even more, to express your affection, you can include the date and your relationship to that individual in this tattoo.

The tattoo is quite vast when it comes to appearance and aesthetics. You need only sketch this on our calf. The Seabee is displayed clutching drilling equipment while smoking. And it looks stunning because of its lovely light color.

Image: @jasonjeggert

8. Yellow Eye Fightin Seabees Tattoo

In order to assist the Navy in establishing a research facility on the continent, the Seabees made their first mission to Antarctica in 1946. The Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, which has the recognizable South Pole dome, was constructed by Seabees, who continued to deploy to the challenging, freezing climate.

The fact that artists working for Walt Disney developed over a thousand military insignia during World War II is an intriguing side note. This design was applied to bombers as nose art and as unit logos. The forearm tattoo is made more stunning by the yellow color with the blue arm.

Image: @sleepytatz

9. Angry Fightin Seabees Tattoo

This angry Fightin Seabees tattoo is impressive and realistic. Its color combination of blue, grey, black, and yellow is magnificent and looks great on the body. If you are a lover of colorful tattoos or looking to draw something colorful on your body, you can go with this tattoo. Also, if you are a person of angry nature, you would like to draw this tattoo on your body to show your waves of anger.

Image: @jconnollytpa

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10. Alphabet Fightin Seabees Tattoo

The authentic U.S. military logo with an alphabetical depiction of Seabees makes this tattoo the greatest of the other Seabee tattoos. Seabee tattoos also can be identified by their distinctive looks. Each Seabee has a distinctive patch or logo sewn into their left chest pocket.

The word “Seabees” and the official “Fighting Bee” logo for the unit are both embroidered on the patch. Even during World War II, the American military had little trouble hiring outside contractors to complete construction projects.

Image: @scotty_robotty

11. USN Fightin Seabees Tattoo

This tattoo was founded in 1942 under the branch U.S. Navy. It is a type of expeditionary force with the role of military engineering. Its nickname is Seabees. It is a naval construction battalion with the motto” we build, we fight.” Males would mostly like this tattoo on their bodies. This tattoo also symbolizes the encouragement to fight with your enemies.

Also, this tattoo shows the angry face of Seabees with a gun in its hand. The circle around the Seabee’s with yellow makes it eye-catching for all tattoo lovers. This black-shaded tattoo looks astonishing and stunning on the arm.

Image: @jaybawden

12. Outline Fightin Seabees Tattoo

This stunning Seabee tattoo is perfect for drawing on the arm with the motivational phrase, “We Fight, We Build.” You can get this tattoo on your body to motivate yourself, motivate others to fight against their enemies, and fight with the sorrows of their life.

This beautiful sleek design with a black-shaded tattoo looks fantastic on men’s bodies mostly. Even girls with high attitudes and fearless natures use this Seabee tattoo design to get on their bodies.

Image: @purplesticky

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13. Vehicle Fightin Seabees Tattoo

Every soldier has a unique and special relationship with the fighting vehicle, also known as the soldier tank, which helps them a lot on their battlefield. This is the main reason why soldiers primarily like this tattoo to draw on their bodies. The soldiers or individuals with a passion for being soldiers in their life will love to have this tattoo on their bodies.

Also, this vehicle fightin Seabees tattoo will motivate others to become a soldier and to do something great for their country. This magnificent tattoo looks great on the arm, and also the double-shaded color in this tattoo makes it perfect.

Image: @blackwerxtattoo

14. Knife Fightin Seabees Tattoo

In this tattoo, the skull holds the knife in his mouth with a cross bone sign representing the enemy of the danger zone where fighters or warriors are there with full energy and weapons to kill them. Green and light green ink combinations make the tattoo design look attractive and versatile.

The wearers ink this tattoo on the forearm where the needle of the ink is quite bearable. So if you can’t bear too much pain with a tattoo, then you can go for this masterpiece to ink on your body.

Image: @blackwerxtattoo

15. Arrow Fightin Seabees Tattoo

This navy fightin Seabees tattoo, the arrow, symbolizes the concepts of struggle and victory because of its function as a tool and a weapon. An arrow in a design stands for tension, conflict, or adversity. The forearm is an ideal place to ink this strong tattoo to show the whole world confidently.

In the above tattoo, you see the dark green, grey and black ink utilized to create this stunning piece of the tattoo design that looks not only amazing but elegant as well.

Image: @jessethomastattoo

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What Does Seabees Tattoo Symbolize?  

The Seabee can serve as the construction battalion’s official emblem, but it also serves as a source of pride and respect for all service members. In 1942, while employed as a file clerk at the Naval Air Station, Rhode Island, Frank J. Iafrate created the Seabee logo.

Are Seabees Tattoos Represent Toughness?

Since World War II, the Seabees, also known as “Dirt Sailors,” have participated in every major war and conflict. However, their tattoos are a representation of the toughness of men and women who are trained to protect the infrastructure they build in addition to building latrines and airports.

What does the USN Fightin Seabees Tattoo symbolize?

The U.S. Navy branch founded this tattoo in 1942. It is a specific kind of expeditionary force with a military engineering function. It is referred to as Seabees. The slogan of this naval construction brigade is “We build, we fight.” This tattoo would look best on the bodies of men.

This tattoo also represents the inspiration to engage in combat with your adversaries. This tattoo also features a Seabee with an angry face holding a rifle. All tattoo enthusiasts will find it eye-catching due to the yellow circle surrounding the Seabees. This tattoo with a black background looks amazing and beautiful on the arm.

What Does We Build We Fight Fightin Seabees Tattoo Mean To You?

The We Build We Fight Fightin Seabees tattoo is one of the best tattoos for battling. This tattoo represents your love and support for the merchant marine. You can also use this tattoo to remember a beloved one who perished in World War 2.

Additionally, you can include the date and your relationship to that person in this tattoo to show your love for them. When it comes to looks and aesthetics, tattoos are reasonably diverse. You only need to draw this on our calf. The Seabee is depicted smoking and holding drilling equipment. And the nice light color makes it appear stunning.

What Does The Year Fightin Seabees Tattoo Mean?

The Seabees’ insignia rose to fame in 1942 during World War 2 to represent their resistance spirit. However, it is now also quite popular as a part of the trend with different tattoo colors. It is a style statement and pays homage to the soldiers who died in ships during World War 2. It demonstrates boldness, honesty, and a spirit of resistance.

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