45 Father Daughter Tattoo Ideas That Will Make You Fall In Love With Them

Wearing tattoos as an added accessory has become a thing of this new age. But most people still do it for the love of it. 

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Father-daughter tattoos are sacred in a form as there is no love form as pure as this. The bond between a father and a daughter is that of purity. 

45 Father Daughter Tattoo Ideas That Will Make You Fall In Love With Them

It is a known fact that the daughter is closer to her father and vice versa in the case of the son and mother relationship. Of course, this fact can be untrue in some situations but is likely to be so in most cases. 

Well, daughters are special for fathers, and daughters see their father’s qualities as the ones she wants in their man. 

Although, all people are not lucky enough to have this special relationship in their life. 

Yet you are lucky enough that this relationship exists in your life, then embrace it while you can because there is nothing close that you will ever experience in life. 

However, if the reason behind getting inked is love, then let that love spread with the proper choice for the tattoo. Look below to find out which will suit your body and personality the most.

This article will look at matching father-daughter tattoos and father-daughter bond tattoos.

1. Ghosts Father Daughter Tattoo

Tattoos can also be fun. Ghosts are a great idea if you want something small. You can have it inked on you and your dad in a different color so that they match as a pair. Friends also do these ghost tattoos. So getting these can mean you have a fun relationship with your dad.

Credit: tattoosbyfrankiev

2. Sun And Moon Father Daughter Tattoo

The Sun and the Moon are a pair in how we speak of them. They are that universal truth that shows that we cannot separate them no matter what we do. So get these as a pair with unique designs. The sun and moon represent the merging of opposites, so if you and your dad have opposite natures, go for this tattoo!

Credit: rany_boskie

3. I Am Your Father’s Tattoo Father Daughter Tattoo

It is a simple tattoo that a daughter and father duo can get, which signifies your relationship.

Credit: junjun_tattoos

4. Star Wars Matching Father Daughter Tattoos 

Are both of you a fan of star wars? Then tell your tattoo artist to make a tattoo with your favorite characters.

Credit: erinodea

5. Leaves Father Daughter Tattoos

Complementing leaf tattoos represent happiness.

Credit: elistuder

6. Matching elephants Father Daughter Tattoo Ideas

Elephants are a symbol of strength, divinity, and Good luck.

Credit: m9tattoo

7. Lifeline Father Daughter Tattoo Ideas

Lifeline itself is the existence of life.

Credit: lettersbymarc

8. Celtic Knot Father Daughter Tattoos

The Celtic knot is the symbol of an eternal bond between two people. To show off that lasting bond, you can get this one. The Celtic knot is also a symbol of the unbreakable bond between humans and nature.

Credit: samjtattoos

9. Matching Butterflies Father Daughter Tattoos

Try a pair of simple butterflies with intricate design or intriguing detailing—a great example of father and daughter matching tattoos. 

Credit: serpentinamarie

10. Holding Hands Father Daughter Tattoos

The father and daughter holding hands are excellent for father-daughter bond tattoos.

Credit: x.mndyy

11. Geese Father Daughter Tattoo

You can go for this father-daughter geese tattoo. Geese symbolize parenthood, community and movement. Are you looking for a father-daughter symbol tattoo fan? Go for this one!

Credit: anicolai7

12. Black Ink Arrow Father Daughter Tattoo

The black arrows look fabulous as a pair that compliments each other. The arrows symbolize struggle and triumph. Yet, these can represent your triumph overall relationship struggles.

Credit: _ashley.miles_

13. Matching scissors Father Daughter Tattoo

The matching scissors Excellent idea for a unique tattoo.

Credit: rensu_tattoo

14. Take My Hand Father Daughter Tattoos

This tattoo is a classic duo tattoo in which a small girl is holding her father’s hand. The tattoo signifies that the father is the guiding light in his daughter’s life.

Credit: crybabyjp13

15. Thumbprints Father Daughter Tattoos

The thumbprints can be as many unique and different tattoos. Like for instance, thumbprints can become a heart or a bird. Any of your favorite things. One great idea is to divide a heart shape into two thumbprints.

Credit: dermasolutions

16. Harley Father Daughter Tattoo Design

Show off your love for bikes with this tattoo.

Credit: anjalenakaras

17. Antlers Father Daughter Tattoo Design

The deer antlers are a symbol of love, regrowth and humility. Makes a good complementing animal tattoo.

Credit: thick_as_thieves13

18. DNA Father And Daughter Tattoos

Use DNA double helix tattoo to mark pride in where they came from in this world. An epic tattoo idea.

Credit: tattoosby_hen

19. Yogi Cartoon Father And Daughter Tattoos

Your love for this character can take shape on both your arms.

Credit: janman_tattoos

20. Matching Bees Father And Daughter Tattoos

The generation quotation for bees is loyalty. 

Getting one smaller than the other makes great complementary tattoos.

Credit: bee_stings_tattoos

21. Anchors Father And Daughter Tattoos

The anchor tattoos stand for peace, strong determination and passion. Get it with an infinity sign.

Credit: lena_stechapfel

22. Koi Fish Father Daughter Tattoos

Koi fish stands for perseverance and symbolizes the struggles one has to overcome in life. 

Credit: grimmboytattoo

23. You Are My Sunshine Father Daughter Tattoos

Use these words with a symbol.

Credit: brynneadair

24. Mountain Father And Daughter Tattoo

Mountains are a symbol of sturdiness and longevity.

Credit: denizs7

25. Fingerprint Father And Daughter Tattoos

You can use fingerprints in the shape of hearts.

Credit: weir.d_ink

26. Yin and Yang Father And Daughter Tattoos

The sign of Yin and Yang is to represents the unity of opposites. 

Credit: bondgirl_0915

27. Hunting Father Daughter Tattoos

If you guys love outdoor things like hiking and camping, go for this one. 

Credit: davidhodgesart

28. Lion Heads Father Daughter Tattoos

Lions’ heads can be as the father as lion and cub as the daughter.


29. Colorful Arrows Father Daughter Tattoos

Use a color scheme that matches a pair.


30. Later, Alligator Father Daughter Tattoos

You can have these words or some other excellent words written in the shape of an alligator. Good as a cool tattoo idea.

Credit: aosisanyatattoo

31. Geometric Flora Father Daughter Tattoos

Geometric tattoos are about symmetry and balance. Try it with flowers for an authentic look.

Credit: lebruitdelencre

32. Camera Tattoos Father Daughter Tattoos

Are cameras your thing? Or do you share a hobby?

Then, get these tattoos as a duo.

Credit: heatherbelletattoos

33. Dotted Hearts Father Daughter Tattoos

You can try any two uniques symbols in these dot forms. Looks cute on the little girl’s hand.

Credit: emmyandherboys

34. Hakuna Matata Father Daughter Tattoos

This phrase translates to no “worries.” It might be the perfect one for you and your little girl.

Credit: emilyxwolf_

35. Outline Father Daughter Tattoo Ideas

These are just outline sketch that forms some shape.

Credit: anberlyntattoo

36. Paw Father Daughter Tattoos

For someone who loves dogs, get this tattoo.

Credit: piotr.balcerak.tattoo

37. Name Initials Father Daughter Tattoos

Credit: tattooavo

38. Doe Father Daughter Tattoo Ideas

Doe is for peace.

Credit: jaymilee_a_t

39. Sailing Father Daughter Tattoo Ideas

Try this tattoo if you like to explore the ocean together or have great memories sailing.

Credit: enclavetattoo_

40. Fighter Father Daughter Tattoos

It can be a sign of overcoming a life-threatening situation in life. 

Credit: craftymummatrucker

41. Blue Rose Father Daughter Tattoos

Blue rose is for fantasy and imagination.

Credit: nowaeplacasos

42. Wave Father Daughter Tattoo Ideas

Wave tattoos symbolize one of the most potent forces of nature.

Credit: kelseyrosewallace

43. Star Trek Father Daughter Tattoos

If you are interested in Sci-fi tattoos, this may be the ideal choice.

Credit: rackruin

44. Skull Father Daughter Tattoos

A sign of extreme taste.

Credit: michaelcass91

45. Date Tattoos

The matching arm placement tattoo looks great.

Credit: nebraska_jellybeans


What are father-daughter tattoos?

Father Daughters share a special bond that is different for all. If you have a fun relation with each other, then you can go for a tattoo together. A tattoo can mean differently for everyone. 

If you have a deep relationship with your father, you can get a tattoo with a hidden meaning. 

Father-daughter tattoos are getting tattoos in twos that match as a pair and relate to each other when viewed.

What does the father-daughter Celtic knot mean?

A Celtic symbol uses a knot to symbolize no beginning and end. The knot has no specified beginning or end, showing a never-ending bond. Two loops are in the tattoo, intermingled as a whole part of the tattoo. 

The knots symbolize that the father and daughter cannot be separated. The tattoo is an inspiration from the story of Brigid, who sat in close range with her dying father. 

What is a father-daughter symbol?

The symbol in the father and daughter tattoo is the Celtic knot symbol. It is the symbol of the unbreakable bond. 

The other meaning of the symbol tattoo can be for the power of 3.

Do father-daughter tattoos have to be in the same spot?

No, a good father-daughter tattoo doesn’t have to be in the same spot. You both can get the same tattoo but their placement can vary.

What tattoos symbolize family?

A very traditional design of a family symbol is the coat of arms. These designs typically include a motto, crests and symbolic animals such as the lion or unicorn.

Alternatively, you can also choose a family tree which is individual to you and your family.

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