86 Enchanting Fairy Tattoo Designs with Meanings!

Bewitched! Fairies bring forth enchantment, wonder, dreams, and even nightmares. Evidence from folklore, the Grimm Brothers, and even Disney demonstrate that fairy tales have been around forever, have evolved through time, and will continue to do so forever.

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Tattoo enthusiasts often choose fairy designs because they embody the qualities of enchantment, independence, and unfettered expression that people want. They are unique emblems of amazement represented in various styles and subjects and may be bright, careful, wacky, or cool.

To help you create the ideal fairy tattoo, we’ve compiled a list of 86 different fairy tattoo designs.

1. Little Book Fairy Tattoo

Credit: uprooted_ink

This cute little black outline fairy tattoo with the fairy sitting on a pile of books in a thoughtful pose looks very appealing.

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2. Flower Fairy Tattoo

Credit: nevilleandco

This flower fairy tattoo design depicts a fairy with Hydrangeas inked in fine lines, indicating that the wearer enjoys flowers. 

3. Fairy Lady Tattoo

Credit: allymactattoos

This short black fairy with outlines is for everyone who appreciates intricate design

4. Magic Wand Fairy Tattoo

Credit: ashleyxxkarma

Fairies were frequently associated with enchanted fairy dust. This silhouette fairy tattoo design features colorful fairy dust and fairy wings.

5. Jewel Box Of a Fairy Tattoo

Credit: jessileetattooing

This ultra-colorful fairy tattoo design on the side of the upper thigh is incredibly alluring.

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6. Dainty Fairy Tattoo

Credit: toothfairytats

This black outline fairy tattoo design in an elongated silhouette with stardust is beautiful, to say the least.

7. Fairy On The Mushroom Tattoo

Credit: kvn.mjr

The picture shows a very intricate fairy tattoo design with elements of nature inked along with a gothic-style fairy.

8. Trumpeting Fairy Tattoo

Credit: mayagoo.tattoo

This super cute trumpeting fairy tattoo inked on the upper arm is colorful and stunning.

9. Bat Fairy Tattoo

Credit: hayleyploos

A dark fairy tattoo design honors the fact that not all fairies are friendly; some might be downright problematic.

10. Fairy Cow Tattoo

Credit: amyorchard_tattoos

This fairy cow tattoo looks super sweet and shows that the wearer has a pet cow they adore.

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11. Rose Fairy Tattoo

Credit: beckydonnellytattoo

Flower motifs are common in fairy tattoos because they represent femininity and rebirth, with the rose being the most common symbol of love and beauty.

12. Fairy and the Wolf Tattoo

Credit: washed.ashore.ink

This colorful fairy tattoo features a fairy with a wolf and covers the entire upper arm of the wearer.

13. Dotted Fairy Tattoo

Credit: zaunnpoke

When you get a tattoo of a sad fairy, it represents the hardships you’ve faced in your life. 

14. ToadFlax Fairy Tattoo

Credit: pure_foolery

This black-outline toadflax fairy tattoo is just outstanding, and if you want some weird factor inked, you can get this toadflax tattoo.

15. Tooth Fairy Tattoo

Credit: tattoodlidani

This dotwork and black outline fairy tattoo show that the wearer feels nostalgic about his childhood. 

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16. Gay Fairy Tattoo

Credit: heartpotiontattoo

This gay fairy tattoo inked on the upper arm features two fairies in a loving pose, and it shows the sexual inclination of the wearer.

17. Strawberry Fairy Tattoo

Credit: frog.pokes

This is a hand-poke tattoo, meaning it was done by hand rather than by machines.

18. Tummy Fairy Tattoo

Credit: j_pistola1981

This gothic-style tattoo on the belly is an excellent alternative to the typical “cute” style. They look fantastic and will catch the eye.

19. Skeleton Fairy Tattoo

Credit: taro_urielatattoo

Skeleton tattoos are for horror fans, those with a darker sense of humor, and those who find beauty in death and the afterlife. 

20. Fairy Flash On Tattoo

Credit: bwood_tattoo

Use this fairy flash tattoo to assert your authority wherever you go. You’ll project the image of a strong, smart woman who can adjust to any situation.

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21. Fairy Sitting On a Planet Tattoo

Credit: ciel_tattoos

This beautiful fairy tattoo design features the fairy sitting on a planet. It exudes an air of mysticism and shows the power of feminine energy.

22. Hot Fairy With a Red Wine Tattoo

Credit: chelsdorntattoo

This sensual fairy is wearing thigh-high heels in a seductive pose with a wine glass in her hands, which is definitely going to fetch the wearer a lot of compliments.

23. Fairy Breaking Out of a Cocoon Tattoo

Credit: ebony_1nk

Another fascinating tattoo design shows the transformation. 

24. Stylish Fairy Tattoo

Credit: mattynoir

This fashionista fairy tattoo inked on the back of the upper arm looks very cool and trendy.

25. Frog Fairy Tattoo

Credit: pepillo.tattoos

A frog with wings sitting on a mushroom is the design of this tattoo, which is inked on the lower leg.

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26. Fairy and the bug Tattoo

Credit: shots_by_rio

This colorful tattoo is cute and beautiful, and it seems like the wearer is paying respects to their grandfather.

27. Purplish Fairy Tattoo

Credit: riinagrinrose

The colors in this tattoo look ethereal and so beautiful. 

28. Goth Fairy Tattoo

Credit: _m_a_r_o_a_

Gothic fairy tattoos are thought to protect you from evil, especially if they have a “bad” fairy in them. 

29. Crying Fairy Tattoo

Credit: haiziegrey

This crying fairy tattoo features a sad fairy and denotes that the wearer is going through trying times.

30. Cuddling Fairy Tattoo

Credit: skvart409

The moon represents feminine energy and features two fairies cuddling, indicating that the wearer intensely loves their mother. 

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31. Glitter Rat  Fairy Tattoo

Credit: ravenmockertattoo

This beautiful glitter rat fairy tattoo features a rat with fairy wings holding a magic wand and is an unusual tattoo idea. 

32. Fairy in the Moon Tattoo

Credit: fira.tattoo

As the moon represents the mysterious and powerful feminine, designs featuring a fairy perched on a crescent moon have become more common. 

33. Bunny Warrior Fairy Tattoo

Credit: exquisite_decay

This picture is of an ultra-cute bunny warrior with fairy wings inked on the back of the wearer.

34. Trio Fairy Tattoo

Credit: dark_ritual_tattoo

How about some happy-go-lucky fairies? If you like creative, vintage stuff, you’ll fit right in with this unusual bunch.

35. Fairy Puppies Tattoo

Credit: cult.party

Want to show how much you love your pups? You can’t go wrong with getting these cute pups with fairy wings inked on your arm. 

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36. Fairy Fox Tattoo

Credit: amberloutattoo

Foxes are known to provide guidance, as are fairies. So why not create this unusual tattoo by combining the two?

37. Lettering Fairy Tattoo

Credit: alinaabrek

This black fairy tattoo with the phrase “carpe diem,” which means “seize the day,” will look great on both men and women. 

38. Fairy Cow Tattoo

Credit: deerbatstats

The tattoo of a baby fairy cow depicted in the image looks incredible and adorable. 

39. Fairy On The Raven Tattoo

Credit: bones.land.tattoo

This picture shows a tattoo inked on the upper back and features a little fairy riding a raven.

40. Gorgeous Fairy Tattoo

Credit: sezzy_tattoo

This black and gray tattoo is of a gorgeous fairy dressed in stylish attire and high boots. It is inked on the forearm.

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41. Fairy Lamb Tattoo

Credit: laceydawn.tattoo

You can get this beautiful and cute fairy lamb with elaborate fairy wings inked on the skin.

42. Fairy Pig Tattoo

Credit: erithrenn

This sweet little fairy pig with colorful wings inked above the knee is sure to draw attention.  

43. Fairy and Hibiscus Tattoo

Credit: kowaii.arts

This fairy silhouette tattoo shows that the wearer is at peace with the natural world and feels at ease.

44. Fairy Dancing With Flower Tattoo

Credit: ellenn.ink

This picture features a black-outline tattoo of a fairy dancing with a flower, and you can get it if you are fond of minimalist tattoos.

45. Dinosaur Fairy Tattoo

Credit: mdmadziaba

A super cute, colorful tattoo of a dinosaur with fairy wings.

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46. Saddest Fairy Tattoo

Credit: sooa_ink

This sad fairy tattoo shows that the wearer is going through bad times.

47. Fine Line Fairy Tattoo

Credit: sinha_tattooz

This fine-line fairy tattoo inked on the breast looks seductive and artistic simultaneously. 

48. Cartoony Fairy Tattoo

Credit: 2tattooshop

A tiny fairy tattoo is an adorable way to express your enthusiasm for mischief. 

49. Japanese Fairy Tattoo

Credit: alexandracornish

This tattoo features a geisha with fairy wings, and the colors have turned out brilliantly.

50. Fairy of the Wall Tattoo

Credit: flying_tattoo

The illustration depicts a fairy with large wings tattooed beneath the ear.

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51. Enchanting Fairy Tattoo

Credit: moortattoos

The above picture shows a large tattoo of a fairy with purple wings inked on the forearm.

52. Fairy with Stars Tattoo

Credit: mortissatattoo

This tattoo’s fairy dust and stars represent the power of mysticism in daily life.

53. Baby Fairy Tattoo

Credit: bloochip.ink

This cute baby fairy tattoo is colorful and genuinely fantastic.

54. White Highlighted Fairy Tattoo

Credit: _.kilgore

This mesmerizing fairy tattoo features tulips with a fairy inked just below the elbow.

55. Fairy and wings Tattoo

Credit: theartfulcodger

This large, colorful tattoo has a fairy and many elements of nature, showing that the wearer is a nature lover.

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56. Moth Fairy Tattoo

Credit: kinseytaschtattoo

This black and gray tattoo on the forearm features a moth sitting on a mushroom.

57. Cloud Head Fairy Tattoo

Credit: waken_tattoo_studio

You can get the tattoo in the picture if you want something unusual and far from routine. 

58. Messy Fairy Tattoo

Credit: tattoosfromjupiter

This messy fairy tattoo inked on the upper arm in fine and bold black lines is not the run-of-the-mill type but rather unusual.

59. Shaded Fairy Tattoo

Credit: t.u.s.h.a.r_552

This picture shows an adorable fairy with enormous wings, and the shaded look gives it a significant edge.

60. Reddish Fairy Tattoo

Credit: electric__anna

This tattoo’s excellent use of black and red colors makes the overall appearance eye-catching.

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61. Magnified Fairy Tattoo

Credit: julieann.tattoo

This large tattoo of a fairy sitting on a mushroom is a great design idea if you want a large tattoo.

62. Curly Hair Fairy Tattoo

Credit: chantayblue

This tattoo of a curly-haired fairy hugging herself shows that the wearer is trying to give a message to “love yourself in every situation.”

63. TinkerBell Fairy Tattoo

Credit: mracetattoos_

Disney’s Tinkerbell is one of their most impressive works. She wears a little green outfit and helps anyone she comes across.

64. Fine Line Fairy Tattoo

Credit: _signatureink

This fine-line black and gray tattoo of a small child holding tree branches is adorable. 

65. Hairy Legged Fairy Tattoo

Credit: conjeaniality

This ghost fairy tattoo shows a shy, hairy-legged fairy ghostie and is unusual.

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66. HoneySuckle Fairy Tattoo

Credit: pure_foolery

This honeysuckle fairy tattoo shows the wearer’s affinity for honeysuckle plants.

67. White Fairy Tattoo

Credit: 369.inkstudio

This tattoo of a white fairy on the upper arm is so beautiful that it makes your jaw drop. 

68. Matt Finish Fairy Tattoo

Credit: artistmaryjane

This is another cute, colorful tattoo of a small fairy sitting on a flower inked on the inner arm.

69. Vintage Fairy Tattoo

Credit: sadflower.tattoo

Ida Rentoul Outhwaite’s illustrations inspired this vintage fairy tattoo design.

70. Fairy Goddess Tattoo

Credit: byjodiecowler

This is a cool fairy-goddess tattoo inked on the upper arm with butterflies.

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71. Fairy Fail Tattoo

Credit: normasansvisage

This fairy tattoo in a bikini with a bandage on the upper thigh shows that the wearer is going through a very tough period. 

72. Frog Prince and Fairy Tattoo

Credit: queenofclouds__

This tattoo illustrates the famous fairy tale of a fairy and a frog prince.

73. Mermaid Fairy Tattoo

Credit: whistlertattoocompany

This elaborate tattoo features mermaids with all the sea elements inked on the upper thigh. 

74. Fairy In a Potion Tattoo

Credit: ka.ma.gi

This large tattoo features a fairy coming out of the potion bottle with her elbows placed on the rim of the bottle. 

75. Sleepy Fairy Tattoo

Credit: cejitasbyetta

This picture features a very colorful fairy in a sleepy pose, inked on the forearm with many plants inked on the skin.

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76. Fairy on The Bumble Bee Tattoo

Credit: cammiyutattoo

This is again a variation of the Tinkerbell tattoo, with the Disney fairy riding a bumble bee.

77. Frame Fairy Tattoo

Credit: paigetatts

This big tattoo on the wearer’s back highlights a frame with a fairy and many elements of nature.

78. Pinky Fairy Tattoo

Credit: davidragona_tattoo

You must get this tattoo if you want a small tattoo of a fairy in a tutu skirt and doing la belle.

79. Simplistic Fairy Tattoo

Credit: janroyle66

This is another simple sitting fairy tattoo design, although it is colorful.

80. Stippling Fairy Tattoo

Credit: mitchellweaslyink

This black and gray tattoo inked on the upper thigh features a fairy with large wings wearing an elaborate skirt. 

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81. Evil Fairy Tattoo

Credit: jasonbraun_tattoos06138

Evil fairy tattoos are a way for individuals to express themselves in public that they don’t often feel comfortable doing elsewhere.

82. Memorial Fairy Tattoo

Credit: carnivaltattooportsmouth

This is a beautiful memorial tattoo featuring a fairy on a dandelion with a butterfly inked on the forearm of the wearer. 

83. Celebrating Fairy Tattoo

Credit: lofty.tattoo

A person with a pixie tattoo may see themselves as a trickster. This tattoo gives off a naughty vibe.

84. Mushroom Head Fairy Tattoo

Credit: stranger_than_earth

This primarily green mushroom head fairy tattoo inked on the inner forearm is strange and queer.

85. Birth Flower Fairy Tattoo

Credit: anniemolton.tattoo

The tattoo artist came up with this fun design, showing his creativity. 

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86. Comedy and Tragedy Fairy Tattoo

Credit: chrishatchtattoo

This is a very eye-catching tattoo design with a fairy holding a sad and a happy mask in the hands and butterfly wings on the back. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Should You Get a Fairy Tattoo?

People and age groups will respond better to varied places. If you’re unsure about what to buy or pursue, you should think about the following concepts and choices: 

Chest: Anyone who wants something larger or more prominent might consider getting a tattoo on their chest. They are ideal for both men and women.

Forearm: Forearm tattoos are the best option for females who want smaller designs.

Thighs: Women who want bigger patterns and that stylish and prominent notion might consider getting thigh tattoos.

Can Men Get Fairy Tattoos?

Men may acquire fairy tattoos if they like and value their symbolism. You may devote a tattoo to any fairytale-themed film or animation that you consider your holy grail and enjoy viewing again.

What Size Should You Choose for Your Fairy Tattoo?

A smaller and less obvious design is the way to go if you want a fairy tattoo. Fairy patterns are already eye-catching, vivid, and colorful; you don’t want to draw too much attention to yourself by choosing an equally attention-grabbing and crazy print.

In the end, we hope that you will have no trouble identifying your next favorite tattoo idea or pattern. So please let us know which colorful, vibrant, loud, and unusual fairy is your favorite tattoo and which design you can’t wait to wear.