Eyebrow Tattoo- Costs, Benefits & Pain Level

Your brows are essential to your overall appearance. Your face just looks more attractive when its features are symmetrical, firm, and complete.

Eyebrows can occasionally be sparse and uneven for a variety of causes, including over-waxing, heredity, or medical conditions. Since the ’90s “thin eyebrow” trend is long-gone, many individuals are anxious to grow their brows back into attractive, full shapes.

But what if they simply won’t grow? Or maybe their form isn’t even that fantastic? One potential remedy is eyebrow tattooing, a type of permanent makeup. But is it costly?

Although costs vary from state to state, you can anticipate paying between $400 and $600 on average for eyebrow tattooing. If you go to a luxury cosmetic tattoo shop or reside in a big city, you may be required to spend extra.

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After your initial consultation, usually, 4–10 weeks later, many artists advise scheduling a touch-up appointment. This session may incur an extra cost; however, it is occasionally covered by the initial appointment cost. Make sure to ask the artist if you will be required to pay an additional charge when you walk in for the touch-up.

How Long Do Eyebrow Tattoos Last?

Eyebrows that have been tattooed can endure a lifetime. However, you can experience fading similar to what you would with any other tattoo. The rate at which your tattoo ages depends on a few different things.

On some skin types, tattoos first seem to fade more quickly. Retinol treatments and strong exfoliating face cleansers can also speed up this fading process.

Sun exposure causes permanent makeup to fade faster as well. So, to reduce fading, be careful to use sunscreen or stay out of the sun entirely.

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A few other prescription treatments, including thyroid medications, may also have a negative impact on fading. If you have any doubts about whether particular medications could have this impact, be sure to speak with your doctor.

Finally, because young people’s cells regenerate more quickly, cosmetic tattoos tend to fade more quickly on them. Additionally, lighter tattoos fade more rapidly than those done in darker hues.

Remember that you’ll probably have to touch up things. Your tattoo artist may examine the cosmetic tattoo and inform you whether it needs to be updated.

Why Should People Consider Getting An Eyebrow Tattoo?

Because permanent makeup is a procedure that may provide you with a number of advantages, there are many reasons why individuals choose to have it. Some reasons to consider having a cosmetic tattoo include:

Eyebrows That Appear Fuller, And Being Able To Enjoy Them

Their extremely thin and sparse brows may negatively impact the look and confidence of certain people. Many become anxious about their brows’ lack of density, frequently resulting in their wearing more cosmetics. You may get a natural look and eyebrows that look significantly fuller with an eyebrow tattoo, which substantially improves the form and looks of the face.

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The Eyebrows Can Be Given More Color And Depth

Some persons have light brows that you barely even notice their presence. The contour of one’s face as a whole, as well as how the eyes look, may be negatively impact by this. You can make your eyebrows stand out while still seeming natural by getting an eyebrow tattoo to add color and dimension.

You Can Also Save Money And Time

These days, there are many different types of eye makeup accessible, including eyebrow makeup. Many women spend a lot of money each year on eyebrow pencils, which they then have to bother applying every time they go out. You won’t have to worry about this if you have an eyebrow tattoo since your eyebrows will already be flawless.

A Natural Look

Many people who use eyebrow pencils or other forms of eyebrow makeup wind up with eyebrows that seem incredibly artificial and are clearly drawn on. An eyebrow tattoo will be perfect if you want a more natural look but still want attractive, shapely brows.

Ready To Go At All Times

You don’t need to worry about running out to put on eyebrow makeup before going out if you have an eyebrow tattoo. Because your eyebrows are permanent, you don’t need an eyebrow pencil or any other supplementary cosmetics because you have them at all times and are ready to use. You also don’t have to worry about them smearing or running in the weather as you could with eyebrow makeup.

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Other Benefits

For those who have alopecia areata, eyebrow tattoos may be an option. Alopecia Areata is a disorder that results in hair loss and can thin out eyelashes and eyebrows.

Regular swimmers can sometimes also be interested in acquiring permanent makeup as conventional makeup gets removed in pools.

What Should I Anticipate After The First Procedure?

After the initial operation, you can suffer peeling, pain, scabbing, irritation, or darker ink. Although these side effects are common and to be expected, if they continue for more than two weeks, you should seek medical attention right once.

The artist will evaluate the healing progress and grant you permission to use cosmetics or skincare to the tattooed area at a follow-up appointment. Applying regular cosmetic products too soon might cause fading and discomfort.

You can save money by adhering to the proper aftercare instructions and avoiding expenses for touch-ups or redos. If you find any infection around your tattoo, then you should immediately consult a specialist.

Do Eyebrow Tattoos Resemble Real Brows?

Depending on the situation, tattooed eyebrows may or may not seem natural. Several factors can influence whether they appear natural or not.

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When women use makeup frequently, they often feel as though their appearance is natural, whereas others who apply makeup infrequently could think they look strange. Therefore, the answer actually relies on the person and their tastes.

The naturalness of your new eyebrows may suffer if you select a shade that is too dark for your complexion and hair. Choosing an established, renowned artist is something else you should watch out for. The effects of seeing a beginner artist might not be as expected.

Overall, the aim of the artist should be to improve the form and color of your brows while also adding fullness and color. Your eyes and general appearance will be enhanced since they will appear more prominent than before.

How Terrible Are Eyebrow Tattoos?

Tattoos on the brows can be highly uncomfortable. You will probably feel more discomfort on the face since it has so many nerve endings.

The majority of people say that getting a tattoo on their face causes them about a 7 out of 10 in terms of discomfort. However, other individuals have a more significant pain threshold and claim it didn’t hurt. The answer mainly varies from person to person.

Your artist can also influence how much discomfort you experience. It might be more uncomfortable if an unskilled artist penetrates the skin too deeply.

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Keep hydrated, eat a meal before your session, and speak with your artist if you are in extreme discomfort. However, customers are frequently given a choice to use a numbing drug while the procedure is being done. This treatment makes the experience more pleasant and painless, but it may also make the skin feel “buttery,” making it challenging to work on.

An eyebrow tattoo is not only uncomfortable, but it also takes time to heal. Artists advise people to treat the region as if it were a wound. Your tattoo should not be plucked, touched, or exposed to moisture or makeup while it is healing. Find out from your expert what further maintenance you’ll need to take care of yourself after the procedure.

What Is The Difference Between Microblading And Eyebrows Tattoos?

Microblading is a type of permanent cosmetics in which ink is applied beneath the skin to create brows. Although it resembles eyebrow tattooing (it is a type of eyebrow tattooing), there are several significant differences between it and conventional eyebrow tattooing. Let’s make this clear:

Similar to other tattoos, an eyebrow tattoo is permanent. A tattoo gun will stab your skin between 50 and 3,000 times per minute. Because the tattoo ink is implanted well into the dermis, it will never fade.

The eyebrow tattoos won’t entirely disappear over time; they’ll only start to blur and fade. You will need to schedule numerous sessions to get them removed by a laser if you ever become sick of them.

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Permanent eyebrow tattoos could be a terrific choice for you if you are quite confident about how you want the eyebrows to be styled. You’ll have fewer touch-up sessions, which means you won’t have to pay as much for tattoo maintenance.

On the other hand, microblading could be something you want to think about. A semi-permanent procedure, microblading typically lasts between 6 months and two years. You’ll achieve results that stay longer if you properly take care of your brows afterward. You must avoid the sun (or apply sunscreen) and stay away from strong face creams, just as with a typical tattoo.

Unlike conventional eyebrow tattooing, microblading is a unique procedure. The top layer of the skin is cut with short, “hair-like” strokes using a small hand tool. Then, specialized pigment is applied, which fades differently from standard tattoo ink.

You will have the ability to alter the look of your eyebrows at touch-up sessions because microblading does ultimately fade. You might wish to adjust the form of your brows or make them look bigger or thinner as fashion trends shift. Moreover, you have this flexibility with microblading.

Price Variation

Microblading and eyebrow tattoo pricing are comparable in various regions of the nation. However, microblading might occasionally be more pricy. Prices ranging from $300 to $2,000 are possible.

When considering eyebrow tattoos or microblading, evaluating all of your alternatives is crucial. You should reconsider visiting a store if an artist is asking for unbelievably low prices. Make sure you choose a reputable artist because you will modify your face’s appearance.

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Generally speaking, the phrase “You get what you paid for” holds true when it comes to permanent makeup.

Variations In Pain

As was already said, standard eyebrow tattoos can be painful. Within a minute, the tattoo machine makes several skin penetrations. Furthermore, it penetrates the skin, making the discomfort worse.

Microblading, on the other hand, is not generally as painful, according to most individuals. Because microblading just penetrates the top layer of skin, fewer nerve cells are affected. The use of numbing lotion, which lessens the discomfort, is another common technique among microblading artists.

Most individuals claim that getting a conventional tattoo is like being continuously stung by a bee. However, a lot of female customers of microblading claim that the procedure feels more like eyebrow plucking.

If you choose to have permanent eyebrow tattoos, you can experience more significant discomfort than if you choose the other choice. Remember that each person is unique, so you might not suffer the same kinds of discomfort that someone else experienced.

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What should I do to prolong the life of my eyebrow tattoo?

Your tattoos can stay longer if you take good care of them by moisturizing them and using mild treatments. Your tattoo artist is the expert on this subject, so ask them which products are best for your particular skin type and which ones you should avoid using.

This is another reason why you should look for a top-notch tattoo artist who can assist you with aftercare advice. The majority of advised products are available at small stores, cosmetic shops, and even supermarket stores.

You can get fantastic results at a reasonable price with these items. The general rule is to avoid scent, exfoliants, and nasty chemicals like Retinol. In order to prevent irritation and infection, use clean, gentle hands while applying products like Vaseline and Aquaphor, which can also be useful.

What Are The Potential Risks That Are Involved With Eyebrow Tattoos?

If you get your eyebrows tattooed by a professional, there are very few hazards involved. However, there are always a few dangers to consider:

  • Pain during treatment
  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Ink allergy signs
  • Fading

A topical or oral medication is used to treat an infection that might have occurred and an allergic response that needs immediate medical treatment. The tattoo artist should monitor other hazards, like discomfort, scarring, and fading, if they last more than a week or two.

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