34 Unique EST or Established Tattoo Concepts to Showcase Significant Dates

Key Takeaways:

  • Tattooing significant dates serves as a lasting and tangible tribute to moments that hold deep personal significance.
  • By marking specific dates, these tattoos create a unique connection to time.
  • Ensure your established tattoo concept seamlessly integrates symbolism that represents the significance of the date.
  • Collaborate on the design, providing input on style, placement, and specific elements to ensure the final tattoo reflects your intentions accurately.

EST is an acronym for “established” it can also be used as a tattoo design. This is an acronym that businesses adore to indicate the year of their “birth” on their items. For instance, if a company was started in 1889, it might write “Est. 1889” on its label. Moreover, People can accomplish the same goals as those businesses with EST tattoos. But it refers to the year in which they were born.

You can be sure that someone is proud of who they are if you see them with one of these tattoos. The EST tattoo could be interpreted as a sign of arrogance, but in most situations, it merely indicates that the person believes they have something unique to contribute to society.

The EST tattoo is regarded by many as the pinnacle of self-pride tattoos. They may have achieved a lot in their life. They acquire the tattoo as a constant reminder to make the most of their time on earth. Most tattoos just reveal a sliver of information about their owners. Still, with EST tattoos, we can immediately see that the wearers have faith in their capacity to handle significant life tasks.

EST or established tattoos hold a special meaning for those who ink them on their skin. These tattoos symbolize significant milestones, personal growth, and achievements in one’s life journey. Whether it represents the founding year of a business, an established career, or a specific period of personal transformation, EST or established tattoos are a permanent reminder of progress and resilience.

They embody a sense of confidence and self-assurance. They showcase the wearer’s accomplishments and dedication to personal development. Each Est or established tattoo tells a unique story, symbolizing the wearer’s journey and commitment to embracing change and achieving success.

Looking to have an EST tattoo on your body? Here are the EST tattoos so you may permanently mark your birth year on your body!


Established tattoo concepts designed to showcase significant dates hold profound significance as wearable commemorations of pivotal moments in an individual’s life. These tattoos go beyond mere ink on the skin; they encapsulate personal history, emotions, and symbolic connections to events or people. By permanently etching these dates onto the canvas of the body, the wearer creates a lasting tribute, a chapter of their unique life story told through art. The integration of symbolic elements adds layers of meaning, forging a powerful link between the tattoo and the commemorated event.

Placement Options:

Choosing the correct placement for established tattoo concepts that showcase significant dates is a thoughtful process, combining personal preference and the desired level of visibility. The wrist, with its accessibility and visibility, offers a canvas for smaller, delicate designs, making it an ideal spot for dates that hold a special meaning. Forearms provide a larger space, allowing for more intricate designs or the inclusion of multiple dates. The classic choice of the shoulder or upper arm provides versatility, accommodating both discrete and bold designs.

1. Calligraphy Style Est Or Established Tattoo

A stunning calligraphy-style “Est” tattoo that exudes elegance and artistic flair. The tattoo showcases the word “Est” crafted in intricate and flowing calligraphic script. Each stroke is meticulously designed, emphasizing the grace and sophistication of the art form.

Furthermore, this tattoo represents the concept of “Est,” meaning “to be” or “is.” It also symbolizes existence, presence, and as well as the beauty of the present moment. It serves as a reminder to embrace the here and now, appreciating the fleeting nature of time. With its exquisite calligraphy style, this tattoo is also a testament to the fusion of artistry and meaningful expression, creating a captivating and thought-provoking masterpiece.

Image: @Gmetal_tattoos

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Before You Get Started:

Symbolic Elements:  Consider incorporating symbolic elements that enhance the meaning of the tattoo.

Personalization: Think about how to personalize the tattoo to make it uniquely yours.

Style and Aesthetics: Explore different tattoo styles and aesthetics to find the one that resonates with you.

Size and Detail: Determine the size and level of detail for the tattoo. Balance your desired level of detail with the chosen placement.

2. Face Est Or Established Tattoo

Face Est or Established tattoo proudly showcases a significant milestone or personal achievement on the wearer’s face. This unique tattoo design features the est or established year elegantly incorporated into facial features, such as the cheek. The placement of the face adds an extra layer of visibility and symbolism.

Furthermore, It expresses the wearer’s journey and success. With intricate linework and careful attention to detail, this tattoo becomes a striking focal point, commanding attention, and inspiring conversations. It is a powerful statement of self-assurance, resilience, and as well as the wearer’s unwavering commitment to their chosen path.

Image: @Robsalazartattoos 

3. Shoulder Back Est Or Established Tattoo

This tattoo commands attention with its bold and confident design. The tattoo features the word “Est” elegantly placed along the upper shoulder and extending onto the back. The lettering is expertly executed, with strong, clean lines accentuating the message.

Moreover, It symbolizes existence, presence, and the power of being in the present. This tattoo is a constant reminder to embrace the current moment and live fully. Its placement on the shoulder and back becomes a statement of personal strength and resilience.

Image: @Glocotattz 

4. Arm Est Or Established Tattoo

An impactful arm “Est” tattoo that demands attention with its bold placement and striking design. The tattoo displays the word “Est” in a captivating font, etched across the arm. The lettering is meticulously crafted, exuding strength and confidence.

It symbolizes existence, presence, and the essence of being. This tattoo serves as a constant reminder to embrace the power of the present moment. Its prominent location on the arm makes it a visible declaration of self-assurance and determination.

Image: @Blackamethysttattooco 

Personal Opinion:

The idea of permanently marking one’s body with dates that hold personal significance creates a tangible and lasting connection to one’s life journey. It’s like crafting a visual autobiography, where each date tells a story, captures a moment, or symbolizes a triumph.

5. Thigh  Est Or Established Tattoo

A bold and nostalgic thigh “Est 19XX” tattoo that combines vintage charm with a contemporary edge. The tattoo features the word “Est” followed by the numerical year 19XX, inked in a captivating font. This design pays homage to a specific era or birth year, adding a personal touch to the tattoo.

Furthermore, it symbolizes existence, legacy, and a connection to the past. This tattoo serves as a reminder of one’s roots and the journey that has brought them to the present. Its placement on the thigh becomes a discreet yet meaningful expression of individuality and personal history.

Image: @Tattsbytanner 

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Quick Guide to different Designs of established tattoo concepts

Numerical Elegance: Showcase significant dates in a minimalist and elegant numerical format.

Scripted Memories: Opt for a script font to inscribe the significant dates delicately. 

Intricate Mandala Dates: Create a mandala incorporating significant dates, blending intricate patterns with symbolic elements.

Geometric Timepiece: Design a geometric clock or timepiece with the hands pointing to a specific time or date.

6. Chicano Style Est Or Established Tattoo

A striking Chicano-style “Est” tattoo that emanates cultural pride and artistic flair. 

Furthermore, this design pays homage to the rich heritage and vibrant traditions of Chicano culture. It symbolizes existence, resilience, and the celebration of identity. This tattoo also serves as a powerful statement of self-expression and cultural pride. With its fusion of artistic elements and cultural symbolism, this Chicano-style “Est” tattoo is a testament to the beauty of diversity and the strength found in embracing one’s roots.

Image: @Carina_chris_ftw 

7. Wood Est Or Established Tattoo

Moreover, the tattoo showcases the word “Est” etched into the skin, resembling the texture and grain of a wooden surface. The lettering is carved, capturing the authenticity and warmth of natural woodwork. It symbolizes existence, growth, and connection to the earth.

This tattoo serves as a reminder of our roots and the ever-evolving journey of life. With its unique and earthy design, this wood “Est” tattoo pays homage to the beauty of nature and the enduring spirit of craftsmanship.

Image: @Carl_prust 

8. Green & Black Est Or Established Tattoo

A captivating Green & Black tattoo that blends vibrant hues and bold contrasts to create an eye-catching design. This tattoo features a combination of green and black ink woven to form a striking composition. The green pigment symbolizes growth, renewal, and nature, while the black adds depth and intensity.

Furthermore, the harmonious blend of these colors creates a captivating visual effect, drawing the viewer’s attention and adding an element of intrigue. With its skilled shading and meticulous detailing, this Green & Black tattoo becomes a mesmerizing piece of art, conveying a sense of vitality and power in its unique color palette.

Image: @Goodtimefergus 

Keep In Mind:

Personal Significance: Before finalizing any design, thoroughly reflect on the personal significance of the dates you plan to incorporate.

Placement Considerations: Think carefully about the placement of the tattoo on your body.

Consideration of Style: Explore different tattoo styles and choose one that aligns with your taste and the overall theme of the tattoo.

Balance of Detail:  Strive for a balanced level of detail in the design.

9. Firearm Dude Est Or Established Tattoo

A powerful and impactful firearm “Est” tattoo that demands attention with its bold design. The tattoo features the word “Est” incorporated within the intricate details of a firearm, meticulously etched with precision.

This design symbolizes strength, protection, and a sense of personal empowerment. It serves as a reminder of one’s ability to overcome challenges and protect what is important. With its placement, it becomes a visible expression of self-reliance and determination. This firearm “Est” tattoo embodies both the artistry of tattooing and a statement of personal strength.

Image: @Hannyatattoo 

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When selecting the style for your established tattoo concepts, prioritize a harmonious blend between the chosen artistic style and the personal narrative you aim to convey.

10. Power Night Session Est Or Established Tattoo

The tattoo showcases the phrase “Est” boldly displayed in a striking font, accompanied by imagery representing strength and nocturnal power. The design may incorporate elements like lightning bolts, stars, or a moon, evoking a sense of power and determination under cover of darkness.

It symbolizes endurance, perseverance, and the ability to thrive in challenging circumstances. This tattoo serves as a constant reminder of one’s inner strength.

Image: @Rn.Ink 

11. Super Fun Est Or Established Tattoo

A vibrant and playful “Super Fun Est” tattoo that radiates joy and a zest for life. The tattoo showcases the word “Est” in a whimsical and energetic font. An array of colorful and dynamic elements surrounds it. The design may include balloons, confetti, stars, or other symbols of celebration and lightheartedness.

It symbolizes a carefree spirit, positivity, and a love for adventure; this tattoo serves as a reminder to embrace life’s joyful moments and find delight in every day.

Image: @Missmelisfritz 

12. Gothic  Est Or Established Tattoo

A captivating Gothic “Est” tattoo that embraces the dark and mysterious aesthetics of the subculture. The tattoo showcases the word “Est” in an intricate and ornate Gothic font, crafted with sharp lines and intricate details.

Furthermore, surrounding the lettering, elements of Gothic architecture, such as arches, gargoyles, or roses, enhance the overall dark and enigmatic atmosphere. It symbolizes a fascination with the macabre, individuality, and a connection to the shadows. This tattoo serves as a reminder of the beauty found within darkness.

Image: @Rucaroots.Tattoo 

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13. Lips Est Or Established Tattoo

A seductive and alluring “Lips Est” tattoo that captivates with its sensuality and mystique. The tattoo features a pair of luscious lips styled to incorporate the word “Est” within their contours. The lips are rendered with intricate details, capturing their softness and allure.

It symbolizes also passion, expression, and as well as the power of words. This tattoo serves as a bold statement of confidence and sensuality. Its placement makes it an intimate expression of individuality, visible to those granted a glimpse.

Image: @Parasitic_tattoo  

14. Lettering Action Est Or Established Tattoo

Moreover, the tattoo showcases the phrase “Est” in stylized lettering reminiscent of action-packed comic book graphics. The letters are also meticulously crafted with sharp lines and energetic strokes, exuding a sense of movement and power.

It also symbolizes determination, passion, and the drive to take action. This tattoo serves as a constant reminder to embrace a proactive mindset.

Image: @Haileyamethyst 

Fun Fact:

Did you know that getting an established tattoo concept is like creating your personal time capsule? Well, here it is, forever inked and ready for a stroll down memory lane!”

15. Hand Est Or Established Tattoo

This tattoo design displays a significant year or milestone on the wearer’s hand. This unique design also features the EST or established year elegantly incorporated into the palm or back of the hand. The  placement of the hand adds a touch of visibility and as well as symbolism.

Furthermore, It is a powerful statement of personal achievement and growth. With precise linework and careful attention to detail, this tattoo becomes a striking focal point, commanding attention and sparking conversations. It is a reminder of the wearer’s journey, resilience, and determination to establish themselves in their chosen path.

Image: @Tattoosdekolores 

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