25 Epic Homie Tattoo Design Ideas

People have connected gangsters with tattoos for many years. Although some people link tattoos with gangs, criminal rituals, and the like, most assumptions about tattooed persons are stereotypes. Many of them employed outline tattoos to communicate their unique thoughts.

The Homie tattoos were said to represent the world as members of a particular group. As these areas are easily visible, these tattoos were typically intended for the hands, arms, wrist, or chest. Many offenders get tattoos on various body regions, while others focus on particular areas according to their tastes and desires.

1. Cheers Epic Homie Tattoo 

To memorize those cheer moments that you spent with your bad friends that you never forget in your life, ink the cheers epic homie tattoo on your body. Sometimes spending time with your friends makes a home in your memories because those moments you can never forget as you enjoy the most with your friends.

Image: @tattoo_beez

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2. Squad Epic Homie Tattoo 

The above tattoo is an image of Horus’ eye tattoo. In Egyptian religion, Horus is a falcon-like deity whose right eye represents the sun or the morning star and whose left eye represents the moon or the evening star.

The Horus eye, which is inked on this body, stands for repair, health, and protection. This tattoo will look good with fine attire. Friends, brothers, and sisters can wear this squad tattoo to protect good health and restoration.

Image: @n_gambino

3. Only Ink Last Forever Epic Homie Tattoo 

This tattoo has a very deep meaning. ‘Only ink lasts forever’ tattoo means that in this world, there is nothing that can last forever or for a lifetime, whether we look at worldly material things or human relationships. Only tattoo ink lasts forever. It also represents the wearer’s love for the tattoo ink. If you like this kind of tattoo, then go for it!

Image: @pweemorales

4. Four Brothers Epic Homie Tattoo 

The honesty of matching brother tattoos clearly expresses a heartfelt connection. These unique impressions show a strong relationship between siblings that is unbreakable by anyone. The popularity of brother tattoos is increasing, and there are many reasons for this.

Each person has a specific bond with their brother. Thus, they must create a special tattoo design to symbolize this bond. Try this amazing four brothers epic homie tattoo to convey your strong bond with them.

Image: @pweemorales

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5. Home Boys Epic Homie Tattoo 

If you are one of the home boys, ink this exceptional home boys epic homie tattoo on your body. This tattoo represents the significant relationship of boys with their homes. Who always prefer to stay at home to enjoy instead of going outside for enjoyment.  

Image: @ricksmitty615

6. Lion Epic Homie Tattoo 

The lion rules the jungle and is the most popular animal for tattoos. As you can see, the lion, which leads over all other animals, is wearing a crown on his head. The crown stands for authority, power, and dominance, while the lion represents bravery and courage.

You may have noticed that the triangular eye at the bottom of the tattoo design has special significance. It stands for God and his capacity to keep an eye on us. It is a striking decision that is also loaded with symbolism.

Image: @homie_s15

7. Love Epic Homie Tattoo 

The tattoo “Love Epic Homie” stands for closeness, affection, obsession, and connection. Love tattoos represent the inner feelings of the wearers towards their loved ones or close ones. Additionally, it is a tiny tattoo, which makes it a highly appealing choice for those who do not want to heavily cover their skin with ink. The tattoo perfectly shows how much a husband and wife love each other at home.

Image: @anarchy.tattoo.studio

8. Dynamic Epic Homie Tattoo 

A dynamic infinity tattoo is a powerful tattoo, which stands for eternity. It may also represent the entangled infinity lines of various lives. For example, it might symbolize how you and the person you love will be together forever.

The infinity symbol, which looks like an eight-turned on its side, symbolizes an endless cycle. In tattoos, this might represent an eternal or infinite capacity for love toward your home or a close one.

Image: @diotattooer

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9. Killer Epic Homie Tattoo 

In the above tattoo design, the most thrilling scene is represented by the help of tattoo art that looks so filmy and interesting. On the upper side of the arm, there is a back of the killer that, in ink with black color, makes the appearance of the killer bold. On the lower side of the tattoo design, the killer is holding a gun in his hand and targets to shoot another person.

Image: @siron_tattoo

10. Epic Homie Tattoo 

The above tattoo represents the ski mask face and the tearful eye that expresses the powerful personality of the wearer. Some individuals use it as a practical piece of outerwear when they’re blowing up powder and getting some sick air while soaring down a mountaintop.

Others associate the ski mask with bank robbers hiding their identities. Your capacity to enjoy black humor and not take things too literally holds the key to the solution. Yes, wearing a ski mask may imply a commitment to a life of crime. However, it can also imply that you’re the type of man who wants to lose the law a little.

Image: @art_gerecht__artist_sven

11. Realistic Epic Homie Tattoo 

This epic homie tattoo really gives a realistic appearance that looks impressive and elegant on the wearer’s body. Black ink makes this tattoo a bold and attractive piece of tattoo art. The lower leg area is perfect for designing this kind of tattoo. As artists can perfectly art in this area so that the end results will give you satisfaction.

Image: @diogotatuagemnl

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12. Disney Epic Homie Tattoo 

In the above tattoo, you can see two faces of Disney cartoon characters mickey mouse, and another one is Donald duck. Two men holding a gun in their hands and wearing face masks of cartoon characters look like they are gangsters who wear the mask so that no one can see their faces as most gangsters do.

Image: @brvc3t

13. Healed Epic Homie Tattoo 

Are you looking for a minimal couple tattoo that holds significant and deep meaning towards each other? Then check out this healed epic homie tattoo that is an ideal piece of love tattoo that you and your loved one or life partner both can wear on your body. The forearm is the best place to show your love confidently to the whole world about your connection.

Image: @dhyegogangster

14. Black and Grey Epic Homie Tattoo

The black and grey ink makes this gangster tattoo more powerful. It looks outstanding on the wearer’s forearm. The most thrilling and action scene is represented by a gangster wearing a mask to hide his identity from the public and the police.

The money shows that the gangster is looting money from the bank. One man holds a gun in his hands and shoots others. One cracked glass shows that he shot, and one bullet hit the glass.

Image: @julien_dessingrafftattoo

15. Epic Homie Tattoo 

In the tattoo, there is a face wearing a gangster ski mask that shows their teeth with a broad smile. Some people may find this design to be a little contentious, but those with a somewhat more refined sense of humor will find it to be completely reasonable. A ski mask tattoo is a fun way to show people that you not only appreciate humor but also live life with a daring spirit of adventure.

Image: @modification.tattoo

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16. Leg Epic Homie Tattoo 

The above tattoo also represents the personality of the gangster. The crime scene & the news about a gangster in the newspaper show that the killer is not afraid of anything in life. So if you want to display your fearless personality, who is not afraid of society’s police and doesn’t follow the rules of the law, then you can go for this beautiful and robust tattoo design.

Image: @tattoo_marty_company_ink

17. Illusion Epic Homie Tattoo 

People always wonder about tattoos, and there are numerous current trends to choose from. The illusion designs are the most popular and in-demand styles. Typically, illusion images have multiple “faces” and confuse viewers from various angles.

Similarly, illusion tattoo designs aim to fool everyone who sees them. As you can see in the image of the above tattoo, many things are designed on the body to confuse people about what exactly the design conveys.

Image: @inkillusionstattoo

18. Wrong Way Epic Homie Tattoo 

A common tattoo design that represents hiding your identity or who you are is the ski mask. Some people choose this tattoo because of the wearer’s interest in criminal activity, such as bank robbery, or it may represent remaining unknown and keeping your private life hidden from society.

This tattoo can also represent more specific actions like drug selling or even gang operations like robbing defenseless viewers and evading the police without worrying about being identified.

Image: @rhadeee.ink

19. Cool Epic Homie Tattoo

The ski mask is frequently seen as a means of protecting their identities from discovery and keeping them hidden from society, which increases mystery and excitement rather than disclosing any potential weaknesses. This person likely wants to remain anonymous so he can rob banks without fear of being recognized and arrested.

Image: @eppler_tattoo

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20. Terrific Epic Homie Tattoo 

 In this tattoo, there are a lot of things in ink that represent many meanings. Firstly gangsters face who is wearing a joker mask on his face and play gambling. On the bottom of the tattoo design, there are two face masks. One is laughing, and another one is crying.

The masks express to the world that you are not afraid to face your anxieties by laughing now and crying afterward. It reminds you that although you have difficult moments, you will always overcome them. The tattoo also reminds you to have fun and enjoy life because you never know what will come your way.

Image: @gkara_tattoo

21. Hollywood Epic Homie Tattoo

This tattoo represents the scene in Hollywood with a gangster lady face that looks very interesting and excellent on the wearer. The black ink makes the tattoo design more appealing and eye catchy. Also, it gives an exceptional finish look to the entire tattoo design. Your muscular arm is the perfect place to design this epic homie tattoo, as here you can design any tattoo, and pain is also bearable for you.

Image: @notoriousinkbali

22. Monogram Epic Homie Tattoo 

This tattoo design illustrates the harsh and bloody mafia behavior. The wearer’s entire arm covers by the tattoo design to create this amazing creation. It illustrates the reality of a gangster’s life. Many of them used to outline gangster tattoos to show their particular feelings. The gangster tattoo expresses the world as members of a distinct group.

Image: @monogram_tattoo_studio

23. Own Life Epic Homie Tattoo 

You can tattoo the phrase “Own Life, Epic Homie” on your fingers. Own Life is written on the fingers in a lovely font as part of the tattoo’s design. Additionally, you can add other elements to the tattoo, such as the Dollar and Gun emblem, to make it more eye-catching. This is more popular among men, yet ladies can get this tattooed to look amazing.

Image: @seventhletter_saloon

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24. Dream Epic Homie Tattoo

The skull tree tattoo has a distinctive appearance! The skull tree represents the connection between the source of life and death. The tree represents all good, including growth, prosperity, and knowledge. The skull, on the other hand, stands for everything the opposite.

They combine to create the duality of life and death, good and evil, etc. Therefore, the individual who gets this tattoo is conscious of the duality of human existence and embraces the truth.

Image: @tattoomirbel

25. Clown Epic Homie Tattoo 

It might be a method to face your fear of clowns or pay respect to your favorite villain. A tattoo of an evil clown represents unrest and a desire to create chaos in your surroundings. It could also serve as a reminder that not everything is as it seems and that most individuals are hiding something.

This clown tattoo is appropriate for people with a passion for colorful self-expression. You are proud to be the class clown tattoo that is bold and doesn’t hold black, whether to show off your toughness or to let the world know.

Image: @split_tattoo

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Mean By The Epic Homie Tattoo?

The “Epic Homie” tattoos use indelible ink to show off a person’s tough side or powerful personality. These include gangster faces, roses, guns, skulls, and fashionable typefaces. These tattoo designs make you appear more powerful and reinforce your personality.

What Does The Only Ink Last Forever Epic Homie Tattoo Mean To You?

The significance behind this tattoo is profound. Nothing in this world, whether we look at worldly material items or interpersonal connections, will stay forever or for a lifetime. According to the tattoo, “Only ink lasts forever.” Only tattoo ink is permanent. Additionally, it expresses the wearer’s devotion to the tattoo ink. Go for it if you like this style of tattoo!

What Does Leg Epic Homie Tattoo Mean?

The tattoo shown above also depicts the gangster’s character. The murderer’s lack of fear is evident from the crime scene and the newspaper news about a mobster. Therefore, you can choose this lovely and strong tattoo design if you want to show off your brave nature, which is unafraid of society’s laws and disregards the law.

What Does The Tattoo Disney Epic Homie Mean?

Two Disney cartoon characters, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck may be seen in the tattoo up top. As most gangsters do, two men brandishing guns in their hands and donning cartoon character face masks give the impression that they are masked gangsters

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