41 Elegant Small Hip Tattoo Design You Must Try

Elegant Small Hip Tattoo. Do you want a tattoo but are worried that you won’t get the proper one? We understand that picking a tattoo that will be on the body forever is never an easy decision.

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If you share this feeling, you can consider getting a smaller tattoo in a more “private” position that you won’t see every day so you can live your life without worrying too much. We have compiled a list of the most incredible little hip tattoos for you in this article.

Why Get a Tattoo on Your Hip?

A hip tattoo is an excellent place for significant tattoos because it is a feminine area. This part of the body is one of the most appealing; therefore, being tattooed, there may be a way to honor feminine strength. You can either proudly display your creation or keep it under wraps.

It is a pretty great place where you can flaunt it whenever you want and hide from view when you want. Like thigh tattoos, you may fully show off your creativity and select a large or minimal design. You may genuinely think of whatever tattoo you wish to get engraved on you because the hip and waist areas are highly adaptable.

There are many reasons why people choose hip tattoos. They are private and close, and hip tattoos serve more as an indication of the owner’s aesthetic sense and individuality. Additionally, they go beyond appearances. An excellent hip tattoo might have significant meaning for the wearer.

A butterfly, for instance, on the hip denotes the wearer’s will to change and begin over. However, a dragon tattoo could help the person find their inner strength. Because of this, picking a decent design is crucial. You may blend purpose and beauty in this way. And if you have both, your tattoo will age gracefully.

But due to the thin skin, closeness to the bone, and overall delicacy of the region, it is one of the most painful places to have a tattoo.

Because of this, many women choose a tiny, straightforward design; however, you can also choose something bigger, concealing the upper thigh or concentrating on the side of the hip. You should get ready since we have a collection of very attractive and charming hip tattoos.

1. Spooky Spider Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

Small tattoo designs are an attractive and straightforward method to convey complex ideas and feelings. They are popular because of their extraordinary capacity to transmit extraordinary symbolic meanings and their simple, elegant looks. This dark blaxck color ink spooky spider small hip tattoo is the perfect way to flaunt your unique personality.  

Image: @jcgm_ink

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2. Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

The wearer’s sense of elegance and confidence are wonderfully complemented by this tattoo’s strong but crisp lines. These types of tiny tattoos are becoming increasingly common among women, who usually opt for small-scale artwork with precise, accurate details over bold, huge designs.

Image: @glenn.jantzentattoo

3. Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

Undoubtedly one of the most well-liked tattoo designs is the sun. People frequently want to have tattoos of the sun because they believe it to be a symbol of power and energy. This tattoo is a beautiful tattoo with bold and dark black outlines. This is a stunning choice if you’re looking for a hip tattoo that’s a bit more discreet.

Image: @pika_tats

4. Beautiful Butterflies Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

Butterflies’ tattoo is the symbol of transformation, beauty, and freedom. They come in different styles and patterns and are popular tattoo designs due to their adaptability and depth of connotation. These two butterflies in the side of the left hip represent the willingness to change.

Image: @ thedarkartofmyeyes

5. Lumos Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

Discover the brightness in your life with this unique tattoo. This tattoo is the finest method to symbolize your cheerful and joyous side of life with a lumos tattoo. This tattoo helps you to recall that you have the power to improve and brighten your life.

Image: @ pdb_tattoo

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6. Chili Pepper Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

If you’re considering getting a tattoo, the side of your hip is definitely the sexiest spot to consider. This tattoo is the best option for you, especially if you want a discreet, classy, and modest tattoo.

Image: @ small.tattoos

7. Red Ink Snake Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

Snake tattoos look well on extended body parts like the arm, thighs, or armbands. However, they may also be worn on the hip since they give tattoo mobility and life. A snake tattoo on the hip is ideal for someone who wishes to discreetly display his badassness. This red ink snake tattoo with perfect shading represents the ideal artwork of the artist.

Image: @ ebonywilliams_tattoos

8. Daisies Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

The most well-liked and significant tattoos for women are flower tattoos, and this beautiful black-inked daisy tattoo on the lower back of the hip is the perfect choice for the one who has just become a new mother. Daisy is connected with Freya, the goddess of fertility, compassion, and elegance, and has come to symbolize motherhood and fresh beginnings.

Image: @gabychan_bp

9. Self Love Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

Self-love is essential in one’s life and this amazingly inked red color tattoo represents the love of the wearer for herself. This tattoo serves as a constant reminder to stick with you and that you are worthy of wonderful things. It entails refusing to accept anything less than what you deserve.

Image: @ small.tattoos

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10. Fine Line Bees Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

Girls can wear bee tattoos since they are often modest in size and are very attractive. However, these little trinkets’ symbolic implications make them so adored and well-liked. One may consider getting a bee tattoo as a respect to their family. Additionally, it might convey the wearer’s essential beliefs, such as diligence and self-control.

Image: @silviainkocciati

11. Leben Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

A fun and cheeky way to show everyone your distinct and attractive side is with this little tattoo. This tattoo will make you stand out from the crowd when you attend a pool party while sporting your favorite bikini.

Image: @phou phou.ink

12. Mini Butterflies Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

Are you seeking a tiny hip tattoo that will make you speechless? Then this perfect masterpiece is the right option for you. Moreover, butterfly tattoos are classic little designs that work in a wide variety of ways. This tattoo can commonly be engraved to represent beauty, freedom, and evolution in either serene simplicity or spectacular intricacy.

Image: @bakken_tattoo

13. Little Space Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

Hip tattoos can be bright, feminine, and playful. They are perfect for women who appreciate minimalistic things because they are usually very little and delicate. And this little space tattoo helps to express your true self. This tattoo allows your hip tattoo to speak for you rather than having to explain yourself to everyone.

Image: @miketat00

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14. Roses are Red Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

A flower tattoo may tell us a lot, whether used to express oneself or honor loved ones. There are so many different shades of roses, and each one has a special meaning. While gentle pink roses are linked to appreciation, elegance, and joy, striking, this beautifully inked red rose tattoo on the front part of the hip stands for passionate, romantic love.

Image: @natasharubydesign

15. Knives and Roses Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

The knife represents the dark and strong side of one’s life; on the other hand, roses symbolize beauty and the feeling of love; together, they represent the difficulties or challenges of life. Moreover, this little lower hip or delicate tattoo can reveal a lot about your personality, your feelings, and the things that are important to you.

Image: @artist_denise_john

16. Lover Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

You have more freedom of location with a small hip tattoo. It can be placed on the front and back or the side of the hip. A small tattoo will glow just as brightly as a large one as long as the pattern holds personal significance for you. This elegant tattoo is a way to show your love and affection to your loved one.

Image: @jules.adctattoo

17. Budding Romance Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

This tattoo is such a sweet variation of a rose tattoo! This appearance will suit you if you are passionate and loving. Moreover, these kinds of small tattoos not only serve a functional purpose but also have a significant meaning. They are perfect for those who desire tattoos but want something concealed.

Image: @kristenpokes

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18. Limitless Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

This tattoo is an ideal choice for someone who enjoys living on their own terms and conditions. The phrase “limitless” here refers to the way of life of those who contend that there is no end to the possibilities. So if you are one who believes in the endless amount of abilities and talents, you should definitely get this tattoo.

Image: @nikol.ink.tattoo

19. Little Florals Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

Hip tattoos and flowers generally go with one another. If you enjoy standing out wherever you go, especially at beach parties, this stunning tattoo is a perfect choice. Hip tattoos with roses or flowers will always help to showcase your empathetic side. Moreover, this stunning masterpiece is enough to tell the experience of the artist as he represents every minor detail very clearly. 

Image: @ami.tats

20. Heavens and Roses Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

Heavens and roses tattoos can be purely aesthetic or have a deeper meaning. There are many locations on the body where these little tattoos look excellent and attractive. And one of the best locations to carve this tattoo is the hip. Moreover, this lovely tattoo frequently represents magic or purity.

Image: @small.tattoos

21. Hip Script Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

Your favorite piece of literature looks great tattooed on your hip. It is both nostalgic and really charming. Moreover, your hip area offers a lot of space for the tattoo artist to expand the phrase with beautiful styles like in the beautiful tattoo.  

Image: @kswayart

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22. Cute little Carnation Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

Small carnation tattoos are quite popular due to their meaning and beautiful appearance. These are excellent flower tattoos since they look amazing on the skin and because the majority of people will understand at least part of the underlying symbolism. This beautifully carved tattoo is typically associated with love, affection, interest, and uniqueness.

Image: @ pipster_tattoo

23. ThunderBolt Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

Looking for a hip tattoo that is as little as possible? Try this cute little and elegant thunderbolt tattoo. This striking black tattoo symbolizes the wearer’s confidence and strength. Additionally, this tattoo enables anyone to show their hottest side.

Image: @ minimal_ink_az

24. Scripted Love Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

Love-themed tattoos can express a range of emotions, including inspiration, friendship, dedication, faith, trust, passion, and faith. And when it comes to getting one, finding the ideal style that complements your attitude might be challenging, but this amazing scripted love hip tattoo can be an ideal choice for you.

Image: @ megan_rubycasey

25. Sweet Lil Bow Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

This is one of the simplest and most delicate bow tattoos, and it might be an excellent choice for someone who does not want any large, gaudy tattoos. The bow tattoo design can stand for closeness and love because it is made up of two threads or ribbons that are connected together.

Image: @heartpotiontattoo

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26. Crescent Moon Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

This crescent moon tattoo can represent imagination, development, and expression. If you’re starting a new phase in your life, a crescent moon tattoo is an excellent choice. Furthermore, this little, delicate, and yet potent tattoo will be loved by all moon lovers.

Image: @ eurmtorreurs

27. Love You Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

Be a little different while showing your love to your partner by carving this adorable and cute love-you elegant tattoo on the lower part of your hip. This blackwork tattoo will represent your endless love and affection for your loved one.

Image: @ tresclick

28. Rare Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

The most attractive spot for a tattoo is usually the side of your hip. And selecting a little tattoo, perhaps one or two words, tattoos are the best option if you’re searching for something simple, refined, and minimal, especially if it’s your first. Additionally, if you select a simple design like this tattoo, the discomfort won’t be much severe.

Image: @the.basement.tattoo

29. Infinite Love Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

Since we’re discussing little tattoos, fine line or dot work is the best choice. This type of infinite tattoo may be placed on any part of your body, including your hip, forearm, wrist, shoulder, foot, or any other spot you want. This ink represents eternity, timelessness, and a never-ending cycle.

Image: @ vitalkneadsbeauty

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30. Live a Little Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

This tattoo in cursive on your hip is not only beautiful, but it also serves as a helpful reminder to live a little more in your life. This term is the best way to represent your personality; it is simple to hide and incredibly delicate. Moreover, hip tattoos are gorgeous and sexy.

Image: @tattoosbyartfulalex

31. Serpent Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

If you are looking for a classy and attractive tattoo, this serpent small snake tattoo is the best choice. Individuals get snakes tattooed not only for aesthetic reasons but for their symbolic meaning. Moreover, this beautifully carved tattoo on the hip’s lower part represents the tattoo artist’s best work.

Image: @ brighteyestattoo

32. Magic Mushroom Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

There are a lot of ways to show your unique side, but getting a magic mushroom tattoo on the lower part of your hip near your bikini is one of the best ways. They appear to look amazing regardless of size and can look wonderful in bold colors or a black pattern as shown in the image.

Image: @tattoomayhemstudio

33. Angel Number Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

This fabulous red ink tattoo shows that angels have a message for you. Also, this tattoo can be read as little favors that our guardian angels provide to maintain us through difficult times. The number “444” especially refers to enthusiasm and aspiration.

Image: @ christina.imperfectartistry

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34. Butterfly couple Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

It is cute to have the matching tattoo with your best friends, partner, or siblings. Furthermore, getting something significant on your own is always a better option when thinking about having matching tattoos.

Some of the most incredible and popular designs at tattoo parlors, which can be the best matching tattoo, are butterfly tattoos or butterfly hip tattoos. They serve as a collective reminder of the wearers’ unbreakable connection. 

Image: @small.tattoos

35. Date To Remember Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

Date tattoos can be worn to remember good and painful occasions. It can be created to honor a loved one’s life or to reflect on a joyful memory. If you are looking for something that will help you to remind your favorite day, then this tattoo is your best choice.

Image: @mdiosdado45

36. Lil One Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

There is adequate room on the hip for any imaginative tattoo designs. It will represent your personality while being stylish and adorable. This vibrant bit of ink represents your artistic side.

Image: @mdiosdado45

37. Imagine Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

This tattoo is the most beautiful and elegant tattoo on the upper right side of the hip. This black ink tattoo will help you to look more attractive. This freehand hip tattoo of a word is graceful, simple, and feminine. Moreover, it’s a cute yet elegant way to show your unique side.

Image: @tattoovasquez

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38. Bumblebee Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

This tattoo represents a bee that appears to be an artwork. This kind of tattoo is suitable for everyone and may be applied anyplace. However, since it looks more like a sketch and you can always add color if you prefer, you can also choose to keep the ink black. This tattoo is a fantastic option if you are thinking of getting something beautiful.

Image: @mysietatuaze

39. Bite Me Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

If you’re looking for a stylish tattoo that’s a little more understated, explore this design. With this tattoo, you can wear your lucky charm around your hip. Or it may be a fun way to flaunt your sexy side. The flower present in this tattoo is enough to increasing the charm of the tattoo. 

Image: @shiraunicorn

40. Baby Angle Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

This tattoo serves as a bridge between heaven and earth and stands for innocence. It may also represent the care and protection of God. Some people even select this choice to commemorate the birth of a child or, regrettably, their untimely demise. Moreover, this black ink tattoo on the right side of the hip represents the ideal work of the tattoo artist.

Image: @d.creator

41. Fineline Peony Elegant Small Hip Tattoo

A lot of appeal without any colors. This minimalist, fine-lined flower tattoo is charming. Moreover, the lower part of the hip is the ideal location for this elegant tattoo. The outlining of the tattoo is very appealing, and it is a very beautiful inkwork.

Image: @tattoonium

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to Wear After Getting a Hip Tattoo?

You’ve chosen the design and the location of the tattoo. What to wear when having a hip tattoo is the next concern. When you want your entire body tattooed, the hip might be challenging for your tattoo artist to reach.

A beautiful, flowy skirt or dress will help with this, and it will help even more if it comes with splits. Your most private places won’t be exposed on the table if you elevate them to enable them to get to your hip and wrap the cloth around the remainder of the body. However, this can be challenging if you have a tattoo that’s high on the hip.

When having a hip tattoo, many individuals discover that wearing bikini bottoms instead of underwear makes the process easier. This is particularly true if you have a pair of side-tied bikini bottoms since you can untie them so your tattoo artist may reach the region without worrying that you will be completely nude.

How Painful Are Hip Tattoos?

There is a good chance that having a tattoo will sting a little. According to many experts, getting a tattoo is one of the most sensitive areas. The level of discomfort you feel will vary depending on where the tattoo is. Your tolerance for discomfort and the nature of the region you want the tattoo in will also be essential factors.

Some areas of the body hurt more frequently than others, particularly those where bones are near the skin. The nerves and bones beneath the skin are more immediately exposed to the feeling of the needle because they have little to no protection from muscle or fat.

Your hips are one location where your bones are prone to being closer to the skin. The location of the tattoo will affect how much discomfort you experience because the area surrounding the hips is extremely vast. 

When lying down, the area directly on top of your hip bone, where you can feel the bone protrude slightly, is sensitive. Getting a tattoo here will hurt more than in a padded area. Many people will say that getting a tattoo in these places isn’t too difficult. Your own personal pain threshold also has an impact on this.

What would the price be for a hip tattoo with four words?

Word or quote is one of the most basic types of tattoos. Simplicity shouldn’t be denigrated because the taste is so individualized. Additionally, it could result in a lesser cost, even if tattoo size continues to be a major factor in price. You shouldn’t have to pay more than $100 for a tattoo that is done simply.

Are tattoos on the hips attractive?

Yes, a hip tattoo will allow your personality to show through. Just use a little imagination while designing. If you want big tattoos, go ahead and extend them to your thigh. Many different motifs, like animals, feathers, flowers, and more, can be used as design inspiration.

Simply select whatever you feel is appropriate. Or, if the options are too confusing, consult your artist. You’d need someone who is knowledgeable about tattoos to be able to comprehend your meaning when it’s difficult to express yourself.

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