56 Artistic And Delicate Dragonfly Tattoo Ideas To Ink On The Body

Butterflies are known as one of the most popular insects to get a tattoo, and dragonflies come as a second close. Considered the famous choice for getting it inked on the body, these tattoo designs get a lot of compliments as you can create creative ideas with other designs. As dragonflies are a great choice with tattoo design, it is an extraordinary tattoo. 

56 Artistic And Delicate Dragonfly Tattoo Ideas To Ink On The Body

The dragonfly tattoos are most alluring as the beautiful creature comes with glittering wings making it look more appealing. Both butterflies and dragonflies are very colorful and charming, making it a stunning choice for getting inked on the body. 

What does dragonfly represent?

Dragonfly plays between the blades of grass and leaves in search of prey with their skill and intelligence. The little creature lives for a short period and lives it to the fullest, giving us a lesson for life. Depending on the perspective of a person, the dragonfly may hold different aspects. 

A dragonfly might seem an odd choice, and the name of the order of species to which dragonfly belongs is ‘Odantes’ that comes from the Greek word tooth. However, dragonflies also held the most significance in Japanese, Native American and Medieval European cultures. Dragonflies also come in Buddhism cosmology, where they usually symbolize the combining of Heaven and Earth. It is likely because dragonflies live both in water and air. 

These dragonflies are an essential element of Japanese culture. They represent power, victory, and agility in Japan. These are associated mainly with autumn and summer seasons. Also, Samurai Kimonos often feature dragonfly design ideas to represent strength and authority. 

Although with specific meanings, Native American culture represents dragons as change and transformation. It also symbolizes happiness, purity and speed. Meanwhile, in Plains Indian culture, dragonflies are often associated with protection and invincibility. 

Types of dragonfly tattoos

Something is alluring about dragonflies as they gracefully glide through the air to give a magical experience. The frequent insect subject in tattoos often symbolizes swift activity with delicate and refined line depictions. The vibrant insects exude elegance as well as charm. All it takes is an excellent choice for getting the tattoo design. 

1. Unusual dragonfly tattoo design

You might love this creative tattoo design as it is very unusual. The dragonfly’s body is tiny and trails down the woman’s spine. Between the colors, the dragonfly tattoo design makes it look attractive and unique in its way. It can be a delicate design idea mixed up with additional elements. 

Image: @dragontattoo_

Image: @aleks_rynd

Image: @dar1ablack

2. Tribal dragonfly tattoo design

Tribal tattoo design ideas never go out of style. Blending the tattoo with various symbols and objects such as dragonflies gives a creative and styling design. Involve the outline of a dragonfly with a bold and thick shape, curved lines with disguising features of the tribal style. You can also add additional elements to the pattern. 

Image: @pairadicetattoolv

Image: @sharp_ones_tattoos_

Image: @merciful.ink

3. Black and white tattoo design

There are a lot of thick black ink tattoo ideas that you can design to make your tattoo look cool. A lot of tattoo ideas might be virtually impossible to cover up if you do not like it, but a black and white small dragonfly design gives a creative look. Giving the dragonfly wings a white shading effect makes the tattoo look elegant and stunning. 

Image: @rico_tat2s

Image: @inkvoker_lizardsskintattoos

Image: @hossam.tattoos

4. Floral dragonfly tattoo design

The dragonfly tattoo design includes flowers in the dragonfly wings. The design is stunning, with added colors of your choice complementing black ink. The floral dragonfly tattoo can be inked on the back, forearm or shoulder. The tattoo gives an elegant and creative look with intricate detailing and complementing design. 

Image: @marcpellantattoo

Image: @mike_artura

Image: @buttercuptattoostudio

5. Colorful tattoo design

There are not many variations when it comes to colors used in the dragonfly design. Most dragon tattoos are done in blue and purple hues. Used mainly in color tones of violet and ultramarine, these are fashionable design ideas. Some dragonflies are done in black ink, allowing details to stand out better. 

Image: @samy_tatau

Image: @tymmstattoos

Image: @manualdanualtattoos

Image: @tattoobobshop

6. Dreamcatcher dragonfly tattoo

Combining the identification of tattoos with hoops with a network of threads woven with decorated feathers and beads gives a unique and distinctive look to the tattoo design. There are several ways in dreamcatcher tattoo design combined with dragonfly tattoo design. You can also change the pattern inside the dreamcatcher. 

Image: @geraldschifone

7. Multiple dragonflies tattoo

The multiple dragonfly tattoo idea is meant for you if you want the knockout tattoo design. The addition of floral designs with a bunch of dragonflies bane together will break off and fly away. Moreover, it comes with a remarkable design. With the addition of creative and unique design ideas, the multiple dragonflies give an elegant look. 

Image: @becky_tats

Image: @k_inx

Image: @royaltytattoo

Image: @mainstreetinktattoos

8. Behind the ear dragonfly tattoo design

The adorable behind-the-ear tattoo design gives a unique and subtle look. The small tattoo design fits behind the ear. You can add the colored tattoo design in stunning colors for the small tattoo design. You can also add the minimalist design idea in black outlined or simple abstract design look.

Image: @clarelizabeth_tattoo

9. The dark tattoo style

It is a fantastic design made perfect due to its dark coloring. The dark color of black or grey gives the tattoo a styling and elegant look. With a bold and small tattoo design that sits against the wrist provides a distinctive look. As the focal point, the dark tattoo is the best example. 

Image: @patrikbognarofficial

Image: @spirit_wolf_tattoos

Image: @tattoo.your.dreams

10. Small dragonfly tattoo design

The dragonfly tattoo is unique enough in its appearance that a small or minimalist tattoo design can also make it recognizable. Making a great choice to get this tattoo composed in bold black ink gives a delicate and elegant appeal. 

Image: @serbandia_tattoo

Image: @bonedaddystattoo

Image: @bgtattoos13

Image: @tattoo_venomink

11. Japanese dragonfly tattoo design

Dragonflies are an essential element of Japanese culture, and luckily for the enthusiasts, there is plenty of dragonfly-related Japanese tattoo art. These dragonflies appear in simple outline form and can be combined with additional elements. These designs also come with a quote written in Japanese style. 

Image: @inkeddollstudio

12. Watercolor tattoo design idea

The dragonfly tattoo design inked with a bright and vibrant color look comes as an obvious choice to get it inked in a watercolor effect. Adding a splash of color in the background, the dragonfly in a black outline makes the style distinctive. You can also add messy watercolor fill and a dragonfly on a colorful water effect background. 

Image: @elmpixie_tattoos

Image: @alexandramaria.rada

Image: @amanda.mypreciousink

Image: @tattoosbycourtney

13. Realistic dragonfly tattoo

These dragonflies look like they will directly fly from the picture—the eye-popping intricate details and colors to match and give a realistic appeal. To stand out in style, the tattoo elements on the arm stand out with elegance. The tattoos are majorly done on the back and the legs. The style tends to hurt more than simpler designs as it includes more details. 

Image: @kiratattooist

Image: @stefan.catalin.druga

Image: @noalox

14. Elemental dragonfly tattoo design

The dragonfly tattoos do not need to be the central part of your tattoo design. Adding dragonfly in the heart shape design with additional elements gives a gorgeous approach. The dragonflies are just a tiny piece of the entire design, and they can be an intricate design. 

Image: @lordnugs

15. 3D dragonfly tattoo design

The 3D effect is the top choice in recent years where dragonflies are concerned. The hyper-realistic tattoo design, either in all black or vibrant color with realistic shadow effect included with dragonfly, gives a unique look. This tattoo design looks appealing enough through realism. You can also perch on your skin. 

Image: @parkwaytattoo

Image: @kelmcilwain

Image: @tor_ink

Image: @megan_bessant_tattoos

Cost of dragonfly tattoo

Several factors affect the prices, and one of the significant effects of the tattoo price is based on the tattoo expert. Often, local tattoo artists cost inexpensive fees when compared to popular ones. You might get to spend $50 for a simple tattoo design, while it might get a little higher up to $150 based on the experienced tattoo artist. The tattoo’s size, design, and detailing of the tattoo make the cost of the tattoo a bit higher. So before getting a tattoo done, make sure your tattoo design fits in your prepared budget. 

The ideal placement of dragonfly tattoo design

Your entire body design is a canvas, and it can be challenging to decide where to get tattoo design inked. It is always a great idea to look at some popular elements of the design that help you choose the position. You can get the tattoo design inked on your shoulder, back of the leg, collarbone, back of the neck, wrist, forearm, and ankle. 

Making them popular among people with smaller tattoos, you can do the inking on the wrist, ankle, feet or collarbone as they are easy to conceal, whereas larger tattoos can be inked on the back, back of the leg, or forearm. It gets enough space with artistic appeal and refined design. 

Tips for maintaining tattoo design

It is natural to feel excited and unsteady after getting a tattoo design inked on the body. First, however, you need to listen to the tips given by the tattoo artist. Since the shallow skin wounds on the skin make it bleed and for the result, one needs to be extra careful. 

  • Firstly, you need to understand why you want a tattoo done and represent your ideas in their solid form? Once this is clear, give a rough sketch on paper to help an artist develop it further.
  • Experts recommend getting a thorough physical and mental preparation before the actual tattoo process. It includes staying away from alcohol, caffeine drinks and other blood-thinning medicines at least 48 hours before. 
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and keep your skin soft and supple. Dry skin doesn’t respond to the needle well, and you may end with double the amount of pain. 
  • Wear comfortable clothing and stay relaxed before the treatment. You need to trust the artist and keep telling yourself that you are in safe hands. 
  • Once the tattooing process is completed, keep your tattoo covered with a wrapper provided or a bandage to avoid dust or infections. 
  • After a day, you can clean it with anti-bacterial space and follow it with a lotion or cream prescribed by the artist.
  • Avoid public swimming pools, showers or bathtubs for at least a month as the chlorine water may damage your skin. 
  • Do not rub or massage the tattoo area and keep it away from exposure to direct sunlight. 

Final words!

Dragonflies make for awesome-looking tattoo designs rich in symbolic and spiritual meaning. They are suitable for various styles and placements to find the bound design that suits your expectations. Browse to get more personalized tattoo design ideas with inspiration!

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What does the dragonfly tattoo stand for?

Dragonflies are non-aggressive and calm to see, making them a perfect symbol of peace. In Chinese culture, harmony is just one of the meanings representing dragonflies.

What is the spiritual meaning of seeing a dragonfly?

The spiritual meaning of a dragonfly is the light of God. It also means looking within and dancing. A dragonfly represents agility, power, victory, and courage to a warrior and fighter. It also symbolizes immortality, transformation and spiritual awakening.

Are dragonfly tattoos basic?

Dragonfly is an insect that symbolizes change, transformation, and adaptability. A simple tattoo design will give flawless results that won’t take too much time yet. It will speak for your emotional development and maturity.

Are dragonfly tattoos feminine

Dragonfly tattoos can be worn by women as well as men who appreciate the beauty of change in life.

What is so special about dragonflies?

Dragonflies are expert fliers, and they can fly straight up and down, hover like a helicopter and even mate mid-air. However, they will starve if they can’t fly as it only eats prey they catch while flying.

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