69 Stunning Dragon Tattoos For Arms To Try Right Now

Dragon is often perceived as evil in chivalric and Christian traditions. In some traditions, the dragon symbolizes the wisdom, strength, new life, power, evil nature and untamed nature of a man.

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The dragon opens the door of an imaginary world where everything is possible, although if we talk about Western traditions, they consider dragons as evil creatures that should be killed. These fierce and wild traits of a dragon make it an exceptional choice for tattoo lovers among men and women.

69 Stunning Dragon Tattoos For Arms To Try Right Now

The dragon tattoos have many options to choose from and get for the arms, but its hefty frame and bold patterns make it different from other tattoos. In addition, the dragon tattoos look mind-blowing on the arms, shoulder, and back in the Chinese and Japanese designs of creatures and symbolism; dragons are very popular among tattoo lovers.

Here are some best dragon tattoos tattoo ideas:

1. Asian Great Looking Dragon Tattoo

The great-looking dragon tattoo is fabulous. Try this red color with an Asian dragon with sharp claws and without wings on your arms, and it will be one of the best dragon tattoos.

Image: @madam___kay

2. Tribal Dragon Tattoo

A dragon tattoo with a tribal tattoo is prominent, try it in pitch-black color on your arms and show your tameless nature.

Image: @negga_tattoo96

3. Green Inked Dragon Tattoo

As we all know, black is an evergreen color, but what about green? It is also going to be an outstanding choice for dragon tattoos. Don’t believe me blindly; try this green Japanese dragon tattoo with a long tail.

Image: @villagemoon

4. Terrific Snake and Dragon Tattoo

The pitch-black medium size dragon is one of the popular choices among men, and it makes your arm look terrific. In addition, you can style two creatures in one tattoo, like a dragon and snake tattoos together.

Image: @jbtattooing

5. Celtic Dragon Design Tattoo

Celtic dragon tattoos have a deep connection with Celtic folktales, and this Celtic dragon tattoo represents courage and great power. This Celtic art tattoo is an excellent choice if you also hold these qualities.

Image: @skullhand1

6. Dragon Tattoo With Outline

The pitch-black medium size dragon is one of the popular choices among men, and it makes your arm look terrific. In addition, you can style two creatures in one tattoo, like a dragon and snake tattoos together.

Image: @lilie_daruma

7. Tiger And Dragons Tattoo On Both Arm

The dragon tattoo with the tiger on the forearm shows the power and looks fantastic, makes it a great choice and shows your style the aggressive nature of one’s traits.

Image: @9thgategallery

8. Colored Outline Dragon Tattoo Design

Colored outline tattoos are as much in demand as the black outline tattoo, and this dragon tattoo looks stunning in the colored ink with thrones.

Image: @dobermman_tattoo

9. Winged Dragon Tattoo On Arm

Outline dragon tattoo with wings looks stunning on the arms, making it one of the most popular designs among men.

Image: @trentsuing

10. Simple Giant Dragon Tattoo

A medium-size and short dragon tattoo looks elegant on the arms, and if you don’t want a feeder filled with a giant tattoo, then this one’s for you.

Image: @jean_tattos

11. Pierced Skull And Dragon Tattoo

We all know the popularity of a skull symbol and dragon tattoos, but what if we merge both of them; they are going to make it a style statement. So try this one on your arms now.

Image: @wes_ink_

12. Stylish Colorful Dragon Tattoo

The stylish dragon tattoo with lots of colored ink in a giant frame will make it a ferocious choice for men. Try this one now.

Image: @bara.tattoo

13. Sky Blue Dragons Tattoo

The sky blue dragon tattoo looks splendid on both men and women; try it now and make it look more beautiful with some wild symbols.

Image: @corracarmine

14. Dragon Wrapped On Sword Tattoo

A black dragon design wrapped on a symbol of power, the sword makes it a great choice and a perfect fit for the arms in both small and large frames.

Image: @craneorojotattoo

15. Red Flowers And Black Dragons Tattoo

The Red and black dragon tattoo looked delightful on the arms and gave the dragon on arms an extraordinary look with the symbol of love rose.

Image: @justalilprick

16. Colored Tiger And Black Dragon Tattoo

Tiger shows the fearless trait of one’s just like a dragon represents fierce trait, and both of them make an excellent pair for arm tattoos.

Image: @tatsutattoo

17. Ultimate Colorful Dragon Tattoo

A single dragon in colored ink with open wings makes it a stunning choice, and this dragon will look fabulous on the forearm. Try it in a green color which symbols the new life.

Image: @enyaaliceink

18. Angry Pitch Black Dragon Tattoo

An angry dragon tattoo in the pitch-black color looks stunning on the forearm, and one must give a try to this tattoo.

Image: @annetattooz

19. Classy Dragon Tattoo

A classy dragon tattoo wrapped around the arms looks like a real dragon, and they are a perfect choice for the arms; you can combine it with a phoenix tattoo, and it will look splendid whether in small or large size.

Image: @yantattooer

20. Awesome Dragon Tattoo On Arm

The awesome shaded tattoo looks exceptional on the arms with a large frame; flaunt it among your friends.

Image: @monju_tattoo

21. Black Inked Gothic Dragon Tattoo For Arm

A gothic dragon in black color looks exquisite, and it is one of the most popular choices for arms tattoos with an angry and evil creature that could look cool too. If you don’t believe me, try this tattoo.

Image: @gkissmihaly

22. Black Dragon Design

A black dragon with sharp eyes hidden behind the wing and looking at its prey will look amazing on the forearms.

Image: @chopsuey_tattoo

23. Amazing Medium Size Tribal Dragon Tattoo On Arm

The dragon tattoo with a thick black outline makes it look like a wild choice, and this tattoo makes it a fierce choice for the arms.

Image: @inknorante_tattoo

24. Ravishing Black Tribal Dragon Tattoo

The black tribal dragon tattoo without wings looks ravishing in black; one must try this tattoo on the forearms and show the world your fearless character.

Image: @wickedink.el

25. Chinese Dragons Tattoo

The Chinese dragons’ tattoo looks fantastic. Try this Chinese dragon tattoo in colored ink; it seems extraordinary on the arms.

Image: @munsell_studio

26. Colorful Chinese Dragon Tattoo On Forearm

Colorful green and yellow dragon with some red flames around it. Sounds awesome? The Chinese dragon tattoo will look alluring on the arms and represent Chinese culture.

Image: @encina_lts

27. Dragon Around Dagger Tattoo

A small dragon tattoo for the arms with a dagger looks appealing, you can try some Chinese culture proverbs along with it, and it will look perfect.

Image: @vic.ink_

28. Magnificent Chinese Dragon Tattoo

A long fantastic, furious dragon looks impressive on the arms. The Chinese dragon covers the whole arm and looks staggeringly excellent in green color.

Image: @jhonytatuagens

29. Japanese Dragon Head Tattoo

A full dragon tattoo looks splendid on arms but have you ever tried a dragon head tattoo? If not, try this Japanese dragons’ head now, and they are perfect for the arms tattoo.

Image: @sky_tattoo_elblag

30. Vibrant Dragon Tattoo On Arm

The monster tattoo of the Japanese dragon in red, yellow and ocean green with fire looks remarkable. Try this one for the arms, and it will look fabulous.

Image: @debbiejonestattoos

31. Cool Dragon ideas with Phoenix Tattoo

A fierce and angry dragon tattoo on the arms, wholly covering it. You can choose a tattoo of a phoenix and dragon, and it will look fabulous in the black and gray shading involved, try this one now.

Image: @y_tattoo_

32. Gray Dragon Tattoo

Gray Dragon tattoos look magnificent on arms and make them a simple but most popular dragon tattoo for men.

Image: @danubiacunhatattoo

33. Ferocious Dragon With Dagger Tattoo

A dragon with fire in the mouth wrapped around daggers makes it look like a ferocious tattoo to try this one on your arms.

Image: @mattmonroetattooer

34. Impressive Red And Black Dragon Tattoo

An impressive dragon tattoo on the arm with the fire in his mouth makes it look great, and the red and dark dragon make it appear the best choice.

Image: @edw_mtz.tatt

35. Gray Ink Dragon with a branch tree Tattoo

Gray dragon with a tree branch or leaves looks magnificent in an enormous casing and gives it a shocking look to your arms too.

Image: @circle_tattoo_serena

36. Fantastic Dragon Tattoo

A fantastic colorful dragon tattoo on arms looks magnificent, and they are an ideal fit for enormous tattoos. Your tattoo artist can show his imagination in making this plan more alluring.

Image: @bluthtattoo

37. Mind-Blowing Japanese Dragon Tattoo

A monstrous Japanese dragon tattoo makes a fantastic tattoo for the arms, and the dark Japanese dragon tattoo with some red shading blended makes it look staggering. You may try half-dragon in black and the other half in red.

Image: @dustinstemen

38. New Styles Dragons Tattoo With Peonies

Dragon tattoos are well known for men as well as ladies as well. Adding a few other symbols like blossom components with dragons makes it look feminine, and it will be an incredible choice for females.

Image: @tv_tattoo_artist_eilat

39. Black Angry Dragon Tattoo Image

The dragon tattoo in colored or black ink is a fantastic choice, one must try it in a medium-size on your arms, and you won’t regret this.

Image: @eddcervantes13

40. Fancy Colorful Duo Dragon Tattoo On Arm

Two dragons facing each other with anger will be a classy choice for the arms in dark black color, for instance, a yin and yang tattoo. Yin and yang (Tiger and dragon) are also an excellent choice for dragon tattoos, and they show Japanese cultures and their story in a brilliant way. You may try the yin tattoo and ask your friend to get yang and flaunt it together.

Image: @fabianblancodg

41. Small Grey Shaded Dragon Tattoo

A dragon tattoo with black color and gray shades makes it a superior choice to try; this one is a bit small on your arms.

Image: @kkongji_tattoo


These are some of the designs for the dragon tattoos, but many more remain in the collection. The combination of yin and yang is also a trendy choice for tattoos because it shows Japanese culture, and its meaning is also enjoyable. Dragon tattoos are best for the arms, but they will look mind-blowing on the shoulder, back, legs etc. Black dragon tattoos are evergreen, as we know, but colored dragons are not more miniature in terms of looks and patterns. Dragon gate tattoo ideas are also popular among tattoo lovers. So don’t wait anymore; get your dragon tattoo now.


What does a dragon tattoo mean for a woman?

The meaning of dragon tattoos relies upon their color, size and craftsmanship, although they depict evil, intelligence, enthusiasm, rage, furious and untamed character.

Are dragon tattoos bad luck?

Dragon tattoos are a misfortune; it depends on individuals and their way of life. In various cultures, various folklores are well-known related to it. For instance, we talk about Chinese mythology and folklore or story; they believe that a dragon’s eyes ought not to be filled before it is finished because eyes are the symbol of the soul of an animal, and the soul becomes the mirror of pain and suffering. In simple words, there isn’t anything in dragons that brings misfortune, but In some cultures, the dragon is portrayed as the image of luck and prosperity.

What does dragon color mean?

Every color has its meaning; dragon means different things because of that color. For instance, a black dragon means revenge or retribution, whereas the Green dragon symbols good health and new life, whereas the red dragon shows fire, power and passion. Although, the meaning of yellow dragons” symbolizes wisdom and wealth.

Is it disrespectful to get a dragon tattoo?

Dragon tattoo has no bad omen and meanings anyway; it relies upon their people and culture. Everyone has their own belief, though the dragon represents prosperity and wisdom and has nothing, making it disrespectful. In the Chinese new year, the dragon dance gets performed because they believe it brings good fortune in China.

What does a dragon symbolize or have meanings in the Bible?

In the Bible, the creature dragon appears as the first enemy of god. However, the Bible shows dragons only as symbolic metaphors of satan, evil forces or imaginary monsters.

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