41 Incredible Dinosaur Tattoo Designs with Meaning

The dinosaurs were some of the most intriguing animals ever walking the Earth. Even animals of today cannot match their size and strength. And the reason for their extinction is still a mystery. It is understandable why they have recently been one of the most widely used animal tattoo designs.

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But what symbolic significance do these ancient creatures hold? We’ll look into the background and significance of dinosaur tattoos in this post to help you determine if this is a perfect style. So let’s get started without further ado!

1. Simple Triceratops Outline Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

Simple triceratops outline dinosaur tattoos that reflect the wearer’s personality. Something like this is appropriate for a playful spirit that has kept their delight with the world and wishes to keep it forever.

Image: @maddiemorrill_art

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2. Alien Spaceship Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

The stunning alien spaceship dinosaur tattoo design is perfect for space lovers, explorers, and mavericks.

Image: @grim.studios

3. Colorful Triceratops  Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

One of the best things about colorful triceratops dinosaur tattoos is they can be very versatile. You can ink a tattoo with a simple design or opt for a complex and intricate design. You can also select any color you like, from bright & vibrant to subdued shades.

Image: @elizabeth.tattooer

4. Potion Bottle Baby Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

This potion bottle baby dinosaur tattoo is designed to ink on the leg. The tattoo represents the unique design covering an innocent baby dinosaur in a bottle and placing flowers around it. This tattoo is perfect for both men and women.

Image: @lady_boris_tattoos

5. Small Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

Small dinosaur tattoos represent power and strength. However, each dinosaur may have the same meaning. So, if you can’t select which tattoo to ink solely on their appearance, why not ink them all? Tattooing a complete dinosaur collection on the calf may be adventurous for some people.

Image: @beccasportfolio

6. Pumpkin Raptor Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

Whether you celebrate Halloween or other festivals, a pumpkin raptor dinosaur tattoo is an excellent way to welcome the fall season. Not only is the seasonal theme, but also a sign of abundance and success, so your design will be relevant all year.

Image: @lady_boris_tattoos

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7. Potion Bottle Baby Diplodocus Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

This tattoo also features a bottle and a little dinosaur. A baby dinosaur is sleeping in the bottle due to the creative design of this tattoo. Additionally, the tattoo is created using various inks, including pink, green, yellow, blue, and many others, giving it a highly alluring appearance. 

Image: @lady_boris_tattoos

8. Clever Girl Baby Raptor Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

This tattoo is the best option if you enjoy ink with a sweet or baby-like appearance. The tattoos with the phrases “smart girl” and flowers undoubtedly catch everyone’s attention. This tattoo is inked mainly by women and girls.

Image: @lady_boris_tattoos

9. Healed Baby Raptor Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

Although this tattoo is quite cool, it’s very challenging to understand what’s going on. Before you could see everything, you would have to look quite closely. This is due to the piece’s complex design, which features numerous unique lines and geometric shapes.

Image: @lady_boris_tattoos

10. Stegosaurus Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

The back plates of the Stegosaurus are what give it its distinctive appearance. They used their plates as armor to protect themselves, unlike T-rexes or other predators. Additionally, framed bust tattoos like the one below give the dinosaur a highly sophisticated appearance, resembling a philosopher or professor.

Image: @lady_boris_tattoos

11. Amber and Jawbone Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

The forearm is a suitable location for this tattoo. The dinosaur egg is used in this tattoo’s design, which makes it unique and lovely. Additionally, this tattoo’s design incorporates various motifs, such as leaves, vines, and many others, to help you stand out from the crowd.

Image: @lady_boris_tattoos

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12. Baby Ankylosaurus Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

One of the adorable tattoos features a young Ankylosaurus with a crescent moon. This tattoo represents a new beginning in your life and will bring you happiness. Additionally, a tattoo with a flower will draw attention.

Image: @lady_boris_tattoos

13. Healed Pastel Triceratops Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

Is Triceratops your favorite dinosaur? You might enjoy this layout. Though creativity is frequently associated with solid purple, this artist instead used solid purple to produce lighter shades of orange and green by whipping it into the shading. One of the most famous dinosaurs ever is the triceratops. Triceratops, which translates to “three-horned face,” is a name that is direct and to the point.

Image: @lady_boris_tattoos

14. Rainbow Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

We have a short tattoo, which some people like. It’s still quite cute despite how straightforward it is. It has a stylized orange and green dinosaur appearance because of the different line weights.

Image: @lady_boris_tattoos

15. Healer Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

American Traditional and Neo-Trad artists include Tyler Wright. The spiked crown is a beautiful addition. Its more relaxed color scheme will appeal to you in contrast to the warm colors. 

Image: @lady_boris_tattoos

16. Healed Parasaurolophus Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

There is so much an artist can do with the colors and line work that Neo Traditional is a steadfastly preferred style for dinosaur tattoos.

Image: @lady_boris_tattoos

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17. Healed Mosasaurus Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

Is this some lizard-dinosaur-dragon or just a truly fascinating prehistoric reptile? It’s undoubtedly one of the most fantastic designs, and its aesthetic blends nicely with the original piece, further enhancing this fact since it prevents the client’s concept from being random.

Image: @lady_boris_tattoos

18. Flowerable Gallimimus Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

Although this tattoo appears straightforward, a lot is going on. For delicate shading, the thick line work is the ideal option. The artist did an excellent job coloring the leaves in this artwork.

Image: @lady_boris_tattoos

19. Flowerable Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

This tattoo helps you stand out in a crowd since it features a dinosaur face that catches everyone’s attention. Additionally, it represents your robust, muscular personality.

Image: @lady_boris_tattoos

20. Flowerable Pachysaurus Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

Another type of dinosaur with a savage tattoo is the pachysaurus. It resembles etching, a traditional art popular during the Middle Ages.

Image: @lady_boris_tattoos

21. Colourful Baby Longneck Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

This traditional tattoo has incredibly stunning color combinations. You might adore the way the pastel pink and orange, and green balance each other out as they move from the bright to the deeper tones.

Image: @lady_boris_tattoos

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22. Skull Flower  Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

This one is an artistic tattoo design that combines many aspects that draw attention from those around you. In addition, there is a rose throughout the elements.

Image: @helyartattoos

23. Colourful Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

A piece similar to the last one, albeit more rough around the edges; it nearly seems like an illustration for a children’s dinosaur book. The vibrant work is flawlessly executed and makes you stand out.

Image: @expression_tattoo

24. Green Anime Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

One more artistic anime tattoo design features dark neon and green ink at the tattoo’s focal points. This tattoo’s style and design will not only catch everyone’s attention, but it will also fit with your mood.

Image: @k_ink_tattoo

25. Funny Baby Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

This feminine tattoo is adorable. On the client’s forearm, the delicate lines and light pepper and whip shading produce a gentle design that looks fantastic. 

Image: @self-stealing

26. Colorful & Flower Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

The T-Rex, the king of the dinosaurs, is a well-liked option for people who want to give their tattoos a little touch of aggressiveness. There are many ways to approach this design, from traditional Japanese to hyper-realistic.

Image: @lady_boris_tattoos

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27. Stegosaurus With Traditional Flowers Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

Since this was one of the most feared creatures that ever roamed the world, this tattoo design represents strength, power, and bravery.

Image: @lady_boris_tattoos

28. Archaeopteryx With Tea And Pearls Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

This is the ideal design for you if you want a tattoo that will draw attention. You want a tattoo to draw attention and spark debate, and that’s precisely what it will do.

Image: @lady_boris_tattoos

29. Starbucks Velociraptor Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

This tattoo can be coupled with additional features, such as flames or barbed wire, to make them even more menacing. As they frequently require numerous finishing sessions, tattoos can be extremely painful.

Image: @inkedupchester

30. Greeny Triceratops Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

It’s a pink or green Triceratops! Fantastic shading and a peppered effect fit this design perfectly.

Image: @ofelia_tattoo_studio

31. Rocket Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

One of the beautiful tattoos that features a dinosaur or a rocket is this one. This tattoo can quickly go with your style of dress and attitude.

Image: @all_dinosaurs_jurassic

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32. Space Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

Would humans evolve into intelligent beings if the dinosaurs hadn’t died out? This tattoo makes this presumption come true. The galaxy in the background suggests that he might reside in another world. 

Image: @greeneye_tattoos

 33. Rainbow Diplodocus Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

This tattoo is amazing and has a 3D-like appearance. Additionally, this tattoo is created with colors such as purple, yellow, green, and many more to produce a tremendous impact.

Image: @elizabeth.tattooer

34. Rainbow Couple Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

There’s nothing better than getting a permanent mark on your body with the person who means the most to you. Matching tattoos are exciting. These beautiful dinos in simple line art are wonderful.

Image: @kaykay___kk

35. Outline Brontosaurus Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

Another tattoo that makes us think of a children’s book. The sketchy design is adorable, and the broad lines complement the dotwork wonderfully.

Image: @lady_boris_tattoos

36. Cracking Out With Freehand Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

This tattoo is one of a kind and unusual because it seems like a baby dinosaur is emerging from an egg. This tattoo also symbolizes a new beginning in life.

Image: @mandalatattooleicester

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37. Rose Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

We present this skull and flowers dinosaur tattoo, which takes a more conventional approach to dinosaur tattoo designs. You decipher the design’s meaning for yourself! Rusty red shading wonderfully evokes the feeling of an old bone.

Image: @all_dinosaurs_jurassic

38. Jurassic Park Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

Are you seeking a tattoo that will make you stand out from the crowd and catch everyone’s attention? You can choose one of these fantastic and imaginative Jurassic Park dinosaur tattoo designs for your body.

Image: @all_dinosaurs_jurassic

39. Hunter Green Dilophosaurus Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

This is one of the most fantastic and fierce tattoos on your calf or leg. This tattoo features a dilophosaurus dinosaur with various inks, including bright red, black, white, and many others.

Image: @all_dinosaurs_jurassic

40. Roseable Triceratops Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

This inner arm tattoo is very adorable! The happy triceratops has rose blossoms on them. It gives motion to the pattern, making it dynamic on the skin and attractive.

Image: @lady_boris_tattoos

41. Nature With Diplodocus Dinosaur Tattoo Designs

Bring these enormous monsters into our everyday lives to help make dinosaur tattoos more relatable. Dinosaur tattoos of the Diplodocus are well-liked everywhere. 

Image: @anothertattoo.hn

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does a Dinosaur Tattoo Stand For?

Women also enjoy getting dinosaur tattoos. This is because they tend to be highly striking and captivating. You can choose the ideal design to match your personality and sense of taste because there are so many distinct options available.

What is a Dinosaur Tattoo of a Velociraptor?

Despite not being the biggest or the quickest, they were the wisest. We can only imagine, but there is no disputing how incredible this velociraptor tattoo appears.

Who Has The Most Tattoos Of Dinosaurs?

Men who enjoy working out and keeping fit are especially likely to get dinosaur tattoos. Athletes and bodybuilders frequently select them because they are seen to be representations of strength and power. A dinosaur tattoo is an excellent method to express your spirit of competition.

What Do You Mean By The Healed Mosasaurus Dinosaur Tattoo Designs?

Is this some lizard-dinosaur-dragon or just a truly fascinating prehistoric reptile? It’s undoubtedly one of the most fantastic designs, and its aesthetic blends nicely with the original piece, further enhancing this fact since it prevents the client’s concept from being random.

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