33 Diamond Tattoo Ideas For That Shine Of Yours

The diamond is for strength and invincibility. The symbolic meaning of a diamond is that true beauty is inner beauty.

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The diamond is also for power, and that diamond can bring you money.

33 Diamond Tattoo Ideas For That Shine Of Yours

Diamonds have been an essential part of jewelry and have sat on many crowns for ages now. They are also known as girls’ best friends because girls are very fond of shiny diamonds.

33 Diamond Tattoo Designs

1. Preferable Ink Watercolor Diamond Tattoos Outline

You can add watercolor to your diamond tattoo to give it an artistic impression. You can have different colors brushed and sprinkled.

Image: @dwie.igly

2. Pink Diamond Tattoos

A pink diamond tattoo with a rose can symbolize never-ending love. Diamond is everlasting, so display your undying love for someone with a pink diamond tattoo.

Image: @mike_trindade

3. Vibrant Blue Diamond Tattoos

A blue diamond tattoo represents limitlessness and fantasies if you have dreams and fantasies of unattainable things and look out of reach.

Image: @fernando_fregoso.tattoo

4. Multi Colored Diamond Tattoos

The multicolored diamond makes a tremendous unique tattoo, and it can mimic the picture of an original diamond that spreads into several colors.

Image: @jolly.rogers.tattoo

5. Realistic Looking Diamond Tattoos

This tattoo will image the actual diamond. So if natural diamonds fantasize you, then you get this tattoo.

Image: @jortattooer

6. 3D Diamond Tattoos

A diamond in a 3D shape looks excellent; you can ask your tattoo artist to add colors of your choice.

Image: @tattooashdod

7. Purple Diamond Tattoos Idea

If you like purple, you can get a tattoo on it. A purple diamond with intricate detailing looks excellent.

Image: @angyo_tt

8. Technicolored Diamond Tattoos

The color uses synchronized monochrome colors. The technicolored diamond has a unique color scheme and good design.

Image: @ sophie_suicide

9. Red Diamond Tattoos

A red diamond is for passion and desire. You can also get a red diamond as a pair to show affection in your love if you are a couple.

Image: @inkandartbyida

10. Diamond Crown Tattoos 

If you have some fantasy of the king, you can get this tattoo. You can have a crown in your diamond tattoo; it looks excellent and impressive body art.

Image: @vhttattoo

11. Simple Collar Bone Diamond Tattoos

You can even get a simple collar bone tattoo. Collar bone tattoos look great on girls. Moreover, the collar bone is such a body part that you can choose whether you want to show or tattoo or not.

Image: @spade_art_tattoo

12. Little Finger Diamond Tattoos

Small and minimalistic tattoos have become a thing now. Small ring tattoos look great. You can get a diamond made adequately on your finger.

Image: @simbar_tattoo

13. Perfectly Shaded Diamond Tattoo Ideas

A diamond tattoo with the shading of grey and black looks amazing. There are different styles of getting this shading for your diamond tattoo. The direction of the shade can be up-down or sideways. Or it can just be random.

Image: @danzo_tattoo

14. Small Finger Diamond Tattoo Designs

This one is another great idea for a small tattoo. You can get a small diamond tattoo on your ring  finger. Tattoos on ring  fingers look great.

Image: @simbar_tattoo

15. Thin and Simple Diamond Tattoo Designs

In this tattoo, the sketch made of the tattoo is thin, so the tattoo looks like a simple one. However, it will look like a diamond drawn on white paper with a sketch.

Image: @cynarttatuaggi

16. Small Wrist Diamond Tattoo Designs

The wrist is also a popular choice for tattoos. If you want a wrist tattoo, you can get a diamond on your wrist.

Image: @handline.art

17. Matching Best Diamond Tattoo Designs

You can also get these diamond tattoos matching your partner or children, like matching rings and bands. You can either get two tattoos that look identical or two tattoos that look complete when seen together.

Image: @misstattooist

18. Back of Arm Diamond Tattoo Designs

You can get a diamond tattoo on the back of your arm. It is a great place to get a tattoo that you can flaunt this summer with your t-shirts.

Image: @natycat.tattoo

19. Behind the Ear Diamond Tattoo Designs

You can also get a small diamond behind the ear or somewhere around the neck. A heart tattoo is the most popular choice for a behind-the-ear tattoo. So you can get a heart with a diamond here.

Image: @rogue.tattoobylullu


20. Back of Neck Diamond Tattoo Designs

A diamond even looks great on the back of the neck. The neck is a very intimate place to get a tattoo, so this tattoo looks very engaging.

Image: @vittoriatattooshop

21. Sparkly Blue Diamond Tattoos

You can also get the tattoo in sparkly form. You can also add elements to the prominent tattoo, like stars and flowers. Floral patterns look great in general and with these brilliant stones, they can be your new fashion accessory.

Image: @toroktattooartnew

22. Blue and Purple Diamond Heart Dream

A diamond heart looks incredible. You can have a combination of a blue and a purple heart—a purple diamond heart as the outline tattoo and a smaller blue heart inside it.

Image: @tattooist_danha

23. Pink Diamond Heart Medium-Sized Tattoo

Pink is the favorite color of most girls. So a pink diamond heart tattoo is also what you can get on yourself. It will look great on girls with the right texture and color choice.

Image: @arnykillroy


24. Bundle of Diamonds & Gems Precious Stones

This tattoo is a bundle of diamonds in different shapes and sizes.

It can demonstrate your love for gems. You can have your favorite rubies and other stones.

Image: @xiso_ink


25. Rainbow Heart Diamond Tattoo Idea

A rainbow heart looks mesmerizing.  A Rainbow symbolizes good days ahead and positivity.

Image: @banhmi_tat2

26. Red Diamond Heart Perfectly Cut Diamond

A red heart is for love. And the red diamond is for passion. So you can show your fondness for love with this tattoo. A red heart looks good on the arm.

Image: @haley_wasdal_tattoos

27. Multi Colored Diamond and Pearl Heart Precious Stone

Pearls are also an essential part of jewelry for women. For example, you can have a multi colored diamond in the shape of a heart with the border outline of pearls. Or you can add pearls just as an additional element to your tattoo.

Image: @yamgrocha.tattoo

28. Red Blood Diamonds Pure Decoration Tattoo

A simple red diamond looks elegant and will make you stand out. All those who find diamonds engaging can go for this one as well.

Image: @cesarpadrontattoo

You can have a heart-shaped filled with blue diamonds and a border of pearls with an outer layer of flowers. This tattoo will give you a feel of the fantasy world.

Image: @maslinwa

30. Green Diamond Tattoo

If you do not want too much ink on yourself or your first tattoo, you can go for this one. This one is somewhat smaller and will comply as a first tattoo choice.

Image: @tattooclubhradec

31. Diamond Design With Moon

You can have a moon embedded in the diamond tattoo. A moon appearing from within the diamond with shading looks excellent.

Image: @_lala_siya_

32. Diamond Ancient And Royal Crowns Amazing Tattoo

A crown sitting right on top of a diamond signifies royalty and power. A crown, in general, is for the monarchy. It is a good idea for a simple diamond tattoo design.

Image: @t.arttoo_eee

33. Half Moon Shape Diamond Tattoo

The use of blue color diamonds or some other colors to form the shape of a half-moon looks mesmerizing. If you are looking for full-size body art and a large-size tattoo, this can be the one.

Image: @cookienstein


What does a diamond tattoo with a crown mean?

A crown and diamond both show the power and strength of one person and are associated with royalty. They are often known for triumph, strength, and victory.

There are many crowns’ shapes and sizes, each with its interpretation.

What does a diamond tattoo mean?

The word diamond comes from Greek. In Greek, the word diamond means unbreakable. In Greek, the word diamond is as “ἀδάμας–adámas.”

Diamonds have been out and about, to courtrooms, girls’ powder rooms, jewelry boxes, they have seen kingdoms rise and fall with the same crown. A diamond tattoo simply has quite a few meanings like strength, power, beauty is on the inside, passion etc. Diamond tattoos represent forever beauty.

What is a good idea for a diamond tattoo?

You can get a heart shaped tattoo filled with a diamond in it. The border of the tattoo can be that of pearls. A black diamond tattoo design looks great.

Do diamond tattoos look good?

Yes, but the answer to this question is twofold. First, the artist you choose and the type of tattoo you choose that can do justice to the meaning behind your tattoo will matter.

Can I get a diamond tattoo on my finger?

Yes, you can get a stunning black diamond tattoo on your finger.

Because the diamond shaped tattoo can be in small sizes, you can quickly get one on your finger.

Diamond tattoos have become popular with tattoo enthusiasts of this generation. Diamond tattoos look fantastic and have a vintage touch with a blend of modern style. If you like the types of diamond tattoos, then you can get one today. A small diamond tattoo will take only a few hours of sitting.

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