Diamond Tattoo Meaning

Tattoos can be an important part of many people’s identity. They are a way for people to express themselves and their creative mindset. Many people view their bodies as a blank canvas that is free to be decorated however they wish to do so.

Some people get tattoos simply because they think that they are pretty or cool whereas others get them because they hold great meaning to them.

Regardless of the reason the vast majority of people have some sort of reason behind why they get the tattoos that they do. 

Diamond Tattoo Meaning

So, What Does A Diamond Tattoo Mean?

In day to day life diamonds are used for many different reasons and convey many different meanings. This is exactly the same in the tattoo world. However, there are some common meanings behind getting a diamond tattoo, such as: 


If you have ever heard the saying that ‘a diamond is just a rock that did well under pressure’ then you will find it much easier to understand this sentiment.

For many people diamonds are representative of transformation this is because diamonds are not always diamonds rather they go through a process which ends in the beautiful gems that are cherished within society.

This is an important lesson in terms of transformation as it shows that things and people can go from being pretty ordinary and not achieving a great deal to after hard work flourishing and glowing like a diamond. 


Similarly, due to the process that is the creation of diamonds, a diamond tattoo can also represent strength.

This is because they go through the difficult time of creation and come out the other side beautiful and even more worthy.

This suggests that strength and resilience can lead to beautiful things, therefore, many people choose to get this tattoo to remind themselves of their own strength when they are going through a difficult time. 


Diamonds are often given as gifts as a symbol of love and appreciation. Similarly, they are usually deeply cherished by their owners, therefore, people often use diamonds as a symbol of love.

They could just to convey this meaning in terms of the general importance of love or in terms of love for a particular person of things. In many respects diamonds can act as nice tributes to a loved one. 


When we think of diamonds we instantly think of glitz and glamour.

This is for many reasons none more so than the media, throughout the media diamonds are represented as being a major part of glamour through song lyrics, celebrity appearances, television and the film industry.

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Therefore, many people choose to get a diamond tattoo to represent glamour. This could be because they see themselves as glamorous or because it is a big part of their career, perhaps they are a model or an agent.

Once again a diamond used for this reason could also make a nice addition to a tribute especially if the lost young one was a very glamorous person as often the more personal a tribute can be the better. 


Interestingly, it is a very archaic and traditional thing for diamonds to be given as a sign of commitment.

For instance, men often give women diamonds as a sign of their undying commitment. One of the best examples of this is engagements.

Often when a man proposes to his future wife he will get down on one knee and offer a ring (which generally speaking will contain diamond).

For this reason diamonds are often used as symbols of commitment both in and outside of the tattoo industry.

In terms of tattoos people may get a diamond to show their commitment to a certain person such as their partner or their child. Similarly they may get this sort of tattoo to show commitment to a cause such as raising money for charity or self growth. 


It is a well known fact that diamonds are expensive gemstones and often only the wealthiest people within a society have them. Therefore, diamonds are often seen as a symbol of status and wealth.

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This is a symbolic meaning that is often carried through to the tattoo industry. Many people choose to have a diamond tattoo to represent wealth and status. 

Best Places On Your Body To Have A Diamond Tattoo Done  

A diamond tattoo comes in many different sizes often depending on the meaning that it is trying to convey.

When having a tattoo done it is completely up to you where on your body you would like it to go however, there are some factors to consider such as:


How big you want your diamond tattoo to be should be taken into consideration when trying to decide where to have it.

People choose to have this tattoo in a range of sizes from a small foot of hand tattoo all the way to having it as a large back piece.

However, most commonly it is a small and dainty tattoo in order to most accurately reflect real life diamonds.

So, depending on the meaning behind the tattoo you may want it in a certain size in which case you need to ensure that you are planning to get it done in a place that allows you to have it in that size. 


When deciding where to have any tattoo you should consider your own personal pain threshold. Some more painful places include your spine, fingers, and ribs so if you have a low pain tolerance then these might be some places worth trying to avoid.


When choosing to have a tattoo it is important to consider if you want to be able to cover it up. This could be for reasons such as work, family disapproval or for certain social situations.

Depending on the specific details of the diamond tattoo and the meaning and symbolism behind it you may or may not wish to cover it up.

Therefore, before deciding where to have it you should think really carefully about whether or not it is something that you are going to want to be able to easily cover up.

Social Acceptance

Similarly to the above, when deciding on the placement of your tattoo you should try to weigh up how socially acceptable it is as this could have an impact on where you choose to have it.

For instance, if it is a less socially acceptable tattoo you may choose to have it made less obvious by having it done between other tattoos. Similarly, you may choose to have it somewhere small that can be covered up.

The diamond tattoo is a lot like marmite, it is loved by some and hated by others, the reasons that some people dislike it include the fact that it can be linked to greed and materialism.

Really how socially accepted it will be depends on what message your diamond tattoo conveys and your social group and community’s beliefs. 

However,it is only you that can decide how much your community will care and how much of an impact you want this to have on where you have the tattoo done. 

Final Thoughts

It is important to remember that there are many different meanings behind the diamond tattoo and that they vary greatly. For instance the diamond can represent transformation, strength, glamor or wealth, all of which are very different. 

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